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 I need defensive help 
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Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher

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Hey I was just looking for any suggestions for a good defensive unova region pokemon without trading.
Please help!!!!!

Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:59 pm
Psychic Trainer
Psychic Trainer
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Anything that's steel type, really. For example, Excadrill isn't famous for it's defensiveness (it's good for Attack and Speed, generally), but it can take a hit.

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Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:10 am
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Here are a few specific names:

Scrafty - Fighting/Dark and incredibly bulky - not the fastest tool in the shed, but bulk Pokemon do sacrifice Speed for Defense, usually. It's got two abilities, both of which are deadly: Shed Skin lets it recover from status much faster than normal, letting you shrug off Will-o-Wisp and reducing Rest's downtime, whereas Moxie boosts its Attack by 1 stage (+50%) every time it lands a kill.

Cofagrigus - Ghost and can be found in about the same area Scraggy is. A terrifying base 145 Defense and equally sturdy 105 Special Defense is nothing to sneeze at, plus its ability Mummy nullifies a physical attacker's ability unless it's switched out. Even better, it can bolster its lower Special Defense with Calm Mind, letting you play Cofagrigus as a tank instead of just a wall.

Carracosta - Water/Rock. This guy's a bit iffy, since you have to give up Archen to get this guy in-game (though you can trade for one later). It's got either Solid Rock, which reduces super-effective damage slightly, or Sturdy, which gives it an auto Focus Sash. One of its strongest points is to utilize Curse in conjunction with Aqua Jet, ignoring Speed. (Shell Smash is tempting, but not as good on the turtle.)

Reuniclus - Psychic, White-version exclusive. It's got Overcoat and Magic Guard as abilities, and Magic Guard is the one you want to go for - it nullifies any non-attack damage, such as weather, poison, and even entry hazards. Its movepool is positively gigantic, gaining powerful moves like Recover and Future Sight; it plays like a tank, basically.

Jellicent - Water/Ghost. Like Reuniclus it has Recover and a rather wide movepool, but it's mostly its typing that is very intriguing - it has quite a few switchins. It's got either Water Absorb, letting it heal on a well-timed switch-in or from an ally's Surf in a non-single battle, or Cursed Body, which is like Static, but can trigger on any move (30% chance) and disables the move.

Ferrothorn - Grass/Steel, and let's face it, this guy is SCARY. Although Ferrothorn's best moves (Leech Seed and Stealth Rock) are egg moves, that doesn't mean it can't play offensively in-game with options like Curse, Gyro Ball, and the ever-potent Power Whip. It's got an absurdly low base Speed, but has a very high Defense and a similarly high Special Defense, much like Cofagrigus. Another similarity to the coffin is the ability Iron Barbs, which is analogous to Sharpedo's Rough Skin, letting you punish attackers. Unlike Sharpedo, though, Ferrothorn can take a LOT of hits, letting Iron Barbs have a greater use.

And that's the lot that you can obtain without trading. Some names that do involve trading and are decent walls are Conkeldurr, Gigalith, and Escavalier. Cryogonal can be considered, but it's very hard to find, it's rather late-game, and it's its Special Defense (base 135) that shines - physically, it literally cannot take a hit because of its abysmal Defense (base 30).


Mon Jan 16, 2012 11:32 pm
Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer
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I'm no expert at this, but I might at least try to make myself useful:

Alomomola - Somewhat bulky Water with 80 Def and merely 45 Sp. Def, but with a HP as grand as its name. It's possibly the best Wish-Passer you can get. Wish, Protect, and Scald are essential.

Mandibuzz - You didn't specify which version you have, so if you're playing Black and couldn't get Reuniclus, try out Mandibuzz the Dark/Flying vulture. 110 HP, 105 Def, and 95 Sp. Def is awesome. No glorious movepool (even Roost is an egg move) but the classic Toxic stall might work.

As for starters you should go with Serperior because it has the coolest design plus a usable 95 Def and Sp.Def (though Grass isn't the best defensive type).

Crustle - The Bug/Rock hermit crab boasts a 125 Def, but it's best known for being an offensive beast with a couple Shell Smashes.

Cobalion & Virizion - If you don't mind legendaries and/or a little hard work, try out the Physical Wall with awesome typing Cobalion and the Special Wall Virizion with bleargh typing.

Gothitelle - Black version counterpart to Reuniclus, 110 Sp. Def and 95 Def should be good but...not really popular for whatever reason that I'm unaware of.

Klinklang - Okay Steel type with 115 Def *yawn* Durant - Bug/Steel with 112 Def *big yawn* There's also the Eviolite *bigger yawn* I'll stop my amateur nonsense. Hope this hoped...somehow. Helping you to sleep in front of the computer, perhaps.


Tue Jan 17, 2012 8:25 pm
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