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 Beat this deck! 
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Psychic Trainer
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This is a deck I built via the Redshark Program from Pokebeach.
I have defeated it ONCE; and it was pure luck then. I now challenge you to build a deck to beat it, with the following rules:

1. Name the series for each and every card. Preferably, you'll name the number, too.

2. Describe how the deck works. I will describe this one as an example.

3. This had better be good: Remember, there are NO restrictions.

So, here's the deck list:

2 Gallade (SW-6)
2 Gardevoir (SW-7)
4 Kirlia (SW-53)
4 Ralts (SW-102)
4 Budew (SF-33)
2 Mespirit (LA-34)
18 Pokemon Total

3 Buck's Training
3 Copycat
4 Poke Radar
4 Poke Healer+
4 Potion
2 Speed Stadium
20 Trainers Total

15 Psychic Energy
7 Fighting Energy
22 Energy Total

60 cards total

This deck is based off of the Gardevoir/Gallade line in Secret Wonders.
Gardevoir can use opponent's Supporter Cards and stop Poke-Powers, and Gallade can view your Prize Cards.
Both deal heavy damage. Kirlia can re-use your own Supporters, and Ralts is just to get the res of the line out.
Mespirit can deal heavier damage a little faster, and can (temporarily) halt Poke-Powers like Gardevoir can.
Budew's only purpose in life is to get other cards out onto the ground.

Buck's Training an Speed Stadium give you a little drawing power. Copycat will get you a fresh hand now and then, as well as power up Mespirit. Poke Radar serves the same purpose as Budew, and Potion and Poke Healer +
will help keep you in the black.


I found my own solution, since nobody seems to care right now.
This deck has been tested several times, and it does indeed work.

2 Ninjask (DX-13)
2 Shedinja (DX-14 or DR-11)
4 Nincada (LA-108 {Almost any Nincada will do})
4 Murkrow (N.Gen-24)
3 Sneasel (N.Gen-25)
15 Pokemon Total

3 Master Ball
3 Dusk Ball
4 Great Ball
4 Gold Berry
4 Energy Recycle System
4 Professor Elm
4 Super Rod or Revive
2 Snowpoint Temple
2 Power Tree
30 Trainers Total

15 Darkness Energy (The basic kind from DP)
15 Energy Total

60 cards total

Now, everybody here who has seen or used Neo Genesis Sneasel knows exactly how awesome it is.
I figured that was a part of the solution. DX Nincada family is another nasty line in my opinion as well.
Ninjask's Fast Protection keeps it safe from all Basic Pokemon, like Mespirit. It's very anti Haymaker.
DX Shedinja can be used as semi-cannon fodder to stall a while until you can power up Ninjask
or Sneasel. DR shedinja, however, is like Ninjask only with evolved and EX Pokemon. But, it also has a retreat cost.
(Not a big one though.) Whichever you prefer is fine. Finally, Murkrow is there so you can trap Budew, leaving your opponent incappable while you sniper rifle at their Bench with Faint Attack. (This works on a lot of other babys too.)
The only thing you need to watch out for isan evolved Lightning Pokemon.

The Trainers are all about getting Sneasel out there and powered up. The various balls will help get Sneasel out to attack, as well as others to power up Beat Up. Gold Berry and Snowpoint Temple will keep him and others alive a LOT longer. Energy Recycle, Super Rod/Revive, and Power Tree will help get cards out of the discard pile.
Professor Elm can be used whenever you get a bad hand a need need a new one.

This deck can be used against a lot of other stuff too. It's anti Haymaker. It's immune to cards like Fossil Muk and SW Gardevoir mentioned earlier. It's not too bad against Fossil Aerodactyl. Even Sneasel will resign to this!
I'm loving it.

Someone lock this please.

I am gone now.....*sniff*

Sat Dec 27, 2008 1:32 pm
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This isnt a serious reply but...

1 base set mewtwo
59 psychic energy cards

Use barrier, stall out.

Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:51 pm
Psychic Trainer
Psychic Trainer
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Joined: Thu Nov 06, 2008 10:34 am
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I'm not sure that would work so well. You wouldn't be able to attack.
Not to mention that as soon as you run out of Energies, it's game over. You'd just make it boring.

But, nice try.

I am gone now.....*sniff*

Sat Jan 17, 2009 7:21 pm
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