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 Pokemon TCG and video game trivia 
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1. A round will begin when when questions are asked
round length is until multiple people answer the the questions repeating correct answers is allowed but you will be more likely to be selected for the next round if you are/were the first to answer the question right
2. After the one with the most correct answers is announced he or she will post the new questions. These question can be about anything pokemon related that does not relate to the anime including pikachu shorts, the mangas, or the movies
3. There shall be no one-worded answers for it's directly against the Game Corner rules.
4. Questions must not be related to cheating and must not include games that are hacks.
5. This game will end at 11:59 on july 31st by that time the last person must have announced
6. i will not triple post as it is directly against psypoke rules

Courtesy to Shiny lucario for rules 2-5

I will ask 5 (technically 6) questions to start

1. name the following type of pokemon and exact pokemon you are using that can finish this team of 6 pokemon with every weakness covered (excluding the scrappy ability)
There are multiple answers


2. excluding poison and confusion How would you hit a druddigon with rough skin holding a rowap berry without getting hurt yourself the first time you attack it?
before anyone questions whether it is possible or not It is possible but very hard to do

3. Excluding ghosts and dragons (including their dual types) name as many existent type combinations as you can that can hit themselves super effectively?
Hint: there are at least 15 existent type combinations there may be more but may not be.

4a.Including bonus disks but excluding trades In The U.S. version of pokemon colleseum which of the following pokemon was unattainable
a.the 2nd gen starter, Meganium
b. The gold version legandary, Ho'oh
c. the purifyer of shadow pokemon, Celebi
d. the normal/flying type Togetic
e. or the wish maker, Jirachi

4b. in the Japanese version of pokemon colleseum without trades but including bonus disks which of the following pokemon is unattainable
a.the 2nd gen starter, Typhlosion
b. The gold version legandary, Ho'oh
c. the purifyer of shadow pokemon, Celebi
d. The wish maker, Jirachi
e. or the ever popular, Pikachu

5. which of the following pokemon has the highest base HP stat
a. fire legendary Entei
b. the water eevolution Vaporeon
c. the brand new psychic type Musharna
d. the fighting type Hariyama
e. Cressaila the 4th gen event pokemon

Let the answering begin

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Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:53 am
Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer

Joined: Fri Jul 09, 2010 7:48 pm
Posts: 185
pardon the double post but no one answered
wow no takers on any of the questions *crickets chirping* guess i'll simplifly the next round of questions

1. this was (and still is) my ou team on pokemon online Gyarados who is a water flying completes the team

2. c'mon indirect physical attacks are how you do it how do you not get that

3. i will not give the answers as i will ask it better i asked the question in an unclear way

4a. C. The time pokemon celebi
b. D. jirachi

5. D. Hariyama at 144

only 3 questions this time

1. What types of pokemon can hit their own type with an attack that gets same type attack bonus (STAB) super effectively (Excluding ghosts and dragons)?

2. in the trading card game in the first 3 sets who were basic pokemon with the most hp and what card game type were the pokemon

3. what mechanic that originally started in the base set of the tcg that did not require coin flips now requires coin flips because it was very broken.
This was primarily available on water type pokemon and that is still where it found the most

Sat Jun 11, 2011 6:45 pm
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