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 LeafGreen/FireRed Journal 
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Pokemon Ranger
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Well, I looked and didn't see a journal for the revisited kanto games. This is basically the same thing as the E/R/S version.
krisp wrote:

:Arrow: Only post if you can explain your adventure in more than 2 lines.
:Arrow: Do not post and say "I'm going to fight Flannery now! Here is my team: <teamhere>". - Explain the outcome of your battle, and so on.
:Arrow: If you are going to fight a Gym Leader, explain the tactics you used and such. If you're losing, don't post and say "I lost. I'm training more now."
:Arrow: Do not just post your team. Post your location, and possibly some items you have picked up on the way.
:Arrow: If you decide to go out and catch all the legendaries, please explain it in one post. Don't post about catching Registeel, then make three more posts explaining how you caught Regirock, Regice, and Rayquaza.
:Arrow: Only post once a day. You don't write in a normal journal 3 times a day, so it shouldn't be any different in this thread.
:Arrow: No "Nothing happened today. <teamhere>"

This is to cut down on some of the spam that has been, or could go on in the future.

Well, lets see what happening in mine. . . . *runs to check* . . . .I have finally made it to Celadon City after wandering in Rock Tunnel. I really hate that place. Don't you? I went to go get the {eevee} from the place and now I'm training it up to match my current team. i'm gonna get a {vaporeon}. Actually, I can't decide. What should I do:
:arrow: train {eevee} and evolve it to {vaporeon}
:arrow: get {starmie}/{slowbro} and evolve eevee to {umbreon}/{espeon}

Anyway. . .I haven't done anything in Celadon yet. Haven't taken on Gym or taken on TR! STill training eevee. Heres my current team:

{charizard}: level 36
{pidgeot}: level 36
{nidorino}: level 36
{pikachu}: level 36
{eevee}: level 26
{persian}: level 36

what do ya think?

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Wed Aug 30, 2006 12:34 pm
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Look a little harder next time please. It may not be as big as you might have expected, but it's still there.

(That's a link, by the way)



Wed Aug 30, 2006 6:10 pm
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