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Author:  pokemonfantanic [ Sun Jan 08, 2006 4:22 pm ]

is it safe to do the missingno glitch? i dont want to catch him i just want to duplicate my items.

Author:  Krisp [ Sun Jan 08, 2006 4:31 pm ]
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From my experiences, yes, it is save. I've read on the internet that MissingNo. does some pretty crazy things to your game, although I have never had any of those problems by just encountering it. If you try to catch it, then yes, it may do something to your game. Also, I transfered MissingNo. to my yellow version and the file got erased. Just don't catch him, and I don't think you will have any problems.

Author:  Mr. Saturn [ Sun Jan 08, 2006 9:40 pm ]
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I must disagree. It might be very mild, but the side effects are extremely bad. At the very least, your hall of fame will be corrupted. I've had random erasures from Missingno'd files, though.

Author:  daveshan [ Wed Jan 11, 2006 1:17 pm ]
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If you fight missingno., then no, there are no problems. If you want to catch missingno., you MUST HAVE AN OPEN SPOT IN YOUR PARTY TO AVOID PROBLEMS. If it goes into a box, you will get system problems.

Author:  Mutant_Mewtwo [ Wed Jan 11, 2006 1:26 pm ]
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Yes exactly what Daveshan said but like all bad things in life there's a plus side :D Because if you catch MissigNo or M' if you battle with it when it 'gains a level' to level 1 it is quite common for it to EVOLVE :o yes evolve into a......Kangaskahn! This happened to me once on Yellow and it freaked me out so much that i just shut the game off, Then i read about it evolving into Kangaskahn on the Internet, Then i was like crying because i only needed Kangaskahn to complete my pokedex

Author:  saga [ Wed Jan 18, 2006 11:13 am ]
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everything i have seem for it has said that it is a bad thing to have, so i have never tried it. onthe otherhand i have tried a mew glitch befor i battled misty and it did work.

Author:  Krisp [ Wed Jan 18, 2006 11:17 am ]
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saga wrote:
. onthe otherhand i have tried a mew glitch befor i battled misty and it did work.

Thats not possible, you need Fly to do the Mew glitch, and you don't get that until you beat Lt. Surge, but to get to him, you have to use cut, which you need to beat Misty for. (I know it sounds confusing, but you know what I mean... :P )

Author:  R.Y.N.O [ Wed Mar 22, 2006 8:10 pm ]
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my brother caught a missingno and it went up a level n it evolved into a scyther n then not long after it erased his game but if all u do is run from it it only wreks your hall of fame

Author:  Blaziken2570 [ Wed Mar 22, 2006 8:21 pm ]
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the only time that i had trouble with missingno is when it was sent to my pc

Author:  sN0wBaLL [ Thu Mar 23, 2006 3:49 am ]
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The glitch is generally quite safe, and I haven't had any problems with it, as long as you do not catch Missingno. Missingno can mess up with your game data when it goes into your team and/or the computer.

Anyway, that was a minor necromancy of about two months, RYNO. This discussion seems to have ended prior to your reply. Furthermore, there are several other Missingno topics around. I'll therefore lock this, but PM me if anyone has a good reason for re-opening this topic.

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