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 Winning Ribbon: Gardevoir (Emerald) 
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I believe this is my first time asking about it here, so...

I had a new, preordered copy of Emerald, and in it my "Tracer" Gardevoir (did it get that far?) was a favorite of mine. I had lost that copy someplace, though, but eventually got a used one. Now I have "Tracia" (had been Tracer, but I'm enamoured enough to make its/her name more feminine), and I want to get everything for her that I can. The current, most 'urgent' is the Winning Ribbon from the Battle Tower.

Let's see, Tracia's info...
-- There are a few clones of her in the game - the Lv50 I'm carrying, another Lv50, a Lv69 (the original one? not sure), and a Lv100
-- Nature Naughty (I know, nerf'd eh? But, alas, I'm charmed by it)
-- If my notes are correct, her/their DVs are:
~ HP: 19
~ At: 25
~ De: 18
~ SA: 6
~ SD: 19
~ Sp: 29
-- The Lv50s' stats: HP:153 / At:93 / De:79 / SA:133 / SD:117 / Sp:103 (I know I was EV re-training, but I don't know what the EVs are at the moment)
-- The Lv50s' EXP. are at 159272, with 6541 to Lv51 (and thus exclusion from the Winning Ribbon)
-- The Lv100's stats are HP:265 / At:176 / De:153 / SA:261 / SD:228 / Sp:194 (checking old notes, that's without EVs)
-- All their movesets are:
~ Psychic
~ Shadow Ball (I like it, and reason it takes advantage of her/their nature)
~ Calm Mind
~ Thunderbolt
(since I clone, I can switch out anything but Calm Mind, I think (what was it [all] I lost in a nerf'd cloning?)

I want THIS Gardevoir to get that Ribbon, despite how inoptimal it is. I do not intend to keep this Emerald save game forever, and I have an incomplete Ruby game up, so whatever would put me at the best chances would be great. On Emerald, my current beefy creatures are Gyarados, Magneton, Tropius, the Regis, Pelipper, Aggron... and I guess whatever I have caught or can catch. I'm reluctant to use vitamins on the Gardevoir (want to either keep it untouched or fully-used, given the vitamin limits). If the R/S tower would be easier, then I can plow through on Ruby to get it ready.

Prolly not coming off too clear or sane, but I intend that, eventually, this Gardevoir and maybe a couple clones will make it out of all this before a restart, and the Ribbon collecting intrigues me (I had asked somewhere about how much I can max out its contest stats, but I'll get confused about those after I cap this off).

Tue Feb 17, 2009 7:23 am
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Nearly year-old BUMP?

I got Platinum a couple days ago (wanna grab that Pikachu-colored Pichu), and am now in my first round of the Tower (again) after pumping some vitamins into my Gyarados and Aggron, see how far i can go off these.

I considered breeding, keeping the nature and ability, but then remembered that eggs hatch into Poké Balls... right? If there's a way to get a Ralts to hatch into a Premier Ball, then please let me know.

Mon Feb 08, 2010 6:15 am
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