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 Effects of Mew Hunting: 
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Bug Catcher

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I tried that "get cut in a trade so you can revisit the ss anne dock later in the game and get mew", and I found the following:
1: NO MEW.
2: Lava Cookie hidden at the end of the dock. (Couldn't I have gotten something a bit bigger for my troubles?)
3: The S.S. Anne will NOT sail until you get cut. This has an unusual side effect:
4: You CANNOT sail to the Sevii Islands after you leave the first time. (I assume that if you ever get Cut, thes ship leaves and this situation corrects itself. This in turn has an unusual side effect:
5: Usually right after defeating the elite 4 the 1st time, you go off emmediatly on the Ruby/Saphire adventure. If you wish to fight the elite 4 before this mission is completed - you can't. When you finaly do complete the mission, the elite 4 are much stronger. HOWEVER, because you cannot go to the sevii islands till the ss anne sails, the Elite 4 stays in town, and you can battle them at their origional levels as many times as you want.

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Tue May 26, 2009 11:47 am
Fails at life
Fails at life

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uh dude theres no {mew} in fr/lg w/o hax or nintendo event {mew} + truck = fail

i know whys theres the mysterious truck there
nintendo planned to add something there it might have been mew it might of been a magikarp for all i know but they were planning to add a secret but it was to extencive for b/r/g/y and they canceled it w/o getting rid of truck
the reason its in the new ones fr/lg is because they basically copied the design of the map of the older games to save money they just redid a few graphics but the game is still basically r/b/g/y the reason people said mew was there is because some idiot thought it was funny to make up a rumor that at the time and still is believable
there is litterally no point to the truck ive seen it ive tried every thing ive used every HM by it and nothing ive brought every kind of pokemon i had to it and still nothing it is literally a flaw in the game they probably added the cookie so u didnt go there for nothing even though it kinda is for nothing because u can buy as many cookies u want on ruby/sapphire sry u wasted ur time sry u didnt get mew sry for w/e theres nothing in the truck but im still doing research maybe ill find something out and post it well until i do cya :frustrated: :frustrated: :frustrated:

Fri May 29, 2009 8:36 pm
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Pokemon Trainer
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The way I heard it the rumor of mew existing in the game originated from player speculation. Because the graphics capabilities of r/b/g/y players were suspicious of why there was a random truck in the middle of the dock. The reason the truck is still there in FRLG is because the developers wanted to pay homage to the popular rumor, this time however under the truck you can find a lava cookie.

Sat May 30, 2009 11:56 am
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You can catch Mew in FireRed/LeafGreen?
LOLZ= :frustrated:

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Oh, Yeah!

Mon Jun 01, 2009 9:09 am
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Absolutely not! Mew is not obtainable in FRLG by catching. The only way you can get it in those games, iirc, is to trade it from Emerald, the only Hoenn game where it is available. Look at the list of Pal Park Pokes, and Mew is only transferable from Emerald. Meaning that it's probably not available in the others, considering the fact that you must transfer from a certain cart.

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