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 Events, Crystal, TMs, and Some Ranting 
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First, I would like to say, Nintendo needed to make this. They are trying to appeal to people ages 6-10, and they're leaving us behind. We've been wanting a remake for years, and here it is. Who cares if it's a letdown, I'll get it because G/S were good games. And plus, they might have Kanto. I would be terribly disappointed if it was a 5th Gen. Don't you mis the days of RBY and GSC?

Second, Events.
What do you think will be in it event-wise? Celebi, probably. But if there's Kanto, we might get a Mew event. And what will they do with Cerulean Cave? They might open it so people can get Mewtwo in the 4th Gen without migrating, because people are getting the DSi. Probably no Birds, though. We can get them in Platinum.

Third, Crystal.
We won't have Crystal. Platinum and Emerald both were combining D/P and R/S. But, Crystal doesn't combine them, really. In G/S Lugia and Ho-Oh were both obtainable. There's really no reason, except if they make Ho-Oh only in GH and Lugia only in SS. Which i hope they don't do.

Last, TMs.
I'd want to see the old G/S TMs again like Curse. It would make Lugia so much better. And I'd like to see them have whirpool and hopefully not change that. the Tms would have a huge impact on competitive battling. It would also be a little better for me having the same TMs.

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You don't need your own thread for this. All the stuff you're talking about can easily be discussed in the wrote:
general GHSS discussion
or the "get your hopes up" thread.


Mon May 11, 2009 4:44 am
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