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Author:  Mektar [ Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:45 pm ]
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Magneton is made from three obese Magnemite. ROFL

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Fri Sep 10, 2010 7:33 pm ]
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I will never forget that image of dugtrio.O_o

Author:  Gallade Roxas [ Fri Sep 10, 2010 11:03 pm ]
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Is that image of the Porygon episode the actual speed that the frames went, or is that image slowed down?

Author:  Registeel_Rocks [ Sat Sep 11, 2010 11:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-51): The Fire House

That Caterpie image made me d'awww so bad. :> I forgot how sweet that episode was.

Frost wrote:

In the games, it's from one of the best Poison-type lines thanks to its decent movepool and Ground-type immunity

If only there were more Poison types that were as capable as Koffing family... sadly I don't think Gamefreak will ever stop hating Poison type.

Frost wrote:
Misty's Psyduck was an awesome addition to the show, and to see her constantly mistreat/abuse the little guy was disgusting. I always hoped that Psyduck would snap one day and murder the bitch with his mind, and he's honestly the only reason I miss Misty being on the show. He was really cute, having a WAY better dub voice than the original's, and he never failed to provide light-hearted moments.

Oh man, I remember I used to get so mad when Psyduck was mistreated. It was just trying to be friendly, cute, and useful, but nooooo Misty abuses it anyways, then when it pulls through for her, she's all like "Yeah I'm like best friends with this Psyduck". YOU LIE MISTY. YOU LIE.

Author:  B-Mac [ Sun Sep 12, 2010 4:06 pm ]
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Registeel_Rocks wrote:
That Caterpie image made me d'awww so bad. :> I forgot how sweet that episode was.

Frost wrote:

In the games, it's from one of the best Poison-type lines thanks to its decent movepool and Ground-type immunity

If only there were more Poison types that were as capable as Koffing family... sadly I don't think Gamefreak will ever stop hating Poison type.

I thought grimer/muk was decent, but the ground type weakness is just too crippling for battle since just about every pokemon above 300 lbs. can learn earthquake now.

Author:  Registeel_Rocks [ Sun Sep 12, 2010 7:54 pm ]
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B-Mac wrote:
[I thought grimer/muk was decent, but the ground type weakness is just too crippling for battle since just about every pokemon above 300 lbs. can learn earthquake now.

Plenty of the Poison pokes are pretty sweet, but their weaknesses combined with the fact that Poison is absolutely terrible as an attacking type (one supereffective, two huge weaknesses, one type completely resistant to it) makes Poison just about the worst type in the game. Unfortunately it is my favorite type, meaning I am doomed from the start in the metagame.

Author:  Frost [ Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:59 pm ]
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#30-21 on Tuesday. #20-11 on Thursday. Last update on Saturday, GOD WILLING. Also, two more types join Dark and Ground in the "finished" pile this time.

Update Title: "Eclipsing Lugia," referring to #32.

40. Bayleef Image
(Generation: II; National Dex: 153)
Among all of the true middle evolutions, Bayleef is my favorite. Why? Well, my gripes with middle evolutions are that they're usually awkward, never being as cute as the first stage nor as cool as the third one. Not so with Bayleef. It is nearly every bit as cute as Chikorita, but still provides a logical progression to its next stage. Granted, its GS sprites were clunky, but everything after that has been ADORABLE. Bayleef stays close to Chikorita, with cute red eyes, a larger leaf and neck buds and a happy personality. I remember how Psypoke Challenge's Erika refused to evolve Bayleef and was gutsy enough to use it on her Gym roster, which is awesome. Ash's Bayleef also gets a lot love from me because she was a cute female Pokemon on Ash's team with an adorable "BEI~" voice, and still had a crush on him, but she mellowed out and was less stubborn as a Bayleef, which made her more likable. While it's annoying how its English name comes from the land of Hooked on Phonics, Bayleef is from my main Johto Starter's family and thankfully has a middle evolution design that does anything but disappoint.

39. Roserade Image
(Generation: IV; National Dex: 407)
While I did want a Roselia evolution, Roserade left me cold at first, probably because it was revealed with the starters and had nothing on PIPLUP. Being Anorexia Gardenia's main Pokemon also did not help. But once I actually used Roserade, my opinion improved by leaps and bounds: with great Special stats, good Speed, Natural Cure and WEATHER BALL, it's surprisingly potent in battle, and I always pretended that my male Roserade was gay and hated breeding with my Blissey. While it still shouldn't be Poison-type, Roserade is a very cool progression from Roselia, now with hand bouquets that sprout creepy tentacles and an awesome white rose where thorns used to be. Roserade's expressive eyes and poses are PACKED with character, and it can look sly, sassy or like a damn superhero, thanks to that leafy cape. And, since she cosplays Roserade, here's the token shout-out to PBR's Rosie for pulling a reverse Jynx. Overall, Roserade is the Grass-type Togekiss: beginning as an unbearable Baby Pokemon, it becomes awesome through happiness, and then even MORE awesome via Shiny Stone. Hells yeah!

Since Roserade even beat out Koffing, it is my favorite Poison-type. While I'm not a huge fan of the type, it does deserve WAY better treatment than GameFreak has given it over the years, especially now that Fighting and Bug Legendaries are rumored for BW while Poison is still left in the cold. Roserade is the type's most fabulouth gift.

38. Slowbro Image
(Generation: I; National Dex: 80)
Back in the days of RBY, when everybody was scrambling for a "Mewtwo Killer," perhaps the only Pokemon who filled the role with any amount of legitimacy was Slowbro. "Tobybro," named after the set's creator, used Thunder Wave to kill Mewtwo's Speed, Amnesia to jack up its Special, Rest to recover after setting up, and an Special move to finish off Mewtwo. This also made Slowbro one of the only OU Pokemon in RBY to have low Speed, which is quite a feat for that game. However, Slowbro is more memorable to me because I'd always grab a Slowpoke in the Well at the beginning of GSC and keep it on my team for the rest of the game. Slowbrosis was part of my first team that beat Red, and I embraced the nostalgia and used him again while making the HGSS walkthrough. In more recent games, Slowbro gets Curse and Calm Mind, enabling his role as a decent "Bulky Water," particularly in DP, where he can use mixed STAB attacks. Since Calm Mind requires high Defense and is more useful for the family than Curse, Slowbro also trumps his buddy Slowking in battle since it has superior Defense.

Even though I like Slowbro the most, how do you really dislike any of these three?

I also prefer Slowbro because, while Slowking is adorable, it doesn't have the same level of oblivious cuteness nor nostalgia. Slowbro's DP sprite (seen above) is absolutely the cutest one yet, and I'm so glad Krisp, who also enjoys Slowbro (Toasty), traded me Slowpoke over the Wi-Fis. Slowbro's "Hermitcrab" species is a bit annoying, though, because it's a hippo. Yes, it has a shell, but it doesn't retreat inside and it isn't, y'know, a crab. And while it's cool how Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro after Shellder bites the tail, it'd be nice if Shellder didn't completely change in the process or if the games actually let us evolve Slowpoke like this instead of leveling it up to 37. As the Pokedex hints, Slowbro is also the only Pokemon so far who has the possibility of devolution if Shellder unclamps, which is interesting. This all was examined in "The Evolution Solution," but overshadowed due to Slowbro and Psyduck's bromance. <3 Slowbro is also darling in the TCG, although you can't convince me that Dark Slowbro is anything other than WRONG. I'm especially glad that we got its cutest card ever in Undaunted since it was a random Japanese promo and we don't always get those. Overall, Slowbro is an amazing Pokemon: cute, light-hearted and a great battler.

37. Meganium Image
(Generation: II; National Dex: 154)
Out of all twelve Starter final evolutions, Meganium is probably the least popular, likely because it's a Grass-type, which is always the least popular of the Starters (until Smugleaf, apparently), and a GIRLY one at that. In fact, its gender ratio, which means that seven out of eight Meganium are MALE, is quite honestly a joke, since it has a giant pink flower around its neck and forgoes GRR ANGRY toughness for adorable yellow eyes and gentle happiness. Unfortunately, Meganium is ALSO probably the worst Starter in battle, or second-worst behind Blastoise (and that's being really generous to Meganium), since it's a "jack of all trades" Grass-type. Meganium shows why "well-rounded" Pokemon never really work: its stats are bent toward defense, but not enough so and at the expense of its offensive stats, making it average all around and relegated to support moves like Light Screen and Aromatherapy, which isn't very "cool." But, since I like Pokemon that break the norm, as well as ones who are cute and girly, here's a shocker: Meganium is my favorite Starter final evolution.

Image Image
Dear Pokemon series: please stop doing this. It is SO unnatural.

The fact that Chikorita was "my" Johto Starter plays a big role in liking Meganium, since I had one in my first GS and HGSS files. But even if it weren't, I just think Meganium has an adorable design that provides a cool mix of a dinosaur and a flower. And I like that its flavor text describes how its breath revives dead plants and its scent makes people calm and happy, so it's clearly a caring individual. <3 Like many Pokemon, Meganium's sprites improved by leaps and bounds after its first games, and they actually changed a few of its little design details, including removing the neck ruffle and changing its flower pattern completely. Meganium also has a ton of cute and happy TCG artwork, naturally. But after Bayleef's adorable "BEI BEI~" voice, Meganium's deep, lame "MEGAAA" voice was very dissonant with the "Mei~" voice that I pictured in my head, and sucked that it had a tie with Ash's Bulbasaur in the Johto League since it's gotten so little screentime over the years. While other Starters have come and gone, Meganium is still my favorite and probably always will be for daring to be different.

Image Image
This is the ~correct and proper~ Meganium, yw!

36. Corsola Image
(Generation: II; National Dex: 222)
Since it's basically a coral Chansey, or Chansola if you will, I've always dug Corsola, especially Misty's who was adorable in the show but could also kick butt. But, since my dad got into saltwater tanks a couple years ago and grows his OWN coral in our basement, Corsola is just that much cooler to me now. Honestly, it's weird that they went with Water/Rock for its typing because, in addition to being a horrible combo, coral is a living organism and much of it is softer than rock, but at least they gave it the highly-appropriate Ingrain. I always fished up Corsola in the GS Daycare's pond and, despite trying hard to use it, it never worked because Corsola sucks in battle; like Meganium, it's defensive, but not defensive enough, and it has even worse offensive stats. This is all a shame because Corsola has a GREAT movepool and I'd really like to see it evolve into Reefsola one day, which would be hilarious. With some really adorable TCG artwork (although it does need a Fighting card) and a creative basis that distinguishes it from most generic Water-types, Corsola is one of my favorite completely worthless battlers.

To the surprise of approximately nobody, Corsola is also my favorite Rock-type by a wide margin. Other than a few of the Fossils and my BFF Jill (Magcargo), I find the type in general to be incredibly bland and boring. However, Corsola is pink, small, cute and, most importantly, NOT BORING, so it's a worthy winner.

35. Spheal Image
(Generation: III; National Dex: 363)
Spheal is my second favorite "Hoenn rehash" Pokemon, with the winner coming up in two spots. Honestly, I'm totally fine if GameFreak reuses an animal (once, Mothim), especially ones I LOVE, as long as effort is made to distinguish the new one. Thankfully, besides having the general basis of "seal," Spheal and Seel don't have that much in common: Seel is a white pure Water-type, while Spheal is a blue and tan Water/Ice-type. They also have very different body structures and facial expressions, with Spheal having a lovable :3 face. And there's a whole "ice ball" theme that is only present in Spheal: it learns Ice Ball, hilariously rolls faster than it can walk, and it's adorably fat and spherical, which fits wonderfully into its name. And since it claps to show approval, I really just want to hug one. Spheal is also adorably happy in both the anime and the TCG, despite Tomokazu and Team Aqua's best attempts to make it not. (Actually, Team Aqua's angry Spheal are even cuter, since they have funny >:3 faces.) Spheal is awesome and it'd be great if I could one before the seventh freakin' badge for a change.

This write-up has earned six out of a possible five Spheals of approval.

34. Exeggutor Image
(Generation: I; National Dex: 103)
Tangela was originally my favorite Grass-type from RBY because it got the least love from the fandom. Conversely, since everybody was nuts about Psychics back then, Exeggutor got the most attention. Exeggutor was one of the best Pokemon in RBY due to his monster Special, good Attack and Defense, decent STAB moves, double powders and Explosion, so it had quite a few tricks to stand out from the typical sucky Grass-type. Unfortunately, Exeggutor has the horrible habit of taking a big downgrade with each new game. In GSC, it still managed to be OU even though it took a Special Defense hit equal to Tangela's. (Note: while they lost the same amount of Special Defense, Tangela had less from the start, so it lost a bigger percentage and is still the biggest victim of the split.) Then EVs came along and hurt a LOT of the older Pokemon, Exeggutor included, and by the time we got to DP, the mighty Exeggutor had fallen all the way to the NU tier. Ouch. Like Lapras, it's really kind of disheartening to see a Pokemon of Exeggutor's caliber decline so heavily over the years.

Exeggutor's fall from grace is a reason why it's become a favorite of mine, even ahead of Tangela, because it answers a question about competitive tiers: do people mostly use stuff like RBY Exeggutor because they like the character or its ability to win? Since nobody uses Exeggutor anymore, and it's the most forgettable Kanto Pokemon, apparently it's the latter. Exeggutor is even a chump in the anime, since Ash's Charmander beat entire packs at once and Krabby beat one in its first battle EVER. Yet, Exeggutor was the MVP of my Yellow Grass-type mono team, although I always misspelled it as "Exeggcutor," and my super drainer Eggy was useful in GS. Big Eggsplosion wins Exeggutor a spot in any of my TCGGB Grass decks and, even though its back sprites make NO sense, the idea of a Jinmenju-based walking coconut tree, with three different, expressive faces, is cute and hilarious. Even though it has no hands, it still dances in "Takeshi no Paradise," and I like how fallen Exeggutor heads become Exeggcute. As a funny, cool Pokemon with nostalgia and battle worth, Exeggutor is incredible.

33. Skitty Image
(Generation: III; National Dex: 300)
Out of the many "Hoenn rehashes," Skitty is the one that I prefer over the original. Look, I love cats and Meowth is awesome, but he looks a bit on the mangy side, while Skitty is pure, unprocessed adorable, which is necessary for a kitten. It has a permanent ^_^ face, tiny, outgoing design, and loves to chase its own tail, which resembles a bull rush. It amuses me that Skitty attacks with its tail because my cat unintentionally does this ALL THE TIME, and it's funnier because my mom once called her "Skitty" even without being aware of the Pokemon name, d'awww. :3 As the spiritual successor of Misty's Psyduck, May's Skitty is also awesome and adorably chases its own tail and has a lovable "nyaaa?" voice. In the games, while I do love that it evolves with the Moon Stone (P.S.: they really need to dust off the older stones in BW), Skitty is hard as HELL to find and not even worth the effort since Delcatty sucks BALLS in battle, but screw that. Beating Meowth, Choroneko, and especially the horrific Glameow, and despite Tomokazu's sabotage, Skitty is easily the series' most charming, friendly little cat.

Yes, this is required. Which is funnier/scarier: male Skitty/female Wailord or the opposite?

32. Delibird Image
(Generation: II; National Dex: 225)
Delibird is my favorite "gimmick" Pokemon since, despite its horrific stats, movepool and typing, a Pokemon who runs around giving gifts to people, including food to starving mountain climbers, is adorable. And, although I didn't notice for years, it's actually the series' first penguin, resembling a rockhopper mixed with a lulzy dose of Santa Claus. As Sushi-Go-Round's sequel, Delibird's Delivery is also my favorite Stadium 2 mini-game, and Delibird is a recurring anime character, humorously showing up to hassle Team Rocket for money, although one time he did give them an Aggron and Charizard meant for Butch and Cassidy. And I have fond memories of when I played Crystal on ROM and, wanting Delibird to be usable, hacked on ridiculous moves like Psychic and Aeroblast, which still makes me laugh TODAY and began a chat in-joke about how it learns the move. It's great how Delibird confirms Colorless as Flying's TCG type, and it has a ton of adorable cards to boot. As a light-hearted penguin who helps people, it's definitely a sentimental favorite. If only that rumored Gen V evolution could have been true. :(

31. Rapidash Image
(Generation: I; National Dex: 78)
Rapidash is the fifth member of the "dream team" and it was the only one unaffected from the Special Split since its mediocre base 80 Special stat didn't change. "Yay." I chose it for being VERY underappreciated as, like Ponyta, a unicorn with a fire mane is awesome, especially after seeing the first movie's weird flameless Rapidash. I bred "Tripper" to have lol Double Kick before sending him to Yellow, where he was still pretty lackluster as, like Snorunt, Ponyta evolves WAY too late and into something so average. Still, it was a hilarious MVP when I had a PPC practice match with DM and it took down half her team with Horn Drill. Rapidash is also famous for winning that race in that one episode, which made me think as a kid that it was the fastest Pokemon, and how the Fan Club's President has that creepy obsession about sleeping with Rapidash. Also, when people cried about Sinnoh's lack of Fire-types, as if half of them weren't starting with Chimchar ANYWAY, I loved that Rapidash was forced to get more spotlight. While not a POWERHOUSE in DP, it does get Megahorn and Flare Blitz, unlike FLAREON, but still needs Earthquake too. Overall, as a Pokemon who can be adorably cute, awesomely cool, and beautifully majestic, Rapidash is great, and its name is surely better than Japanese/beta name "Gallop."

Haven't done one of these in awhile. DP's sprite is just awesome, and colors have improved so much since RBY.

Next Update: 4 Johto, 2 Hoenn, 4 Sinnoh. The remaining eight Kanto Pokemon are in the top 20, along with five Johto, four Hoenn and three Sinnoh Pokemon.

Author:  Deadeyedave [ Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-31): Eclipsing Lugia

I'm glad Umbreon was your highest rated Dark Type.

I don't remember ever offering you Blisseys, were we going to post out cartridges to each other? Sounds like me, but my memories from way back then are kinda foggy.
I do remember I did have a trainer hall with 6 Lv.1 Snore Pokemon who were all the best in their particular "stat exp" group.
One of them was definitely a Blissey. I made them Lv.100 at first but they took way too long to kill for a lot of pokemon ^__^*

Also, my Cinnibar Island had Lv.252 and Lv.130 Clefables who would accost me while I was trying to innocently dupe my items. That glitch could give you between 1 and 3 different Lv.100+ Pokemon based on your name, and BOTH of my two were Clefables. The most annoying thing about them was that they'd often just spam minimise so I couldn't hit them, and I couldn't run away because they were so high level. Stupid Clefables. Why won't you all just leave me alone?

I'm very surprised to see Lickilicky and Tangrowth still in the running.

Also Togetic? Really?

Author:  Registeel_Rocks [ Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-31): Eclipsing Lugia

Frost wrote:
Yes, this is required. Which is funnier/scarier: male Skitty/female Wailord or the opposite?

That was NOT required. :( My pure innocence of Skitty has forever been ruined because of the internet. :[

Author:  Galar [ Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-31): Eclipsing Lugia

Wow, it's great to see Rapidash scored so high on your rankings! I loved it the first time I saw it, back in 1998, when a schoolfriend brought a Nintendo magazine to class, with a full list of the 150 Pokemon: it was love at first sight, since horses have always been my favorite animal. It became my number one favorite Pokemon until Generation 3 came along and Altaria took its place! But it still has a special place in my heart, not only due to nostalgia, but also due to the fact that Rapidash itself is an awesome Pokemon. And I loved how Ponyta evolved in that episode, still racing! <3

Author:  Frost [ Tue Sep 14, 2010 7:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-31): Eclipsing Lugia

Dave: nah, we were never going to trade carts, but I just always remembered you posting on the Ezboard about how you planned to get a team of six Blissey that had nothing but Snore, give that to the Trainer House's guy for his team and then fight them for easy EXP. :P Sounds like I got the story mixed up a bit over the years so that there were five more Blissey though... and funny you should mention Tangrowth and Lickilicky!

Joey: can you really blame the Internets for running with something that's possible in the games themselves? :P

Galar: Thanks for sharing! I had forgotten that Rapidash was your pre-Altaria favorite!

Update Title: "C IS FOR COOKIE," referring to #22.

30. Spoink Image
(Generation: III; National Dex: 325)
Let there be no doubt: the single greatest Pokemon name is SPOINK!?
, which became yet another running gag for the Elite Four in the chat. Like Grumpig, Spoink has the same tight design, since pigs are known as smart, thus justifying the Psychic-type, which connects to the "pearl of wisdom" and "cast swine before pearls" phrases, yadayada. More importantly, Spoink is one of the cutest Pokemon ever, with adorable eyes, a simplified, funny body, and a spring tail instead of hind legs. It has some really cute cards, including one of my favorite cards ever. The games have some sick obsession with Spoink dying, though, since they say it dies without its pearl and has cardiac arrest if it ever stops bouncing. WTF. Thankfully, the anime ignoreD these quirks when Spoink appeared in two episodes, but it WAS so sad to see him without his pearl. ;_; I like that Spoink has a connection with Clamperl because that actually makes sense, and I used Spoink on my first Sapphire team as well as DP. It's another RS Pokemon that looks way better in DP, for the record. Overall, it's one of the most lovable unevolved Pokemon.

29. Drifloon Image
(Generation: IV; National Dex: 425)
When idiots cry about how "Nintendo is running out of ideas!!!", I look at new Pokemon like Drifloon and think, "...not really." While we've had "balloon" Pokemon before, Drifloon is the first to actually look the part and the little details, like the cloud on its head, its strings that have heart-shaped tips, and its yellow X patch (which surprisingly conceals A MOUTH), go a LONG way to make it unique. And thankfully it can't pop. Drifloon is also awesome because they used a new type combination, Ghost/Flying, and in the process gave us the first Ghost-type that I've found REALLY cute. And its backstory? Amazing. How many adorable Pokemon would you expect to try DRAGGING CHILDREN TO HELL? LOVE IT. I also appreciate how Drifloon was found on the overworld, and making it available on Friday was a nice throwback to GSC's Lapras. Even greater is how it says "Floooooon!" before the battle, inspiring yet another Psypoke chat meme. Overall, Drifloon is one of DP's most adorable and creative designs, and I'm A-OK with the series continuing as long as we get a few Pokemon this great with each game.

HA! I don't ALWAYS need to use TCG artwork!!

28. Drifblim Image
(Generation: IV; National Dex: 426)
After thinking DRIFLOON was an incredible design, it went and evolved in DRIFBLIM, who is even MORE awesome. When GameFreak can turn wacky inanimate objects like hot air balloons into ADORABLE POKEMON, I think the concern about running out of ideas for new Pokemon is SO unfounded. There are so many amazing things about Drifblim, like its awesome design, complete with cute red eyes, streamers and mouth patch; decent stats, particularly that massive HP; that wonderful, unique typing that has THREE immunities; and the adorable Unburden ability, which I wished triggered after consuming berries. Drifblim's only real drawback is being the trademark Pokemon of some lame busted mess. Conversely, I actually like that Flint has one in DP since hot air balloons need fire to stay afloat, although it really should learn Flamethrower or something. After collecting all of Drifblim's cards, which are all adorable, I can safely say that Drifblim is one of the cutest and, like Drifloon, most creative final evolutions EVER. Seriously, a Ghost/Flying-type blimp gives me hope for a Water/Ghost-type pirate ship one day. <3

I addressed the "running out of ideas" thing here because Drifblim is my favorite Ghost-type and my top three for the type - Drifblim, Drifloon and Froslass - are all from DP, which should be proof that I'm NOT a newgenophobe. Overall, the Ghost-type is decent, but it could really benefit from more Pokemon. Are you listening, BW? Regardless, Drifblim is a magnificent benchmark for the type.

(Drifblim's reaction upon seeing its placement in my rankings.)

27. Bellossom Image
(Generation: II; National Dex: 182)
Although Bellossom was one of the earlier-revealed Johto Pokemon, I actually thought it was evil at first and wrote a fanfic about how a pack of crazy "Kireihana" (its Japanese name) ran around killing off the anime's cast. But when I saw the cute Bellossom in the second mini-movie and how it was a really cool dancer (--Cynthia), I started to like it. Today, I think Bellossom is a really creative design that crosses a flower with a hula dancer, as seen from its petal skirt, adorable eyes and the red flowers on its head. And at 1'4" and 12 pounds, it's also a tiny little thing, which wasn't reflected in its cute sprites until after GSC, and thus I like imagining Bellossom dancing in the palms of my hands. While it is a bit strange that Bellossom looks nothing like Oddish and Gloom, it WAS originally designed to have the family's dark blue coloring and, honestly, I'm okay with the disparity between Bellossom and its pre-evolutions because it's WAY cuter now. Looking at the old colors do remind me that Bellossom was the first forum icon I ever made... too bad Amphy overwrote it a few years later. ;(

There's probably over a dozen possible gender and sexuality combos for this ONE couple.

Unlike the other branched evolutions from Generation II, Bellossom is about equal to its counterpart Vileplume in competitive viability, i.e. not very. While it's not bad for a Grass-type, it IS very generic, as my Crystal and Diamond Bellossom had the exact same moveset: Sunny Day, Solarbeam, HP Fire/Ice, Sleep Powder. You know, the same old set that almost EVERY Grass-type uses. However, I still love that Bellossom was created for two gameplay reasons: one, because branched evolutions in general are an awesome idea; and two, because it fixed a major problem of the previous games, specifically how there was only one pure Grass-type in RBY, while the majority of the others were Grass/Poison. Like Bellossom's Sun Stone counterpart Thunflora, the fact that Bellossom's name includes an "S" is not lost me, and Bellothom can be an extremely ~thuper fabulouth~ gay icon himself. <3 Overall, with many darling appearances in the anime and more adorable TCG artwork than I can link in one sentence, Bellossom is a top personal favorite and a strong reason why Grass is my second-favorite type.

26. Porygon2 Image
(Generation: II; National Dex: 233)
With all things considered, Porygon2 could have just as easily never existed, so I definitely appreciate that it was made after Pokemon Shock, although it sucks how it's one of the only two Pokemon to never appear in the anime because an Porygon2 episode would have been SO. FREAKING. AWESOME. One major reason why I love Porygon2 is because it's the complete antithesis of an "unnecessary evolution": Porygon REALLY needed one, and Porygon2 delivered, upholding the theme of technology of its predecessor and adding many upgrades. In accordance with Moore's Law, Porygon2 is smaller, lighter, more powerful and, although still a bit slow, technically faster than Porygon. Design-wise, it'd be really easy to make a tech Pokemon look boring and soulless but, like its pre-evolution, Porygon2 is very cute and expressive, and I love how it's a smoothed out version of Porygon's 3D origami crane/duck design. Hell, I don't even mind that they evolved something like Porygon2 since, when comparing 2 and Z, they're really more like a Scyther/Scizor situation and Porygon2 is still completely viable. Great!

If only Windows upgrades worked the same way...

Although it's awesome how Porygon evolves with an item named UP-GRADE, I always hated that Porygon2 was a trade Pokemon because that meant I couldn't get this great Pokemon. It had MUCH better stats than Porygon, with only Speed lagging behind, and a fantastic movepool that includes Boltbeam, Recover, Curse and Body Slam. Later on, it even got two GREAT abilities in Trace and Download. Naturally, when I finally got my hands on Porygon2 in Silver in 2004 and again in Crystal in 2008, I squeed at its cuteness and versality and named it Caesar. I also got another one in DP a few months ago since Krisp helped me evolve it. <3 P2 is also actually pretty awesome in DP's metagame since, despite being officially "NU" tier, the fact that Trace screws over many staples like Salamence and Gyarados meant that it got sizable usage in OU. Although, I must say that I don't like how small and weird it looks after DP, nor how it's randomly considered "red"-colored in the Pokedex. And, while it has some cute artwork, it's an awesome Pokemon who deserves better than really embarrassing 3D models.

25. Politoed Image
(Generation: II; National Dex: 186)
When I reviewed Poliwrath way back when, I pointed out how bizarre it was for being a 4'3", 119lb TADPOLE. And that's why I much prefer Politoed because Poliwag was finally able to become a FROG instead of some giant mutant tadpole. With Politoed's adorable eyes, upbeat colors and attitude, nice cheek sacs and funny feet, it's a really CUTE frog at that, although I only recently noticed that it had a swirl on its belly, just like the rest of its family, albeit green and yellow. WAW WAW. Considering its evolution item, I like how Politoed's head curl symbolizes its status as "king" of its family, especially since it does use its song to command its pre-evolutions. Speaking of which, the fact that Politoed is a singing, dancing bipedal (tree) frog really reminds me of this guy, lawl. Granted, Politoed is inferior to Poliwrath in battle, thanks to the latter's second typing, but I'll take lesser battler who is cuter and happier any day. That's not to say Politoed sucked, since it's always had decent stats and a usable movepool, plus picked up Water Absorb in later games, but it does live in the shadows of better Bulky Waters, unfortunately.

Looking at this image seriously makes me angry. And ill.

Misty's Politoed in the anime is actually why I started to love the species, since Poliwhirl thankfully got to evolve without being traded. (Because God forbid anybody on the show TRADE POKEMON, amirite?) Politoed was a happy, energetic and adorable character who, even despite his owner being a massive funsucker, liked to clap and dance at random moments, which are the kind of quirks that I like. When I got to use Politoed for the first time in my 2008 Crystal file, it worked pretty well in-game and I was glad to have it, even though its later sprites were a massive improvement in pose, coloring and scaling from GSC's. Unfortunately, it's also one of the more low-key Pokemon in the card game; although its artwork is usually really cute, it's gotten only about five English cards, with one being a super rare, two more being exclusive to Japan, and TOMOKAZU drawing its very first card. Poor guy did nothing to deserve the TCG's treatment, nor to be defiled when Brock's Crackface cosplayed as one. :( Overall, Politoed is a bright personality who added something new to the series and I wish it got more respect.

24. Mareep Image
(Generation: II; National Dex: 179)
This update is already very tl;dr, so I'll hit the beats here quickly. I mostly love Mareep because I love real-life sheep and it's a cute implementation of the species. Of course, I used Mareep a LOT in-game because it appears early in GS and, while I was let down when it wasn't in Crystal, it's nice that you can get one before Falkner in HGSS. Its name is also a cool portmanteau of "Mary" and "sheep," and I love its in-game cry for sounding very sheep-like. It's adorable in the anime, has a ton of adorable artwork in the TCG, and does a good job laying the groundwork for Ampharos' design with the striped ears, facial structure and tail orb. Its type is a brilliant reference to "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" and how wool is prone to static electricity, and I still fondly remember a letter my friend sent me that had a drawing of her looking at a Mareep and saying "SILENCE." Also, Mareep being considered a "white" Pokemon is absolutely horrible. IT IS YELLOW. IN EVERY. SINGLE. SPRITE. And even in the Sugimori art! Finally, I would like to conclude with the most important and undeniable fact: it's FLUFFY. <3

23. Altaria Image
(Generation: III; National Dex: 334)
Originally, although I loved Swablu, I didn't care very much about Altaria. Its face seems kind of ugly and stuck-up in its RS sprite, and its typing annoyed me because it doesn't look like a Dragon at ALL and I was hoping it would be pure Flying instead. However, once DP came along, Altaria got REALLY CUTE AND HAPPY with a sprite that's all "\_(^o^)_/!!," and the tons of horrific new Dragon-types of the last two Generations really helped put things into perspective. Like Meganium, I greatly appreciate how Altaria provides a completely different flavor from the usual GRR ANGRY OVERPOWERED offensive Dragon-types: as an adorable cloudbirdie, it is girly, peaceful and, since it's the only defensive, UU Dragon-type EVER, not as permanently in-your-face in competitive battling. Like Swablu, wouldn't it be awesome to give Altaria a hug? And even MORE SO because Altaria can soothe you with its singing, which is cutely referenced in its name, and because its wings are so much bigger and more suitable for hugging? You certainly can't say these kinds of things about Salamence nor Garchomp!

And can Salamence and Garchomp surf on clouds? I don't THINK so!

The great thing about the Internet fandom is that we can share theories about the real-life basis of Pokemon. I mean, without sites like Bulbapedia, I sure as hell wouldn't know that Altaria is based on Peng, a bird creature from Chinese mythology whose wings resemble clouds. In addition to being a bird, peng can turn into a fish, which greatly amuses me because Jiggz once described Altaria has having a "fishface." It's also sometimes depicted as having a dragon's head, which finally unlocks the mystery behind its otherwise-inexplicable typing, and I love Altaria even MORE now that I know the story behind it. I used it for the first time in DP and, although Swablu was painful to train, Altaria was actually pretty decent, particularly because I hacked Outrage onto mine even though it only got the move in Platinum. ;o And I was really surprised that they gave Altaria, and not Flygon, to LANCE in HGSS. In addition to having a cute anime voice and design, Altaria has lots of adorable TCG artwork and an association with Galar, whom I like, so it's a great Pokemon who stands out among its annoying typing.

22. Tangrowth Image
(Generation: IV; National Dex: 465)
When I looked through the new Pokemon for the first time, Tangrowth was an IMMEDIATE standout, as my initial reaction was "OMG! They evolved Tangela into COOKIE MONSTER! That is AWESOME!!" So, yes, right off the bat and without the fandom's low opinion of Tangrowth entering the picture, I loved this unpopular, "ugly and stupid" new evolution. Seeing people give it so much hell for being "just a Tangela with hands" only has made me defend and appreciate it MORE. For one thing, very few people liked Tangela in the first place, so why act like it's some huge tragedy that they "ruined it" with a "stupid" evolution? And, personally, I think a tumbleweed-like ball of vines evolving into a bush-like ball of vines is a completely NATURAL PROGRESSION, and I like that it retained Tangela's googly eyes while growing hands. I even find the design creative because it resembles a shaggy caveman, which works REALLY WELL with Tangela evolving after it learns Ancientpower. I could continue on and on about this topic, but I will save the rest of my rage about the fandom's opinion of Tangrowth for the next entry.

Tangrowth's awesomeness is so excessive that the universe couldn't handle it and ripped open a black hole.

Although we reference the Cookie Monster thing all the time in the chat, there's a lot more to love about Tangrowth. It has one of my favorite types of design: one that's more lighthearted and not meant to be taken as some deep and serious statement, kind of like Mow Rotom. I personally think it's hilarious, especially how one of its hands is always posed as if to say "Bring it on!" and that it'll still kick your ass despite looking ridiculous. And, unlike Magneton, I really liked seeing my old buddy Tangela evolve because it needed the evolution and Tangrowth is just a goofy, funny, shaggy guy. With four big stats and a massive movepool, including key moves like Knock Off and Power Whip, it's a huge improvement and I loved to use it in Diamond. Granted, it'd be cooler if I didn't have to PAL PARK a Tangela from LeafGreen, and Tangrowth could have better abilities, but those are forgivable complaints. It's funny in the anime, has a really funny Japanese name (Mojumbo!) and super cool TCG artwork, and is even one of the few LV. X cards that I really want to own. I just think it's awesome in general.

21. Lickilicky Image
(Generation: IV; National Dex: 463)
... This is going to be a long one, since Lickilicky is one of DP's most hated Pokemon, yet it's nearly top 20. Stop reading now if you don't want to see four paragraphs of disgruntled nerd rage.

When I first saw Lickilicky, I was pretty neutral. I liked that they upgraded a Pokemon who needed an evolution, even if it's ZOMG INCONSISTENT since Lickitung could learn Rollout before DP, but I still only thought, "eh, it's alright." After seeing that it had great, well-rounded stats and a huge movepool, including Power Whip, Hammer Arm and Explosion, which meant that it was the only Pokemon to get STAB on that move, I really had no problems. And then the fandom came into play, inspiring what I'd like to call The Lickilicky Paradox. You see, one of the biggest criticisms that people HAVE about Lickilicky is how it sucks for being "just a bigger Lickitung." First of all, not really. Lickilicky has a MUCH smaller tail, a less gross mouth than DP Lickitung, a cute tongue-shaped head curl and, as Pelli once said, belly markings that make it look like it's wearing "a tux, not a bib" like Lickitung. Sure, these are more subtle changes than Shelgon magically turning into Salamence, but THEY ARE CHANGES nonetheless. Second of all, SINCE WHEN do Pokemon NEED to look COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AFTER EVOLVING?

Do people ever complain how "Pidgeot looks just like Pidgeotto" or how "Clefable is so unoriginal for being a bigger Clefairy" or how any of the Starters are just bigger versions of their pre-evolutions? No. So why is it SUCH A PROBLEM that Lickilicky resembles Lickitung? If these people hate Lickitung too, fine, I can understand that. But there are people out there who love Lickitung, hate Lickilicky and STILL claim that Lickilicky is too much like Lickitung. HOW DOES THAT WORK?! And, honestly? Lickitung and Lickilicky and Tangela and Tangrowth don't have any more in common than about 80% of the evolutionary lines in this series. People just bitch about THEM IN PARTICULAR because they debuted AFTER their pre-evolutions, which is DUMB. And then people also throw a shitfit over the name "Lickilicky." Guess what? A TON OF ENGLISH AND JAPANESE NAMES IN THIS SERIES ARE STUPID. Nobody ever pretended that Lickilicky was supposed to be some deep name, so people need to stop acting like that's the case. Personally, I think it's pretty funny, but Lickilickylicke would have been funnier.

And then people play the "IT'S SO UGLYYY AND STOOPIDZ" card for Lickilicky more than any Sinnoh Pokemon, save Bidoof and Bibarel, and I don't get the hatred. Lickilicky isn't common. Nobody uses one. It's not particularly hard to take down in battle. And about the whole "ugly" thing, really? You can't do better than some pre-school insult? I know looks are subjective, but I personally think some CRACKHEADED LAND SHARK like Garchomp, whom the same Lickilicky haters adore because it's so OMG COOOL for having fangs on its knees and an angry rabid face, is pretty fugly. As for it being so "stupid," again, people need to LIGHTEN UP. Not every Pokemon is supposed to be super serious GRR ANGRY annihilator! Calm down, take a breath, and unclench. Some Pokemon like Lickilicky are there for the purpose of being goofy and light-hearted, and such variety is GOOD thing. The fandom's reaction seems to me like a couple of people saw Lickilicky as a new evolution, had kneejerk reactions because "THEY CHANGED IT AND NOW IT SUX BAWWW" and then the bandwagon hatred snowballed for no real reason.

As Lickilicky hatred was exploding, it actually really grew on me. As I said before, Lickitung was in DIRE need of an evolution, unlike Electabuzz or Rhydon, and then Lickilicky's Platinum sprite came along and it was SO ADORABLE. The moment I saw it, Lickilicky became one of my top favorites because I realized it's a happy, funny and lovable, especially in the anime too. And, when I got back into the TCG, I collected each of Lickilicky's cards and they are ALL really cute, ESPECIALLY its Platinum card, which has a funny attack called "Harrumph!" That is AWESOME! Krisp also had this adorable picture as her avatar at one point with the rank "I ATE YOUR BABIES LOL!" Hilarious. And when we got my cat in December 2007, what became my mom's nickname for her? Lickilicky, even though she has NO knowledge of the Pokemon or its name. While I like Lickilicky, would it be this high if the fandom didn't hate it so much? Probably not, no. But the pure VENOM that it receives from EVERYBODY triggers a defense mechanism in me, and it's the same one that makes me champion neglected, underused Pokemon.

It is SO frustrating to me to see a Pokemon that I like SO much receive SO MUCH hatred from the fandom just because it's "ugly" or whatever. So, screw the fandom and their mob mobility. I love me some Lickilicky and I will ALWAYS defend it.

Next update: 1 Kanto, 4 Johto. Also, the first Region is completely eliminated. Is it Hoenn, which has four Pokemon left, or Sinnoh, which has three?

Author:  AcCosmi [ Tue Sep 14, 2010 1:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

Great rant on the Lickilicky hate! I've never understood why people think that way. He's so epic... And fat. :D
My main team on SS actually concluded with the capture of a Lickitung, and he's been an MVP since then.
Currently rocking Power Whip, Ice Beam, Fire Blast and Toxic (WTH, it's fun to use), he's been wrecking my friends' teams for a while now.

Author:  Mektar [ Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

Frost, have you seen the Darkrai Movie? One of the human characters gets turned into a Lickylicky and hilarity insues.

Author:  B-Mac [ Tue Sep 14, 2010 3:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

I have the exact same opinion for lickilicky. except I plan to raise one for competitive battling so I can trollroll the hater 10yo's, lol. I do believe altiria was given to Lance as a gift in reference to the anime or something, I don't know. But the gift thing seems most reasonable because when I battled lance in LG I thought it was a complete waste of PP battling, but that's my opinion and I'm glad it isn't like the other dragons of later generations.

Author:  LeoTheLion [ Tue Sep 14, 2010 4:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

*standing ovation* I like the rant.

I love you for loving Meganium. Everyone hates him. When I told all of my friends that I was going to get Meganium they were all like "Wow ur getting the worst starter" and in battle... yes. BUT. It's still a really cool apparently masculine botanasaurus rex!

Tangrowth too. I don't know why I like him at all. You have your reasons, I don't. He rocks defensively and has Power Whip. That's my Tangrowth!

And Caesar is what I named my Gliscor!

Author:  Dark_Swampert [ Tue Sep 14, 2010 4:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

Drifblim is actually one of the few Sinnoh pokemon that I like. So that was good to see it rank high. Also tangrowth is a good evo for tangela

Author:  Krisp [ Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

Yays! Toasty the Slowbro got mentioned :3 Even though Slowbro isn't THAT great, I use her on my team all the time and pretend like she's my representation of Psypoke since Slowbro is my favorite Psychic Pokemon.

Meganium is my favorite starter, too. I always pick him for tradition. Back in the GSC days my brother had Gold Version and Typhlosion, my cousin Tyler had Feraligatr and Crystal Version, and I had Silver Version and Meganium. I taught them that you could catch Ditto outside the daycare centre and breed their starters, so I got Cyndaquil and Totodile in exchange for two Chikoritas. It was a very fair and fun trade.

As for Lickilicky and Tangrowth, I was kinda neutral towards them when they were first revealed (like, I wasn't mad about it or anything but they weren't my favorite Pokemon) and as the fanbase grew to hate them, especially Lickilicky, I started to like them a lot more. It was fun trolling people with those avatars Frost, I was happy to have Lickilicky as mine ^_^


All of the Pokemon you listed are made of epic win, by the way.

Author:  B-Mac [ Wed Sep 15, 2010 11:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

That pic of lickilicky is just too cute, How can somebody hate it?

Author:  Galar [ Wed Sep 15, 2010 4:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

That was the best entry due to the adorable, TOP PERCENTAGE, irrisistible presence of cotton-wings Altaria! It's totally deserving of special colour!

My number one favorite Pokemon of all times! When I first saw it I thought it was supposed to be a swan, but I guess Peng also works! I didn't know it had a real-life mythological basis either; bonus points for Altaria's awesomeness.

Altaria's Platinum dex says it will envelop its friend with its cloud-wings and hum to them. I bet not even the meaniest GRR GARCHOMP could resist that! It's just too much sweetness to be ignored. Every Pokemon trainer should have an Altaria for instant-happiness whenever needed.

I find it intriguing that so many people prefer other Dragon types. I mean, what other dragon can make you experience wonderful dreams by humming? And, not only can you enjoy the comforting fluffyness by hugging it, but you can also use several Altaria as the comfiest bed!


I've never been so jealous of an anime character before!


The best dreams are those you have while sleeping right in the middle of a massive flock of Altaria!

Author:  B-Mac [ Wed Sep 15, 2010 4:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

Galar wrote:

I find it intriguing that so many people prefer other Dragon types. I mean, what other dragon can make you experience wonderful dreams by humming? And, not only can you enjoy the comforting fluffyness by hugging it, but you can also use several Altaria as the comfiest bed!

altaria started growing on me after I realized everyone preferred garchomp and salamence over it. I just dislike it when people immediately jump at catching one pokemon over another because of how powerful it's perceived to be. I'd prefer altaria over any dragon that's competition banned any day of the week.

Author:  ArcaNineTales [ Wed Sep 15, 2010 5:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

I find it annoying how people start to prefer pokemon that a certain and intentionally "vague" fanbase supposedly hates. As if going against the status quo and "sticking up" for hated pokemon places you at a psychologically superior level to them as a pokemon gamer. Come on. People "hate" certain pokemon for a reason, and I will never find lickilicky appealing in any manner, albeit the need for an evolution.

The converse is also true. Pokemon with great designs such as Charizard/ other dragons are "loved" by this fanbase and are victimized for it by people who hate this fanbase? Nothing against you personally Frost, but Charizard is a better pokemon than Lickilicky hands down (IN MY OPINION).

Sorry but I couldn't listen to anymore of this ZOMG STANDING OVATION FOR THE RANT!!!11 bull ****, I needed to interject an opposing opinion.

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Wed Sep 15, 2010 5:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

{lickilicky} I love reading rants of any kind,but this BY FAR stood out as the most interesting,best laid out,etc. rant I've ever read/agreed with. Also,I'm no uber fan of Megainium, but I don't dislike it either.But at the same time,I sorta agree with ArcaNineTales.

Author:  Jaypokes [ Wed Sep 15, 2010 5:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

i kinda agree with ArcaNineTales i mean charizard is number 3 behind cubone (#2) and diglett (#1) but what makes this thread so good is Frost's unique opinon

Author:  Krisp [ Wed Sep 15, 2010 5:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

ArcaNineTales wrote:
some werds


Author:  Frost [ Wed Sep 15, 2010 5:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-21): C IS FOR COOKIE!

I find it annoying how people start to prefer pokemon that a certain and intentionally "vague" fanbase supposedly hates. As if going against the status quo and "sticking up" for hated pokemon places you at a psychologically superior level to them as a pokemon gamer. Come on. People "hate" certain pokemon for a reason, and I will never find lickilicky appealing in any manner, albeit the need for an evolution.

The converse is also true. Pokemon with great designs such as Charizard/ other dragons are "loved" by this fanbase and are victimized for it by people who hate this fanbase? Nothing against you personally Frost, but Charizard is a better pokemon than Lickilicky hands down (IN MY OPINION).

I was wondering if ANYBODY was going to speak up about Lickilicky. The fact that everybody was tripping over themselves to agree with me was quite honestly baffling because I know Lickilicky is one of the most UNpopular Sinnoh Pokemon.

Look, first of all, the "intentionally vague fanbase" at work here is a lot of the idiotic kids who used this very forum after DP had been released. They threw so much venom at Lickilicky literally because "it's ugly and stupid." I check threads of "ugliest" or "least favorite" Pokemon to this day on other forums like Bulbagarden. Whenever I see somebody mention Lickilicky, eight million others mention it afterward. Sure, all of these people could have come that conclusion individually, but a lot of times it doesn't seem that way, and the reasons never seem very convincing. It's always the same crap like "it's too much like Lickitung." Lickilicky became an all-time favorite because, WHILE the fandom had such a negative reaction to it, I started to like it for legitimate reasons. And you can't honestly say that people won't get defensive if their favorites are systematically picked apart. So I acknowledged that the negative reactions to Lickilicky are A reason why I like it.

"The fanbase" has a lot LESS to do with my opinion of Charizard. A lot of people on Pokemon forums are jaded adults who don't even LIKE Charizard because it stands for the childrens. It doesn't have as many crackheaded fans who care enough to join internet forums and annoy me. I think I was pretty even-handed with Charizard. I acknowledged that, as my first Starter, it played a big role to me. I gave it 7/10 and a middle of the road ranking. In general I don't think it's that exciting because it's just not my "style" of Pokemon. And for the record, people in general, including myself, are always going to be more critical about characters in the spotlight, trying to figure out what makes these characters so much greater than, in Pokemon's case, nearly 500 others. If I were trying to oppose a Pokemon just for having a lot of fans, Pikachu and Charizard would have been the bottom two. Instead, they were both in the 200s. I consider that fair.

If I look at Lickilicky and Charizard and completely disconnect the reactions of "the fanbase" to each, I would still like Lickilicky a lot more. I provided an entire paragraph of personal reasons why I started liking Lickilicky beyond simply "the fandom hates it, so I obviously have to like it because I'm such a ~unique snowflake~." Fuck, Dragonite and especially Mew and Piplup are three of the most popular Pokemon ever and they're in my top TWENTY. So I clearly have no issue with stuff being popular. Charizard's design is fine, but it isn't my personal cup of tea. I've made it pretty clear that I like cute or funny designs. Lickilicky falls in the latter category and sometimes the former, in my opinion, and that's why I like it more than Charizard.

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