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Author:  Mektar [ Wed Sep 15, 2010 6:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

Galar, those two screenshots are from the Pokemon Ranger movie. If those Altaria didn't show up when they did, the boy in the picture would have died of frostbite! (No, Frost wasn't going to bite him)

Author:  ArcaNineTales [ Wed Sep 15, 2010 6:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

I'm aware you like Lickilicky for other reasons and I respect that. And I also agree this topic is about YOUR opinions, but I get a little tired when all I see is people supporting every word you say without question. It seems to me that people who disagree with you shut their mouths, which kills constructive criticism of opinion and the opportunity for intelligent argument. I'm just trying to heat this place up.

On the matter of Lickilicky x Charizard, I must say that I'm guilty of being a kanto-tard, as you might put it. I was always more into the older generations and regarded the original pokemon as works of art that should NOT be tampered with. I looked at pokemon like Lickitung and Tangela and say "Wow, what a unique.. creature! I'm never going to forget that ball of vines with red shoes/thing with a huge tongue." Then, nearly a decade later, Nintendo turns around, drawing on their prior success and creativity to create.. an evolution!(?) Shouldn't we have known about that.. before?

The process bugs me, most likely because it emphasizes Nintendo's incapability to think of more original ideas (DON'T ATTACK ME HERE FROST, because I recognize they have made SOME new creative designs)
And just being able to create another pokemon that is immediately allowed to bask in the success of its predecessor by declaring it is an EvoLuTiOn!! detracts from the original pokemon's greatness.
It is like living your whole life with a loving family and then being told you are adopted and everything you have known was a lie. <--- Hyperbole

This is the basis of my bias towards all the magnezone/magmortar/rhyperior/tangrowth/lickilicky's.

Author:  LeoTheLion [ Wed Sep 15, 2010 7:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

I'd like to note that I Standing O'ed the rant, not necessarily Lickilicky.

Lickilicky has been one of those Pokes that go unnoticed by me. I completely forget that they exist (along with Lickitung in GenI) it's just never appealed to me, no matter how completely unique and bizzare it is. I didn't mind when it got an evolution. Like most other evos it just kind of got a "meh" from me. So I don't like Lickilicky but I'm not angry that he exists.

Hm. I'll go ahead and bring this up. Aside from being slightly overpowered, I don't understand why my buddy Electivire gets so much hate. I don't really think Electabuzz could've made it into the OU tier (or at least the unwritten "top" of "it"""), so they made it evolve and now they have another pretty decent unique physical electric type for kids to play with. Its design wasn't even really that bad either. I kind of understand where people are coming from, but others seem to be sheepy. (plug for Amphy)

They made some more babies in RSE, so they can make some evos in DPP. I like most of them, and use a lot of them. I'm just glad they didn't evolve Gyarados. Or Mewtwo into Mewthree/Gyigas.

Author:  Arekasune [ Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

Well... I don't have any huge argument for why I dislike Lickilicky, I just think it is ugly and a bad design. Not liking a pokemon because it does not fit my personal aesthetic tastes is just fine, everyone does it. For instance, I actually like Sharpedo (granted, I always thought the left part was actually the rest of its body curling around >_>), but for the most part I like Frost's picks.

Wish Attack Deoxys had made it to the top 10, but hey, s'all good.

Author:  The Amber Mine [ Thu Sep 16, 2010 3:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

Galar wrote:
I've never been so jealous of an anime character before!

Your not alone*looks up and starts dreaming...*

Author:  Deadeyedave [ Thu Sep 16, 2010 8:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-31): Eclipsing Lugia

Frost wrote:
Dave: nah, we were never going to trade carts, but I just always remembered you posting on the Ezboard about how you planned to get a team of six Blissey that had nothing but Snore, give that to the Trainer House's guy for his team and then fight them for easy EXP. :P Sounds like I got the story mixed up a bit over the years so that there were five more Blissey though...

I think you misunderstand, because you were absolutely correct.

I did initially have 6 Lv.100 Snore Blisseys, but I realised they were still pretty difficult to kill, almost impossibly so for a low level pokemon that relied on the Special Attack stat.
Hell even if you could OHKO them with something like Cross Chop, it still took forever and a day for their HP bar to go from full to empty. Which doing 6 times a day, every day was pretty annoying.

So in the end I decided to favour stat exp over raw exp points, and I think I ended up with a Lv.1 team of Blissey, Shuckle, Ho-oh, Mewtwo, Tyranitar and Electrode.

I'm not 100% sure if all those are correct, but I wanted one good one for each stat, and some of them doubled up with more than one good stat each.

I was just surprised YOU remembered this, because I don't remember ever discussing it. Then again, I don't remember a lot of things from the EZboard days :D

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

My main difference with this is that my top poke's wold be 1)gengar 2)hypno 3)scizor 4)electivire and 5)magortar, in order of favorite to fifth favorite.Otherwise, i sorta agree and kinda disagree.

Author:  Dark_Swampert [ Thu Sep 16, 2010 5:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

I completely agree with Frost one of the reasons I like my favorite pokemon is because ( among other reasons) all the little fantards are like "Why do you like dewgong or altaria. You could get my ubertastic kyogre or salamence OMGZ your pokemon are gay.... that means you're gay". That really bugs me because when my dewgong is trollrolling their a$$e$ They are like "You cheater you actually ev trained your faggong plus it's a shiny." Then they get mad and battle my other team eventually they were owned by three or four of my teams. Their final line is "You and your gay pokemon are cheating so I don't wanna fight you anymore". So i love unorthodox pokemon because they are the best at shutting people up.

Author:  Krisp [ Thu Sep 16, 2010 6:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

I'll be honest. My top three favorite Pokemon are some of the most overrated Pokemon ever, especially considering one is an eeveelution and the other is a Dragon type pseudo legendary. Speaking of that, my #1 favorite is still in. Hell yeah, he's so awesome he's the only bug type on the forum header. My #3 favorite is still in too, that's the dragon type. Jolteon got picked off a long time ago.

And I don't join Frost's bandwagon, we actually like a lot of the same Pokemon (which is weird, we usually end up arguing over stupid stuff because we rarely agree.) When DP (and now BW) Pokemon were revealed we were in the same IRC channel picking out our favorites and least favorites, so when I agree with him it's probably because our opinions mesh from the beginning. We're also bffs so...:O

Author:  Mektar [ Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

Lickylicky can rest easy. Now this guy will be the Pokemon everyone will rant about:

Author:  Nakuzami [ Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

Ok, I haven't read all of your updates, but from what I have read, I agree with you. Though that's not much coming from me, I am extremely indecisive when it comes to picking favorites, therefore, I love all pokemon. Some not as much as others...and my "favorite" changes like every 5 seconds...anyway, I agree with many of your rankings, i'm not going to name them all or else i'll just start babbling and sound like an idiot. But, for a third time, I agree with your rankings(from what i've seen).

Author:  B-Mac [ Fri Sep 17, 2010 4:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

Dark_Swampert wrote:
I completely agree with Frost one of the reasons I like my favorite pokemon is because ( among other reasons) all the little fantards are like "Why do you like dewgong or altaria. You could get my ubertastic kyogre or salamence OMGZ your pokemon are gay.... that means you're gay". That really bugs me because when my dewgong is trollrolling their a$$e$ They are like "You cheater you actually ev trained your faggong plus it's a shiny." Then they get mad and battle my other team eventually they were owned by three or four of my teams. Their final line is "You and your gay pokemon are cheating so I don't wanna fight you anymore". So i love unorthodox pokemon because they are the best at shutting people up.

That's why I like the unorthodox pokes, too. I'm not much of a mainstream person so I'm more inclined to go out and dust off the old pokemon. My current party is in a little limbo right now, but I'm working for some good battle teams;

I caught and plan to use
from older gens:
-pineco (evolve into forretress)
-larvitar (evolve, duh)
-all the eeveelutions
-the shiny gyarados

And the newer gens pokes that evolved from older gens:


And 4th gen only:
-rotom (gotta trade when I get Wi-fi)

Everyone would say I fit into the nostalgiafag category; well, in terms of looks yes. But I do prefer a lot of the newer gens pokemon over the older ones and I even like a lot of the 4th gen evos over their pre-evos from gen 1 and 2. Of course due to OCD and a lot of research, I did come up with the list above based entirely off of battle prospects and uses and no preferences were factors in the selections.

Sorry if this is too long for you guys, but that's my two cents and an extra benjamin with it. Feel free to delete it if it's too much.

Author:  Frost [ Sat Sep 18, 2010 9:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

Don't have any issue with what you said in your last post, Arcaninetales. I actually agree... people have seemed afraid to disagree with me throughout the thread. It's kind of boring for that reason because I have a thick skin and wouldn't have cared if people called me out. Actually, my favorite replies have been the ones in which people share stories about why THEY like a Pokemon who was featured in the previous update, and it's kind of sad to me that I got so few replies like those.

I get what you're saying with the new evolutions too because I agree with your opinion for some of them but not others. Because a lot of people just blurt out an opinion without explaining it, it does kind of frustrate me that so many lump ALL of the Sinnoh evolutions together as sucky rather than evaluating them on a case by case basis or at least prefacing it with an opinion like the one you just shared regarding new evolutions in general.

Anyway, BW is out now so I didn't get to finish the thread in time. Boo. And I didn't get this update done in time because I spent Thursday getting all of the new Pokemon on the main site. Boo again.

Update Title: "So I herd you liek it," referring to #18.

20. Torchic Image
(Generation: III; National Dex: 255)
As Starters go, Torchic is a weird case because it was the last one I chose and I dislike its evolutions. And yet, because baby chicks are some of the sweetest creatures in the world, it cracks my top 20. Unlike its hideous evolutions, Torchic is timid and lovable, and I like that it's a Fire-type because baby chicks need to be kept warm. Although, when RS came out, a guy in my typing class picked Torchic and then claimed, "This thing SUCKS! It can't even learn FLY!!!" as if he were unaware that chickens aren't really known for flying, lawl. In addition to eyes that can melt your heart, Torchic is nice because it is the only Fire starter (until Pokabu) who didn't have a flame slapped onto its design. Instead, the typing is subtly implied with an orange body and a few accents of yellow, as seen in its head feathers, which were strangely missing in its beta design. And since it produces internal heat, it'd be really awesome give a Torchic a hug. <3 May's Torchic was also very sweet in the anime, although it did awesomely set Max on fire once, and while May's sadly evolved, a renegade Torchic causing mischief in "Having a Wailord of a Time" was funny too. Torchic naturally has a lot of cute TCG artwork, but I especially love its Emerald Sugimori art (below). I love Torchic so much that its awful evolutions still ~pain~ me today.
ch33p! <3

Overall, Torchic is my favorite Fire-type because it has the biggest amount of teh c00tness. Personally, while it has some cool Pokemon, I find Fire to be one of the most overrated types, and I don't get why everybody is a borderline pyromaniac and loooooves Fire so much, especially the whining about how Sinnoh had no Fire Pokemon when Ice ALWAYS has been treated FAR worse.

19. Azumarill Image
(Generation: II; National Dex: 184)
When Azumarill debuted in GS, reactions were pretty unfavorable, except for FireStarter, who was a fan from the start. TK and I didn't like that it encroached on Wigglytuff's bunny territory. And the fandom didn't like that it was a completely useless evolution for a merchandising whore. Azumarill in GS truly was one of the worst final evolutions ever conceived: mediocre defensive stats, horrible offensive stats, no moves worth mentioning and it was the same type as powerhouses like Starmie and Suicune. It also looked really fat and stupid in its GSC sprites, by the way. But then RS came along and, with the introduction of abilities, something magical happened: Azumarill got Huge Power, which DOUBLES ITS ATTACK STAT OMG. Granted, this did not make Azumarill a gamebreaker by any means, as it still had no STAB and a limited movepool, but it was significantly improved and became a good UU Pokemon. Then, DP's movesplit occurred and Azumarill received another massive upgrade, as it could now throw out Physical Waterfall, Aqua Jet and Ice Punch. Suddenly, one of GSC's worst Pokemon was AWESOME.
Happy bunny has not run out of happy. :3

Huge Power really puts one's stats into perspective. When your Attack stats are base 50, 100/80/80 defenses kind of suck. But when your main offensive stat is essentially base 170, that 100/80/80 spread is surprisingly potent. Along with Huge Power, Azumarill was given much cuter and more proportional sprites in RS, and they became even better in DP. The entry of Whismur's line as the series' newest "bunnies" also put Azumarill into perspective as adorable: it has the most darling floppy ears, a cute anime voice, and the bubble patterns on its belly reinforce its typing. It also has a ton of adorable TCG artwork, although I got all of its (comparatively) lamer cards first, and I still don't have Light Azumarill. ;_; I've used Azumarill in every game since its debut and I like that it evolves at such an early level. Though my biggest in-game memory was how my Azumarill in Silver had HP Poison, lol fail. Overall, Azumarill is the textbook definition of an adorable Pokemon who can kick ass in battle, and it gives one hope that ANY Pokemon, no matter how useless, can improve WITHOUT resorting to a new evolution.

18. Mudkip Image
(Generation: III; National Dex: 258)
Since that one RS ROM playthrough with Treecko ~did not happen~, Mudkip is the Hoenn Starter for me because I picked it for my first cartridge file. Mudkip is also God Tier in RS, since it destroys almost every Gym Leader and Swampert was the most useful Starter in battles until DP. Mudkip's design is an improved version of the already awesome Wooper, and it definitely pulls off being an adorable non-mammal. Naturally, it has a ton of cute artwork in the card game (although surprisingly not as much as I expected), and its Emerald Sugimori artwork is precious, but Mudkip's cutest moment actually came in the anime, when some babies hatched. I love that my favorite protagonist Brock got one, and that it was the group's protector like Ash's Bulbasaur, though it got less screentime than Treecko and Torchic, sadly. Still, "Having a Wailord of a Time" featured a Mudkip who cried at everything, which was precious and adorable. And Mudkip is likely the most popular Hoenn Starter due to the annoying "so i herd u liek mudkipz" meme. It's some stupid thing that started on 4chan that was funny for two seconds until the Internet drove it into the ground. While it's still funny to sit through nine minutes of "Mud! Kip!", I cringe every time some forum kid thinks they're so OMG HILARIOUS for using it. Still, Mudkip is so awesome that it overcomes that stupid meme; it was my favorite Water Starter until DP, and I chose it when Steven offered me a Hoenn Starter in HGSS because it is the ~nostalgic choice~.


17. Chikorita Image
(Generation: III; National Dex: 152)
Chikorita was my favorite Starter for years. Why? Well, although I did start with Charmander in Blue, that was just a ROM and, as Treecko exhibits, those don't hold as much weight as the real thing. When I got my Gameboy for Christmas 1999, it was bundled with Pokemon Yellow, but Pikachu wasn't a true Starter. However, a few weeks later, after I had received the Japanese copies of GS that I begged my dad to buy for me on Ebay, I picked Chikorita in my first file. My exact thinking was, "Well, Bulbasaur turned out to be the best choice in Red and Blue, so I'll pick the Grass one this time! This is gonna be GREAT!!" Unfortunately, that assumption turned out to be completely wrong, since Chikorita was stuck with a completely defensive stat spread and disadvantages against almost every. single. Johto Gym. But, nonetheless: Chikorita is my first true Starter that I used in a cartridge. And it's funny because, back when it was known on Web sites as "Chicolita," me and friend thought it looked like a stupid pear and she even planned to name her's "Roadkill" once she got the game. My, how times change.

Naturally, one of my favorite Starters has one of my favorite TCG pictures.

Like Meganium, Chikorita appeals to me for bringing a very different flavor to the Starter roster: it's the only one who is genuinely "girly." Most of the Starters are cute, yes, but they don't have a feminine name like "Chikorita," nor a "necklace" made out of plant buds, nor an extremely happy, girly face with big red eyes and a mouth that makes a :3 expression when closed. Chikorita's femininity is reinforced in the anime and, as Ash's first female Pokemon, I liked seeing the main male character with a girly Pokemon. Chikorita was also the series' first multi-dimensional Pokemon since, in addition to having a crush on Ash and exhibiting jealousy at Pikachu for being Ash's main Pokemon, she had a feisty personality and was a capable battler, becoming the only member of Ash's Johto team to evolve until the DP anime. Plus, the "CHIKAAA!" voice was just adorable, and it was cool how Chikorita's necklace could extend into Vine Whip. While Piplup's penguin powers eventually overcame Chikorita, she still has a big place in my heart, which I reaffirmed when I saw her new Sugimori artwork and picked her in HGSS.

16. Togetic Image
(Generation: II; National Dex: 176)
Togepi and Togetic have the biggest gap between two related Pokemon on my list. I hated Togepi as soon as it hatched in the anime and, as a result, for a long time I also hated Togetic for being its evolution. However, when I finally got around to EVOLVING my Togepi for the Pokedex, I realized that Togetic honestly wasn't that bad. It wasn't an obnoxious demon brat like Togepi, and it was a cute, joyful little fairy-esque thing, so it grew on me, even thoguh it was yet ANOTHER Johto Pokemon with weird sprite issues in GS, looking really big, fat and off-color. I also didn't realize for a long time that Togetic was supposed to be a baby chick; in fact, I thought Torchic was the series' first until I noticed that... oops, Togetic was one first. I mostly blame Nintendo of America for renaming "Togechikku" to "Togetic" for no apparent reason; in addition to being a much less cute name and making Togetic sound like a blood-sucking insect or a speech quirk, this also made me mispronounce Togetic's name, using a strange emphasis on the "GET" to produce "toe-GED-ick," until it appeared in the anime.

Trufax: Togetic only evolved because it was so happy to get away from Misty.

Togetic was the last Johto Pokemon to debut in the anime, since Porygon2 never will, and it sucks that as SOON as Misty's Togepi stopped being useless and evolved, it went, "I'm leaving forever now, BYE." Even beyond Togetic being unhappy, the above scene was really sad because Misty and Togetic were so close, as Togepi was just about the only living thing that she didn't want to murder at some point, and GOD I feel dirty for admitting that I liked a Misty moment. Either way, Togetic's adorable "Tochikku~!" voice helped me realized that it's a baby chick and I've liked it so much more since, using it on my team in Gen III. Despite being NU, Togetic actually wasn't that bad in battle since it had a good movepool, good Special stats and Serene Grace. It has yet to have any ugly TCG cards, and its sprites have been so much cuter since GS. However, for a final evolution, Togetic always seemed... lacking. Like, I just KNEW there was an evolution waiting to come out. And that's why, in DP, Togetic became so much more awesome for not being a final evolution as well as one of my top favorites.

15. Heracross Image
(Generation: II; National Dex: 214)
I've made many references to how the Bug-type sucks and GameFreak hates it, but Heracross has been the ONLY one to break that stereotype since day one. With its awesome dual Fighting-type, it also has a perfect stat distribution and gets a massive movepool that includes Close Combat, Earthquake, EndRev, Aerial Ace, Stone Edge and, its trademark move, Megahorn. While it's kind of lame that the series' first GOOD Bug is weak against Psychic, Psychic sucks after RBY anyway, so Heracross' type is VERY good and also makes it one of the few Bugs who isn't screwed over by Stealth Rock. I also like that Heracross is a single stage, non-Legendary who has kicked ass in OU for three Generations in a row. When I first saw Heracross, I thought it was a Pinsir evolution, but thankfully it turned out to be false even though Heracross still owns Pinsir in battle. It just works better a single stage, and that's why, when I look through "Pokemon who need evolutions" threads and see Heracross listed (or worse, listed as one who needs a pre-evolution), I want to slap the Internet in the face with a brick. Seriously.

Poor, poor violated Bulbasaur.

Heracross is also a much cooler design than Pinsir; based on the Japanese rhinoceros beetle, it has a shiny blue shell, but its face is still expressive and cute. Starting with its FRLG Sugimori art, Heracross' eyes pop out more and its facial structure resembles a :3. I even like how females have heart-shaped horns in DP, and it's cool that it's docile despite being a Fighting-type based on bug fighting. In the anime, Ash's Heracross was a precious little guy, never passing up an opportunity to rape Bulbasaur orally, and it sucks that it got sent to Oak's Lab only after, like, thirty episodes. While it has some but not a lot of cute TCG artwork (SHOCK!), I do have all of its cards and I like how both of its types are represented in the TCG, even if its only Fighting card is a Tomofail exclusive. Also, Heracross is Krisp's favorite Pokemon and, even though we fight like siblings, she's an awesome friend and her favorite Pokemon has to be cool in my book too. As a result, I've named my competitive Heracross in Crystal and Diamond after her and even bred a competitive one for her as well.

While breaking the Bug stereotype, Heracross is also my favorite Fighting-type. Granted, I view it as a Bug-type with a bonus Fighting-type, but it's still the cutest, coolest and one of the most worthwhile Fighting-types in battle too. Overall, Fighting is decent, but it really needs more Pokemon. At least its best Pokemon is an awesome one.

14. Seel Image
(Generation: I; National Dex: 86)
I started watching Pokemon on a Wednesday. "The Water Flowers of Cerulean City" aired the next Tuesday and the ~star~ of the episode was the Cerulean Gym's Seel, even though it only clapped cutely and held the Cascadebadge on its tongue. At least it had an adorable and suitable voice, unlike Dewgong's easily mockable voice. I should mention that seals have always been one of my absolute favorite animals; in particular, Seel is based on the harp seal, and I used to have a poster of one on my wall. Therefore, when I finally got up to the Seafoam Islands in Blue, Seel dethroned Pikachu to become my favorite Pokemon the second I saw it and heard its adorable circus-like cry. Even in Red and Blue's jacked up graphics, Seel was ADORABLE and I caught it immediately. Speaking of sprites, all of Seel's are awesome, although Yellow and DP's are the most disappointing, which is extremely odd to me because I think those two games have the BEST sprites overall.

This certainly beats a regular old badge case.

Before even watching the anime, I actually liked Seel as soon as I saw its KFC plushie. Later, when I got into the TCG, I loved Seel's Base Set card because it had 60 HP and that seemed like such a big deal for a Basic Pokemon. And, even though I didn't collect the Gym sets as a kid, I just HAD to get myself Misty's Seel because it was adorable. Seel actually has no ugly cards, for the record (proof). Then "The Misty Mermaid" aired and the Cerulean Gym's Seel bravely stood up to Jessie's Arbok AFTER a whole pool of Pokemon had failed to defeat it. It also has a really funny mini-game in Pokemon Pinball, I was really sad when it wasn't in Pokemon Snap, and I even bought a pin button at the fair in 1999 just because it had Seel and Sandshrew on it. Granted, its English name could be better, as it doesn't even make sense; Dewgong's corrupted name is at least pretty, while Seel's contains the word "eel," which I hate. Still, a stupid name doesn't negate all of the other awesome things about Seel, including how it evolves into one of my favorite Pokemon. And Seel itself is every bit as lovable.

13. Cacnea Image
(Generation: III; National Dex: 331)
Cacnea is the biggest example of why the anime plays a factor in my rankings, as James' Cacnea is awesome. It debuts in my favorite episode, "A Poached Ego," in which it helps Team Rocket and scares away an attacking Beedrill swarm just because it's a nice guy. As thanks, James gives Cacnea a bag of cookies and, since Weezing had just left and James had no Pokemon, Cacnea was became James' BFF on the spot and joined the team. It was actually really annoying to me that Ash outright said that James "probably stole it" when he met Cacnea in the next episode; Cacnea was probably closer to James than any of his other Pokemon, as he would always enter the battle with a disastrous hug, which is definitely more caring than chomping on his head. I liked that Carnivine and Cacnea were allowed to co-exist for around fifty episodes together, unlike Chimecho and Mime Jr., and I actually sat through PUSA's horrible dub just to watch Cacnea's departure episode. While it sucks that it went to that anorexic dumbass Gardenia, of all people, at least it got to learn Drain Punch and received a better exit than Victreebel and Chimecho combined.

You know James misses Cacnea's hugs. ;_;

Without the anime, I probably never would have given Cacnea a second thought. Instead, I hunted one down in RS's desert and added it to my team. It wasn't exactly a powerhouse in battle, even after evolving, but James' Cacnea made me love the species in general. While I thought Emerald's sprites were disappointing overall, I absolutely LOVED hyper Cacnea bouncing around, and I even edited the animation to remove the static frames, resulting in this never-ending, hypnotic image, which used to be my avatar on the forums. I've collected all of Cacnea's cards in the TCG, and they're mostly adorable, but one of my all-time favorite cards is EX Sandstorm's Cacnea because it was used on the site's St. Patrick's Day banner. <3 Also, design-wise, a cactus Pokemon was a completely fresh and creative idea and worked very well within the series' first desert location. Also, I'm so glad that (BW spoilers)
Dream World Cacnea have Water Absorb as their ability! Although it's an unevolved Pokemon who doesn't have a great final evolution, Cacnea is an underrated Pokemon who is made of win and awesome.

12. Shaymin Image
(Generation: IV; National Dex: 492)
After first looking through DP's Pokemon, I can't say that I was thrilled to see Shaymin. In my mind, we already had Manaphy to be the cute DP Legendary with all base 100 stats. And we also had Celebi to be the Grass-type version of that archetype. As such, Shaymin seemed like an unnecessary addition tossed into the game just to be yet another Event Pokemon. As time went on, though, my opinion of Celebi plummeted and Manaphy seemed like little more than a lame gimmick to get people to buy Pokemon Ranger, so Shaymin's stock went up. This happened especially after I noticed that it was a hedgehog, which was a new design for the series, and it had pretty flowers and a mossy back reminiscent of Chia Pets. In other words, this design is adorable and awesome. I was also pretty sad to see Shaymin tossed aside to UU in competitive battling because, although it has a limited movepool, it's not that much worse than Celebi, who is still OU. An UU, cute Legendary is indeed a rarity in this series, so I tapped into my neglected Pokemon lover of years ago and embraced this lovable little hedgehog.

Yes, Shaymin is adorable. KNOW THAT(TM)!

Shaymin, more than any other Pokemon, shouldn't be judged on its lame sprites, as its cuteness is mainly apparent in supplementary materials. It was cute in the eleventh movie, but apparently it acted like a little douchebag. Ew. In the TCG, Landmin only has three cards and I only own two, with one each coming from my TCG BFFs R_R and Krisp, but they're all cute. Speaking of forms, I'm conflicted about Skymin's creation. It sucks that a "cool" alternate form was needed to "spice up" Shaymin for little kids, but it brought key new moves for Landmin, like Earth Power and Air Slash, so I'm also glad it happened. While I never caught Shaymin, but I did use a "Walk Anywhere" cheat to battle it. In addition to one of the most ridiculous trademark moves, it has one of the cutest in-game cries ever, and I like how its linked with gratitude, including changing forms with the Gracidea Flower and becoming accessible after the player writes a loved one's name in stone. As a tiny, adorable asskicker, Shaymin turned out to be in my Sinnoh top three, and its only fault is being associated with this useless bitch.

Overall, Shaymin is my favorite Grass-type. In general, the Grass-type is my second favorite after Ice because it has a ton of girly, cute and/or fabulouth Pokemon, which are all my style. Unfortunately, Gamefreak seems to hate the type because so many Pokemon resist its moves, and I really wish that would change in a future game, but it won't.

11. Jirachi Image
(Generation: III; National Dex: 385)
I'm a fan of the cute Event Legendaries, minus Celebi, and RS thankfully introduced my second favorite: Jirachi. Out of all six Pokemon from its archetype, Jirachi's design is probably the most inspired, since it's based around the annual Japanese Tanabata festival, which celebrates wishes and stars on the seventh day of the seventh month. I love how a lot of Jirachi's little quirks, like how awakens from pure voice's song to grant wishes for seven days, or the blue "streamers" on its head, are based directly on the festival. As a wish granter, Jirachi is also a bit like a genie, and that works very well with its Psychic-type. The Steel-type is a bit more random but, for my own purposes, I like to pretend that its streamers and yellow sections are metallic. While Jirachi's "true eye," as seen in its RS sprites, is a bit creepy, it's still an adorable Pokemon with lovely fake eyes and floaty, wispy design. Although, in hindsight, it sucks that they whored out Wish to almost every Pokemon in the Fairy egg group; I consider that to be Jirachi's trademark move because its real one is so unsuitable and random for it.


One reason why I pre-ordered Colosseum (besides being fooled into thinking the game actually would be good) was to get the bonus disc that downloads Jirachi into RS. It turned out to be the only reason to buy the game but, despite transferring Jirachi to Sapphire, I never even got around to training it. Derp. Jirachi was also the star of my favorite movie, Jirachi Wishmaker, which was probably just as bad as the other Pokemon movies, but at least Jirachi's cuteness distracted me from whatever inane plot was present. And, back when I fought on Netbattle with monotype teams, Jirachi was the undoubted ~star~ of my Steel-type team because it's the only one in Gen III who is fast and has good Special Attack. It also has a lot of cute TCG artwork, though many of the best ones are exclusive to Japan ;_;, and when I won my favorite ex card ever in a card lot auction... man, did I squee HARD. I also remember seeing commercials for Gamestop's Draco Meteor Jirachi event while watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reversioned back in March, and it was then I knew I was the only person watching that show.

From the second it was introduced, Jirachi has been my favorite Steel-type. Overall, the Steel-type is much like its close friend the Rock-type: a generally inoffensive, BORING type, except that Steel also has way too many nonsensical resistances. As a floaty cute thing, Jirachi, like Corsola, is the total opposite of its types' other big, clunky, boring Pokemon, and that's why it's awesome. It's also the final Hoenn Pokemon to be eliminated. I feel so, so, lame that not a single Hoenn Pokemon made my top ten, but I just couldn't put Jirachi above any of those Pokemon. In general, I think long-time fans are a little too harsh on the Hoenn Pokemon. Yes, it sucked that RS replaced the Kanto Pokemon temporarily, but everybody co-exists happily now and we all should get the fuck over it already. Finally, Jirachi is one of Psypoke's two mascots, so it was always guaranteed a good spot on this ranking. <3

Next Update - THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (listed in National Dex order):
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Author:  Nakuzami [ Sat Sep 18, 2010 9:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

<3 Torchic and Mudkip <3 Hoenn happened to be my favorite region starter-wise. Also, that's what happened to Misty's togepi? I never really kept up with the anime, all i knew is that togepi evolved, not that it flew away forever. While i'm on that subject, why do you hate Misty so much?
Cacnea and Azumarill? In your top 20? I wouldn't have placed them so high...they just, aren't very...likeable in my eyes. I agree James' Cacnea was sweet and I hated that they got rid of it, but that doesn't make me love it.
Seel is awesome and Shaymin is cute(surprised it's NU, it's actually pretty useful). Chikorita is adorable in every way, and Ash's was awesome, so I agree with u there.
Jirachi is cute and besides the summer jirachi(which mine is still Lv6) i've never owned one, and I think that's the only pokemon movie i've never seen.
Just one last thing to say...Highlight to view spoiler.

Author:  shinashu taji [ Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

Yay the last of my favorite Pokemon is in the running! Also Frost, I would just like to say I don't like that Mudkip is this high. It has always annoyed me with its internet meme. I couldn't ever get away from it, so I started to hate it a bit, well maybe not hate it just grow a disliking of it. Still to each their own opinion.

Author:  Magikarps_Beast [ Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

Yay, my favorite is still in the running, Ampharos FTW c:

Author:  ArcaNineTales [ Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

Thank you for giving Mew justice. It was the first mascot legendary, and I love its pink, psychic mouse form.

Author:  Dark_Swampert [ Sat Sep 18, 2010 5:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

Glad to see mudkip ranked this high It's my favorite starter.

Author:  B-Mac [ Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

chikorita has to be HGSS' worst overworld sprite. But I selected it in my HG game because I never started with it before, I used totodile in Gold and used cyndaquil (original hedgehog I believe) in my crystal ROM.


Author:  DarkTrainer [ Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

Everytime i read one of your post its takes me 20 extra minutes since cuase i have to to click every one of your links
anyways i think dewgong is a ovbiuos number one pokemon

Author:  The Amber Mine [ Sat Sep 18, 2010 8:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

YAY! mew is in the top 10!!! i am sooo excited bout this!

Author:  Sneaky Sneasel [ Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

...Damn, I didn't think you'd ever get to the end of this. All those months of you doing that voting thing and's over.

...Still hurts seeing Sneasel that low. It still hurts :(

Author:  Deadeyedave [ Sun Sep 19, 2010 3:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

Frost wrote:
people have seemed afraid to disagree with me throughout the thread. It's kind of boring for that reason because I have a thick skin and wouldn't have cared if people called me out

I'm not sure it's really possible to disagree with you listing your favourite pokemon in order.

You: This is my favourite Pokemon!
Them: No it isn't!
You: ....
THem: ....

Author:  waterpokemonmaniac [ Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

I forgot heracross existed... And yaaay togetic! I remember when I had a level 44 in silver and managed to beat lance with it... What a fluke xD

Author:  Krisp [ Mon Sep 20, 2010 1:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-11): So I herd you liek it.

My #1 favorite Pokemon, Heracross, has finally seen his place on your list. #15 isn't bad at all. :D

Now I shall post his Black & White animation because he's so awesome!


I remember when I got my ass handed to me by your Heracross on Pokemon Stadium 2 (your Crystal Version team vs. my Silver Version team) when we met up in real life. That was pretty humilating, heh. :(

I still love that we have counterpart Pokemon though. You have a female Heracross and I have a male Heracross (both bred by you!) and just to let you know, I use him in every WiFi battle.

Oh yeah, and as for disagreeing with Frost, don't be afraid to, I do it all the time! Here's a typical disagreement between us:

[12:05am] <~Krisp> but he has Heracross!
[12:06am] <&Frost> but he has Dustox and Drapion!
[12:06am] <~Krisp> but Drapion is awesome and therefore cancels Dustox out!
[12:06am] <&Frost> not rly
[12:06am] <~Krisp> ya rly
[12:06am] <&Suspicious> Frost and Krisp disagreeing? no wai

For the record, Drapion is Frost's 7th most hated Pokemon, whilst he's probably on my top 50. Also F U FOR HATING HIM ;_;

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