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Author:  WirelessBrain [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 10:43 am ]
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I scoured all the forum to find out where to post this but this was all i could find to post it so...

It's not a problem, just a question about the site.

'Apparently a little-known fact: Psypoke does not have an S at the end of it.'
Well yeah, but why is the URL Merely because the URL was already taken?

I was just curious about this...Sorry if it WAS in the wrong place, please correct me if so.

Author:  AEP: Master Trainer [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 12:50 pm ]
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Just try going to and see what happens... I did it once, and due to my mistake, I will always call this site by its web address, despite all the signs that lead opposite...

I don't understand it either, honestly, but suffice it to know. Here's a link for your result in case you might be lazy... Psypoke with no "s" in web address

AEPMT :mrgreen: ;) 8-)

Author:  Frost [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:48 pm ]
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You can call it Psypokes all you want, but you're wrong, sorry to say. began in 1999 and it was owned by a Canadian webmaster named Abra Kadabra or Abra K. He left the site about a year and a half later and left the first Psypoke Elite Four in charge: Nova, TheKirbster, Deadeyedave and darkmind. A few months after he left, Abra K. let the domain expire and the Elite Four couldn't get it back because domain squatters got a hold of it. In late 2002, the current Elite Four restarted Psypoke, and darkmind was a part of that group as well, so "" and "" are the same website, and some of the current admins were members of the community back in the days. Anyway, we got two domains for free when we restarted the site - and When our hosting server shut down, we lost both of those domains and, like, they got taken by domain squatters.

When we were lucky enough to move to Classic Gaming and get the site running smoothly again, we wanted an actual domain again instead of (don't bother clicking, Classic Gaming doesn't do hosting anymore so it's a dead link) or whatever it used to be. At this point all of the "main" domains with our site's name had been acquired by squatters -, and We figured that would be the closest to what people might have remembered from the old days and as TK once said, "Psypokes are the members of Psypoke."

It really annoys me (and pretty much all of the other staff members who were around since before we started using that people continue to call the site "Psypokes." Yes, we know that's the name in the URL. But just look at all uses of the site's name on the site itself. The name in the logo on site, forums and chatroom is Psypoke with no second S. Anytime a staff member refers to the site by name, it is Psypoke with no second S. In the title bar on your browser window, it is Psypoke with no second S. On IGN's list of hosted web sites, we are Psypoke with no S. Yet people continue to ignore all of this and call us by the non-existent "Psypokes" because that's the domain.

Not every business/activity in the world has their exact official name as their web domain. Does the band Live own No. But do people suddenly call the band Friends of Live because their domain name is There was a point in time where Madonna's official web site was but nobody ever said "Hey, do you like that new song by Madonna Music?" So I personally find it a little insulting that people can't even get the name of our website right. I know that the URL is, but that's simply the best we could get under the circumstances.

Author:  Lawence Codye [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:27 pm ]
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Well now that I know the origins of the website, I now understand what's going on & can rightfully start calling the community Psypoke, effective immediately...

Author:  WirelessBrain [ Tue Jun 22, 2010 2:57 pm ]
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Lawence Codye wrote:
Well now that I know the origins of the website, I now understand what's going on & can rightfully start calling the community Psypoke, effective immediately...

Agreed, and i didn't know any of that, it's quite interesting to know aswell.
I never really use the term 'Psypoke' or 'Psypokes' either way, i was just curious on why its got the 'S' on the URL when the informaion thingy at the top said the name had no 's'. Thanks for explaining :)
Good to be a member of Psypoke anyway. XD

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