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 Battle Subway Victories/Defeats 
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Just thought Id make a topic were we could post our latest Battle Subway (well I guess anything Battle______) Victories...or defeats. Try to be as descriptive as possible. Post your team if you wish, as long as its to boast your victory, or to show to your defeat (please keep in mind, THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO GET YOUR TEAM RATED.)

Well guess ill post my latest defeat...

Super Single Train, Battle #7

My Team:

Gliscor/poison heal/ Toxic orb
Aerial Ace
Sword Dance

Lucario/ steadfast/ shell bell
Dragon Pulse
Flash Cannon

Sharpedo/ Speed boost/ life orb

Mamoswine, SeismiToad, Garchomp

So I finally managed to get to the 7th trainer on the super Single train. First, Its my Gliscor Vs Mamosine. I switch out to Lucario, Mamoswine uses Ice Fang, And misses. I decide to use Flash Cannon, hits and take Mamoswine down to 1/4 Hp. Mamoswine then 1HKO's Lucario with BullDoze. Send out Sharpedo to take care of things with Crunch. Next is Seismitoad. I protect first turn. Next turn, I use crunch to take Seismitoad down to 1/4 Hp. SeismiToad then precedes to 1HKO Sharpedo with EQ. Down to my Gliscor. Gliscor finishes off seimitoad with areial ace. Next Garchomp. Takes out a little over HALF my HP with Surf. Thanks to toxic orb kicking in the turn before, I use facade to get him down to 3/4. next Turn, Gliscor is Ko'ed by Surf... So close, yet so far.

Honestly, I think I could have won this by using CC instead of Flash Cannon. Lucario may have ended up falling to seimitoad, but I think Lucario would have done enough damage before going down so that sharpedo could have taken him out and still be able to do some damage to Garchomp, before gettin squished. Now weather if Gliscor could finish off Garchomp....honestly, thats a 50/50 chance...

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