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 my random team not my best 
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Bug Catcher

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on my emerald, i have various good pokemon that i got in trades, i also have 9 lv100s this is my lv 50-60 team plz rate

Salamence lv 50 Adamant @king's rock
Fire blast (to cover its 4x weakness to ice, and it burns)
Hidden Power Psychic (it wasnt my choice, but kills gengar)
Headbutt (flinches, high base power, and gets flinch bonus from King's rock)
Dragonbreath (Paralyzes, + STAB move)

Ludicolo lv 58 Quirky @ leftovers
Rain dance (because rain dish and powers up surf)
Leech seed (restores HP, Blissey Killer)
Giga drain (restores HP + STAB)
Surf (duh a must have for STAB)

Dragonite lv 55 lax @ nevermeltice
Ice beam (duh for dragons)
Wing Attack (STAB)
Thunder-wave (slows down Dragon Dancers)
Surf (idk its just there)

Heracross lv 55 Jolly @ Salac berry
Endure (reversal)
Brick break (STAB and breaks walls)
Megahorn (must have and STAB)
Reversal (STAB)

Swampert lv 58 hasty @ Shell bell
Surf (STAB)
Mirror coat (suprises people to see that)
Ice Beam (Good for Grass types, sceptile to be specific)
Earthquake (STAB)

Tyranitar lv 55 quiet @ CHoice Band
Crunch (STAB)
Rock Slide (STAB and flinches)
Aerial ace (for those fighting types)
Thunder (hits skarmory and water types very hard)

well rate it see if you can come up with something to beat all of them ps how do i enter those pokemon icons on the side?

Fri Mar 28, 2008 8:08 am
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Gym Leader
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This should go in The Third Generation Rating Center. *Locked*
Also, the pokemon images are made by typing
{bulbasaur} All lower case, with those brackets around them. And make sure you don't have the Disable Smilies option checked.


Fri Mar 28, 2008 8:46 am
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