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Author:  tigzaur [ Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Team Rating/One Pokemon Needed

Hey, I've got this team going for AVcon this year, but I need either a mixed sweeper or a second tank/sponge. If you have any suggestions, just post back. Cheers.
Here it is:

Alakazam (Special Sweeper) w/Twistedspoon
-Shadow Ball
-Charge Beam
-Focus Blast

Tyranitar (Physical Sweeper) w/Shell Bell
-Stone Edge

Moltres (Special Sweeper) w/Focus Band/Sash
-Sunny Day
-Air Slash

Honchkrow (Ability Super Luck)(Physical Sweeper) w/Scope Lens
-Night Slash (1/2 Crit Chance, hell yes!)
-Drill Peck
-Steel Wing

Shuckle (Mixed Tank) w/Chesto Berry
-Double Team

Second Tank/Sponge/Mixed Sweeper

Any changes/suggestions, please let me know. Cheers guys

Author:  Azure [ Sat Feb 27, 2010 5:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Rating/One Pokemon Needed

I have a few suggestions you might benefit from. I am obviously not you so your fighting style could be totally different then mine but i am still going to offer you what i would do in your situation. Judging by your team our styles are not to to different. anyway here they are:
1. Blastoise (tank) w/Rindo Berry (weakens super-effective grass attacks. Ecspecially protects agaings grass knot which is a big fear for blastiose. If you don't have one then go for leftovers or a sitrus berry)
-Iron Defence
-Brick Break/Ice Beam/Roar/toxic (really a personally preference. if you prefer attacks i would go for the first 2 moves. If you prefere Status i would go for the last 2)
2.Lucario (Mixed sweeper) w/Fist Plate/Wise glasses.
-Aura Sphere/Close Combat (Physical or special)
-Flash Cannon/iron Tail (Physical or special. personally i would pick flash cannon for it has better accuracy.)
-Ice/Fire/Thunder punch(requires a tutor. If unable to tutor i would pick Earth Quake.
-Water Pulse
3.Dusknoir (tank) w/scope lense/quick claw/spell tag
-Confuse Ray
-Shadow Punch/Earthquake (Shadow Punch gets STAB but EQ is powerful)
4.Blaziken (Mixed sweeper) w/Expert Belt
-Thunder Punch
-Sky Uppercut/Brick Break
Thats all i can think of now
If the pokemon i suggested are out of reach just reply saying so. or if you hate the pokemon i suggested or just don't want to use them for some reason reply saying so and i will try and think of more pokemon. Or if you just think my advice is silly than fine.

Author:  Emin Jofit [ Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Rating/One Pokemon Needed

1. You should give you're Alakazam Choice Specs or something. Twisted Spoon probably won't give you quite the all-round boost you'd really like. The moveset doesn't look too bad, really. You have to be careful using Charge Beam as your stat booster, though; if you go up against a Ground type you won't get that increase, and that could be harmful.

2. Switch Shell Bell with Leftovers on your Tyrannitar. Much better recovery each turn. Also, maybe switch out Outrage with Ice Fang/Ice Punch. No confusion, better type coverage, and you can really hit Salamence where it hurts.

3. Don't give Moltres a Focus Sash. Unless you're running minimum Def. and you get hit with a Critical hit, STAB Stone Edge you're more than likely going to be safe. If you want to keep Sunny Day give it a Heat Rock. Since Moltres can probably afford it, as well, you may want to consider giving it a Life Orb. That could give you just enough power to really kill someone, but you'll have to keep an eye on that health meter.

4. Consider giving Honchkrow a better item, like a Choice Band or (if not given to Moltres) that Life Orb. Scope Lens may give you an added critical hit chance, but the extra power is a much better trade-off considering the already-high chances of Crit Hits. I suggest swapping out Steel Wing with Sucker Punch if you're good at prediction for STAB and better reliability in battle. I'm not so sure about Return, either, but you can keep that if you're Krow likes you enough.

5. Shuckle is made to stall someone. I suggest Replacing Rollout with Encore. If you can lock you're opponent into a stat-increasing move, then you're set for a while. Protect is another good option since it's just annoying enough that they can't hit you as Toxic slowly drains their health. If you really thinik you need an attack move, try Knock Off; just when they think they can heal/boost with that berry, take it from them. Evilness...

6. You can't go wrong with Blissey for a wall. Blissey has massive defences and enough healing moves to make normal opponents cringe. Run Wish and Protect for healing and stalling respectively. You can use Toxic in the same way as Shuckle, slowly draining your opponents while you heal and protect. For a semi-good attack, use Seismic Toss; 100 damage to everyone and you're set. Run a Calm nature and 24 HP/252 Def/232 Sp. Def. EV spread.

That's basically all I have to say. Hope I helped. :)

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