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 The NEW Rater's Test! Currently ACTIVE WAHOO 
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Righto, so as part of our ongoing series to improve the Battle Tower forum, R_R and I (mostly I) decided that the first place we should start fixing up would be the Rating Center, since it gets the majority of the traffic. One of the main problems we have had with that RC is the lack of active Raters, so I designed this test to help fix that particular issue.

When you finish the test, you are to PM it to MasterChef who has taken over this duty. Sending it to R_R or me would be bad for your chances of getting accepted. Sending it to DatVu will mean you automatically fail. Sending it to Frost would be very brave/stupid. Although, it would get a lol out of me.


In order to take this test to have a shot at being a Psypoke Rater, you must:

- Have a post count of at least 50 posts
- Have been register at this forum for at least a month
- Not use 13375p34k or bad spelling/grammar (in other words, tlkng lyk ths wil nawt g1t u aks3ptd)


This is a team that you guys will need to rate in order to possibly be accepted as a new rater. All of the following pokemon have some problems with them, it is your job to correct these issues to make the pokemon reach its best potential. These problems can range from having a simply less than perfect moveset to having bad natures/EVs or even illegal/impossible movesets, so be prepared for anything. At the end, give a small summary of how you think this team would do competitively. In this summary, be sure to mention any common problem opponents this team might have (for instance, if the team is magcargo/magnezone/flygon, then there is clearly going to be a problem with Mamoswine; or if the entire team is weak to a Dragon Dance/Earthquake/Stone Edge/Crunch Tyranitar, say so). I tried to focus this for OU play, and its obviously not perfect, but guess whose job that is :)

The way each pokemon is presented is as follows:

Pokemon @ Item
Nature - EV Spread

So without further ado, here is the team! Rate away!

Azelf {azelf} @ Focus Sash
Quirky - 252 Atk 252 Spd 4 SA
Stealth Rock
Thunder Wave
Zen Headbutt

Breloom {breloom} @ Toxic Orb
Adamant - 252 HP 212 Atk 44 Spd
Poison Heal
Focus Punch
Mach Punch

Porygon-Z {porygon-z} @ Choice Specs
Modest - 252 SA, 252 Spd, 44 HP
Nasty Plot

Shuckle {shuckle} @ Leftovers
Impish - 252 HP 200 Def 56 SD

Flygon {flygon} @ Choice Scarf
Jolly - 252 Atk 212 SA, 44 Spd
Draco Meteor
Stone Edge

Flareon {flareon} @ Expert Belt
Jolly - 252 Atk 252 HP 6 Spd
Flash Fire
Flare Blitz
Iron Tail
Body Slam


Tue Feb 17, 2009 7:25 pm
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