RPGC Challenge! #OVER NOW!*
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Author:  King_Charizard [ Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:36 am ]
Post subject:  RPGC Challenge! #OVER NOW!*

Hi and welcome to a new challenge created by yours King_Charizard! This challenge is called the
Random Pokemon Generator Challenge! *ENDS MARCH 17th* Thanks to MekTar for the idea!
How to Play
1. Go to the link provided:
2. Pick the Region, Type, Number of Pokemon, the exclusion or inclusion of Legendaries, the exclusion or inclusion of NFE pokemon
3. Generate your team
4. Post the region (game) your playing in
5. Take on the elite 4 and beat the champion
6. Post the team you recieved
7. Post the status of your team

1. Regular Psypoke Rules Apply
2. No Legal or Illegal HACKS
3. Honestly, Dont Cheat
4. Have fun with it!

Well heres my team with Legendaries, No NFE`S, Kanto dex, 6 pokemon, any type.
1. {parasect}
2. {blastoise}
3. {dragonite}
4. {snorlax}
5. {hypno}
6. {kingler}
I am starting from scratch so it`ll take me awhile on red version!

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