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 Important: Orange Islands is Getting Deleted 
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Okay, that was just to grab your attention.


There have been WAY too many spoilers in here. This topic isn't just posted as a sticky, but as an ANNOUNCEMENT, because I'm sick and tired of having to go through and edit posts to protect spoilers. And if there are any posts that are 100% spoilers, they will be deleted. So guys, please just be conscious of what you're doing. Here, I'll even help you by making a list of things that you should put the invisible code onto:

1. Things in the anime that have yet to happen in America
2. Endings to the movies 4-7 (most people have seen 1-3)

Now please, PAY ATTENTION, and FOLLOW THE RULES. Help me help you to help other people. Mmkay?

-pelligargetic >8(

[color=#6BCBFF]If you wish to post something about a new anim


Wed Jun 08, 2005 11:19 am
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So okay,I liked the Jarachi movie.

Sat Jun 17, 2006 8:35 am
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Okay everyone, as the new mod of this forum, it's about time I posted in this announcement.

The amount of uncensored spoilers in Orange Islands is simply OUTRAGEOUS. If all posters in here would be so kind as to use this:

on all spoilers. A spoiler being: a) information on any of the movies, whether released her or not, or b) ANYTHING NOT REVEALED IN JAPAN. Now, even though rule a is a new rule, I have yet to see it be broken. So you guys just make sure you say things like "FIRST MOVIE SPOILERS:Ash dies and comes back to life through the power of pokemon tears at the end of the 1st movie" or "SIXTH MOVIE SPOILERS: Jirachi goes away at the end, but Max is okay with it". Now, the reason I ask for you to say which movie you'll be spoiling is because people might have seen some movies and not others, capiche?

Now, the SECOND rule is the one that's really out of hand. People are posting about Dawn and Paul's future teams, how many times Ash has to refight the Eterna City gym, and other stuff that SOME PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED. Now, unlike with the movie rule, you don't have to specify what you're spoiling, like "Spoiler about Ash's team: etc.". No. All you have to do is type out your sentence normally, and then MAKE SURE TO PUT THE COLOR TAGS ON IT. For example:

"Well, I can pretty much tell you right now that Brock will not be getting a turtwig seeing as Ash AND Paul both have/has one."

See what a fantastic job I did of concealing that spoiler? Good, because you should do the same. People don't like stuff spoiled for them, so STOP.

bumped so you guys will bother to READ

Tue Aug 28, 2007 1:46 pm
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