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 The Mew Files 
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Mew, as you know, is Pokemon *151. They say that the only way to obtain Mew is through a special Nintendo Event.... WRONG!!! There is actually a way to obtain this rare pokemon in the game without a cheating device, and i will reveal it here!!!

First, you must start a new game. Play up to the point where you obtain HM02 (Fly), but here the catch; there are two trainers that you cannot, CANNOT fight before attempting this glitch. They are the youngster who has a Slowpoke on Route 25, and the gambler below the undergound tunnel entrance on Route 8.

Now that you have Fly, go to the underground tunnel house/entrance on Route 8. (Save the game now just in case you screw up). Now go out of the house and step down to where the gambler can see you. As soon as you step down to where he can see, press start immediately. Choose your pokemon that knows fly and fly to Cerulean City. When you do, the gambler will see you (the ! sign will appear above his head) But before he walks up to you, you'll turn into a bird and fly off.

You'll arrive in Cerulean City (notice that the start button will not activate). Walk up to Route 25 and let the youngster with the slowpoke see you, but you must be as close to him as possibe when you walk in front of him, otherwise the game will freeze up. Defeat him, and you're start button will work again. Now fly to Lavender Town and walk west out of the town through the little passage way. As soon as you enter the passage way, the start menu will pop up automatically. Exit out of it, and you'll be launched into a battle with Mew!!! (I forgot exactly which level Mew is at, but it's low. Great Balls work best. All Mew knows is pound)

Catch it and Mew is yours! It is compatible with any TM/HM! Have fun with it!

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We already know this. :roll:


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