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 Focus Band 
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I was under the idea that Focus Band worked once. I use an attack that would potentially KO the opponent, they endure the hit (10% of the time) and then FBand won't work next time.

However, during the Battle Fronteir, I was making my way up the ranks to beat Noland, and came across a Blastoise. I managed to whittle him away with Surf (with my Milotic) and he hung on with his Focus Band. I had ample HP, and despite the fact I was slower, assumed that I would survive his next attack.

I use Surf. It hangs on again.

It uses EQ, gets a critical hit, and I drop down into the red.

Assuming that what I thought was Focus Band the first time was actually just falling into the red (and I had imagined the Focus Band kicking in) I thought it safe to finish him off.

I used Surf once more. It hangs on again.

Now, I am asking this because I always thought Focus Band worked once. However, even if it does work more than once, three times in a row makes an unlikely percentage.

So, is it a glitch with my game, or can the Focus Band be used unlimitedly?

If so, then its a bit bad, because you could potentially win a battle with a Double Slapping Clefable that's getting lucky with a Focus Band. :/

Help required!



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Mon Apr 16, 2007 11:41 am
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I think the Focus Band *can* work more than once in succession, and it probably could in theory work unlimitedly. The odds, though, would be very low. I'm not, however, sure if the odds of it working go down with each use (compare with Protect/Detect). If that's true, then the odds would eventually go down to a very tiny percentage, so unless you're some bushel-load of luck the Focus Band won't work unlimitedly.



Mon Apr 16, 2007 11:59 am
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Your just extremely lucky [or in this case, the blastoise :( ] the band can work multiple times in a row, and you should be like SNoWBaLL and buy a lottery ticket.

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Mon Apr 16, 2007 1:57 pm
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ive had the same experience in the battle factory where the opponents kangaskhan had 3 consecutive focus band activations. thats a 1/1000 chance which is approximately equal to the odds of sheer cold hitting 6 times in a row. for some reason, we dont usually think of that as being a possibility. on the other hand, i was in a battle once and the opponent used a OHKO move against me. i was horrified to find that it hit (like they always seem to do) but then i was delighted to find out that my rented poke had a focus band and it allowed me to survive the hit!! :lol:

still, i really hate those items. like bright powder, focus band, quick claw, kings rock. i just feel like if you have to win 70 battles in a row with randomly generated pokemon you have to have a good team anyway, but throw in the possibility that your moves will just randomly miss sometimes, or that a rhydon will beat your alakazam to the first move, and it just gets stupid. ive had too many good streaks ended by pure dumb luck.

wow, another rant......

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Mon Apr 16, 2007 7:21 pm
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