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 changing SS/HG? 
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Pokemon Trainer

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have you noticed that the gym leaders/E4 are pretty easy and there levels arent to high either as long as you trained your pokemon up. what pokemon would you want the gym leaders/E4 to have and there levels if you could change each gym leader/E4 (only Johto)

Hoothoot 10, Spearow 12, Pidgey 12, Pidgeotto 15

Bedrill 16, Butterfree 18, Scyther 20

Clefable 20, Eevee 21, Meowth 22, Miltank 24

Haunter 25, Gengar 28, Gengar 28

Hitmonlee 31, Hitmonchan 31, Primeape, 32, Poliwrath 34

Magneton 35, Steelix 38, Ampharos 38

Dewgong 38, Jynx 40, Piloswine, 41, Lapras 42

Gyrados 45, Dragonair 46, Kingdra 49

Xatu 50, Jynx 52, Alakazam 53

Muk 54, Nidoqueen 55, Tentacruel 55, Crobat 56

Steelix 56, Poliwrath 57, Machamp 59

Umbreon 58, Murkrow 58, Houndoom 60, Houndoom, Tyranitar 62

Dragonite 62, Kingdra, 63, Dragonite, 65, Gyrados 64, Charizard 65, Dragonite 66

it might be abit difficult but isnt that the point.
you might not want to write all the gyms out but just pick a few that you would like to see changed?

Wed Aug 29, 2012 7:34 am
Pokemon Trainer
Pokemon Trainer

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They're fine just the way they are.

The single-player adventure side of the game isn't supposed to be terribly difficult. The developers intended it to be about exploring the world more-so than presenting the player with a set of massive hurdles to overcome. The accessibility of the adventure is part of the reason why Pokémon has such a huge following. Virtually anyone can pick it up and go without having to deal with a steep learning curve, or a massive time investment. It should, and does, serve as a springboard to the more challenging areas of the game, not be a challenge in and of itself.

If you feel the Gym Leaders aren't enough of a threat, don't forget about the Battle Frontier facilites, where the argument of being able to out-level your opponent is rendered moot. ;)

Wed Aug 29, 2012 12:44 pm
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Ace Trainer
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It's always bugged me that Blue doesn't have a starter. I realize there's no perfect way to have given him one... the best I can think of is giving him the Kanto starter with a type advantage over your Johto starter, but it's not necessarily so that a player would use the same starter type from R/B to G/S. It would've been better than nothing... maybe.

Red's team isn't as bad because everything in it is something you'll be given (or in Snorlax's case, must encounter) in Yellow. Although that makes it a little more confusing, even, because Blue's team is based only on R/B, and there'd be no room for an Eevee. Maybe he could have had his Yellow team as well, with his Eevee having evolved according to your starter. Jolteon for Totodile, Vaporeon for Cyndaquil, Flareon for Chikorita, and the rest of his team changes based on that.

I don't know leave me alone

Whoever wins... has to change into a yellow outfit, okay?

Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:56 pm
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Bug Catcher

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Sure they're easy now, but the second encounters are way more of a challenge down the road. I mean, have you seen Lance's second team? If you want a challenge, try beating him without spamming ice attacks.

Wed Aug 29, 2012 6:13 pm
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Pokemon Ranger
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Yeah I've always thought about this, here's what I would have liked to seen the gym leaders have:

Noctowl (12), Skarmory (13)
Basically leave the Pidgeys/Pidgeotto/Spearow/Fearows to the gym trainers, and emphasise Johto's birds. Skarmory might be too harsh for Chikorita fans, but I'd make Mareep and Wooper available earlier to help out.

Ledian (16), Scyther (18), Pinsir (18)
Once again the Butterfree & Beedrill families can be relegated to the gym trainers, and we give the undervalued Pinsir a spotlight to shine.

Clefable (21), Miltank (24)
Whitney's team is fine, I've evolved the Clefairy for extra bulk, and some level boostage too. More needs to happen between Azalea and Goldenrod, like maybe actually having trainers in Ilex forest.

Gengar (30)
I've always thought Morty should have just the 1 Pokemon but make him almost impossible to beat (like Lt Surge in Yellow version.. that Raichu with Mega Kick, :| ), with a really amazing moveset too.

Primeape (32), Hitmontop (32), Poliwrath (34)
Yeah yeah I know that Hitmontop should be "reserved" for Bruno's team really... but since Bruno leads with Hitmontop anyway I don't think the Top is really Bruno's signature Pokemon. But Chuck's team definitely needs more Mach Punch and more Close Combat.

Magenton (35), Steelix (38), Ampharos (38)
Agree with this. Was going to replace Ampharos with Scizor but Amphy is fine too.

Dewgong (38), Jynx (40), Piloswine (41), Lapras (42)
Agree with this too. I don't know, ice Pokemon kinda suck offensively... I'd probably make this the 5th gym (after Morty before Chuck). Agree hard with Lapras though, not really sure why he's not on Pryce's team in the first place.

Gyarados (45), Dragonair (46), Kingdra (49)
Once again agree.

Girafarig, Xatu, Slowking, Exeggcutor, Espeon
(Can't be bothered doing levels)
I think Will/every 1st Elite should have a very diverse team with secondary types... My selections are based more on Johto dex possibilities.

Muk, Nidoqueen, Tentacruel, Crobat, Ariados/Foretress
Wow I love your Nidoqueen and Tentacruel, and I think Koga's team at the moment is pretty perfect already, so I've bumped off Venomoth, and can't decide which one to keep out of Ariados and Foretress because they are both junk ingame, but are very "koga" so I don't know which one to bump.

Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Steelix, Heracross, Machamp
I don't really know about Steelix, was considering Marowak instead but I guess he works. Heracross needs to be in there as he's a staple Johto Pokemon but I always forget about im because you can only catch him headbutting trees!

Umbreon, Murkrow, Houndoom, Vileplume, Tyranitar
I've put in Vileplume instead of the extra Houndoom just for variety.. but yeah Tyranitar for sure.

Gyarados, Aerodactyl, Charizard, Dragonite, Dragonite, Dragonite
Same goes. I found Outrage Dragonite hard enough to beat so I don't have a problem with this team.

A lot of my justifications are because I don't think the gyms "highlight" much of the Johto Pokemon fairly, whereas with the new games all the Gym leaders are given new signature Pokemon that are available in the dex, which emphasises the strengths of those new Pokemon introduced. It's a bit sad how Heracross is almost forgotten about because you don't bump into him at all, or Tyranitar and his family are largely ignored, so if i were to be doing gyms again its not because i want a better challenge, its for the reason above.

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Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:40 am
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Bugsy's lineup needs to be reordered. It's just trolling you. I had an Onix, a newly evolved Quilava, a Beedrill, and a Pidgey. I got my balls rocked by his damn Scyther. Like, what was game freak thinking?!? I can imagine the wonderful conversation that occurred.
So, we are doing a remake of GSC now. What else should we change?
How about making one of the easiest gym leaders harder. But who?
No, no. I found her to be somewhat difficult.
Your fault.
Maybe Whitney?
Naw. Normal types can be strong in certain situations. How about Falkner?
No, he is the first leader. We'll be losing the younger audience we seek.
I found him relatively easy. Maybe- Maybe! What if- Bare with me- What if... We put a Lv. 20 Scyther first?
You just blew my mind. And when its health is low... He uses a Potion. But not just any potion.
Super Pot-
Super Potion!
And what of the remaining pokemon?
Make them lower leveled so they're easier to defeat.
I found him easy to defeat in Silver, but in SS, just, no! Get out.
And they should've toned down Chuck a little more. If it wasn't for the fact that I knew I could beat him because I defeated one of his pokemon, I would have assumed his last name was Norris.
**** elemenal punches.

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Fri Aug 31, 2012 9:52 am
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Omg, I had such a hard time with Bugsy! I would get Scythers health all nice and low, then he would use U-turn (which usually made my guy feint) or a Super Potion! I got a little to into the game and was laughing and yelling at it when I finally beat him.... ^^'

Fri Jul 05, 2013 10:57 am
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