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So, what's everyone's thoughts on it? For those who don't know Backmasking is when they record messages into a song backwards. is a really good site for it. Out of those, at least in my opinion, Fire On High and Empty Spaces are the only true ones. For all the rest it's just the power of suggestion. I'll try to only talk about the ones featured on that site. Imagine for example, most just here gibberish when played backwards, after they read the lyrics they usually hear the message. (NOTE: I am going to mention the messages and as once you know what it "should" say you can NEVER replicate the original impression until you've completely forgotten it, that'll take months at least. So I STRONGLY suggest you listen to the songs forward and backwards before continuing reading or reading the reverse lyrics)

So, in Imagine The people war beside me, audible easily once you know, but, just to show it's simply suggestion, this is what I heard first time, if you listen for it, you'll hear it just as clearly as the people war beside me. Beepavoooore you must have me. Try it, freaky, eh? I also suggest you get Audacity as it is very fun. Now, if you have it, get an MP3 of Imagine and play 15 to 35 backwards, now play it again but listen for this. It's so unbelievable I'm ***** I shut it's easy and I wonder and oooooh. Cool, eh? Those examples are of course the power of suggestion. Sometimes they truly backmask, my favorite example is Fire on High, forwards, gibberish that sounds backwards, that's a sign, 99% of the time when you hear that, it's because it IS backwards. They recorded something, flipped it, and put the flipped portion into a song. Fire on High there is absolutely no doubt that they really are saying The music is reversable but time isn't.... So yeah. Here's a real fun thing, record yourself just saying stuff and play it backwards, you'll hear tons of stuff, why? Your brain cannot handle chaos, that's how alot of supposed backmasking started. I have to go now but I'll write some more hopefully tomorrow.

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