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Let me preface this post by saying how much I love using this awesome feature of Psypoke. It is helping me solve many debates between Pokemon, and has allowed the theory nut that I am (all theory and no practice! :P) to have some in-depth projects take shape. But there are some interesting bugs (at least I think they are) that I have run into while using it.

Mostly, it relates to Pokemon that have alternate forms. The two that leap to mind because I want to see the actual difference between them and their alterations are Rotom and Deoxys. If I recall correctly, there used to be a difference between standard and other forms, which I noted early on in my project.

But now that I am doing more in-depth work, I find that those options have vanished. Deoxys left by itself, despite being coded to supposedly be a separate entry in the Comparer, defaults to its Speed form unless you put a form in parentheses after it. Rotom left by itself, despite similarly being coded to be a different entity in the Comparer, now defaults to the Mow form. This doesn't help me because I am perfectly aware that the different forms have different stats that I want to acknowledge for my project.

Any other examples that I find I will post here (or more likely edit), but any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Edit 1: Darmanitan also defaults to its Zen form, even when you select it from the dropdown box. Meloetta defaults to its Pirouette form, but I guess this one is not as bad as the ones above. Shaymin defaults to its Sky form, and even getting it from the dropdown box does not allow you to see the Land form, and even typing (Land) comes up empty. Wormadam comes up with Wormadam (Trash), and the only way to change it is either to specify from dropdown or typing (Plant)/(Sandy).
Edit 2: Kyurem defaults to its Black form, unless you type White. Even selecting it from the dropdown box results in the same thing.
Edit 3: Tornadus/Thundurus show the Therian forms when you merely type them, although their stats actually match the Incarnate forms. Even when I select either one, the stats are always fitting of the Incarnate forms. Is there a way to make the Therian forms have their correct stats, and the actual Incarnate forms with their own?

AEPMT :mrgreen: ;) 8-)

It's great to complete a Pokedex! So I'll need some help...

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