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 Balancing the Types 
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OK so throughout my travels of this forum, I have found numerous complaints about how the current elemental types are not balanced (like grass sucking and such). So this post is meant to discuss possible ways of fixing the unbalanced Type Chart.


I came up with two ways of redoing the Type Chart; Simplistic and Points Based.

The two different approaches are shown below:


In the Simplistic approach of dealing with the unbalanced Type Chart in Pokemon, I simply established 2 types that each type are strong against, and 2 types it is ineffective against. The following is what I came up with. Some are completely new (like flying being strong against fire due to wind being able to put out a fire) and some are familiar.

Strong Against:
Fire is strong against - grass, steel
Water - fire, ground
Grass - water, ground
Ground - electric, steel
Rock - flying, electric
Steel - rock, ice
Electric - flying, water
Flying - fire, fighting
Bug - dark, psychic
Fighting - ice, rock
Psychic - fighting, poison
Dark - psychic, poison
Poison - dark, bug
Ice - bug, grass
Normal - none
Ghost - ghost
Dragon - dragon


Weak Against:
Fire is weak against - water, flying
Water - grass, electric
Grass - fire, ice
Ground - grass, water
Rock - fighting, steel
Steel - fire, ground
Electric - ground, rock
Flyling - rock, electric
Bug - poison, ice
Fighting - psychic, flying
Psychic - dark, bug
Dark - poison, bug
Poison - dark, psychic
Ice - steel, fighting
Normal - none
Ghost - none
Dragon - none


Pros: Very balanced.

Cons: Boring. No Immunities. Dragon and Ghost are essentially identical. No type can be a "defensive" type or "offensive" type because every type has the same amount of strengths and weaknesses.

Comments: The amount of weaknesses/strengths can easily be changed from 2 to 1 or 3 or more. As long as the amount for each type is the same, the priciple remains the same.


Points Based

In the Points Based approach, the types are given a number of points to assign. Immunities and Super-Effectives are worth 2 points, and Resistances are worth 1 point. In my example, I assigned 10 points total to each type. Fire gets 8 points from being super-effective against ice, grass, bug, and steel ( 4 times 2). Fire gets an additional 2 points from being resistant to grass and fire (1 times 2).

- strong against: bug, grass, ice, steel (8 points there)
- resistant to: grass, fire (2 points there)
- immune to: none (0 points there)

=10 points

- strong against: fire, ground, rock
- resistant to: fire, ice, steel, water
- immune to: none

- strong against: water, ground, rock
- resistant to: electric, grass, ground, water
- immune to: none

- strong against: electric, fire, rock, steel
- resistant to: none
- immune to: electric

- strong against: bug, flying, ice
- resistant to: electric, fire, flying, poison
- immune to: none

- strong against: none
- resistant to: bug, dark, flying, grass, ice, steel, psychic, rock,
- immune to: poison

- strong against: flying, water
- resistant to: electric, flying, steel, ice
- immune to: water

- strong against: bug, fighting, fire
- resistant to: fighting, grass
- immune to: ground

- strong against: dark, grass, psychic
- resistant to: fighting, grass, dark, psychic
- immune to: none

- strong against: normal, rock, steel, ice, dark
- resistant to: none
- immune to: none

- strong against: fighting, poison
- resistant to: fighting, psychic, normal, dragon
- immune to: poison

- strong against: psychic, ghost
- resistant to: dark, ghost, dragon, poison
- immune to: psychic

- strong against: grass, bug
- resistant to: bug, fighting, ghost, grass
- immune to: poison

- strong against: dragon, flying, grass, ground
- resistant to: none
- immmune to: ice

- strong against: none
- resistant to: none
- immune to: ghost

- strong against: ghost, psychic
- resistant to: bug, poison
- immune to: fight, normal

- strong against: dragon
- resistant to: electric, fire, grass, water
- immune to: none


Pros: Interesting, more strategy involved, stays much closer to the original Type Chart.

Cons: Not as directly balanced as Simplistic.

Comments: Normal and Dragon do not follow the 10 point rule. The amount of points that can be assigned to each type can range a lot.


OK so what do you guys think? Do either method effectively "balance" the type chart like everyone wants, or not really at all?

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Sat May 08, 2010 12:31 am
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For your steel strenghts you have none isnt steel strong against rock, Ice


Sat May 08, 2010 12:46 pm
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Dragon Tamer

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That's kind of the whole point, I redid who is strong and weak against what in an attempt to balance out the types.

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Sat May 08, 2010 1:37 pm
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