Fire Red
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Author:  swifty 88 [ Sat Oct 10, 2009 9:00 am ]
Post subject:  Fire Red

I restarted it on thursday and i really am only training my charmander im at the eighth gym with a lvl 65 charizard but i have a question i have the 3 legendary birds and i want to know how im going to bet the elite four like that i always buy as many revives and hyper pots so i win so how should i do this??

Here is my team


currently lvl 65
Hyper Beam
Blast Burn
Fire Blast


lvl 50
Fire Spin


lvl 50
Thunder Wave
Drill Peck


lvl 50
Aerial Ace
Ice Beam

I plan to catch new ones on victory road


lvl 30


lvl 29
Rock smash
Sand tomb

Author:  eevee-master [ Sun Nov 15, 2009 2:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fire Red

this is simple, change the moves of your team.
that charizard knows 3 fire moves, which is pretty useless, give it more varaity.
teach it the following moves:
wing attack/aerial ace: this kills brunos fighting types.
dragon claw: for lances dragon types
flamethrower: keep this move, it is so usefull
brick break: its a decent fighting move with good power.

As for the birds, you've made a basic-yet-common mistake, you've taught them all fly, the worst flying move ever, change it, get rid of fly, wing attack/aerial ace is better by far.

Author:  AEP: Master Trainer [ Sun Nov 15, 2009 12:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fire Red

Your levels are too different for that team to be good. To quote eevee-master, you only need one Flyer. Since this generation added a lot better Flying-type moves, you might use them. As for Charizard, take advantage of the Flying STAB. I would suggest something like Wing Attack. Having three Fire moves is two things that you don't want, expected and redundant. Especially because your Charizard doesn't use its type advantage as well as it could.

I take it your Dugtrio is your HM slave. Snorlax seems a bit like one too, with that moveset. You might try Hyper Beam on Snorlax. As for the birds, again you only need one Flyer. (Heck, even Charizard could be your Flyer, but I wouldn't suggest it.) Spread those moves around. The best one that I can see is Articuno. Moltres has a similar problem to Charizard, but with Endure it's an interesting move to include. Zapdos probably doesn't need Thunder Wave and Thunder. You might consider setting up a Poke with Rainy Day, so that's more effective, and a different Electric move for that second one.

I'm by no means the expert on this (especially here) and in the end it's up to you. However, I would suggest that you try not to have too many attacks of one type on each Pokemon. Even all of the birds have that problem. Each attack needs to have a reason other than being there for STAB purposes. However, a basic moveset should be figured like this.

- STAB move for type 1
- STAB move for type 2 / (in case of single-type) powerful move of type
- move to counter main weaknesses
- move to surprise opponents (a lot of options opened with this gen for Pokes learning moves outside of their type(s))

Hope this helps!

AEPMT :D :) :wink: :mrgreen: :P

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