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 Thelegendary123's Trainer School Experience 
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Today, for one time only, the TL channel is going to help complete newbies, noobs or whatever you want to call them get into the swing of Pokemon games! I'm going to run through the basic checklist for all new trainers, and give you a list of good pokemon to have by your side by the Elite Four. So then, here we go...

STARTING YOUR QUEST (to become the best)
When you begin your journey, you will ALWAYS recieve one Pokemon. There is a range of these rare beasts (rare because you need to trade to get them all) throughout the games. Here are the first three Pokemon that you will encounter: {bulbasaur} Bulbasaur, the grass type starter (Evolves into {ivysaur} Ivysaur and then {venusaur} Venusaur), {charmander} Charmander, the fire type starter (Evolves into {charmeleon} Charmeleon and then {charizard} Charizard), and, last but not least (and my original starter) {squirtle} Squirtle, the water type starter (Evolves into {wartortle} Wartortle and then {blastoise} Blastoise). After you recieve one of these Pokemon you will be given a battle (or two, in the case of the latest duo of games), either against your "Rival", who I'll tell you more about later, or a wild Pokemon. So then, what does the term "wild Pokemon" mean?

Before we begin with this section, let's get one thing to begin with: YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FINISH THE GAME WITH JUST YOUR STARTER UNLESS YOU'RE EXTREMELY LUCKY. There are so many types that are strong against other types, and it's impossible that you will have an easy time on ANY Pokemon gym with just one pokemon. Now then, we've got that over with, let me explain what wild Pokemon are. These beasts come in various shapes and, in later games, even FORMS! You can find different quantities of wild Pokemon (from now on I'm going to call them "WPs"), from common beasts (e.g Pidgey {pidgey} and Rattata {rattata} to name the first WPs you'll come across if you begin from the first games in the series), to rare beasts, or "Legendaries" as most Pokemon players call them. These beasts are extremely rare, with only one of each in every game. These legendaries include beasts like {articuno} Articuno, {zapdos} Zapdos and {moltres} Moltres, the first Legendaries you're likely to come across.

Your rival is one of the toughest trainers you'll face numerous times during your quest. This guy (or guys in Black and White) are often going to make you go :censored: when you are defeated by them. He/She ALWAYS picks the pokemon type thats stronger against your starter. Say if I chose {squirtle}, My rival would chose {bulbasaur}. Although the first battle against him/her will be easy, this is before their starter learns a move of their pokemon's type (i.e Bulbasaur learns Vine Whip quite early on), when it will become very difficult. I recommend starting with the water type though, because flying types are common around the first few routes. The only exception to the "Rival Rule" is Bianca from Black and White. She always uses the starter weaker then yours.

Pokemon types are the basis of "Super Effective" and "Not very Effective" moves. A full table of type strengths and weaknesses can be found here: The types are basic and EVERY Pokemon has a type. No Pokemon has more then two types.

There are LOADS of abilities in Pokemon. From static to flame body, there are abilities that help (and hinder) your Pokemon battles. A full list of abilities and what they do can be found here: These abilities are good at turning the tide of Pokemon battles.

Please give any information that you think that I've missed and that you think is Important.

Note: I haven't included IVs as I don't think that new players need to know about that when they first begin. If you think otherwise, then please reply with that information! UNTIL NEXT TIME POKE-FANS!

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Firstly, this is the best guide you've done so far.

The only criticism I can possibly think of is organisation. You say "Here are the first three Pokemon that you will encounter" without specifying which games they're in, etc. "After you receive one of these Pokemon you will be given a battle (or two, in the case of the latest duo of games), either against your "Rival", who I'll tell you more about later, or a wild Pokemon.", that bit supports what I mentioned there as well. The only reason I point this out is that this guide, as you say, is written for newbies, and newbies won't know what starters are for what games, etc. Just little details.

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