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 Non-RBY Pokemon in the RBY Metagame 
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Ok, so, we see that there are only 151 pokemon in the RBY metagame, 149 not-banned (all ban mewtwo, most ban mew), and several stupid useless pokemon that evolve.

So, what if we actaully expanded this? Use pokemon from other generations, use only the moves available in RBY, and discuss its potency. Please specify which special you would go off of - the Special Attack, or the Special Defense?

Here's an example:

A big one is....SWAMPERT!

Special = Base 85 (Blastoise - How ironic :O)
~Mimic/Rest/Substitute/Body Slam/Hyper Beam

So, we see a powerful type combo - Water and Ground. No real weaknesses (ZOMG, Mega Drain does 30%!!!!11!), a cool resist in electric, and moves to counter everything.
The last spot has the choice of Mimicing a Thunderbolt (unlikely being able to) or a Psychic (Starmie), or Recover (Starmie, FTW). Rest because its Defense and HP are great. Substitute if you really fear being solar beamed, or mega drain (lol). Hyper Beam just because. Really a tossup - it can function with just its first three moves.
Definitely beats out Blastoise in Water starters.

Think this is good? Lets look to the usually forgotten brother, Quagsire:

Special = Base 65 (Arbok)

OMG COOL!!!!!!!
Amnesia on up, it'll get pretty close to the max of 999.

Now, we know how Lapras and Dewgong are, but how's Walrein?
Special = Base 90 (on par with its brethren)
~Ice Beam/Blizzard

Slightly better defense and speed, same special, lower hp and attack. Inferior in every other way. Use Lapras first, then use this if you are tired.

So, you have three examples from me. Post yours. I honestly could do them all, but ones that might be easy/interesting: Gyara with Earthquake (remember - it had better special back then, but EQ never hurt), Tyranitar, Salamence,

Those on the banned list: Non-final evolutions (except good reason - like Scyther vs Scizor), Unown (auto struggle).

Tue Nov 20, 2007 5:16 pm
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