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Author:  EvilPenguin [ Tue Aug 10, 2010 2:49 pm ]
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daaaaaaaw at the third lopunny picture.

also, you didn't change the numbers in the title - it should be 512-161, not 171.

Author:  ArcaNineTales [ Tue Aug 10, 2010 6:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-161): DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

I just read this whole topic in the process of two hours, and you know what? I'm officially glad I registered here yesterday.
Nintendo needs to read this thread so they can see how easily one can pick apart their obvious pokemon flaws

Can't wait to see how the top 10 turns out. Thanks for the good read-through thus far

Author:  Arekasune [ Tue Aug 10, 2010 7:09 pm ]
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Good update Frost :D

I totally love how Wartortle is above Squirtle, since that's always been my opinion as well, and Lopunny is, quite frankly, awesome.

Author:  DatVu [ Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-171): Do You Like... Pie?

Frost wrote:
I'm not sure about Gastrodon's name. Bulbapedia speculates that it's gastro + don (Spanish for king in particular, according to them), but I think Nintendo of America just saw that the Japanese name was "Toritodon" and went with something similar. And the Suicune thing went over my head entirely, sry2say.

Your guess on the name seems more accurate. If Nintendo were mixing loan words, that would rage me even more as languages generally do not do that. The Suicune thing is just me saying that it reminds me of Troy Polamalu from the Shitsburg Steelers, who annoys the piss out of me for several reasons.

Author:  Zezemi [ Wed Aug 11, 2010 8:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-161): DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Houndoom is still in! Considering he's a Dark and Fire type, I'm pumped my fave has made it this far

And I liked Parasect, but I was always creeped out by its soulless blank eyes, and then I stumbled upon the Origin of Species article and, for youself o.0 You were closer than you thought about the "tumor sprite" ... d_Parasect

Author:  Gallade Roxas [ Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:07 pm ]
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Gardevoir and... Pachirisu.

Author:  Frost [ Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:41 pm ]
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Thanks for all the compliments everybody. Glad you all like it.

Also, I went back and updated a few of the earlier entries, particularly in this post (namely Togepi, Gible, Sneasel, Purugly and Feebas), just to embellish on my hatred a bit and because the older ones were REALLY short. There were a few others in the surrounding posts (Drapion, Luvdisc, Rhyperior, Clamperl), as well.

Update Title: "I CAN PECK DRILLS TOO WTF!," referring to #153.

160. Vileplume Image
(Generation: I; National Dex: 45)
Although there's one ON Venusaur, it's odd how Vileplume is the only flower-based Grass-type in Gen I, with its design and Japanese name coming from the parasitic "meat flower," rafflesia, which makes a fitting counterpart to carnivorous Victreebel. Despite its nasty basis, Vileplume is a cute little guy, especially as it dances to the Pokeflute in Pokemon Snap, and it's always happy or huggy in its TCG art. However, the beady eyes aren't that cute, and Vileplume's sprite was one of DP's few bombs, looking just angry, tipsy and horrible. Vileplume was the worst Grass-type in Gen I, since it was slow and lacked Razor Leaf, so GS gave it a branched counterpart in Bellossom. While I prefer Bellossom and Victreebel for various reasons, I still like Vileplume a lot and always thought Jessie should have had one in the anime, especially after "Ariana" a.k.a. Fake Jessie had one in GSC, but only Jessiebelle got it instead, and Vileplume was even dropped from Erika's teams for Gloom and Bellossom after R/B. ROBBED. At least some Vileplume almost killed that dumb bitch Professor Ivy for revenge.

159. Magcargo Image
(Generation: II; National Dex: 219)
The clue "idk, my bff jill?" referred to Magcargo because, in 2007, a stupid cell phone commercial in which a girl talks to her mother in textspeak prompted me to name my female Magcargo "Jill." While this was done sarcastically, Magcargo and her awesome abilities really WERE my best friends in Diamond when I was breeding competitive Pokemon for weeks on end. Magcargo and I go further back, however, because I wanted a team of new Pokemon with weird types in GS and Fire/Rock fit the bill. I didn't realize at the time that it was one of the worst types EVER, with weaknesses to four of the most common battling types and TWO 4x to boot. Magcargo's pitiful stat distribution, in particular the base 50 HP, also ruined any merit in its admittedly decent movepool or great base Defense. Regardless, Magcargo's design was very creative, combining two types into a logical idea: a lava snail whose body hardens into its rocky shell. Magcargo, like Slugma, is also obliviously cute, thanks to the vacant eyes, despite its real-life basis. And, when it's not stoned, Magcargo also has some cool TCG artwork, with Dark Magcargo looking surprisingly badass. I also like that both of its types are represented in the TCG, although it does baffle me how a low-key Pokemon like Magcargo has an ex card. Overall, Magcargo is an awesome, underloved Pokemon who will always be idk, my bff jill? after it was so helpful in Diamond.

158. Pikablu Marill Image
(Generation: II; National Dex: 183)
Once upon a time, when there were only 151 Pokemon, it was rumored that a new mouse Pokemon named "Pikablu" appeared alongside "Bruno" in the "Pikachu's Summer Vacation" mini-movie. And the Internet went wild with hoaxes, including one that a "Mist Stone" in Seafoam Islands would evolve Pikachu into Pikablu in Pokemon Yellow. When GS came out, Pikablu, whose real name is Marill to those born after 1995, was an obscure swarming Pokemon who appeared in the AWFUL Mt. Mortar and, quite frankly, sucked in battle. Thankfully, it got redemption, making Jigglypuff cry at its lack of upgrades, when it received Huge Power in Gen III. I like Marill mostly because Azumarill is awesome, but it's nice that Marill evolves into a powerful Pokemon as early as Level 18, and Tracey's Marill, while being a thinly-veiled promotional tool, was pretty cute and useful, replacing the token scouting bird with its super hearing. So, despite its HORRIBLE beta artwork*, Marill is adorable, with only a few superficial similarities to Pikachu. Oh, and nobody cares that your damn Marill evolved, Ethan.

* - Behold the upgrade firsthand:
Image -> Image
Take a bow, New Marill!

157. Gorebyss Image
(Generation: IV; National Dex: 368)
I think Gorebyss is the most surprising Pokemon that I like. To start, her relatives aren't so hot: Clamperl is boring, while Huntail is one of the worst Pokemon ever invented. More importantly, Gorebyss is a sniper eel and I have hated eels ever since I encountered this bastard in Mario 64. Some people in the fandom have claimed that she is a dolphin, and I can only wonder what crack they're smoking. When I can unsee her bottom fin as a mandible, Gorebyss is actually very cute, and fabulouthly pink and purple, complete with a girly eyelash and clamshell bra, in a cute nod to Clamperl. However, her cuteness is actually deceptive, as she is known to gore and drain prey, which is AWESOME, even though she can't learn any drain moves; I also like her non-stereotypical stat alignment, with her best stat being Special Attack. While I never used Gorebyss because I couldn't trade for her, I would have nicknamed her "C.C." because her Japanese name "Sakurabisu" reminded me of this show I never watched. Gorebyss is a great design and a decent fighter, but she needs more TCG cards, forealz.

156. Jolteon Image
(Generation: I; National Dex: 135)
While Jolteon is only the second Eeveelution to be eliminated, I don't have anything to criticize about it, unlike the pointlessness of Glaceon. The only reason that Jolteon is comparatively lower than its family members is that it's the least cute Eeveelution. While Jolteon's spikiness can lead to funny "it looks like Jolteon just exploded moments," such in its Green sprite or in Jungle Jolteon's card, it's not extremely cute and cuddly like many other Pokemon. For example, if you tried to hug Jolteon, you'd get a whole lot of impaling, just like Ash's Arbok did when it used Wrap. That being said, Jolteon IS an Eeveelution, and all of them are cute, with Jolteon best demonstrating this in its Silver sprite, as well as Light Jolteon's card, even though I do wish it were mauling Togepi instead of guarding it. Speaking of the TCG, Jolteon's cards are BY FAR my favorite Lightning cards because they're two of the only Lightning Pokemon who DON'T have stupid recoil damage, and TCG GB's Eeveelution cards can be used in any deck for versatility.

So while Jolteon isn't textbook adorable it does look pretty cool, with its white "collar" and yellow spikes nicely portraying the lightning aspect, and it has always lived up to its potential as fighting Pokemon. It was easily the best Eeveelution in Generation I because Pin Missile gave it some coverage against Grass-types that resisted its STAB move, and the additions of higher Special Attack, Baton Pass, Wish and Volt Absorb in later games have solidified Jolteon as consistently OU after RBY. Some other tidbits that I find interesting are that Jolteon is the only Thunderstone evolution, other than Raichu of course, and each member of Team Rocket wanted to evolve Eevee into the Eeveelution of their "color," with Meowth wanting Jolteon. Oh, and weeaboos need to stop saying that English names are always inferior because "Jolteon" is way better than "Thunders," thanks. Finally, Jolteon gets many cool points because it's one of Krisp's top two favorite Pokemon, and I named my Jolteon in Diamond after her middle name, because she's a good friend and the name works with Jolteon's thorns. <3

(Generation: I; National Dex: 119)
It's generally accepted that Seaking is the worst evolved Water-type in Gen I, and the only reason why it isn't still the worst is due to newer, lamer Water-types like Loluvdisc and Lumineon. Seaking's stats mostly suck, except for Attack, which it couldn't use for three straight games, and its trademark move, Waterfall, was an inferior Surf that was later made into a HM, just to be annoying. Even after the movesplit made Waterfall decent, other Pokemon like Gyarados could use it WAY better than Seaking. I also remember rolling my eyes at how "Ash's Seaking" and "Misty's Seaking" had their own Bulbapedia articles just because each human caught one for about three seconds in a filler about a Seaking fishing contest; they were never met to be serious captures. Furthermore, Seaking is one of the few Pokemon who has appeared within all four of the Regions in the main series, yet still nobody remembers it because it's such an all-around battle failure with a design that many would regard as bland.

Enraged that it was so forgotten, FUCK YEAH SEAKING came to prominence as a counter meme to "so i herd u liek mudkipz," illustrated in pictures in which an unsuspecting character would be take a Horn Attack to the face from an angry Seaking. FUCK YEAH SEAKING was even so angry that he attacked PsyPoke's homepage on April 1, 2008 for great lulz. So basically, this meme made Seaking a ~superstar~ to me, but I still like it for other reasons. For example, it can actually fill an entire moveset in competitive battles now, even though Megahorn is random but appreciated. I also used Jungle Seaking a lot in TCG, which is a cute card, and in general I think Seaking is a much more interesting fish design than usual, with the nice contrast between the orange, black and white and some occasional cuteness. Seaking's beta name, "Neptune," is a bit generic but still way better than many other Kanto beta names, and it is a bit odd how Goldeen the "Water Queen" evolves into "Seaking." Scandalous.

154. Pachirisu Image
(Generation: IV; National Dex: 417)
As I've mentioned before, Pachirisu is always lumped with Plusle and Minun as a "Pikachu ripoff," but it is SO NOT. Unlike the Pikatwins, the designers actually TRIED to distinguish Pachirisu, since it's based on a different, more awesome animal, and has different colors and features. And now that Emonga has been revealed, I'm BAFFLED how people already LOVE a flying squirrel, but the same people think Pachirisu is "lame." Both are awesome to me, because I love squirrels for being crazy and cute. Dawn also has a Pachirisu in the anime, which is special because it is only the second Electric-type that a main character owned. Dawn sucks, but at least Pachirisu has an adorable personality quirk and it chases its tail. <3 I never used it in the games, but it got Super Fang and, unlike many Pokemon who got it through move tutors, I was okay with this because Pachirisu sucked otherwise. However, it's still my favorite Electric-type from Sinnoh, since it's a quirky, cute member of the Powerpuff Girls and it has an awesome basis. Oh, and fuck Tomokazu Komiya for this.

153. Moltres Image
(Generation: I; National Dex: 146)
When I first got into Pokemon, I liked Moltres the least of the Legendary Birds. In addition to a horrible movepool, Moltres' sprite in Red/Blue made it look like a dopey rubber chicken that should have been thrown at the opponent; I also didn't like the Fire/Flying-type, so it was pretty much a ball of suck, even after Ho-oh came along and looked worse in comparison. Later on, after Moltres had gotten some better sprites and I was over my "all Legendaries SUX bawww!!!" phase, I started to like Moltres' interesting design and relative disuse for a Legendary, which seems to be recurring trait for Fire-type Legendaries. Its movepool has expanded to make an underrated offensive Pokemon, with that incredible Special Attack, and it's such a shame that's UU due to the abomination known as Shit Stealth Rock. And, again, I don't know why Zapdos got special treatment in Generation I, because Moltres totally should have gotten Drill Peck with that chicken beak, which would have helped a LOT considering its movepool consisted of "Fire Blast, the end" back then. Moltres weighs in on this development:


As another sign of Moltres' neglect, it was the only Legendary Bird cut OUT of the dub's first opening when it was there in the Japanese version. And in the games, Moltres gets shuffled around at will, with no fewer than FOUR in-game locations. Whose eyes did this bird peck out to get such treatment? Nonetheless, I really enjoy Moltres' design. If its wings were pure flame, that would be pretty cliche and boring. But as it stands, it's almost like the flames are Moltres' feathers, and the wings disintegrate into the fire, which looks VERY cool and majestic. Moltres was also one of the few Kanto Pokemon for which I never had a card as a kid, and Krisp had the same problem which is why she sent me a burned Zapdos and ripped up Articuno from her Fossil boosters. I eventually did get Moltres when I got back into the TCG last year, and it does have some really cool artwork that shows off that effective design; Rocket's Moltres is also personally amusing because it was a former nickname of our friend Tom. So while it initially turned me off, Moltres has become one of my favorite Legendaries.

152. Primeape Image
(Generation: I; National Dex: 57)
Here's a good example of how the anime influences my opinion of a Pokemon. Ash's Primeape was the pre-cursor to Charizard: a douchebag who ignored orders and beat up Ash. Naturally, because I used to hate Ash, I thought Primeape was awesome. However, the writers screwed up when they wrote the Pokemon off after only two episodes, beginning a revolving "sixth slot" on Ash's team for the rest of Kanto. I found Primeape interest because it broke the mold of Ash's team, yet could still be cute, as seen when Primeape got teary-eyed and happy after Ash tried to save it from taking a fall. I also liked using Primeape in competitive battles because it was the "neglected" Fighting-type, and found it useful in a LeafGreen run because it magically wasn't version-exclusive anymore. However, it wasn't in my first two preferred versions, Blue and Silver, and it was too rare to bother finding in Diamond, so it goes out here despite a design that's original and dynamic. It does amuse me how the latest Primeape card is basically Fossil Geodude on motherfucking STEROIDS, though.

151. Venomoth Image
(Generation: I; National Dex: 49)
Even though it started an endless barrage of moth-based Pokemon, Venomoth is the original and still the best. It gets points for being a fresh idea when it was created, even though Dustox, Masquerain and Mothim beaten the idea to death with blandness and ugliness over the years. Venomoth's giant googly eyes are actually cute, especially in the TCG's Light Venomoth, and I like how it's one of the VERY few Special-oriented Bug-types. I used Venomoth in my most completed Silver file to date, because it evolved from a Pokemon that I really like, and it was surprisingly decent in battle to boot; Gen IV was also nice to Venomoth, giving it Special STABs and the awesome Tinted Lens ability. However, its horrific Bug/Poison-type is such a letdown when it could have been the MUCH cooler Bug/Psychic-type, what with all those Psychic-type attacks it can learn and the fact that SABRINA randomly uses one in R/B and their remakes. In fact, between Sabrina, Koga and Janine, how could I dislike Venomoth? Three characters use it, so it has to be good.

However, I'm giving Venomoth a second paragraph to discuss something very intriguing: the theory that Venomoth was created as Caterpie's final evolution and Butterfree as Venonat's, with the two being accidentally "switched" while Red and Blue were in development. Between Venomoth and Butterfree, Butterfree's wing patterns are mostly black and white, while Venomoth's are purple, and butterflies tend to be more colorful in real life. Additionally, Venonat's defining features are its deep purple body, uniquely-shaped "hands" and mouth/pincers, and red radar eyes, all of which are present in Butterfree's design but not Venomoth's. Meanwhile, Venomoth's aforementioned googly eyes, as well as its lower body segments, are far more reminiscent of Metapod than Venonat. (Also, although abilities came MUCH later, Venonat and Butterfree have Compound Eyes while Caterpie and Venomoth have Shield Dust.) Regardless of the validity of this theory, I find it interesting nonetheless. Which looks like a more logical progression to you guys?

Image Image Image ----------------------------------------------- Image Image Image
Image Image ----------------------------------------------- Image Image

Just one hundred and fifty left to see! ;o Highlight to view spoiler.
-Two of the top three Rock-types go out: Corsola, Armaldo or Rampardos?
-Water-type slaughter: four of them altogether, and one is part of a Starter line.
-Another family gets all of its members eliminated within one update.
-A main character's Pokemon in the anime who was totally screwed over.

6 Kanto, 1 Johto, 2 Hoenn, 1 Sinnoh.

Author:  KhaosKid [ Fri Aug 13, 2010 2:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-151): I CAN PECK DRILLS TOO!

I definitely see it with Venonat and Butterfree, but not so much with Caterpie --> Venomoth. Venomoth doesn't seem very similar to the Caterpie line, but then again neither does Butterfree. Weird.

Author:  The Amber Mine [ Fri Aug 13, 2010 5:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-151): I CAN PECK DRILLS TOO!

every time you make a link to TCG cards, i go and check through all my cards to see if i have that one. surprisingly, i have most of the ones mentioned here.

Author:  InstantBacon [ Fri Aug 13, 2010 8:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-151): I CAN PECK DRILLS TOO!

I had never heard about the Butterfree/Venonat Theory, but it does seem valid to me. Like you pointed out, all the familial similarities seem to follow much more logically on the right ->
Frost wrote:
Image Image Image ----------------------------------------------- Image Image Image
Image Image ----------------------------------------------- Image Image

Author:  Nosepass [ Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-151): I CAN PECK DRILLS TOO!

Starmie's probably next. It was screwed when Misty left it, but kept her Staryu for several more seasons.

Author:  rex09 [ Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-151): I CAN PECK DRILLS TOO!

huh, i never noticed that with venonat and butterfree... the right side seems to make more sense. moltres is an awesome pokemon; it was my first legendary bird, and as such, i actually levelled it up into the eighties on FR. Between it and Blastoise, i could beat the crap out of the E4 as many times as i wanted. <3 moltres.

Author:  Frost [ Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-151): I CAN PECK DRILLS T

After this post, Rock will have only one Pokemon left alive in the rankings. Gasp!

Update Title: "Splitting Headache," referring to #142.

150. Machoke Image
(Generation: I; National Dex: 67)
During the staff's meet-up in 2009, Skull Kid's cousin asked us all, "If you had to fuck one Pokemon, which would it be?" Obviously, since I'm bringing this up now, I said Machoke only because it's the closest option to a human male. Moving on, Machoke is one of the best middle evolutions because I always found Machamp's four arms a bit weird and I was always "stuck" with Machoke because I couldn't trade. For example, in GS, I had a Machoke named "Polka," because darkmind's was named "Tango"; later on, in Stadium 2, I recreated my GSC standard team, but Machoke had to take the role of Jack over Machamp there as well. And while I wouldn't say Machoke is "cute," his doofy faces in the anime are endearing, and he and his secret life partner Chuck inspired one of the silliest dub titles ever: "Machoke, Machoke Man!" While Machoke has one of the most lulzy R/B sprites, I do like his design because he looks even more powerful than Machamp despite his middle evolution status. Oh, and his beta name was Kung-Foo, meaning that the family's original names were Kara-Tee, Kung-Foo and Ju-Doh. I am SO glad they changed that mess.

149. Armaldo Image
(Generation: III; National Dex: 348)
I picked the Claw Fossil in Sapphire, and I'm glad because Armaldo is awesome while Cradily is one of the worst Pokemon ever invented. Armaldo's typing is a bit odd, though, because it's in the Water 3 egg group rather than the Bug one, and the Pokedex refers to the family as "shrimp." However, it's okay with me because Water/Rock sucks and the only other existing Bug/Rock-type, Shuckle, was such a novelty that I'm happy to have one who can actually DO something in a fight. Armaldo is a definitely a cool design, with a lot of interesting markings and a powerful presence, and it's so satisfying to see another Bug-type with decent stats, even though it's not exactly a staple in competitive battling. The name is a bit odd, though. I remember both darkmind and Mr. Saturn named their Armaldo "Waldo" and I can't even say that's far-fetched because it DOES have red and white stripes! Speaking of which, Armaldo's in-game color classification, GRAY, is awful. There's five different colors on Armaldo and none of them is gray. Anyway, Armaldo is awesome, but there is one Fossil that I like more...

148. Rampardos Image
(Generation: IV; National Dex: 409)
Yep, the SINNOH Fossil is my favorite of them all, so people who think I'm a blind nostalgiafan can shut up. When I first saw Rampardos, it was a low-quality cell phone shot of a DS's screen, and I thought it looked like a tyrannosaurus rex, which excited me. While this turned out to be false and Rampardos more resembles a pachycephalosaurus, it is still the closest representation that the series has to the Red Ranger's Dinozord. I like Rampardos because I'm pretty sure that it's the first Fossil Pokemon to actually be based on a DINOSAUR, which is somehow an idea that had eluded GameFreak for over a decade. (Sorry, Aerodactyl, but you're not a dinosaur.) Rampardos was exclusive to my Gen IV game and it is the series' most obvious instance of "glass cannon," so it was only a matter of time before I had a Rampardos with a Choice Scarf laughing at in-game opponents as it used Head Smash, and it was AWESOME. In addition to a superb ability, Rampardos has a badass design, especially in the Platinum sprite seen above, and I wish all Rock-types were as cool.

147. Wooper Image
(Generation: II; National Dex: 57)
When I first played GS, I encounted this weird little blue guy with a goofy smile on its face. Upon researching the interwebs, I discovered that it was a Water/Ground-type and promptly thought, "Wow! A Water Pokemon that isn't weak against Electric! That's AWESOME!" And from that day on, Wooper became one of my most used in-game Pokemon, including both GS and Diamond, in which I had a Wooper with Ice Punch even though Wooper has no arms lawl. FireStarter's original username was Evil_Upaa, from Wooper's Japanese name, and I always thought Upaa was awesome and so much fun to say. While Wooper has always been a cute little guy, especially in the anime and in the TCG, I hate the recent trend of Wooper having a stupid ":O" expression in its artwork. I don't like its DP sprite, its Gen IV backsprite, or its new HGSS Sugimori artwork, and I wish they'd just let Wooper go back to being happy instead of braindead. While Mudkip's line improved on the axolotl basis, I do still like Wooper a lot for nostalgia and for being very cute and hypnotic.

146. Horsea Image
(Generation: I; National Dex: 116)
Horsea always seemed notable to me because Misty caught one in the anime, but then I went back and rewatched Kanto. It was important in THREE episodes: its debut, its departure, and "The Battling Eevee Brothers." Still, by saving the day once in that last episode, it was still more valuable than a certain demonic Baby Pokemon. Misty's Horsea was cute and had a voice that matched, but the writers dumped it off with her sisters because it "got sick," which was lame. (The screwed over anime Pokemon is still to come, BTW.) Like Wooper, Horsea has a Japanese name that's a ton of fun to say (Tattsu), and it is by far the cutest member of its family, although for some weird reason, Horsea's artwork in the TCG is pretty terrible, as if nobody can draw a seahorse and make it cute. Kagemaru Himeno did a good job, but everybody else kind of sucked at it. On another note, why did one of Horsea's fins disappear over the years? And why can't male Horsea give birth? While Horsea evolves too late and its mouth looks custom-made for scary hentai, it is still a very cute, likable Pokemon.

145. Starmie Image
(Generation: I; National Dex: 121)
On one hand, Starmie is the favorite Pokemon of my BFF TonberryKing. Yet it is also the trademark Pokemon of evil incarnated: Misty. However, TK is awesome and Misty hardly used Starmie in the anime, so I can overlook the demoness association. While Starmie lacks a face, at least it is an awesome color and makes an endearing "huuuu~" sound in the anime; because of the girly voice, I do tend to think of Starmie as female despite being genderless. Starmie's defining feature is its core, and I like how the anime uses it to represent Starmie's energy levels. It's just too bad Starmie AND its core weren't colored properly in the games until Gen III. I get that they could have only two colors and black and white, but why was Starmie GRAY in RBY? Yuck. Starmie's main worth comes from the battlefield, where it is one of the select few Pokemon to remain OU in every single Generation. I've used Starmie myself in mono Water-type teams in Yellow as well as my GSC standard team, and it was always a versatile fighter that could take on any challenge. I even made a shrine to Starmie on Geocities back in the day, but that's thankfully gone from the Interwebs. And despite what TK claims, Base Starmie was NOT that bad in TCG GB. :p Overall, it's a very cool Pokemon.

144. Chimecho Image
(Generation: III; National Dex: 358)
James's Chimecho is the Pokemon who was screwed over in the anime. For some reason, even though they're leads, Jessie and James can't have more than two Pokemon each, discounting Wobbuffet, so that meant Chimecho was written off because it "got sick" when it came time to promote DP and that POS Mime Jr. replaced it. Chimecho is awesome and Mime Jr. sucks balls, so I was NOT happy with this development. It had a great intro, with James being swindled into buying a Hoppip disguised as a Chimecho (lol) before getting the real thing, and I especially loved when it used Astonish for great lulz. The anime also gets points for helping me realize the name is "chime echo" and not "chime cho." >_> Due to James's Chimecho, I even hunted one down and used it on my team in Ruby, despite the lackluster stats. Speaking of Ruby, a random fact: Chimecho is the last Pokemon who appears in RS's internal data, so people briefly listed it as the last Pokemon in the National Dex. Odd. Although it was the worst choice to give a pre-evolution EVER, the wind chime Pokemon has a very interesting, Japanese basis and gets my approval for being generally adorable. Chime chime!

143. Dodrio Image and 142. Doduo Image
(Generation: I; National Dex: 85 and 84)
For three consecutive games, Dodrio was the top-tier Normal/Flying-type in competitive battling because it had the typing's best Attack, Speed and movepool, which included the important Drill Peck as well as Endure and Flail. It straddled the UU/BL line until Staraptor came along and sent Dodrio packing to NU, never to be heard from again. However, Dodrio was more than just a good fighter: it was probably the most interesting bird until DP, as its three heads each portrayed a distinct personality. These are apparently joy, sorrow and anger according to the Pokedex, although I personally never have noticed one of Dodrio's head looking joyful; regardless, it's an interesting idea. I also think the introduction of gender differences helped Dodrio, because the black necks on the males in DP pull the whole design together with a lot more contrast and "pop" than before. Dodrio was portrayed as a villain in the anime, when Team Rocket helped a Dodrio trainer sabotage a Pokemon race, but anybody who aligned with Team Rocket was cool in my book, and the same went for Dario and Dodrio.

Two-headed Doduo, on the other hand, is more tranquil and cute, which is why its gets the nod over Dodrio. However, Doduo always had a black neck, so DP's gender differences only meant that female Doduo looked worse. Regardless, I used the line in both GS and Diamond, because Doduo was available at early levels and they were decent in-game fighters. Despite their names, with Doduo's beta-name even being the super boring "Dodo," they more resemble ostriches in body structure than the dodo, especially with Dodrio's tail feather. And, while ostriches are flightless, these guys can still learn Fly, which provides tons of lulz in Pokemon Stadium and has inspired at least one humorous fan theory for why it's possible. Doduo and Dodrio both have funny, quirky, robotic voices in the anime, and Doduo even appeared in Pokemon Snap, where it was annoying to photograph because it ran all over the Beach like a crackhead. While they're yet another "pair" or "trio" Kanto family, and it's disturbing that one of Doduo's heads SPLITS into two of Dodrio's, both are pretty awesome Pokemon.

141. Blastoise Image
(Generation: I; National Dex: 9)
I always prefer the mascot of my main version. Since I started with Blue, Blastoise was the originator of this, and it sucked that Venusaur replaced it outside of Japan for FRLG. Anyway, Blastoise is much like Sceptile: a final evolution that I like the MOST from a family in which each stage is better than the last, which are both pretty rare occurrences. Blastoise was always my favorite Kanto Starter because, instead of a back flower or a tail flame, it has MOTHERFUCKING SHOULDER CANNONS! Sadly, despite this notable characteristic, Blastoise fills the role of the defensive Kanto Starter and, considering there are so many other Water-types, it joins spiritual successor Meganium as the "outclassed, underused Starter." However, out of its trio, Blastoise was definitely the cutest Kanto starter, especially in the episode "Beach Blank-Out Blastoise," as seen here: d'awwww. And in the TCG, Base Set Blastoise is one of the most broken cards ever, and the centerpiece of my favorite deck archetype, Rain Dance. So at least it shines outside of the games, which couldn't even give Blastoise a second typing or a more appropriate species classication because, seriously how the hell does a turtle equal a "shellfish"? Overall, Blastoise is a great Pokemon.

Also, just so people don't ask why I haven't mentioned it: Venustoise. It's nothing special, and I never want to see "fusions" in the games, so I find it irrelevant.

Getting close to the top 100! In the next update, we enter the 9/10 range. Highlight to view spoiler.
-Second place for the Dark-type is revealed. Umbreon or Houndoom?
-Another two-stage family has both members eliminated within the same update.
-Another Starter goes. Treecko, Chimchar, Turtwig and Squirtle are out so far.
-A female-only Pokemon: Nidoqueen, Chansey, Jynx, Miltank, Blissey, Latias or Froslass?
-One of Rhapsody's top four. *gasp*!

3 Kanto, 4 Johto, 1 Hoenn, 2 Sinnoh.

Author:  Mektar [ Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-141): Splitting Headache

ROFL at Astonishing Chimecho and Flying Doduo. Keep these coming! Once this ends, I'll start a list of a different sort...

Author:  Majin Pichu [ Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-141): Splitting Headache

Good work Frost. I know you are busy with these and all of your 100s of other things, but since you are coming up on the last hundred could you put up a list of the remaining pokemon like you did a few time back. Good visual aid as to what Pokemans are left.

Author:  Dan Roswald [ Sun Aug 15, 2010 7:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-141): Splitting Headache

Frost wrote:
And why can't male Horsea give birth?

Because male seahorses don't carry the eggs until after they've been fertilized. I personally think the whole "the males give birth" thing is a load of crock.

Author:  waterpokemonmaniac [ Sun Aug 15, 2010 9:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-141): Splitting Headache

yaay my fav pokemon hasn't come up yet :D

Author:  Frost [ Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-141): Splitting Headache

Majin Pichu: yup, I was planning on doing that. I've had the top 100 recap saved as a draft for a week or two now.

Update Title: "Welcome to Hell," referring to #135... and also kind of #137, #134 and #131.

140. Cyndaquil Image
(Generation: II; National Dex: 155)
Cyndaquil is easily the most popular Johto Starter but, surprise, it's my least favorite because I picked it the least in the games. Saying Cyndaquil is the "worst" is misleading, however, because Johto has my favorite Starters individually, although they do lack the Kanto set's synergy. Cyndaquil is obviously an adorable Pokemon, but the fact that it has Brock eyes kind of hinders its personality. However, as an echidna with flames in place of spikes, I still find Cyndaquil's design creative and interesting. In the anime, two characters owned a Cyndaquil: Ash's Cyndaquil was timid and, again, lacked the personality of his Chikorita and Totodile, but at least it finally evolved, even if it did come eight years too late. Meanwhile, Dawn's Cyndaquil was simply added to pimp HGSS and I would have much preferred Ambipom sticking around instead. Cyndaquil was relevant to me in the TCG because this was in my first Neo Genesis booster pack, and Cyndaquil's HGSS art is WAY better Chikorita or Totodile's. Overall, Cyndaquil is a very likable Pokemon, although its name sounds like a brand of cough syrup.

139. Rain Castform Image
(Generation: III; National Dex: 351)
Once again, I don't have a whole lot to say about Rain Castform because I outlined my appreciation for the species in general back in regular Castform's write-up. A rain drop design is an appropriate choice for the Rain Dance form, and I like that the cloud under its head is dark and stormy to contrast with Sun Castform's light and fluffy cloud. I do find it odd how the Pokedex says that Castform is essentially composed of water, though, because that means Normal Castform should really be Water Castform, but eh. Like the other extra Castform, Rain Castform lacks a shiny coloring, which I like, and it has cute artwork in the Legends Awakened expansion. I love Castform's "gimmick" in general and the Rain form is no exception.

138. Golduck Image
(Generation: I; National Dex: 55)
I became a fan of Golduck after the episode "Bye Bye Psyduck," which showcased the Pokemon as a powerful fighter who had a cute voice, cute poses and a cute appearance (ignore the wench hugging Golduck, plz). I always thought Golduck looked great, with a pretty shade of blue and a modified, sleeker duck-based design. However, while the games claim Golduck resembles the Japanese youkai kappa, in reality the main similarity is the duck bill. As a fighter, I always thought Golduck's well-rounded stats, decent movepool, and later Cloud Nine ability were underrated, so I used it a LOT in GSC and even had one present when I beat DM's standard team through sheer hax. It's funny that the Pokedex claims Golduck is the "fastest swimmer among all Pokemon" when it's not even the fastest WATER-TYPE, though. I also find the reversal of Psyduck and Golduck's names odd, since Psyduck is yellow while Golduck has more overt psychic power, although neither is Psychic-type. Overall, Golduck is awesome because it can pull off cute and badass simultaneously.

Rating: 9/10 ("I love these Pokemon.")

137. Haunter Image
(Generation: I; National Dex: 93)
I always really liked Haunter because I couldn't trade and was "stuck" with it; however, its usable Special Attack and Speed, along with two and later three immunities, work well in-game. It is one of the coolest middle stages, looking more distinctly interesting and ghostly than Gastly, and I'm pretty sure Haunter was even on my very first Hall of Fame team. In the anime, a Haunter decides to help Ash against Sabrina, and he had a cute voice, liked to laugh a lot, and terrified Misty, so he was pretty awesome. It's just too bad that his Lick didn't kill Misty, as the Pokedex implies. Haunter vs. Kadabra was anticlimactic, but Haunter is much like Larvitar because people still debate whether or not he was Ash's Pokemon. Both Ash and Sabrina imply that he "got" Haunter in the episode itself, so I count it as one of Ash's Pokemon. Even though they're inconsistent with Haunter's number of fingers, I do think all of its sprites are cool, even R/B's silly one and especially Yellow's. While Haunter's beta name "Spectre" was generic, even moreso the final name, the Pokemon itself is anything but.

136. Arcanine Image
(Generation: I; National Dex: 59)
Arcanine is fascinating because it is modeled after Chinese and Japanese mythology's shishi, which has been portrayed as a mix of lion, tiger, dog and dragon. With a lion's mane, tiger's stripes, dog's snout and uncharacteristic ability to learn Dragon-type moves, Arcanine reflects all four of these entities. The shishi also explains why Arcanine's species is "Legendary," even though it's NOT a Legendary Pokemon, although rumors say it was intended to be one before the Birds were created. Regardless, Arcanine's design is cute, cool and visually interesting, and it's a pretty decent fighter, improving just enough with each game to straddle the UU/BL line continually. While I do prefer Arcanine's Blue and Silver counterpart, I used one in my original GS standard team, naming it after Chrissy from Three's Company and envisioning Arcanine chasing its tail as a result. Arcanine's Japanese name, "Windie," kind of justifies its former trademark attack, Extremespeed; conversely, Arcanine's original English name, "Blaze," couldn't be more generic if Nintendo of America tried. Arcanine is also notable in the TCG because Blaine's Arcanine could OHKO Charizard ZOMG!!! and this one was in my first booster pack when I returned to the TCG last year. Overall, Arcanine is a cool Pokemon with interesting mythology behind its design.

135. Houndoom Image
(Generation: II; National Dex: 229)
I can't even pretend: Houndoom gets this high on sheer badassery, an impressive feat because it is not cute at ALL. Houndoom started out pretty ugly in GS, but has become stronger, more ferocious and cooler with each new sprite. For a brief time, it was the top-tier Dark-type in GSC, running Sunnybeam with its STAB moves, but the low Defense knocked it below Tyranitar. However, Houndoom always got just enough tricks to remain viable throughout the years, including Nasty Plot in Gen IV, and it even replaced Arcanine on my GSC standard team. Looking at Houndoom, originally named "Hellgar" in Japan, it's not surprising that "Evil" become "Dark": with devil horns and tail, an exoskelton, and constant mentions of pain or death in its Pokedex entries, it is equal parts doberman and Cerberus the Hellhound with fewer heads. I always liked Hades from Greek mythology, so I have no problems with this. Unfortunately, the anime made Houndoom into a softie, as it befriended Togepi instead of murdering it. Ew to the max. I prefer to remember Houndoom as a vicious badass, thank you.

134. Misdreavus Image
(Generation: II; National Dex: 200)
Before GS even had been released in English, Misdreavus immediately stood out to me. She was a Ghost-type who WASN'T weak against Psychic, unlike the Gastly family, and she was feminine with long hair and a necklace. I loved her so much at first sight that I even had Jessie catch a "Muuma" in a Team Rocket fanfic I was writing at the time. I really enjoy Misdreavus' banshee-based design, which is primarily cute and wispy yet, like Gorebyss, deceptive because Misdreavus likes to play mischievous pranks on people and collect their fear within her necklace. Awesome. In GS, Misdreavus was hidden away at the end of the game, but her Perishtrapping set was pretty evil; however, but her stats faded over the years and GameFreak thankfully introduced Mismagius just before she fell into oblivion. Also, Morty should have HAD A FREAKING MISDREAVUS IN GSC rather than NEARLY EVERYTHING ELSE. I mean, damn. How do you introduce only one new Ghost-type and not even give it to the Ghost-type Gym Leader? Anyway, while not a top favorite anymore, Missy is still a very cool Pokemon.

133. Mamoswine Image
(Generation: IV; National Dex: 473)
Like many DP evolutions, I instantly loved Mamoswine. A new evolution helped sucky Piloswine feel more realized, and I enjoyed the design. Granted, a woolly mammoth evolution for swine-based Pokemon is a bit odd, and Mamoswine easily could have been part of a separate fossil line, but Ice/Rock is a horrible typing so I'm alright with what we got. Either way, Mamoswine is the closest match to Black Ranger's Dinozord, and it's one of DP's very few OU Ice-types because its second type prevents Sandstorm and Shit Rock wreckage. I checked my swarm every day, hoping for Swinub, and Mamoswine was a beast when I finally got him. I was even sad when I didn't get Mamoswine in my TCG booster box, but thankfully R_R bought and traded me the card. <3 Finally, there's the anime, where Dawn's Mamoswine looks cool but it's basically a lame retread of Ash's Charizard. Meh. I also like that Mamoswine breaks consistency ZOMG!!! because Piloswine could get Ancientpower before DP. Gamefreak should do this more. Overall, I love Mamoswine for being a worthwhile evolution and a useful Ice-type.

132. Miltank Image
(Generation: II; National Dex: 241)
Like many, my first exposure to Miltank was when Whitney completely roflstomped me in GSC, and the anime went even further, with Ash basically needing TWO three-on-one matches to finally defeat her Miltank. Despite being evil in battle, Miltank is a cute pink cow who is the female counterpart to Tauros, and I wouldn't mind if a Baby Pokemon connected the two at some point. I also find Miltank's stats interesting because it's rare to have good Defense and Speed, especially for a COW. Until Blissey usurped her, Miltank was the premier Heal Bell user in early GSC, and I used her in both Stadium 2 and my own GSC standard team, naming her after Janet from Three's Company because I always thought that humorless nag was a cow. Miltank was even the very first Pokemon for which I tried, and failed, to make a forum icon. Over the years her battle worth has slipped, but I love her new Scrappy ability because she can now use STAB, Milk Drink and Heal Bell without worrying as much about coverage. Overall, Miltank is so cute and lovable that I even forgive her for unknowingly bringing us this monstrosity.

131. Mismagius Image
(Generation: IV; National Dex: 429)
When DP came out, I thought it was cool that they gave an evolution to Misdreavus, but Mismagius seemed kind of lackluster compared to other new evolutions like Electivire. However, she proved me wrong and can run great Nasty Plot or Calm Mind sets, despite her weak Defense. With an awesome purple design, Mismagius is obviously based on a witch, complete with a hat-shaped head and penchant for incantations. While playing Diamond, I had been studying different religions including Wicca, so Mismagius instantly stood out to me. I got my hands on a male Mismagius, named him "Wiccan," and it became one of the few "other Pokemon" that I prefer, although I do enjoy Mismagius and Honchkrow as nocturnal counterparts who evolve with the Dusk Stone. While it was a crazy bitch who gave the anime characters nightmares, Mismagius is also cute in the TCG, despite its association with Mantina. While I wish Mismagius was given a better incantation-based move than LUCKY CHANT, it is a Pokemon with personal relevance, and it gets bonus cool points for being one of Rhapsody's favorites.

Can it be the top 100 already? Highlight to view spoiler.
-A Pokemon who ith thuperbly thuper fabulouth.
-The third Legendary Trio is completely eliminated.
-One of the longest-lasting Pokemon in the anime.
-Three Pokemon with evolutions who are already out.
-Who is the best Baby Pokemon?!

6 Kanto, 2 Johto, 1 Hoenn, 1 Sinnoh.

Author:  Zezemi [ Sun Aug 15, 2010 9:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-131): Welcome to Hell!

You know, I'm totally okay with one of my faves getting to the TOP 150 by being a badass =)

Author:  Magus [ Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-131): Welcome to Hell!

Houndoom: Proving that being a badass wins at least a little in everyone's book.

To be honest, I didn't really like Houndoom at first, but it grew on me later on. He's definitely one of my favorites, mostly for reasons Frost pointed out, being badass and all that. However, I do have to say there is a very disturbing picture I saw of a pack of Houndoom literally tearing Jasmine to shreds, it was so well drawn that it makes me wonder if Sugimori was having a "Eh, I wonder how evil I can make Pokemon look" day. ?_?

Author:  The Amber Mine [ Mon Aug 16, 2010 2:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-131): Welcome to Hell!

@ Magus:
can you get a link to that photo?

Author:  KhaosKid [ Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-131): Welcome to Hell!

I am very glad to see that you're a Three's Company lover, Frost. Although, I disagree on the Janet thing :P

Author:  ArcaNineTales [ Mon Aug 16, 2010 7:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-131): Welcome to Hell!

NoOoOo! Arcanine!

Go Ninetales :P

Author:  EvilPenguin [ Mon Aug 16, 2010 8:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-131): Welcome to Hell!

I would like to requeth that in honor of the mothe fabulouth pokemon ever being eliminated, the forum picthure becometh a monthage oh fabulouthity.

Author:  Magus [ Mon Aug 16, 2010 11:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Frost Ranks Every Pokemon (512-131): Welcome to Hell!

The Amber Mine wrote:
@ Magus:
can you get a link to that photo?

WARNING: Blood, gore, violence, slight nudity. ... smine.jpeg

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