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 How to play Pokeman Video games? 
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Generally, there's a fair bit of freedom in how you can play a given pokémon game, and people generally have their own play styles. There are also a few different distinct definitions of how the game is played. For simplicity, I'll just label them as Standard, Challenge-Mode, and Competitive.

Standard gameplay, in my definition, is just playing through the in-game campaigns just by following the rules of the game, in a way that the games were made to be played. Simply put, you can train who you want to train, catch whatever peaks your interest, and just go from there. That could be as simple as deciding who you want to use ahead of time, or catching a few pokémon to be a part of your team, and then replacing them as you see fit. This section would also cover the side- and post-game content, such as contests and the battle frontiers or variations on the Battle Tower, depending on the game that you're playing.

Challenge-Mode gameplay is similar to Standard, in that you still follow the main campaign, but in this case, you generally decide on a few objectives and goals beforehand. An example would be, in Red Version, to say that the story does not end until either you run out of Pokémon - in which case you lose the challenge - or until Mewtwo and the three legendary birds have been defeated, or to say, "slain". Of course, given the scope of differences between the games, these goals might shift and change according to your preferences, and the settings of the games in the first place.

Additionally, you could choose to play the game with a series of self-imposed rules that you must follow. One of the most commonly referred to set of rules is defined by the Nuzlocke Challenge, inspired by a web comic published a number of years ago. There are only three basic rules that must always be adhered to: You must always name the pokémon that you capture, so as to help foster an emotional connection to it. You may only capture the first pokémon encountered on a given route. If that pokémon or yourself flees, or it faints, then that's it, you may not catch anything else on that route; this is to encourage the use of pokémon that you may not choose to use otherwise. Finally, and most importantly, if a pokémon faints for any reason, then it is dead. It may not be used again, and you must either release it, or at least box it until the game has been completed. A common exception to all three rules is that an encountered shiny pokémon is free game, and may be captured regardless if rule two, and does not have to be released upon death as per rule three.

There are an untold myriad of variations of the structure of the basic Nuzlocke Challenge, including more rules to regulate the type of pokémon you can use or how they can be acquired, further limitations to include what kind of items and forms of healing you can use, and so on. There are many more challenges that don't even follow the Nuzlocke guidelines in the first place. Generally, you just set the rules before you play, and you do your best to follow them. Although some people play under these rules publicly - Let's Plays, as well as comic and fan fiction tellings of their stories, for example - generally, you're playing by these rules to challenge yourself, so the rules only have as much weight as you give them, which means that unless you're involving other people, it's on you to enforce them. This goes back to the purpose of setting goals, which can be as simple as completing the primary campaign - typically defined as becoming the champion of the game's respective Elite Four, and maybe whatever relevant postgame story that follows - or as difficult as completing the pokédex or earning all postgame awards including ribbons and symbols.

Competitive gameplay, unlike the other two play styles, is almost exclusively pvp. There are a couple of different formats that can be followed, but generally speaking, it involves carefully designing a team of pokémon, and battling other players. Generally speaking, this play style doesn't have to include the actual plot of the games themselves if you're using the actual games, you can just rush through the plot with whatever, and then focus on building your competitive team. If you don't want to play from the physical games, there are also simulators that can be used for the purpose of building teams quickly and efficiently, or to take the time to test your team before you have to put in any of the work that it actually takes to get the pokémon that you need.

Generally speaking, obtaining competitively viable pokémon can be a fairly involved process in-game, although each new set of games tends to make the process a bit easier. This is particularly true of the games starting from X and Y, where it became much, much more practical to breed a viable pokémon.

There are a couple of fan-based communities with set rules, tiers, and play styles, but Pokémon itself officially hosts the VGC format; the rules for this format tend to vary a bit depending on the competition itself, but the standard format involves double battle play styles, where you enter the battle four of the six pokémon that you have with you.

Basically, there is a lot that you can do in Pokémon, it's just down to how and why you want to play. Challenging yourself with extra rules can be a good way to break up any monotony or boredom you might eventually find, while playing competitively is a good way to try out different pokémon, while also challenging yourself, and playing with others. One thing that can be particularly fun is to set some rules up with some friends, with the intention of battling each other with the teams that you develop throughout the game, once both of you have completed a set milestone.

Plot guidelines aside, the Pokémon games extend a lot of freedom toward the player in the way that they decide to play the game. You can play with your favorites, or establish a Marriage-Locke, or just download the Showdown! simulator and develop the strategies needed to take down everyone who challenges you. Ultimately, it's up to you to develop your own methods of how you want to play. No two play-throughs ever need to be the same.

Edit: Yeesh. Having posted this, I hadn't quite realized the wall of text that had I left behind. I apologize, but I also hope that it can help you delve further into the games. It really is quite a good franchise, with bits and pieces here and there for just about everyone. To simplify, standard gameplay is fairly straight forward, but if you're playing for favorites, it's a good idea to make sure that they can be found in the game that you're playing, and to make sure that they're generationally compatible in the first place. Challenge rules can be fun to play by, but there are far too many different rulesets to really go into detail here. Just google "Pokémon Challenge Rules", or something similar, if you want some examples of rules to follow. Nuzlocke, Marriage-Locke, and Wonder-Locke are all decent starting tags, but I'm sure there's a Bulbapedia page listing the different rulesets somewhere. Finally, if competition and pvp interests you, there are a few different places you can go to learn more about how to play by those standards. Smogon is a fairly sizable competitively oriented online community, but it's not the only one.

Good luck with your endeavors, and remember to have fun!

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Can you share how to get this game?
I do not see any link!!!
Thank you

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