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 Create a pokemon competation! 
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(To the Mods: The other competation I made months ago is considered dead.)
I based this competation on The Fake Pokemon Pokedex in the Fan Art section. You create a pokemon like you would there, but there are some extra challenges involved..... You'll have trainers aiming for the top and the reward that follows. Your pokemon will be rated by creativity and balance.

The pokemon are rated by: Stats (Either a number per level, like 2 or 3.4, what it would be at level 100, or a number that represents the max stat, like HP 150, Attack 50.), Type, Ability, Appearance, Pokedex Description, Level Up Attacks, Catch Rate (See Psydex for individual rates), Catch Level, and anything else involving catching or battling with this pokemon.

Optional: Weight and Height (US or Metric), Item Held When Received, Egg Moves, Tutored Moves, TM/HM compatability, Shiny Appearance, Egg Group, Habitat, Species, Number of Steps Required to Hatch Egg.

FEQ: (Frequently expected questions)
Can I make an Uber/Legendary pokemon?
Yes, but it has to be hard to catch, battle, find, and/or use.

Do optional qualities affect my score?
They're not essential, but will help your score. Think of them as extra credit.

What's my reward if I win this?
40 Psybucks, winner takes all. I may add to the reward or give smaller rewards to 2nd and 3rd place winners if I get more psybucks.

Can I make unique moves, abilities, items, and types?
Yes. Remember that they are scored too. With new types, include their strengths and weaknesses.

When will this competation end?
July 3rd.

Can I add other stuff not mentioned, like pokedex number and catch location?
Yep. They'll score as optional qualities.

What did you mean by creativity and balance?
Creativity involves the originality of the pokemon in general. Basically how unique it is compared to Game Freak pokemon. Balance is rated by the pokemon's overall abilities in comparison to it's weaknesses and difficulty in reaching, battling, catching, and using it.

Do I have to post a picture for appearance?
You can do that, or you can post a description.

Mon Jun 04, 2007 2:01 pm
Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer
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Goody! I like inventing stuff! *Starts drawing potato monster that appeared in dream last night*

Name: Flawthyste

National Dex No.: 586

Species: Amethyste Armour Pokemon

Type: Steel, Rock

Ability: Amethyste Armour, if Flawthyste is hit by a Steel, Rock or Ground type move, the damage is halved.

Level 100 HP: 474
Level 100 Attack: 154
Level 100 Defence: 256
Level 100 Sp. Att.: 147
Level 100 Sp. Def.: 254
Level 100 Speed: 124
Max Exp.: 1,000,000

Appearance: It resembles a brontosauras, with sparkling Amethystes embedded all over its body. Its body is grey. There is a solid spere on the end of its tail, with razor sharp crystals emerging from it in a random pattern.
Shiny Form: Grey parts turn green. Amethystes turn yellow.

Height: 4 meters
Weight: 1,250 kilograms

Rarity: Only one
Location: Mineral Cave, Victory Road, Sinnoh,

PokeDex Entry: A collosal being created in the boughs of the Earth, along with Graphex, by the Overlord of Land, Groudon. Its power is said to be greater than even its creator.

Capture Rate: 3 or 35, depending if you see Graphex or Flawthyste first.
Capture Level: 70
Item held at Capture: Flawless Gem, extremely rare Gem, can be sold for a high price.

Level Up Moves:
--- Pound
--- Tail whip
Lvl 7: Mud Slap
Lvl 12: Rock Polish
Lvl 16: Mud shot
Lvl 23: Stealth Rock
Lvl 29: Iron Tail
Lvl 32: Earthquake
Lvl 40: Shard Storm, Rock Type, inflicts damage over 5 turns.
Lvl 49: Heal Block
Lvl 54: Rock Slide
Lvl 63: StoneEdge
Lvl 70: Flawless Blade, Rock Type, 1 Hit KO

Effort Points Recieved When Knocked Out: 3 Defence Points

Base Happiness: 0

TM/HM Acceptability: All Rock, Ground and Steel TM's accepted. HM Strenght, HM Rock Smash andHM Rock Climb accepted.

I think that's all...

ImageImage I love Waddle Dee's!

Wed Jun 06, 2007 7:45 am
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Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer
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Uh, i've made around 260 fakemon.. may i enter one of them?

Wed Jun 06, 2007 10:29 am
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Pokemon Ranger
Pokemon Ranger
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I'm not enetering, but i've gave some psybucks to you to use for 2nd and 3rd.

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Thu Jun 07, 2007 12:22 pm
Psychic Trainer
Psychic Trainer
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appearence: represents salamence looks like it but icey colourings

type :ic, dragon

ability: rock hard ice : halves damage form suprer and critical hits


lvl 1: skull bash
lvl5: dragon rage
23: avalanche
30:ice beam
34;autofreeze, freezes user for 5 turns and cant be attacked,welll can but not be hurt,upon thawing out restrores full health and status
37:ice shard
40:dragon pulse
45:frozen fury:if used on turn being thawed out by autofreeze effetc double power making it 280
50: hyper beam
70: gigaimpact
76: hydro cannon

location:none:level up a shiny salamence at that rock where you evolve eevee into glacon
rarity super rare need shiny bagon first

national dexnumber: 687

species: frozen dragon

Sat Jun 09, 2007 2:03 pm
Ace Trainer
Ace Trainer
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Location: In the Abyss

Type: Grass/Rock

: An snail with a rock shell shaped like a Pecha berry. The shell is pink colored and the snail is green.
Shiny Appearance: The shell is blue instead of pink.

Ability: Emergency armor:
Raises Defense 1 Stage upon ability reduction

Lvl 100 stats:
HP: 273
Attack: 175
Defense: 213
Sp. Attack: 194
Sp. Defense: 388
Speed: 114

PokeDex description: It lives in Pecha trees. This Pokemon is often mistaken for a big berry by harvesters and sometimes it ends in a grocery market.
PokeDex number: #522
Location: Eterna Forest (Sinnoh), Petalburg Forest, Route 114, Route 123 (Hoenn)
Habitat: Forests, gardens.
Species: Grass Snail

Level Up attacks:
Lvl 1: Harden
Lvl 1: Tackle
Lvl 8: Absorb
Lvl 12: Rollout
Lvl 15: Mud Shot
Lvl 19: Mega Drain
Lvl 22: Rock Polish
Lvl 28: Body Slam
Lvl 33: Dig
Lvl 37: Rock Slide
Lvl 42: Giga Drain
Lvl 48: Solar Beam

Catch Rate: 195
Catch Level: 5, 18, 25
Effort Value: 2 DEF

Item Held: Pecha Berry (75%)

Egg Group: Plant/Mineral
Egg Moves: Leech Seed, Magnitude, Ingrain
Steps required to hatch egg: 2,500

TM Compatibility:
Sunny Day
Light Screen
Hyper Beam
Giga Impact
Giga Drain
Double Team
Sludge Bomb
Rock Tomb
Gyro Ball
Grass Knot
HM Compatibility:
Rock Climb
Tutored Moves:
Defense Curl

I have a question: Can we submit more than 2 pokemon?

Sat Jun 16, 2007 6:12 pm
Ace Trainer
Ace Trainer

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Type: Dark/Steel

:A black wolf with a white mane made out of metal
Shiny Appearance: a white wolf with a black mane.
Ability: Intimidate/magnet pull
Lvl 100 stats:
HP: 291
Attack: 375
Defense: 200
Sp. Attack: 334
Sp. Defense: 187
Speed: 214
PokeDex description:This pokemon is said to follow the stars insearch for other KANNIS .
PokeDex number: #500
Location:MT cornet (Sinnoh),meteor falls (Hoenn)
Habitat: montain/urban.

Level Up attacks:
Lvl 1: Howl
Lvl 1: Bite
Lvl 10: iron head
Lvl 18: Comet Punch
Lvl 24: Faint attack
Lvl 31: Dark Void
Lvl 39: Memento
Lvl 45: Metal sound
Lvl 52: Thunder fang
Lvl 52: Fire fang
Lvl 58: Nightmare
Lvl 60: Metal Burst
Lvl 79: Crunch
Lvl 87: Meteor mash
Catch Rate: 5%
Catch Level: 10,17,25
Effort Value: 3 Attack
Item Held: moon stone (50%) Starpiece (40%)
Egg Group: Ground
Egg Moves: Flamethorwer, Beat up, Nast plot,Iron Tail, punishment
Steps required to hatch egg: 3,050
TM Compatibility:
Hyper Beam
Double Team
TauntGiga impact
Gyro Ball
Rock Smash
HM Compatibility:
Rock Climb
Tutored Moves:
Nintendo event- Double edge

Evolution line

Kannis --lvl 52--> Syruss

question: can i do the evolution for my pokemon?


Sun Jun 17, 2007 7:12 am
Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer
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Type: Dark/Psychic

Apperance: A black bird with purple eyes, the wings are like that of a dragon, and it is big, the same size as Wallord
Shiny Apperance: Purple with Red eyes
Ability: Eclipse (Night appears out (similar to that of Drizzle))
Lv: 100 ststus:
Hp 267
Attack: 289
Defense: 220
Sp. Attack 309
Speed: 331
Pokedex description: this pokemon can servive in space, and using this brings darkness to some cities from time to time,
Number: 601
Location: Mosedeep space station, and Mt. Battle peak
Habitat: Mountain
Species: Eclipse

Level Up attacks:
Lv: 1 wing attack
Lv: 1 confusion
Lv: 5 Growl
Lv: 15 Hypnosis
Lv: 20 Bite
Lv: 22 Light Screen
Lv: 30 Double Team
Lv: 45 Dark Pulse
Lv: 50 Psychic
Lv: 70 Ancient Power

Tm Compatibility
Water Pulse
Dream Eater
Hidden Power
Secret Power
Shadow Ball

egg moves:
Sky Attack
shadow ball
hidden power

Sun Jun 17, 2007 8:02 am
Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer
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Type: Water
Ability: Wave : Raises Water moves when HP reaches Half Way Mark
Area: Sootopolis City Hoenn, Snowpoint City Sinnoh, Pastoria City Sinnoh
Lvl 100 Stats
HP: 350
Attack: 200
Defense: 190
Sp Attack: 210
Sp Defense: 195
EXP: 1,500,000
Habitat: Rivers ,Lakes and Seas
Capture Level : 40-60
Held Item- Mystic Water

-Water Gun
Lvl 12- Bubble Blast- Lowers Accuracy
Lvl 18- Recover
Lvl 21- Tsunami - makes foe lower speed
Lvl 25- Brine
Lvl 32- Aqua Spray - Not so strong attack But cannot be missed
Lvl 40- Hydro Pump
Lvl 48- Hydro Cannon
Lvl 55- Aqua Blast- creates a Beam of water and attacks with pure might

Pokedex Number: Hoenn: 125, Sinnoh: 134 National: 378

Length: 1 meter
Height: Th same height as Milotic
Weight: 150 kg :D :D

PS This is SO Fun

hai .

Wed Jul 25, 2007 11:42 pm
Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer

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I know the competition is over but.....what the heck.

Species:Happy Seafaring Pokemon
Area: Victory Road Sinnoh
Ability: Cute Charm
Habitat:Lakes,Seas With Mother
Capture Rate:10-20
Held item-Water Stone
Dex no.499
Evulotion: Female Laprette->Happiness-> Lapras
Size: A bit bigger Than a Turtwig, like a mini Lapras, but cuter.
Dex entry: It Transports Little pokemon Over lakes and Seas. It only Deafeats Pokemon with Evil in thier Hearts.

I have lost interest in Pokemon for good, ive traded in my Diamond and Pearl games and have thrown away the archives, goodbye.

Thu Aug 02, 2007 8:42 am
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