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 A guide to Stat Experience 
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Stat Experience
This guide is, in huge part, taken from other websites, mainly: ... aining.htm

Much of this guide is only somewhat confirmed.


WHAT is stat experience?

Stat experience is like the RBY/GSC equivalent to EVs, with the major difference that you can max your stat experience for each stat. Stat experience will normally refer to the stat exp in RBY/GSC, whereas EVs will normally refer to EVs in RBY/FRLG.

EVs are customizable, so to speak, whereas with Stat Exp, there is none of that customization. But don't forget that, at lvl 100 with max stat points, two of the same pokemon will still have different stats because of DVs.

There is no way of telling how much stat exp you have, aside from keeping track of every pokemon you defeat.

A level 100 pokemon with maxed stat experience for a stat will have 63 more points of that stat than a pokemon with no stat experience for that stat.

The extra stats as a result of stat experience are called stat points.

There is a seperate stat experience value for HP, ATK, DEF, SPD, and SPCL (which applies or special attack and special defense).


Stat experience is stored as a value between 0 and 65535, which is exactly 2 bytes for each stat (since 65535 is FFFF in hex). Although you effectively can only have 65025. That last part is unconfirmed.

When a pokemon is first captured, hatched, or traded from an in-game npc, that pokemon has 0 stat exp for all stats. Pokemon obtained from a link trade will have as much stat exp as it had before it was traded.

When you defeat an enemy pokemon, you recieve stat experience for each stat equal to that pokemon's base stat.

For example, here are the base stats of a Clefairy:
HP: 70
Attack: 45
Defense: 48
Speed: 35
Special (RBY): 60
Spec. Attack (GSC): 60
Spec. Defense (GSC): 65

If my Pidgey (or any other of my pokemon) defeats any Clefairy, it will recieve 70 stat exp for HP, 45 stat exp for attack, etc.

In GSC, you recieve Special stat exp equal to the Special Attack Base Stat of the defeated pokemon.

Note that the level of the defeated pokemon does not matter, since a lvl 15 Clefairy and a lvl 70 Clefairy have the same base stats.


When two or more pokemon are present in battling a pokemon, they share the Experience, right? Well guess what? They SHARE the Stat Exp as well.


Most Pokemon's base stat are around 70-80 ish. Well at this rate, you will need to defeat 800 SOME POKEMON to max you stat exp. Dang. That sure makes Stat Exp training a lot harder than EV training.

Well the good news is that you don't even need to Stat Exp train, since you can max your stat experience for all stats.


Rare candies do not provide stat exp.

Pokerus doubles the stat exp gained, for the infected pokemon.

Lucky egg does not affect stat exp.

Pokemon traded from other players or in-game npc gain experience faster than normal, but I don't believe this is also true for stat experience.



Stat enhancers provide 2550 stat exp apiece. Stat enhancers only work up to 25500, that is, when a stat's stat exp is greater than or equal to 25500, stat enhancers will stop working.

By the way, using stat enhancers until no more can be used gives you 40 stat points. When

calculating DVs, you can use stat enhancers like such so that you know your stat points (ignore that if you don't know what I'm talking about).



Since you cannot directly tell what your stat exp, you will have to go out of the way to see what it is.

The stat enhancer method

If you use stat enhancers until you can use no more, your pokemon will have 25500 stat exp. If your first stat enhancer did not work, then you must use another method.

Full stat exp

1. Perform the box trick. Record your stats.
2. Go defeat a ton of pokemon. Like 50. The more the better.
3. Perform the box trick. If your stats didn't change at all, you have full stat exp.

Unless you didn't kill enough pokemon.

The Stat Formula Method

The Stat Formula is:

Stat = (((A+B)*2+C)*D/100)+E
A = Base Stat
B = DV
C = Stat Points
D = Pokemon's Level
E = 10 if you're dealing with HP, 5 if you're dealing for any other stat.

Solve that for C (stat points) and you get:

C = (S-E)*(100/D)-2A-2B

And now you know your stat points.


So how are stat points calculated?

It takes fewer experience points to get from lvl 5 to lvl 6, than from lvl 79 to lvl 80, right? So it is logical to believe that stat experience and stat points work in a similar way.(I'd like to remind you that this information is largely based on information from other websites.) Now, based on certain sources, and from some in game tests, this is what I came up with:

S = 16*C^2 - 8*C + 2

where C is stat points for a stat and S is your stat exp for that stat.

If you are using the above formula, plug in your C value to find your minimum stat exp, and C+1 into the formula and then subtract one to find your maximum stat exp. In other words:

(16*C^2 - 8*C + 2) is less than or equal to S, and S is less than or equal to 16*(C+1)^2 - 8*(C+1) + 2

Or it could be written as:

C = (SQRT(S-1) + 1) / 4

According to this formula, it takes 10 stat exp for 1 stat point, and 50 stat exp for 2 stat points, etc. , all the way up to 63002 stat exp for 63 stat points.

Note that, theoretically, 65026 stat exp would make 64 stat points, but you can't have 64 stat points, which is why I said at the beginning that you effectively can only have 65025 stat exp for any one stat. (By the way, 65025 is 255 times 255, and 255 is FF in hex.)



that's it. Thank you for your time.

Fri Nov 10, 2006 10:43 pm
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