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 Questions about X/Y to Ponder.... 
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So a lot of small mechanics have changed in subtle ways. but people like me always seem to find more questions.

Some people may know the answer, but perhaps not.

- With the new pokeball of thy mother, breeding mechanic, added to the game
* Luxary balls, do the newly hatched pokemon start with raised happiness? Same with Friend balls in the future?
-Reguarding legacy pokeballs, (not be confiined till pokebank) useful only in breeding
* Safari balls, who doesn't want cool camo pokeballs? (HGSS has Ditto in the safari!)
* Dream balls, pink and fluffy just the way you like it
* Sport Balls, from the bug catching contest remember? (a pokeball with a pokeball design on it sooo META)
* Will you re-breed your pokemon just to get it in a cool pokeball?

-Reguarding Formes and Breeding them..... speculation is based on Shellos who hatches the same as the mother, or non-ditto parent
* Pumpkaboo, not strictly a form but rather a Size, is it random like spinda or genetic like shellos
* Floete, is flower based off of parent? and/or would hatching egg in alt. color flower pack change result? (speculation based on pokedex entry)
* Vivillion, would breeding result in child being same form? also would a scatterbug/spewpa from a different region evolve based on current location or were they were caught?
* with the removal of seasons what will become of sawsbuck?!

-What if I want to keep my quick feet scolopede?
* this I belive is the only known pokemon to have a different Hidden ability in XY, perhaps more to come after pokebank, think of the possiblities
* will quickfeet scolopede remain or will they be forced to change?
* will it be like the change from RSEFRLG to DPPl, at palpark were abilites are recalculated at evolution?
* could scolopede Have two hidden abilites (unlike any known pokes) and if so could you swap abilites with the ability capsule?
* Does Gamefreak hate us so much that not only do they make the ability capsule a one time item but they also make it cost 200 BP?!

-Hidden Power, It took me a month to get a grass type HP and now its fairy?!
* with the addition of fairy types how hidden power was calculated was changed, does this mean my pokemon will have a new HP once I transfer it/
* Or will the type be locked in from previous gens?

-Capture Experience, I want that pokemon, but I don't want the EVs...
* so now you can get experience from capturing poikemon, but do you get EVs?
* considering what a pain it is to have to strip unwanted EVs off, and with EXP. ALL. Is catch a pokemon going to mess up my team EV training session?

-Pokemon Amie, Will it make or break my tortament team, and other online notes.
* does pokemon amie affect online battle in any way?
* do O-powers affect online battles?
* I noticed my team that was 5/6 faint in-game was fully healed in-game after an online battle
* You are also allowed online trading in almost any place (including the elite 4) with the option to trade pokemon in your party

-Wonder Trade is it really just random?
* am getting what ever pokemon someone else is giving, OR is GTS randomly picking a pokemon that is being offered for the pokemon i'm trading?

If you can think of any other burning question or have answers to my questions, feel free to post, You can discuss to of course...


Mon Nov 18, 2013 2:24 am
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-Flabebe eggs always have the same flower color as the mother.
-Vivillon eggs always have the same pattern of YOUR GAME's specific Vivillon, even if the parents have other patterns.
-It's currently impossible to answer anything about what happens with old Hidden Abilities or game-exclusive Pokeballs until Pokebank is running.
-Yes, Ability Capsule is one-time use and costs 200 BP.
-You can only swap between non-Hidden Abilities with Ability Capsule, and no Pokemon found in XY have two Hidden Abilities i.e. no Quick Feet Scolipede or Shadow Tag Litwick.
-Exp. All gives EVs to everything and you get EVs when catching Pokemon. Why are you EV training the old, slow tedious way when Super Training is 10x faster? >_>
-The only thing that changed about Hidden Power is the move's base power. All of the type calculations are the same and Fairy HP is not possible.
-Amie has no effect beyond in-game battles.


Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:21 am
Pokemon Ranger
Pokemon Ranger
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Joined: Thu Nov 13, 2008 3:45 pm
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Good to know
also with pokerus, a power item, and a horde battle you can get 50 EVs at once, not to mention exp all.


Mon Nov 18, 2013 6:50 pm
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