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Author:  Peanut-Lover [ Sun Feb 21, 2010 9:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks ALL 514 Pokemon: 512-421 ranked! (updated 2/19)

With respect to Bronzor,

The mirrors of the ancient world were actually not glass, but metal (shocker). The reflective properties of the grey metal were excellent.

Glass was homed by the Sumerians in 3,000 B.C., while silver was known well before then, the silver mirrors came at about the same time. Silver mirrors were easier to produce, compared to glass.

Iron was also easier to refine, as was bronze, giving comparable reflections and durability.

I'm supposing that Bronzor may have been based off of that, and not glass as many without the background believe. You essentially took silver from the ground, purified it, and threw it into sugar water. Finally, you submerged the object that you wanted to make into a mirror, such as a vase, or shield.

Author:  Frost [ Sun Mar 21, 2010 10:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks ALL 514 Pokemon: 512-421 ranked! (updated 2/

The next update is shorter than usual to finish out the bottom 100. We're still in 5/10 territory, by the way. Christ, this thread is never going to end.

Update Title: "A Short Sleep Inducer," referring to the brevity of the update and how I find the Pokemon boring.

420. Giratina (Altered) Image
(National Dex: 487; Generation: IV)
Giratina is a pretty frustrating Pokemon. It's supposed to be a basilisk but, when I look at its design, I can only think, "Man, with only a few minor design changes, they could have made this thing a Ghost/Bug-type and therefore the very first Bug-type Legendary of the franchise." Instead, it's a randomly a Ghost/Dragon-type, which is kind of funny because it makes Giratina the only dual-type Pokemon in the series that is weak against BOTH of its types. But that's another problem: Ghost and Dragon are primarily OFFENSIVE types, but Giratina's stats were haphazardly attributed to make it a defensive Pokemon, which is ridiculous. Other than that, Giratina isn't too exciting, and that's probably why I've yet to go through Turnback Cave to even see it in Diamond Version after owning the game for three years. Oh yeah, and because it was the mascot of Platinum, it also received another form called...

419. Giratina (Origin) Image
(National Dex: 487; Generation: IV)
Well, what I can say about Giratina's alternate form that I didn't say about the original? It's a slightly cooler design, but only barely. It looks more serpent-like, rather than having a thousand legs like a millipede, so I don't have any problems with the Origin Forme being a Ghost/Dragon- rather than a Ghost/Bug-type. However, I think GameFreak came up with a pretty clunky way for Giratina to change between its forms outside of the Distortion World, as it's lame that you can only ever use Origin Giratina, or Origira as I call it, in competitive battles when it has a rather worthless hold item instead of something more useful, like Leftovers. Also, Origira's stats are just as lame as the Altered Forme's, because they only lazily switched its Attacks and Defenses but left that mediocre Speed and huge HP for a Pokemon that was supposed to be even MORE offense-oriented. Disappointing.

418. Clamperl Image
(National Dex: 366; Generation: III)
I'll give Clamperl one thing: it has branched evolutions, and I usually really like those. It also has two exclusive hold items, one of which that doubles its Special Attack to insanely high levels, making Clamperl one of the few unevolved Pokemon that is distinguished from its higher forms in battle. However, Clamperl is a rather bland Pokemon overall, as it's nothing but a clam, and we already had Pokemon like Shellder and Cloyster that filled a similar role. Also, I don't like how Clamperl has almost nothing to do with EITHER of its evolutions. You can see the blue and pink in its design, to be fair, but I'm scratching my head at how a CLAM evolves into two types of EELS. And it doesn't help that one of them is an abomination to my sensibilities.

417. Deoxys Image
(National Dex: 386; Generation: III)
I don't have too much to say about the Normal Forme of Deoxys. It doesn't look like strands of fail or a giant roadblock, so I can't bash it for looking stupid. Like its Forme name implies, it's a rather middle-of-the-road design, although I could have done without the tentacle arm. But Deoxys has never really done much to flip my switch in general. Having a Pokemon modeled after DNA is kind of neat, but I'd love to know why they decided to make it some crazy virus from outer space? Deoxys also feels a little bit too much like Generation III's answer to Mewtwo, what with it being a one-stage Psychic-type with no counterpart and stats designed to beat you down. Speaking of which, I don't like how Deoxys Normal is supposed to be the balanced Deoxys when in reality, Deoxys (Speed) does the job better while this one is more like Deoxys (Attack)'s stupid little brother. Nintendo could have planned that one out better.

416. Wurmple Image
(National Dex: 265; Generation: III)
Wurmple is the first Pokemon found in Ruby and Sapphire that demonstrates "Hoenn replacement for Kanto Pokemon" thing that so many of Generation III's Pokemon followed. In this case, Wurmple combines Caterpie and Weedle into one family of Pokemon to give us lackluster results. It's a bit cute in the anime, but it still has an assface and doesn't approach Caterpie or Weedle levels of cuteness at all. And even though I like branched evolutions, I hate how GameFreak did it for Wurmple, with its evolution being based on some random number that you can't even determine until the female Wurmple you intended to become a Beautifly evolves into a shitty Cascoon. Also, as I said before in the Silcascoon write-ups, Wurmple should have evolved into only one of those stupid cocoons and THEN the cocoon should have had the split evolution, sparing us from one extra cocoon that is completely forgettable. As Wurmple, it's okay but nothing special overall. At least it takes second place among the five members of its family, so that's neat.

415. Nosepass Image
(National Dex: 299; Generation: III)
While I sort of like Nosepass, its design is just way too boring to justify it going any higher in the rankings. It's based on the maoi heads of Easter Island, which I appreciate because I enjoy when Pokemon are based on aspects of real-world culture, and there's even a funny variation of the "o noes" meme that has a picture of Nosepass with the caption "O NOESPASS!", but other than that, Nosepass is dull. It has one uninteresting facial expression, it's not that great in battle and it's not even an exciting type. Honestly, I can't even remember where you can find it in Ruby and Sapphire (or Diamond and Pearl, but I THINK it swarms in that game?), only that Roxanne uses one. At least it evolved into a more interesting Pokemon in Generation IV.

414. Snorunt Image
(National Dex: 361; Generation: III)
Chronologically, Snorunt is the first pure Ice-type Pokemon that you'll see in the Pokemon games and it's not hard to understand why because pure Ice is not exactly a great typing. While Ice Pokemon are generally awesome, Snorunt is kind of bland, and it really should have been named "Snocone" because that's all I can get out of its design. Seriously, what is it supposed to be? A frozen arrowhead? However, Snorunt was one of the first Pokemon who I owned every TCG card for, so that's pretty cool, and I like that Snorunt has branched evolutions into two Pokemon who I actually like. It's also an Ice-type, which bumps it up a fair amount in its own right. I just wish it were more interesting and less sucky in battle because training two Snorunt to get Glalie and Froslass was a bitch.

413. Lairon Image
(National Dex: 305; Generation: III)
Lairon is another one of those "Hoenn replacement" Pokemon to me, because I thought it looked a lot like Rhyhorn when I first saw it in Ruby and Sapphire. Over time, the connection between the appearances of the two has kind of diminished in my opinion, but I had to mention that because I find Lairon so boring otherwise. Lairon also gets points because the first syllable of its name is the last name of one of my friends, so it reminds me of that person and that's kind of cool too I guess. Obviously, I don't have a whole lot to say about Lairon. It's a dull middle evolution that isn't as cute as Aron nor as cool as Aggron, and its two types, Rock and Steel, are probably the most dull ones in the entire series. It's all enough for Lairon to be chucked just before the end of the bottom 100.

Author:  Jaguar [ Tue Mar 30, 2010 5:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks ALL 514 Pokemon: 512-413 ranked! (updated 3/21)

Haha, this is a great thread Frost.
I've had some laughs. You are funny dude.
I'm so glad me and you have the same views on Spiritomb!
I think that Pokemon is messed up.
I like Garchomp and Drapion though.
Although you are so correct about Huntail. Gorebyss owns it's ass.

Author:  kayleak [ Thu Apr 01, 2010 2:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks ALL 514 Pokemon: 512-413 ranked! (updated 3/21)

2) Slow Start is a horrendous ability that breaks Regigigas beyond all usability
While I really do hate Slow Start as well, giving it some Special attack or giving it a move like Revenge or Avalanche doesn't make it as bad as I would've expected it to be. Still do agree on it, though. I have to disagree on some of them because they were rated off of looks, a lot of them are pretty good. I do agree on most of the looks, though. Some of the things are a bit unfair, like the ratings you gave to Togepi and Sneasel, because in game they don't have anything to do with the anime or the people.

For the most part, I agree, but there are some ratings I just don't like at all... and hey, I'm 13 and I don't just like those guys that look super buff or something, I actually dislike them. Darkrai is like the one exception, Dark Void is pretty sweet when combined with his ability, speed, and special attack.

Author:  waterpokemonmaniac [ Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks ALL 514 Pokemon: 512-413 ranked! (updated 3/21)

Rofl this count down gets better with each post frost

Author:  Frost [ Fri Apr 02, 2010 8:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks ALL 514 Pokemon: 512-413 ranked! (updated 3/

Update Title: "Regislaughter :(," referring to #411 and #410.

412. Slakoth Image
(National Dex: 287; Generation: III)
I guess Slakoth must be a pretty boring Pokemon, because I sat watching the cursor blink in my post box for about a minute trying to think of something to say about it. It's not a bad Pokemon or anything, but it's almost always shown in the same lifeless, static pose because it's a sloth-based Pokemon. It also has Truant, and it's nowhere near as powerful as its final evolution Slaking, so it's a really annoying Pokemon to raise in the video games. I'll give Slakoth some credit because we didn't have any sloth-based Pokemon before it came along, even though its evolutions look more like gorillas than sloths. So, uh, yeah. A plain design overall, though not bad.

411. Registeel Image
(National Dex: 379; Generation: III)
This is the section of my rankings where I make Registeel_Rocks cry, amirite? :( To be fair, Registeel probably would have been even lower if he didn't receive love from such a cool guy, so good job R_R for boosting Registeel out of the bottom 100. And again, I don't really dislike Registeel, but at the same time it's really hard to like because it's a Pokemon without a face. Not having a face means that Registeel is completely unable to show emotion, except when it's doing its Nazi salute pose in Diamond and Pearl, which was unintentionally hilarious. As I said before, Registeel's dullness doesn't really bother me because Steel is a pretty boring type overall, so it fits right in. I'm not too thrilled with Registeel's stat distribution, however, because it's the token "well-rounded" member of its trio, which means that it's pretty much useless because its offensive stats are mediocre and it doesn't fill one role well like Regice and Regirock do. Luckily for it, I don't rank based on usefulness in battle, so it can take comfort in beating Regice in this list.

410. Regirock Image
(National Dex: 377; Generation: III)
Such ruthless Regislaughter going on in this update, huh? ;_; Regirock has always been my favorite of the trio because it's not an insult to my favorite type in the way Regice is, and it also has a design that is a tiny bit more interesting than Registeel's. So because R_R's approval boosted Registeel this high, it indirectly pushed Regirock this high as well, and it made sense for it be eliminated right after its Steel counterpart since they have so much in common. Like Steel, Rock is a pretty boring type in general, so Regirock fits right in with its peers. It also has a defined role in battle as a physical tank, so there's also that, and Rock is certainly a better defensive typing than pure Ice, so it's not a complete failure at tanking Physical hits unlike Regice. It's basically a fine Pokemon, but the lack of a face once again makes me hard to get excited about it. RIP Legendary Golems, the first trio to be completely eliminated.

409. Bonsly Image
(National Dex: 438; Generation: IV)
Bonsly is such a nonsensical Pokemon, being a Baby Rock-type Pokemon who looks like it could be a Grass-type because it's a seed. It ranks this low for two reasons, the first of them being that it's a completely pointless Pokemon. Sudowoodo wasn't exactly a powerhouse before (or even after) Diamond and Pearl, so it certainly wasn't high on my list of Pokemon that needed a Baby form. The other reason why I'm neutral toward Bonsly is that it's kind of like Tyrogue in that it's a Baby Pokemon for a type that doesn't really work with the idea. There's maybe two or three cute Rock-type Pokemon in this franchise, so making a Rock-type Baby Pokemon that isn't even that cute is kind of annoying. Don't get me wrong, it's little cute, but not overwhelmingly enough to justify its existence. And it didn't even add any moves to Sudowoodo's movepool! Why was this thing one of the first Pokemon we saw from Generation IV again?

408. Dialga Image
(National Dex: 483; Generation: IV)
I like Dialga a little bit for two reasons. One is that I was Diamond player, rather than a Pearl player, and so far I have always liked the version mascot of my chosen game a bit more than its counterpart. It's a result of the Pokemon being the mascot of the game I chose and not vice versa, for the record. Also, unlike Palkia, Dialga actually had a fresh type, rather than just rehashing Kingdra's type, so I can't take it away points for not being original, although I'm not exactly sure how Steel is supposed to represent "Diamond" the way Water represents "Pearl." Somewhere along the way somebody had called Dialga "timepuppy," and I thought that was kind of cute and stuck with it too. Still, the design is kind of weird overall, as there are too many spikes, jagged edges and random lines on its body, and it doesn't look sleek enough to be a Pokemon that represents time. It's just okay.

407. Zubat Image
(National Dex: 41; Generation: I)
Here, it's another freaking Kanto Pokemon, if you were all wondering if I am racist against new Generations of Pokemon or something. >:O Zubat is kind of an easy target because it's one of the most annoying Wild Pokemon ever created, being the generic roadblock of just about every cave in the game and even some tall grass at night. However, unlike most, I don't really hate Zubat for being a generic obstacle because if it wasn't Zubat, some other Pokemon that's actually popular, like Clefairy or Gible or something, would be chosen to appear in caves at random and it would receive all of Zubat's hatred instead. Hating a Pokemon because of a wild encounter rate is silly. However, Zubat gets a pretty neutral rating because it doesn't have a face (other than a mouth) which, as I said before with the Regitrio, means Zubat can't show much emotion. It's also a pretty hard Pokemon to train, because it learns nothing except a bunch of horribly weak attacks until it's almost ready to evolve. It was also one of the most boring Pokemon ever in the anime, where Brock caught one in episode 6 and it made maybe ten appearances until it evolved into Golbat like 200 episodes later. Such an INV ~god~!

406. Kyogre Image
(National Dex: 382; Generation: III)
As with Dialga, Kyogre gets a noticeable boost on my list because my Generation III title of choice was Sapphire Version. And Kyogre's storyline with Team Aqua was a lot less stupid than Groudon's storyline with Team Magma because 1) it's more believable that Kyogre could summon rain storms than whatever the hell Groudon did to start a drought and 2) flooding the world, while incredibly foolish, wouldn't necessarily kill off humanity within about a week in the way that Team Magma brilliantly wanted to get rid of the planet's water. However, I don't overly love Kyogre's design because, much like Groudon and Rayquaza, it looks a little too... robotic. It's supposed to be a killer whale apparently, but its fins look like machinery, and it has red lines all over its body to represent the "Ruby" part of R/S. Still, I caught Kyogre in Sapphire and named it "Snapple" as the result of a long chain of logic, so remembering that always amuses me and makes me like Kyogre a bit more.

405. Luxio Image
(National Dex: 404; Generation: IV)
Luxio is just another mediocre middle evolution. It isn't as cute as Shinx and, even if it were, it wouldn't be saying much because I don't find Shinx adorable or anything. It's also not as cool as Luxray, which is really saying something because I've never taught Luxray was really that appealing in the first place. The Shinx family in general looked like they had potential in early DP until you actually caught the damn things and were stuck with dead weight for the rest of the game. Luxio is just kind of awkward and ugly, driving home the metaphor that middle evolutions = puberty. I remember Pelli calling it a "fugbug" in the chats one time and that's really all I can recall when I think of Luxio, but it's not awful or anything.

404. Volbeat Image
(National Dex: 313; Generation: III)
If I remember correctly, Volbeat was one of the earlier Generation III Pokemon who was released to the public to promote the new games. And, really, designs like Volbeat are perfect examples of why Generation III in general was so disappointing to me all those years ago. When I first saw Volbeat's design, I was sure that it was related to Ledian in someway or was going to be the "replacement" Ledian, even though fireflies and ladybugs aren't the same thing, but I was right in that Volbeat was just another lame-ass Bug Pokemon with no purpose. It has a superior female counterpart in Illumise and the two of them existing together served no purpose but to show off the idea of double battles, and double battles in Pokemon have never overly excited me. It also got Tail Glow, which would have been a great move if not for the fact that Volbeat was a pure Bug-type and therefore had no Special STAB or, hell, Special moves in general other than Hidden Power in Generation III. It also really annoys me that Volbeat is a pure Bug-type because, being a firefly and everything, it would make WAY more sense for it to be Bug/Fire or Bug/Electric so that it would actually have a reason to stand out in some way. Instead, like Drapion and Flygon, Volbeat is just another example of how Gamefreak hates Bug Pokemon.

403. Kecleon Image
(National Dex: 352; Generation: III)
Like Volbeat, Kecleon was one of the Pokemon that got an early release to promote Ruby and Sapphire; in fact, it was among the first three Generation III Pokemon revealed to the public, along with Wailmer and Azurill. At the time, I didn't find anything special about Wailmer (spoilers: I still don't) and thought Azurill was completely unnecessary (spoilers: I still do), so Kecleon was my favorite of the three by default. So why does it rank the worst of the three? I'm not really sure. It's not an awful design, but whatever opinion it struck in me eight years ago has since evaporated, and that's the problem: I'm pretty neutral toward this thing. I'll give it credit for having a unique gimmick that actually sort of works, plus it's useful for checking your Hidden Powers, but that's a double-edged sword because Kecleon simply boils down to being a novelty and it's not an extremely cute one like Ditto or Delibird. Color Change also has led to some pretty comical results in the TCG, such as "Kecleon is nine different types." Yet it's also a slightly annoying roadblock in RSE, so it's all just very "whatever."

402. Bastiodon Image and 401. Shieldon Image
(National Dex: 411 and 410; Generation: IV)
My preferred Sinnoh Fossil line was Cranidos/Rampardos because I was a Diamond player, they just looked cooler and they're way more useful in battle. To be fair, Shieldon and Bastiodon are nowhere near the catastrophic levels of fail that Lileep and Cradily reach and they're not awful designs, although they are a bit on the dull side. When I first saw (blurry, low-quality photographs of somebody's DS screenshots that revealed) Bastiodon, I thought it was going to be a triceratops with Rampardos looking like a tyrannosaurus rex, so my inner Power Rangers geek squealed with glee. Then we got higher resolution images of the Sinnoh Pokemon and Bastiodon was instead some weird looking quadrupedal dinosaur with a wall for a face. And Shieldon, while slightly cute and a nicer aesthetic overall, was pretty generic as well, whereas Cranidos was a badass.

I think the most frustrating things about Shieldon and Bastiodon are their awful typing and stat distributions. They're meant to be tanks, but they don't have high enough overall stats to pull it off, so that means they got stuck with horrible HP that hampers their defensive capabilities and completely WORTHLESS Attack stats with no moves like Seismic Toss to deal consistent damage, making them about as useful in battle as a paper bag is in the rain. Also, Rock/Steel is pretty high up there on the list of useless dual typings, with its two AWFUL 4x weaknesses to moves like Earthquake and Focus Punch, as well as the additional Water weakness, so they completely failed at their mission to tank whereas Rampardos is a perfectly usable glass cannon with a Choice Scarf equipped.

In the next set of ten: 3 Kanto, 4 Johto and only ONE Hoenn Pokemon! Gasp!

Author:  waterpokemonmaniac [ Sat Apr 03, 2010 8:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon: 512-401 ranked! Regislaughter :(

3 kanto? Hmm I'm predicting farfetch'd and the other two no idea. For the jhoto the four bugs?

Author:  AEP: Master Trainer [ Sat Apr 03, 2010 2:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon: 512-401 ranked! Regislaughter :(

I am practically falling in love with this list... If that was possible. Just want to remind Frost that for all the laughs he's giving us, there are still some mistakes. The National Dex number has been incorrect in a couple of places, and I wanted to make sure that he caught it.

The example that leaps directly to my mind is Scizor (#444 on this list was apparently ALSO #444 in the Pokedex...), and I want to say Gulpin is another... (?)

AEPMT :mrgreen: :D :P 8-)

Author:  Frost [ Sat Apr 03, 2010 9:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon: 512-401 ranked! Regislaughter

I forgot to mention that, starting with Kecleon in the last post, we've entered the 6/10 range of my rankings. This means that I slightly like these Pokemon.

Update Title: "Waterslaughter," referring to #400, #399, #396, #393 and #392.

400. Tentacool Image
(National Dex: 72; Generation: I)
Being the Zubat of the sea, Tentacool is another pretty easy target for hatred, as its main purpose is to be the generic roadblock whenever you're crossing any body of water in any Pokemon game. And, like with Zubat, I don't hate Tentacool for being shoved into this role, although once again it makes it hard to have an overly positive opinion about a Pokemon that is so desensitizing. I remember the first time I saw Tentacool, I thought that the red orbs on its head were supposed to be its eyes and, considering this was the monochrome days of Pokemon Blue, it looked pretty cool. Then I saw higher-quality artwork and realized that Tentacool had two unexpressive little eyes, which just wasn't as awesome. Although it got cast off as useless for being a Poison Pokemon in a game dominated by Psychics, Water/Poison is a surprising decent typing, plus Tentacruel is pretty badass, so Tentacool is alright.

399. Unknown Pokemon Image
(National Dex: 211; Generation: II)
I don't know how this unidentified animal got into my Pokemon rankings, but here it is. If this thing WERE a Pokemon, it must not be a very notable one, because it doesn't seem like one that would be particularly common in the wild, nor frequently used by in-game or Wi-Fi trainers, nor frequently featured in the TCG or the anime, nor as if it had an evolution or pre-evolution. It doesn't even look like it would be particularly useful in battle because it has no arms, legs or distinguishable features other than those thorns, which probably means it'd probably be a Water/Poison-type fish Pokemon of some sort. Since it DOES look like a fish, I would like to grant it the name of Qwhofish because I have no idea how anybody could remember such a boring design, and it seems like even Qwhofish agrees with me because it looks constantly pissed off in any pictures featuring this thing. Somehow Qwhofish, which is probably a fan-made Pokemon of some sort, even made it into an official TCG card:


What the hell was Ken Sugimori thinking, plopping this thing in the middle of a Lumineon card?

(In reality, Qwilfish was originally destined to meet a much earlier demise in my ranking list. However, my running joke of denying Qwilfish's existence has made it far more endearing to me, enough to bump it all the way up to the top 400 and ahead of fellow Water/Poison Tentacool.)

398. Voltorb Image
(National Dex: 100; Generation: I)
While I was working on my comparer, Voltorb was usually hovering around the low 300s and the 7/10 range. However, when I started speeding through the rankings from the bottom, I couldn't justify Voltorb going higher than this because it's such a plain design. If Kanto Pokemon are criticized, it's usually because they're "boring," which I think is a total load of shit because there was never any rule that said Pokemon couldn't resemble real-life animals verbatim, and it's not as if plenty of Hoenn and Sinnoh don't violate this rule either (hi, Beautifly, Stunky, Buneary, etc.!); however, in the case of Voltorb, I can kind of see where these criticisms are coming from. Voltorb is a ball, and that's it. The most notable thing about Voltorb is that it's easily confused with a Poke Ball, and Electrode pulls off that shtick with a more expressive face and without being angry all the time. Seriously, Voltorb always looks like >:| and likes to explode. It can't even learn many attacks because, again, it's JUST A BALL. Meh.

397. Mime Jr. Image
(National Dex: 439; Generation: IV)
Mime Jr. is kind of cute, but its head also looks like a upside-down melted ice cream cone, so its design is pretty silly in general, and its name flat-out sucks since female Mime Jr. can exist and NOA had no excuse for giving it a gender-specific name because Pokemon having genders had been around for years when DP came out. I'm guessing from its lame Bozo the Clown nose that it's meant to be a clown Pokemon, which doesn't really fit with a mime evolution that well, so that's kind of annoying as well. I also hate how the anime screwed over James' Chimecho and booted it off of the show in the lamest way possible just to add Mime Jr. to James' team to promote DP, and it's not like Mime Jr. has even been a useful character since joining the cast because James doesn't want to let it battle, just like Chimecho, and it just sits around collecting dust. So, Mime Jr. really bugs my inner Chimecho fan for being nothing but a pointless retread; plus, like Sudowoodo, Mr. Mime wasn't a superstar and wouldn't be my first choice to stick with a Baby form. But there are certainly worse Baby Pokemon out there, so Mime Jr. is okay. And at least its evolution method makes sense, unlike how Bonsly randomly evolves into Sudowoodo just because it knows Mimic. (WTF?)

396. Kingdra Image
(National Dex: 230; Generation: II)
Out of all of the Water Pokemon that were featured in Generation I, Seadra was one of the worst, only beating out Seaking in terms of battle strength. Also, Horsea and Seadra were labeled as "Dragon" species Pokemon, yet they were pure Water-types, which was pretty stupid. So then Kingdra came along and addressed both of these issues because it was both Water/Dragon and was more useful in battle than Seadra. However, I have to agree with Psypoke's #1 Seadra fan, Firestarter: Horsea is adorable and Seadra looks pretty badass, whereas Kingdra looks like a goofy can opener. Also, until Platinum Version, Kingdra had well-rounded but not amazing stats and a frankly awful movepool, which meant that it was a disappointing new evolution to say the least. However, after Diamond and Pearl, its strength in battle improved by leaps and bounds so, even though it still looks like a can opener, I do like it a bit more. It also doesn't hurt that Generations III and IV introduced some HIDEOUS new Dragons like Garchomp that made Kingdra look a lot cooler in comparison.

395. Pineco Image
(National Dex: 204; Generation: II)
Pineco's got a pretty plain design and a fairly nonsensical typing. It's supposed to be a bagworm, but it looks (and is named after) a pinecone, so the fact that it's Bug and not Grass is kind of illogical. I think it's alright, but it's not particularly interesting and it always looks kind of angry, so it's not one of my favorites. You could only find it by Headbutting trees in GSC, which was annoying, plus it had a pretty bad movepool at the time, but it's worth catching now because Forretress is pretty cool and useful. Brock also had a Pineco in the anime, which I feel was a pretty random choice for him (that Stantler would have been preferable), but it was like Zubat in that it didn't contribute a whole lot except for an explosion here and there until it evolved much later. I'm clearly grasping at straws for things to write, so I'll jump to my funny story about Pineco: when the staff met up last year, Skull Kid's cousin asked everybody which Pokemon we'd fuck if we had to do one. Pineco was TheCyberMew's answer because we wouldn't let him cheat and pick Ditto and "it was the most awkward answer" that came to mind. Laffoz!

394. Seedot Image
(National Dex: 273; Generation: III)
Putting aside the obvious (i.e. that I was a Sapphire player and preferred Lotad), I think that Seedot is a pretty boring design. Unlike Lotad, Seedot didn't have a memorable role in the anime as a doofy Pokemon, nor did it have a unique typing (even after evolving), nor was its final evolution made of total win and awesome, although Shiftry pretty decent in its own right. Seedot is literally a walking acorn, which is reminiscent of Voltorb being "JUST" a ball and some people saying that Kanto Pokemon are too "boring" while Hoenn ones are "interesting." If it had a more interesting face, rather than two vacant and creepy black eyes and no mouth or nose, I might like it more. Instead, it's a pretty bland alternative to a better version exclusive. And if people generalize Kanto Pokemon as being boring and Hoenn Pokemon as being interesting, they're clearly ignoring Pokemon like this one, because Seedot is just THERE and it's not very original at all, which is what the anti-Kanto people claim about the Kanto Pokemon.

393. Finneon Image
(National Dex: 456; Generation: IV)
After discounting some of the new evolutions for Pokemon who didn't need them, Finneon and Lumineon were probably the most unnecessary additions in Diamond and Pearl. To put it simply, they're the generic fish Pokemon of the region, like Goldeen and others before them. However, Finneon is a little more tropical (and less fugly/vacant) than Feebas and Remoraid, so I do like the design a bit more. I really prefer Finneon's Sugimori art because it shows off its cute eyes a lot better than the tiny in-game sprites do. But, yeah, while I sort of like Finneon, I can't pretend that it's anything new or exciting for the franchise. There are about five or six different variations of this same design in the first three Generations, and none of them were as pointless as to have Speed as its best stat AND Swift Swim as one of its abilities, except for Loluvdisc which wasn't really a fish anyway. Finneon is basically slightly cute, non-offensive filler.

392. Kabuto Image
(National Dex: 140; Generation: I)
Wow, I didn't realize how, like, half of this update was Waterslaughter. Anyway, Krisp was sort of right when she predicted that Kabutops would be in the next update. I'm not particularly fond of Kabuto because it's pretty boring. Still, out of all of the "other" Fossil families (i.e. the set that I like less of each pair), Kabuto is my favorite of the first forms, meaning that I like it more than Lileep and Shieldon. And while that's not saying very much, since I hate Lileep and Shieldon is only alright, I do think Kabuto is fairly decent. It if looked something else than just a shell with some claws, I'd probably like it more; instead, Kabuto usually has to be pictured from the same old 3/4 underneath angle to even show its features, and that's really boring and repetitive. I remember thinking the little dots on the top of Kabuto's shell were its eyes when I first saw its old sprites, but at least it has those cool, demonic, glowy red eyes underneath the shell instead. Also, lol @ how the very first Kabuto card was a Stage 1 with 30 HP. FAIL.

391. Skiploom Image
(National Dex: 188; Generation: II)
Skiploom is a typical middle evolution except, in this case, Hoppip the first form is cute and Jumpluff the final form is REALLY cute. In comparison, Skiploom just looks kind of fat and awkward, plus it's an ugly shade of puke green with giant ears and a ugly yellow bloom on its head. Still, it has its moments of cuteness, such as its early Generation II TCG cards: this one is pretty cute, while this one is adorable and fabulouth~. While I do like Skiploom, I just don't like enough to rank it any higher than this. It's a slightly cute middle evolution that is surrounded by much more adorable forms, so it kind of suffers for that.

Author:  Peanut-Lover [ Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon: 512-391 ranked! - Waterslaughter

Kyogre probably looks too much like a machine because it has arms / flippers that are too big for its body in most positions.

However, I saw it in the anime and I'll be damned to find it. There was a picture where Kyogre had its flippers back, vertical, and it shot in and out of the water like a bullet, and it didn't look so bad (it actually resembled a whale in that position).

Qwilfish should have been better, it is a pufferfish, which is poisonous (yes, if you eat even a tiny bit of contaminated blowfish, it is lethal).

You'll have to remind me: what does Kingdra do in battle? When Dragon Dance Kingdra was first released, it had Return, Dragon Dance, Flail, HP Ghost. Gee, nothing did it better? Only-one weakness pokemon tend to do badly if they have cruddy defenses, and can't hit. I'll take another Water/Dragon, if it actually makes an improvement, like NO TRADING.

I disagree on Mr.Mime and Sudowoodo comments you've made - they aren't superstars, but in-game, they are decent. Mr.Mime gets Calm Mind naturally, as well as Psychic, and learns Thunderbolt through a reusable TM - Alakazam can't claim an attack move more than Psychic without breeding in FrLg. Sudowoodo even moreso if you don't get Meganium for a grass type in HGSS, and is a decent substitute to Graveller as well. Competitively, they aren't worthless. Mr.Mime was used in BP Chains with Filter, and it still does T-bolt that Alakazam can't use.

Pineco: It reminds me of a joke with 3 people on an island, an apple, a berry, and a pineapple...not pretty

IMO, Finneon should rank higher than Skiploom for Tropical looks alone.

Author:  waterpokemonmaniac [ Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon: 512-391 ranked! - Waterslaughter

these are all pokemon i couldnt care less about excluding skiploom and kingdra

Author:  Greatwolf67 [ Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon: 512-391 ranked! - Waterslaughter

I share your hatred for some of these, namely Wurmple for defying my wishes to become a Dustox (it was shiny and the shiny butterfly looks crappy) and several of the baby pokemon due to their useless nature overall... I wonder when you'll reach Lucario and Riolu, certainly they cna be bashed for being the opposite to Mew and Mewtwo, granted that Lucario looks pretty awesome in SS which drives up my desire for a shiny Lucario.

Author:  Frost [ Wed May 12, 2010 12:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon: 512-391 ranked! - Waterslaugh

Update Title: "Shocking RBY Boot!," referring to #387.

390. Masquerain Image
(National Dex: 284; Generation: III)
So we have Surskit, a very rare Water/Bug Pokemon that is the first of its dual typing in the series, and it evolves into.... Masquerain, the umpteenth shitty Bug/Flying-type? WHAT THE HELL? Gamefreak dropped the ball massively on this one. Masquerain wouldn't be a powerhouse even if it inherited Surskit's typing but it would be so. much. better. than what it is right now, which is only moderately improved over Beautifly and Dustox. Infuriatingly, it even learns Hydro Pump, just to taunt us about how its pre-evolution is the only one who gets an exclusive typing. Anyway, Masquerain is cute once you get past the illusion provided by its wings, but the intimidation effect takes such a center stage when you look at the Pokemon that the cuteness is hidden away. Also, while staring at its sprite, I just realized how similar its body without the wings would be to Rotom's, so that's kind of amusing. But I don't like how it's another moth Pokemon in the same game that introduced Dustox. (Note: Masquerain's Japanese name translates to "rain moth" before people reply to tell me how it isn't one.) Still, it's cooler than Dustox and Mothim, and it does have some cuteness, so it's alright, even though it's still disappointing.

389. Munchlax Image
(National Dex: 446; Generation: IV)
Ho hum, another Baby Pokemon. Although, if we're forced to put up with Baby Pokemon, I must say that I'd rather have Baby Pokemon for a strong single-stage Pokemon like Snorlax than pieces of crap like Chimecho and Sudowoodo. Anyway, Munchlax is mainly notable for being the first Sinnoh Pokemon introduced to the public and, to be honest, I'm really not sure why they thought a generic Baby Pokemon would be the best way to psych people up for the new games, although they did pull the same stunt for Ruby and Sapphire with Azurill. Munchlax is kind of cute but that's it, and it also has to be one of the most annoying Pokemon to find in the video games ever because it's in one set of random Honey Trees and even then it only has a 1% encounter rate. That's Feebas-level moronic. Also, being the first Sinnoh Pokemon was also kind of a curse because the Anime proceeded to shove it down our throats, giving it a worthless role in the Deoxys movie and having May catch one in the proper show. It was really kind of annoying in both, although still kind of cute and funny on occasion.

388. Cherubi Image
(National Dex: 420; Generation: IV)
I actually do like Cherubi because, even though it's pretty worthless in battle, it is cute and it evolves into an awesome Pokemon. Also: rofl for a Grass-type Pokemon coincidentally being #420 in the National Dex. But, still, Cherubi is another one of those Pokemon that I think of when people criticize the Kanto Pokemon for being "unoriginal." Yeah, so Butterfree is just a butterfly, right? Well, Cherubi is just a pair of cherries and, other than its cuteness, it's sure as hell less visually interesting than a lot of the "unoriginal" Kanto designs. Although, other than its cuteness, the most notable thing about Cherubi's design is the poor withered cherry shoved into the background. Why is that thing still smiling when its Siamese twin leeched its body for nutrients? I feel so sad for it. :(

387. Scyther Image
(National Dex: 123; Generation: I)
OMG SHOCKING ELIMINATION, AMIRITE? How dare I eliminate one of the ~coolest~ Pokemon from the ~best~ Generation this early in my list? Well, the answer is that I just never cared about Scyther, I'm sorry. Out of all of the Bug Pokemon in Generation I, it was supposed to be one of the "best" in battle because it had stats that weren't completely tragic. But Scyther was probably the biggest loser out of Generation I's Bug Pokemon because those stats were wasted on a horrific typing and a shallow, nonexistent movepool. And I'll say right now: I was a Blue (and Yellow) player and I thought Scyther's counterpart Pinsir was always way cooler (and far more unappreciated) than Scyther. (And as far as Yellow goes, I didn't like how that game got the two worthless Bug exclusives instead of Magmar/Electabuzz who I liked more.) Scyther was the one who got a "cool" new evolution in Gold and Silver whereas Pinsir was pushed aside. Scyther is the one who was captured by one of the lamest main characters of the anime before proceeding to act like a jerk for the rest of its stay. And Scyther is the one that has a metric fuckton of stans even though it always kind of sucked in battle until DP. I really just don't "get" Scyther I guess. It's seems to be angry 100% of the time and like it's trying to overcompensate for how lame it is by acting cool. It's like a popular kid in high school. I look at it and see an okay praying mantis design, a really bad typing and not much else. Oh, and it has scythes for arms. Yay?

386. Spearow Image
(National Dex: 021; Generation: I)
There's probably a point in time where I would have said that I liked Spearow more than Pidgey. Back in the day, I was a big fan of "neglected" Pokemon and, because Ash had Pidgeotto in the anime, it seemed like Spearow and Fearow were "neglected" and villainized. To be fair, Spearow is way more useful than Pidgey when it comes to getting through the game due to its better Attack and, in a lot of games, coming fully equipped with a STAB move. But as time went on, I came to realize that both families of RBY Normal/Flying bird Pokemon are pretty neglected, and Pidgey is a lot cuter than Spearow. Don't get me wrong, though, because Spearow is decent in its own right and I do like it because I used it so much in the older days. I just don't like it quite as much as I did back then because it's not cute and it's not visually interesting enough to distract me from how it isn't cute.

385. Wailmer Image
(National Dex: 320; Generation: III)
Wailmer is another in the line of WTF choices for first Pokemon to reveal from an upcoming game, along with Togepi, Azurill and Munchlax. It's supposed to be a whale Pokemon, but it really just looks like a ball of blandness. I really never paid much attention to it during Generation III, only knowing that Professor Birch's kid has one and not even where I could catch one for myself, but I started to like Wailmer more when I trained one in Generation IV. (This is because I wanted to catch a Pokemon to represent each of the admins, and Wailord was sN0wBaLL's.) Mine hatched with Water Spout, so I slapped a Choice Scarf on it and I had a ton of fun beating wild Pokemon to death with a 150 Base Power STAB move. As for Wailmer's design, I do still think it's a bit too bland and blob-like, especially for one of the first new Pokemon of a region, but it's grown on me, and it doesn't hurt that I like its evolution a lot too. I also recall thinking at one point that the upper dots on Wailmer's back (i.e. its blow holes) were its eyes. That looks really strange to me now.

384. Goldeen Image
(National Dex: 118; Generation: 1)
Goldeen is a decent design, but it would be one of RBY's most bland if not for its spectacular failures. It's a goldfish and it's not even a particularly useful one; I mean, hell, Goldeen is likely more notable in Super Smash Bros. due to it being the useless joke Pokeball Pokemon. It was part of the worst family of Water Pokemon in RBY, getting an exclusive move that remained useless all the way until DPP, TEN-PLUS YEARS later, and it even plays a fairly similar useless role in the anime, where Misty owned one and it served as one of the most neglected Pokemon owned by a main character, hanging around for over 250 episodes with only a few comedic moments where it was sent into battles to flop around on land like the useless fish that it is. Goldeen is even notorious for its failure in the TCG, where Misty's Goldeen is quite possibly the worst rare card ever invented:

(What not to make a rare card: Water-type Nidoran Male, featuring Cunty's demonic face!)

Goldeen, more than Magikarp, is what I would Kanto's "token generic fish Pokemon," but it's kind of cute, it does provide a ton of laughs due to its across-the-board failure, and it evolves into FUCK YEAH SEAKING, so I like it enough.

383. Golbat Image
(National Dex: 42; Generation: I)
Golbat was quite possibly the worst fully-evolved Pokemon in Generation I, learning only about 20 weak attacks and having piss-poor stats and a weakness to Psychic to boot. With Generation II, it received a much-improved (and cooler-looking) evolution in Crobat, but Golbat hatred has always remained pretty high due to its common appearances in caves. And, unlike Zubat, Golbat is fast enough to keep your Pokemon from fleeing and it has a bunch of haxxy moves to bug the hell out of you if you do try to fight it. But, like I said, I don't really penalize a Pokemon for appearing a lot in the wild because some other Pokemon would be just as hated if it replaced with Golbat. And computer hax is a travesty across the board, not just for Golbat. So I don't really have much against Golbat except that I'm pretty desensitized toward it. However, I would be greatly mistaken to not mention the best. sprite. ever:

(It's an artistic interpretation, but you know exactly which sprite I'm talking about. LOVE <3)

382. Infernape Image
(National Dex: 392; Generation: IV)
When I first saw Infernape, I really didn't like it; it didn't seem fully "developed" enough to be a final evolutionary stage for a starter (I thought it looked more like middle evolution at the time) and, of course, its typing was just a rehash of Blaziken's. However, Infernape has grown on me over time because A) it's better than Blaziken in battle and B) it's a hell of a lot less of an eyesore than Blaziken. It's had some cool artwork in the TCG over the years, it was pretty fun when I trained it (along with the other Fire starters, Rapidash and Ninetales) in Diamond a couple of months ago, and for some reason I've changed my opinion over the years and think it looks just fine for a final evolution. But while I do like it more, it's not ~amazing~ and I just like it less than the Pokemon above it.

381. Elekid Image
(National Dex: 239; Generation: II)
I believe Elekid was one of the earlier Johto Pokemon that was revealed to the public due to its cameo in the first Pikachu mini-movie that ran with Mewtwo Strikes Back. It was fine in that role because it was really our first introduction to Baby Pokemon and it didn't act particularly annoying. But what I don't get is why they decided to release Elekid as the first Baby Pokemon? Compared to most of the other Baby Pokemon, it's relatively more badass. Like Tyrogue, it doesn't really gel with the general concept considering Baby Pokemon are supposed to be cute and useless; unlike Tyrogue, however, it is a good fit with its evolved forms and has better design in general. I think the fact that Elekid looks like an outlet plug is kind of funny, personally; I remember hearing that they had to change one of its toys so that little kids wouldn't be tempted to plug him into a wall, even? Lulz. An okay Baby Pokemon overall.

Author:  waterpokemonmaniac [ Fri May 14, 2010 12:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-381 done): Shocking RBY Boot!

This, I agree with. Never liked goldeen, looks like a drag queen magikarp

Author:  Ajit [ Fri May 14, 2010 2:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-381 done): Shocking RBY Boot!

hey by the way frost you seemed to have written for {blaziken} that he was the first of the starters to be put on the list, but you have that grass guy from sinnoh and {prinplup} earlier. Maybe I misunderstood you're comment or something

Author:  Frost [ Fri May 14, 2010 4:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-381 done): Shocking RBY Boot!

I meant that it was the first fully evolved one, and I said as much in the last update before the one with Blaziken.

Update Title: "Version Mascot OUT," referring to #376.

380. Ralts Image
(National Dex: 280; Generation: III)
Ralts is alright but nothing great. For a first-stage Pokemon, it's pretty bland instead of cute, and it's really, really bad in battle and hard to catch, although not to the extent that Abra is in either category unless you teach it TMs. When Ruby and Sapphire first came out and the chat regulars were playing through the beginning of the game, FireStarter referred to Ralts as "tissue" and that label has stuck in my head ever since. However, Ralts played an integral role in what was probably the ONLY decent Max-centered episode of the anime, "Do I Hear Ralts?", in which Max promised he'd come back for a Ralts to make it his Starter Pokemon, so that was pretty cool. Besides that, and even though I like Gardevoir a lot, Ralts is just... blah. I mean, its name doesn't even make sense, and you can't really see its eyes except in TCG artwork, which are the only times that Ralts looks kind of cool. And we know how I feel about other Pokemon that lacks faces/have obscured faces.

379. Electrike Image
(National Dex: 309; Generation: III)
While Amphy, TK and I were first playing through the Japanese version of R/S, we found this green thing near the Cycling Road. The green appearance made it look like a crocodile, even though we later found out that it was supposed to be canine-based, so we all nicknamed our Electrikes "Stevo" when we caught them. Other than this story, I don't have too much to share about Electrike. Hoenn had a pretty horrible selection of Electric Pokemon, so Electrike and Manectric were the best new ones by far considering the competition was Plusle and Minun. But while Manectric is pretty cool looking, Electrike is like Ralts in that it doesn't jump out at me compared to its final evolution. It's not really cute and it looks too small and non-threatening to look very cool, so meh.

378. Azurill Image
(National Dex: 298; Generation: III)
Azurill is the last of the trio of first-revealed Hoenn Pokemon to be eliminated. I am huge fan of Marill and Azumarill so, while Azurill isn't EXTREMELY cute, I do think it's fairly cute and it fits with the designs of its evolutions well enough. However, I don't like how Azurill is randomly a Normal-type with a different gender ratio than its evolutions, and I really want to know how some programmer messed up that much when putting in Azurill's information? Azurill is probably one of the most useful Baby Pokemon in battle, as I've had a lot of fun destroying opponents with Choice Band STAB Returns in Little Cup. (So, even though it's thoroughly nonsensical, the Normal-type did come in handy!) Still, it's not too great because it almost always looks like it's about burst into tears, which I don't find very cute. It needs to look happier to go higher.

377. Dusknoir Image
(National Dex: 377; Generation: IV)
When I first saw all of the new evolutions that were introduced in Diamond and Pearl, I was really annoyed that Electabuzz, Magmar, Rhydon and Dusclops received evolutions because I thought they were strong enough in Generation III to remain fully evolved Pokemon. And while I still have a distaste for the other three, my stance on Dusknoir has softened over time. If Dusclops didn't evolve, it probably would have fallen into disuse in Generation IV because it would have been a defensive Pokemon with poor HP and no attacking capability at all. Plus, Dusknoir isn't that bad because Dusclops is one of the most visually boring Pokemon ever designed. So while Dusknoir is a little unnecessary, it was just enough of a improvement to keep its family viable in battle, at least until the Rotom forms came along, and I also grew to like its design a lot more than I did when first saw it. In hindsight, I probably should have knocked Dusknoir up a few more ranks because of it, as it's a pretty cool reaper design, what with the glowing yellow parts looking like a face. Dusknoir officially gets my seal of approval, leaving only Electivire and Rhyperior to take the brunt of my wrath against the Generation IV evolutions.

376. Ho-oh Image
(National Dex: 250; Generation: II)
Ho-oh will probably be considered another ~shocking~ elimination, what with the high wave of Johto love going around due to HeartGold and SoulSilver, but to be fair Ho-oh used to be one of my very least favorite Pokemon, so it's testament to how much I don't hate it anymore that it made it this far. Ho-oh, of course, was the first Generation II Pokemon revealed to the public with its cameo at the end of the very first episode of the anime. I thought it was fine enough at the time, until Gold and Silver were released a few months later and Ho-oh really looked like a crackwhore in its sprites. It also had a lot in common with Moltres, including its typing and general inspiration, only it looked so much weirder and had a much bigger fanbase because it was an Uber-tier Legendary.

Me and my friend were in our hardcore Neglected Pokemon-loving phase at the time and would fight Ho-oh in our GS games with Parasect just to laugh at how much Ho-oh sucked. Over the years my stance on Ho-oh has softened a lot, thanks in part to much improved coloring and poses than what it got in Gold/Silver (although I think it could had more colors incorporated), as well as it being screwed over hard by its typing and the introduction of Stealth Rock. I particularly enjoy the storyline connection between Ho-oh and the Legendary Beasts, with Ho-oh resurrecting the trio and becoming the first "Trio Master" in the process. I also like Ho-oh's role in the anime, where it serves as an inspiration to Ash whenever he starts a new adventure. However, I'm still a Silver-loving Lugia fan, so Ho-oh isn't that amazing to me, although I now at least appreciate its roles in the franchise.

375. Frost Rotom Image
(National Dex: 479; Generation: IV)
When the Rotom forms were revealed after the release of Platinum, I think the fan reception was mixed but leaning more toward negative. I was happy to have an expansion of Pokemon, even if they were alternate forms, so I thought they were just fine and a clever way to give Rotom an "evolution" without actually giving it one. Of course, a problem that I have with all of the Rotom appliances is that they are all, disappointingly, Ghost/Electric-types even though they ate up a handful of design ideas for Steel or Ghost dual typings; another problem is that the game's internal code treats them all like separate Pokemon even though they have as much or even LESS to differentiate themselves than Castform's forms do. As for Frost Rotom's unique move, it's fine and probably the most logical choice. But while Frost Rotom was initially one of the more appealing appliances to me (protip: my username is Frost, do the math), its sprite has that permanent frown and it looks too much like a bottle of glue with plasma hands.

374. Wash Rotom Image
(National Dex: 479; Generation: IV)
Rotom slaughter, oh noes! Wash Rotom was originally my least favorite of the five Rotom appliances because the design didn't do much for me. While the novelty of Frost Rotom having the same name as me eventually wore off and left its design to become my least favorite, Wash Rotom still isn't that great itself. Again, I have to point at the weird ass expression that its mouth has, just like Frost Rotom, and the plasma hands are even stranger. Hydro Pump is, admittedly, the most logical choice for its trademark move, but again... I don't like how a washing machine is Electric/Ghost instead of Water/Electric or Water/Steel. It's fine enough, but nothing that get super excited about. However, even though Wash and Frost went out back-to-back, it'll be a pretty long wait before any of the remaining four Rotom forms show up on this list.

373. Lumineon Image
(National Dex: 457; Generation: IV)
I'll admit upfront that Lumineon is probably one of the top five most unnecessary Sinnoh Pokemon. It is quite simply the region's token generic fish Pokemon, and it's absolutely useless in battle. Like Luvdisc, Gamefreak completely botched up Lumineon's stat distribution, giving it all-around awful stats except for Speed, even though they gave it the Swift Swim ability anyway. And being just a generic fish, Lumineon's movepool is the pits as well. However, my dad got into saltwater fishtanks as hobby a couple of years ago, and I like Lumineon a lot more because it looks a lot like some of the fish that my dad has in the reef tank in our basement. While it's not a useful Pokemon by any means, I do like that it brings a tropical flavor to the usual generic fish archetype. I also think Lumineon was among the last Pokemon that I got a card of in the TCG, but that's neither here nor there. Decent, but nothing groundbreaking.

372. Duskull Image
(National Dex: 355; Generation: III)
Duskull was another of the Hoenn Pokemon released early to generate interest to Ruby and Sapphire. It's a better choice than any of the original trio, but I don't really understand Gamefreak's rationale for picking the Pokemon they do to release in advance. Anyway, Duskull is the defensive counterpart to the offensive Shuppet and, while it's cute enough in its own right, I do think that Shuppet is cuter design. There's not a whole lot to say about it, IMO, other than its one eye, which alternates between kind of cute and kind of creepy. I can't say that I've ever actually caught Duskull in any of the games, but it's an alright Pokemon.

371. Banette Image
(National Dex: 354; Generation: III)
Like Duskull and Shuppet, I prefer Shuppet's evolution Banette to Dusclops. Dusclops is a really freaking boring Pokemon, while Banette at least has more visible personality. It also has a zipper for a mouth, which can look really fucking creepy if you stop and look at it. While I've never caught Shuppet or Banette either, I do prefer the glass cannon strategy over the wall who can't damage anything strategy, so that's another reason why I prefer Banette over Dusclops. However, the movesplit in Generation IV was not kind to Banette at ALL, giving it a weaker Physical alternative to its formerly best attack and not doing a whole lot else to compensate for Dusclops getting a less boring and less useless new evolution. Will Banette ever break out of this rut? That remains to be seen, but at least I don't have that much to pick on when it comes to Banette.

alol @ the Ghostslaughter in this update. The next one has four Kanto, two Johto, three Hoenn and a Sinnoh. The Sinnoh one might be surprising to some.

Author:  goldenquagsire [ Sun May 16, 2010 1:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-371 done): Version Mascot OUT

oooh your post made me realise something



this is no zaku boy, no zaku!

Author:  Frost [ Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-371 done): Version Mascot OUT

So does anybody in particular want to see this list continue? I've had the actual rankings done since the very beginning, but I can't bring myself to do write-ups on the Pokemon when it seems like almost nobody cares. Because, I mean, I already know why I like and dislike the Pokemon that I do, so the write-ups are supposed to be my justification and the entertainment for people who aren't me. ¯(º_o)/¯

Author:  goldenquagsire [ Sat Jul 03, 2010 4:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-371 done): Version Mascot OUT

aw I'd like to see you continue with the rankings. these are actually pretty funny. :o

Author:  Inta Xonem [ Sat Jul 03, 2010 6:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-371 done): Version Mascot OUT

i've been reading them all, and i second krisp and gq's comments.

you've persuaded me for/against some of them i used to like/dislike too.

Author:  Galar [ Sat Jul 03, 2010 7:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-371 done): Version Mascot OUT

I never reply, but I always read your reviews, so please continue!

Author:  Frost [ Sat Jul 03, 2010 12:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-371 done): Version Mascot

Well, Galar gave me a heart post icon, so how can I not continue?

Update Title: "Lombraped," referring to an image linked in #369's entry.

370. Nuzleaf Image
(National Dex: 274; Generation: III)
I almost switched Nuzleaf and the next Pokemon at the last second, but in the end decided against it. Anyway, Nuzleaf is a middle evolution and Lord knows that I've already done my song and dance about middle evolutions enough in this thread. However, since Seedot is actually pretty dull, rather than cute, Nuzleaf is the rare middle evolution who is a marked improvement over its pre-evolved form. I also actually think it's one of the better middle evolutions in terms of bridging the gap between its first form, a plain acorn, and its final form, which is a tengu, because you can see aspects of both designs in place for Nuzleaf's. As a Grass/Dark-type, it's also probably the least intimidating Dark-type ever invented because it doesn't look angry or evil at all; even Poochyena and Zorua look like they could kick this guy's ass. Not a bad design for a middle evolution, but nothing to gush over.

369. Lombre Image
(National Dex: 271; Generation: III)
It makes sense for Lombre to go out immediately after Nuzleaf, right? Lombre has the bad habit of looking like a trainwreck in its artwork, which is the reason why I considered switching the two. I mean, is Nuzleaf the star of Tomokazu Komiya's astonishing piece "Please Don't Touch Me There, Daddy!: A Dramatic Look at a Pedophilia Victim"? I don't think so. However, switching the two wouldn't be true to my own experiences and tastes. I was a Sapphire player, rather than a Ruby player, and I generally like the Lotad family members over their counterparts in the Shiftry family. I also prefer Lombre's typing and basis to Nuzleaf's, as a Water/Grass-type kappa is cooler than a Grass/Dark-type tengu, and Lombre definitely has the most authentic "kappa" appearance of its clan. Despite being defiled by Tomokazu, Lombre has some happier appearances; it was also a major player in the anime, in which awesome Brock owned one for awhile and in which 4Kids showed their cultural ineptitude by continually mispronouncing "Lombre" as if it rhymed with the Spanish word "hambre" rather than "hombre." (Protip: saying "Tengo hambre" and "Tengo hombre" mean very different things.) All of this helps Lombre edge out its counterpart.

368. Shroomish Image
(National Dex: 285; Generation: III)
As you could probably guess, the main factor that hurts Shroomish's placement is his perpetual sad face. And it's not just ":("," it's "|:(" as if he has a monobrow. This is particularly funny in this TCG artwork that makes Shroomish look like it got punched in its non-existent nose and, as a result, its whole face has collapsed in on itself. However, Shroomish evolves into the awesomeness that is Breloom, so I can't write it off entirely. Shroomish also plays a vital role in making Breloom an incredibly useful Pokemon, as it (annoyingly) learns Spore at Level 45 in DPP (and an even later level in RSE, for no other reason but to provoke rage around the world) while Breloom can't get the move on its own. I also remember having a lengthy discussion with one of my only friends in high school, just after RS were released, about how "Shroomish" is one of the coolest and funniest names ever. Say it out loud and think about it for awhile and you should agree with us.

367. Luxray Image
(National Dex: 405; Generation: IV)
I think Luxray is a fairly popular Sinnoh Pokemon, so that's why I hinted that its elimination would be shocking. And the strange thing is, Luxray is a "cool" Pokemon that I don't even dislike for overtly trying to appeal to the kiddies. In fact, I even used Luxray on my only Generation IV in-game team when I played through Diamond in 2007. But that's just the problem: Luxray is nothing but wasted potential. I went through the entire game, hoping that Shinx would actually become useful after it evolved, and yet it never happened. Luxray suffers from Flareon syndrome, only it also lacks the utility moves that allow Flareon to see some play. It has high Attack that is SO wasted on Thunder Fang to the point that Thunderbolt from its lower Special Attack is the more viable option. Versatility? What versatility? It gets the other elemental fangs but if you're already struggling to find a place for Thunder Fang, having two more equally-weak attacks that DON'T get STAB is not a boon for Luxray. Unfortunately, its movepool is so shallow that it has to rely on Ice Fang for coverage regardless.

Also, I don't find Luxray's design to be so hot. As a preface, a lot of fans seems to think that Luxray should have Electric/Dark instead of pure Electric. But I don't think its appearance is indicative of a Electric/Dark-type, like a lot of fans seem to believe, as it's a pretty goofy looking lion with a mane that barely looks like one. Another thing that bothers me is that Luxray is obviously supposed to be a lion, yet Gamefreak made it one of the SLOWEST fully-evolved Electric Pokemon. How does THAT work? It does have creepy zombie eyes, though, so maybe that's why people think it should be Electric/Dark? I hope that's the reason, because being black shouldn't be the primary criteria for making a Pokemon a Dark-type. Luxray could have been a really good Pokemon if it had some more thought put into its design, stat distribution and movepool, but as such it's disappointing.

366. Magby Image
(National Dex: 240; Generation: II)
As the umpteenth Baby Pokemon to show up on this list so far, Magby is a pretty easy target for my criticism. Do I really need to specify yet AGAIN that I generally don't about Baby Pokemon? On a good note, like Elekid, Magby is an effective preface to its evolved form and it is aesthetically pleasing, unlike Tyrogue and Budew respectively; however, personality-wise, I do think that Magby works better than Elekid because it doesn't try to pass itself off like a badass in the way Elekid does. Conversely, its design is a bit more bland than its counterpart's; while Elekid looks like an electric socket, Magby's appearance doesn't have anything to connect the Pokemon to typing quite as strongly, except maybe for its bubbling head. Magby is fine overall, if not pointless in the same way that most Baby Pokemon are.

365. Graveler Image
(National Dex: 75; Generation: I)
Eh, another middle evolution, only this one is just generic instead of awkward. I have almost no attachment to Graveler whatsoever since it's not a final evolution and Brock's Geodude in the anime never even evolved, meaning that Graveler never got a chance to be showcased outside of cameos here and there. Graveler's coolest moment was probably in Pokemon Snap, where a group of Graveler would dance on the river's edge if you played the Pokeflute. Other than that, Graveler is the second generic roadblock of choice in caves or mountain areas, after Golbat, and I've said quite a few times already that I don't hate Pokemon like that but find it hard to like them just the same. However, I did find Graveler to be annoying because one of the Hikers at the end of Rock Tunnel in the Kanto-based games has one and likes to have his use Selfdestruct. Considering my team was usually worn down a lot when I got to him, this meant that Graveler blew up in my face and made me retrace my steps through Rock Tunnel on more than one occasion, which is completely OBNOXIOUS. That's an isolated incident, however, and Graveler is fine otherwise.

364. Charmeleon Image
(National Dex: 5; Generation: I)
Charmeleon is another stereotypical example of a middle evolution: not as cute as the adorable Charmander and not as cool as the kiddie magnet that is Charizard. However, despite this, Charmeleon does manage to have its own personality, although it's not one that I like. Charmeleon just comes off like an asshole in every canon in the franchise. Ash's Charmeleon was only around for a few episodes, but it did nothing but ignore Ash, trying to get into fights and pick on weaker opponents like poor little Paras. In the video games and most of its TCG artwork, it looks angry for no reason. It really just comes off like a poser bully, trying to overcompensate for its small appearance by acting like a jerk. However, I do give points to Charmeleon for actually having a personality, and I do have a bit of nostalgia in my heart for it. I used it in my first playthrough of a Pokemon game, and Base Set Charmeleon was my very first Pokemon card when I received it in a copy of Nintendo Power just before the TCG launched in the States. Not caring much about Pokemon at the time, I gave the card to one of my friends in fifth grade for $0.75 of snack money, but he ended up trading it back to me after I became a Pokefan, and I still have that card to this day.

363. Drowzee Image
(National Dex: 96; Generation: I)
Drowzee is probably one of the least popular Kanto Pokemon, as I see a lot of people criticize it as overly weird. While that's true, I do like its Japanese mythological basis, the dream-eating tapir, and it fills this role more authentically than Hypno or Munna. I just wish they kept Dream Eater exclusive to the family instead of whoring it out to almost every Psychic Pokemon ever, but that's neither here nor there. During my period of championing "neglected Pokemon," my appreciation for Drowzee grew because its family seemed pretty forgotten in the first two Generations. I added it to my team, teaching it all three elemental punches via TM in GS before sending it to Yellow, where Drowzee was an in-game monster. Drowzee was also the star of one of my favorite anime episodes, "Pikachu Re-volts," where it uses mind-control on a bunch of Pokemon and forces Ash, Jessie and James to team up, which I adore. I also like that Drowzee had a very different role than Abra in that it was more tankish; in RBY that meant it could take AND deal damage due to the Special stat, but later games left Drowzee as a wall and that's not really my style, hence Abra outranking it.

362. Pidgey Image
(National Dex: 16; Generation: I)
As I've already discussed, I preferred Spearow in the old days because it came with a STAB attack and could actually hold its own in a battle. Ironically, despite being a fan of Ash's Pidgeotto in the anime, I always regarded Pidgey as weak and boring; over the years, I've changed my opinion and find Pidgey to be fairly cute. However, like most of the early-game common Pokemon, I am a bit desensitized toward it because it has such a big presence in tall grass. One thing that I find odd is that Pidgey is blueprint for the "early Normal/Flying-type bird" archetype that Hoothoot, Taillow, Starly and Mamepato later filled for their respective regions, and it's like people completely forget about Spearow in favor of Pidgey, probably because Pidgey appears on Route 2. And, even with Spearow included, Pidgey is probably the most generic bird of the pack, so it's strange to see people accuse similar birds of being "Pidgey ripoffs." Still, while Pidgey doesn't set the world on fire with visual flair, it is cute, has some cool evolutions and was an appropriate introductory Pokemon for the quaint beginnings of the very first Pokemon games, so I do like it.

361. Natu Image
(National Dex: 177; Generation: II)
We go from one cute, generic bird Pokemon to another. Natu HAS to be one of the most low-key new Pokemon who debuted in Gold and Silver because it's only found in one area, which is much more famous for being the place to find Smeargle, that requires a complete detour on the player's part. I think some people overstate how much the Kanto Pokemon "overshadowed" the Johto Pokemon in GSC, but cases like Natu certainly give the complaint some merit. Other than that, there isn't too much to say about Natu: it's just a green bird, except that it looks more like a giant head with wings than an actual bird. It evolves into a cool Pokemon, but it doesn't really provide any of that Pokemon's mythology into its own design. It's cute filler and there's nothing wrong with that.

In the next update: three Pokemon from every Region but Johto.

Author:  AEP: Master Trainer [ Sun Jul 04, 2010 11:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-361 done): Lombraped

Please continue, Frost! These write-ups make me laugh hysterically! It would be sad for me to see them stop almost halfway in... I showed these to a non-Pokemon friend and he almost wanted to play the games because of it!

AEPMT :mrgreen: ;) 8-)

Author:  Frost [ Mon Jul 05, 2010 12:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-361 done): Lombraped

In case I forgot to mention this, all of the Pokemon since Kecleon, which was several updates ago, receive a 6/10 on my personal scale, meaning that I "slightly like" the Pokemon.

Update Title: "DERPWNAGE," referring to #358.

360. Probopass Image
(National Dex: 476; Generation: IV)
Out of all of the new evolutions in Diamond and Pearl, Probopass is among the most criticized. People have called it everything from a Mr. Potato Head ripoff to a caricature of a stereotypical Jewish man, all the while declaring it fugly and stupid. But you know what? I don't have a problem with Probopass. Unlike the other new evolutions, Probopass is more than just a bigger version of its pre-evolution; it is more visually interesting to me than Nosepass, which was a pretty boring Pokemon on its own, and the "mustache" of metal shavings actually works when you recall that Probopass evolves due magnetism. It's still a moai at its core, but it's more colorful and expressive than Nosepass, which played its source of inspiration straight and received snores on my part. There's also two smaller Nosepass where its arms should be, which is funny because they make Probopass resemble the "how do I shot web ¯(º_o)/¯" pose, particularly in the TCG. I haven't used Probopass in the video games yet, but I'm planning and looking forward to trying it on my next team. So, yeah, I don't get everybody's beef here.

359. Barboach Image
(National Dex: 339; Generation: III)
Barboach is probably one of the more unnecessary Pokemon introduced in Generation III. I mean, Feebas already filled the Hoenn Region's "token generic fish" quota (except that Feebas was horrifyingly ugly rather than generic), and the Mudkip line filled the "token Water/Ground family" quota. Therefore, Barboach feels a bit rehashed, as it's not exactly the most interesting Pokemon ever made, but I still like it. It's pretty cute and it's supposed to be based on a Japanese myth that attributes catfish as a source of earthquakes, which justifies its typing. Speaking of which, I can't think of any reason why Barboach learns Spark; Bulbapedia says that catfish use electricity to hunt prey, but then they turn around and say Barboach's basis is a loach, so... uh, which one is it? I also recall Pelli saying that the Pokemon looked like "silvery bacon" and that description has always stuck with me. Barboach is just a harmless fish, so I don't know why it shows up so frequently on worst Pokemon lists. Not everything can be some OMG SUPER AWESOME DRAGON, so it does fine as a more mundane Pokemon.

358. Bibarel Image
(National Dex: 400; Generation: IV)
I'm sure almost everybody was waiting for this. Following Diamond and Pearl's release, Bidoof and Bibarel inspired the hatred of a thousand raging suns because they were Sinnoh's token common rodent Pokemon. I originally agreed that Bibarel wasn't great, but as forum kids continued to harp on and on about how OMG ULGEEEE AND STOOPIDZ Bibarel was, my opinion began to shift. If I did this list two or three years ago, Bibarel would probably be 150 or so spots lower, but I just can't resist a Pokemon who feeds on the tears of children and morons who freak out because "DURRRR BIBAREL BROKED MAH CHAINZZZ!!!" And despite how "ugly" and "stupid" Bibarel supposedly is, I think there are plenty of Pokemon who fill both categories a lot more (sup Vomitomb and Crackface), whereas Bibarel can actually pull off cuteness. Just because something isn't some super-serious annihilator, that doesn't mean it's awful.

Look, it's a beaver. I'm sorry that people are unable to understand that Bibarel is supposed to have buck teeth, a goofy tail and a clueless expression. I'm sorry that Bibarel's "stupid and annoying" cry apparently has the power to make peoples' head explode. I'm sorry that Bibarel apparently ate the souls of your future children and killed your grandparents to inspire such violent hatred. I'm also sorry that people are so immature that they have to cry on and on like broken records for all eternity about how annoying Bibarel is because it's so common in the wild. If some OMG COOL Pokemon like Salamence replaced Bibarel all over Sinnoh, would Bibarel's haters rag on Salamence nearly as much? No. So they really need to shove it. And despite how much people bitch about how useless Bibarel supposedly is, it's actually not a terrible Pokemon at all. It gets STAB on two types that have nearly unresisted coverage. It gets SUPER FANG which makes ANY Pokemon automatically better. It has two GREAT abilities, particularly Simple when used in conjunction with Curse, which Bibarel picked up in Platinum. Can any other Pokemon basically use Swords Dance and Iron Defense, or TRIPLE its Special Defense, in one turn? NO. So Bibarel is the unfortunate victim of bandwagon hatred that really needs to fuck off.

357. Kirlia Image
(National Dex: 281; Generation: III)
Kirlia is another one of those elusive middle evolutions that surpasses its pre-evolved form. This is because Ralts is a tissue with a helmet that covers most of its face, whereas Kirlia is actually capable of facial expressions outside of TCG artwork. However, Kirlia is kind of weird-looking, what with those pigtails and the fact that Ralts' tissue body has somehow turned into a ballerina skirt. This little factoid does play nicely into Kirlia's losing animation in the 3D games, in which Kirlia does a ridiculously dramatic and funny bow before passing out. Kirlia is also a welcome relief in battle after the torture that is grinding useless Ralts up to Level 20. However, in general, Kirlia is just alright. Better than Ralts, but not as good as Gardevoir or, if you want to make comparisons to counterparts, Kadabra.

356. Rhyhorn Image
(National Dex: 111; Generation: I)
When it comes to the Safari Zone, Rhyhorn is probably the closest thing the area has to a "Zubat" or a "Tentacool." Sure, this is primarily because it was so common in the Kanto Safari Zone, but when you factor in that A) Kanto's was honestly the only Safari Zone that I ever truly bothered with and B) it's somehow managed to appear in every Safari Zone ever except for the Great Marsh, sometimes even when literally hundreds of Pokemon were cut from the game in question... this is saying a lot. Of course, the Safari Zone is only one place rather than all over the world's map, so I don't have that neutral, blah feeling toward Rhyhorn as much as its counterparts. Its family consists of the token rhinoceroses of the franchise and Rhyhorn does that animal justice. Unfortunately, it's a Rock(/Ground)-type, and Rock Pokemon in general are pretty boring. However, Rhydon is cool exception, so that helps in making Rhyhorn pretty alright as well.

355. Magikarp Image
(National Dex: 129; Generation: I)
Okay, so... just about every established series worth its salt needs its token "joke" character. This is the character that is so pathetically weak in comparison to the others that being able to win using the character is a testament to the player's awesomeness. In Street Fighter, it's Dan Hibiki. In Marvel VS Capcom, it's Roll. In Super Smash Bros., it's Pichu. And, of course, in Pokemon, it's the king of carps, Magikarp, who can't do anything but splash or flop around. Unfortunately, Magikarp's name is incredibly close to "Magikrap," and people who think they are clever when they use this nickname to insult Magikarp seriously need to be stabbed in the face. Anyway, Magikarp is different from your typical joke character in that it EVOLVES INTO A MONSTER WHO CAN RIP YOUR MOTHERFUCKING FACE OFF. This is the interesting dichotomy that is Magikarp, which is brilliantly inspired by a Japanese myth about a patient carp who becomes a dragon: it is horribly weak for twenty levels, the first fifteen of which it can't even attack, before evolving into a powerhouse. It also plays a great role in the anime, in which a Magikarp salesman manages to swindle Team Rocket for their hard-earning money again and again, to the point that James can't even be reminded of Magikarp without becoming angry. So while Magikarp does the joke character thing with pride, it's still pretty much a one-trick pony and not a particularly exciting one. I like it and all, but you can predict how Magikarp is going to be used a mile away, except for that one awesome episode of the DP anime in which the B-Button League's Magikarp is so powerful that it ends up kicking God's Ash's Pikachu's ASS.

354. Uxie Image
(National Dex: 480; Generation: IV)
So because Uxie is the first of the Legendary Pixies to appear in my rankings, let me say this now: I think it was an incredible mistake to have a Legendary Trio in which all three members had the exact same typing, especially because they're the type that was already bloated with Legendary Pokemon anyway. Uxie, due to its coloring, could have easily been a Psychic/Electric, with Mesprit and Azelf having similar dual typings, and they'd seem like a more carefully planned, less homogeneous unit as a result. They'd also be less inferior to existing Psychic Legendaries like Celebi, Jirachi and Cresselia, who is the main reason why Uxie is kept in the lower tiers. Uxie is the token "defensive" member of its trio, but it can't do this as well as Cresselia, so it falls into disuse as a defensive yet outclassed support Pokemon. Design-wise, Uxie's main problem is that it never opens its eyes, and I've already made pretty clear with my write-ups for Kakuna, Zubat and the Legendary Golems that I don't like that. However, I do think the anime gave a stroke of brilliance by having Uxie, who is the "Knowledge" member of the trio, appear to BROCK, the guy who ALSO never opens his eyes and who is obviously the smartest of his trio. Love it. Only like Uxie though.

353. Treecko Image
(National Dex: 252; Generation: III)
To put it bluntly: Treecko is the worst Starter Pokemon so far, and that's including the three from Generation V, haters to the left. Still, when Ruby and Sapphire came out in 2002, me and the other Elites naturally started playing it. Amphy chose Torchic and TK picked Mudkip, so I took Treecko because these were days long before anybody knew how to hack a ROM file for things like level-up moves. While Treecko was therefore my first Hoenn Starter, I kind of suppress those memories because that was just a ROM file and I ended up picking the far-superior Mudkip as my Starter when I got the actual cartridge about a year later. In the anime, Ash received only Treecko, rather than all three of the Hoenn Starters, and his Treecko was just a stereotypical Pokemon who thought he was more badass than he actually was (sorry Pelli, I know you love yourself some Treecko); however, the anime did provide one of the most hilarious moments ever when an overly feminine Treecko admired and mimicked Ash's to the point that it went around with a pink flower in its teeth. AWESOME. Aside from that, I generally find Treecko to be the creepiest and least cute of the Starters, and as such it sticks out like a sore thumb. While I do appreciate and sorta like Treecko for bringing that vastly different flavor to the otherwise-cutesy Starter cast, this doesn't mean I have to overly like it.

352. Bellsprout Image
(National Dex: 69; Generation: I)
There was a point in time that I actually preferred Bellsprout to its counterpart Oddish. However, this was mostly because I liked Victreebel more than Vileplume due to James owning one in the anime (spoilers: I still do) and because I was a Blue player and felt mandated to like all of Blue's versions exclusives more than Red's. Of course, my opinions aren't so cut and dry anymore, so Bellsprout is inferior to Oddish and that's that. Bellsprout is kind of cute, especially when it is overdramatic to the point of sheer ridiculousness, but it just looks weak what with its body being a few thin roots and not much else; it's as if it could wither up and blow away at any second. Bellsprout was also kind of creepy in the anime, where it hilariously kicked God's Ash's Pikachu's ass until Muk smothered it to death. Bellsprout is also #69 in the National Dex, so it is of course notable amongst dirty joke enthusiasts. Another thing that's weird about Bellsprout is that it's actually my least favorite member of its family, which is really rare for a unevolved form. I like it, but not overly so for the reasons stated previously.

351. Cleffa Image
(National Dex: 173; Generation: II)
Yeah, so... another Baby Pokemon. We know how I feel about Baby Pokemon at this point so I won't rehash that rant yet again. However, Cleffa is actually cute, unlike most of the crackhead babies who have shown up on the list so far. The only problem is that Cleffa's cuteness isn't really apparent in the video games, where it's just a blandly cute pink blob, whereas it's adorable in the TCG, anime and elsewhere. Also, there isn't a whole lot to justify its existence, as it adds next to nothing to Clefable's movepool and is basically one of many Baby Pokemon from the Fairy egg group that were introduced in GSC to showcase breeding and happiness while doing little else. Since this write-up is pretty light, I'll also mention that in 2000, before GS's English release, I was convinced that Cleffa's English name was going to be "Cle" because its Japanese name is "Pi" whereas Clefairy's is "Pippi." Clearly I lost that prediction, but it's the sadly the only Cleffa-related anecdote that I have to share other than pointing out how all but one of its TCG cards have an attack named "Eeeeeeek." Also:

Image Image

In the next update: 4 Kanto, no Johto, 5 Hoenn and a Sinnoh. Also, I reach the point where the Pokemon score 7/10 on my personal scale, which means I "like" them.

Author:  Mektar [ Tue Jul 06, 2010 4:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-351 done): DERPWNAGE

Your review for Magikarp is my favorite one so far, and they're all good. Skuntank's is problably my second favorite. By the way...


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