trade pokerus infected pokemon for black HURRY
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Author:  KingsXD [ Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:44 pm ]
Post subject:  trade pokerus infected pokemon for black HURRY

i have a pokerus infected scraggy level 23, a gurdurr level 26, a dewott level 28, a trubbish level 25, a whimsicott level 24 and a darumaka level 26 that i would like to trade in black and white. all of these pokemon are infected with pokerus, none were cheated for i simply went to go heal my pokemon and the nurse told me they were infected with pokerus. I am looking for a shiny considering the odds of getting a pokerus infected pokemon is 3 in more than 56,000

i will be open for submissions until i find a good trade offer.

pokemon i will take instantly for any of these:
shiny minccino
shiny emolga
shiny drilbur
shiny blitzel
shiny munna
shiny any of the pan pokemon (pansear, panpour, pansage)

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