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 Psypoke Jeopardy: Trial Version (Wrap-up posted) 
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What is it?

Just like normal Jeopardy, Psypoke Jeopardy consists of the same question format for answers and the same category-choosing methods. The dollar amounts are the same (and are treated as Psybucks), and this will be how you are scored. You do lose Psybucks for wrong answers, and you can go into negatives. In the chance that you finish with a negative score, you won't lose any Psybucks. And seeing as questions are in quantities ranging from 200 to 2000 Psybucks, there's plenty of potential to earn massive amounts.

Questions work much differently than normal trivias and are presented under +m. After three seconds of reading the clue, -m will be set. After that, the first to "buzz-in" gets to answer it. He/she will be given a temp +v and +m will be reset. Seven seconds is then allowed to give the answer. Once "TIME!" appears, if the answer is wrong, the person is devoiced and -m is set again to take in more "buzzes." This continues until a correct answer or there are five incorrect answers.

Now, the buzzing works like this: the first person to say "buzz" (and only "buzz") will be selected. This requires good timing/reaction skills and sometimes a good internet connection. If you get the answer wrong, you can buzz-in again, but you can still lose Psybucks for more incorrect answers. If an answer is incorrect and isn't the fifth incorrect answer, there will be a two-second delay before -m is reset to allow another buzz-in. When the question is over, the winner of the question gets to choose the next category and amount.

Other than that, most normal things apply. The first round is normal and followed by a break, the second is a "double" round with another break, and there is a final Jeopardy in which anyone can participate. Daily Doubles are also included. All of these will be explained during the actual event.

Remember, this is the first time this has been run, so it may take a couple questions to get used to the different feel from trivia. This is also a trial to see whether or not to do more of these later.

Where and when?

In the chats, go to #psypokejeopardy for Saturday, August 4th at 4:00 EST.

For information on joining the chats, go here.


(this applies to what happens during the event)

1. Do not argue if you thought that you buzzed in before someone else. The entire process is scripted, and it is based on what appears on my screen only.

2. Do not PM any ops, especially me. If you have a complaint/question/whatever, wait until a break.

3. Do not use /me.

4. Do not use any reference materials (such as the site).

5. Answers must be given in a question format such as "What is Pikachu?". This will be taken loosely, but drastic mixups between "where" and "who" will be called incorrect. (Pokemon are considered as "what"s)

6. You must use your forum name to receive any prizes. Various exceptions are allowed, but ask first.


Top three:: A special trainer card ribbon for placing.

First place (non-staff): Earned Psybucks x 2 and temporary op status in #psypoke.

Second place (non-staff): Earned Psybucks x 2 and temporary voice status in #psypoke.

Third place (non-staff): Earned Psybucks x 2.

All participants: All the Psybucks they earned. Again, if it is a negative, nothing will be earned. A new trainer card participation ribbon will also be granted.


Are the questions Pokemon-related?
Yes, but there is a special category for random knowledge.

What time is it in my time zone?
Click the link and find out.

Is there freezing?
No, but this is only a test run right now, so this might change for later events.

Does only "buzz" work for buzzing in?
Yes, so you better type it out first and wait for -m to press enter. Even missing a "z" might cause the script to skip over you.



Participation was less than hoped for, but the people that showed up certainly made it worthwhile. Other than some pauses because of inexperience on both parts, it ran very smoothly and even received a long encore of various trivia-like things. A surprise round was also revealed after the Jeopardy ended and received a warm welcome. The Jumble Jam's debut will follow the Jeopardy questions.

Final scores:

1st place: Gardevoir 6300
2nd place: Krisp 3599
3rd place: Sanctuary 3199
Sneaky_Sneasel 2200
Lapras -801
TheCyberMew -1000
pelligargetic -1001


Single Round

RBY 200 * This Pokemon has the highest max Attack.
What is Dragonite?

RBY 400 * Having this badge allows you to use Strength.
What is (the) Rainbow Badge?

RBY 600 * This is the only Ground attack with a chance of causing a flinch.
What is Bone Club?

RBY 800 * TM16 contains this move.
What is Pay Day?

RBY 1000 * This is the first city in which you can buy a Repel at a Pokemart.
What/where is Cerulean?

GSC 200 * This Pokemon can be found in Union Cave only on Fridays.
What is Lapras?

GSC 400 * Charcoal can be bought in this town.
What/where is Azalea Town?

GSC 600 * By this Ruins of Alph puzzle, you can find wild Smeargle.
What is Ho-oh?

GSC 800 * Showing Bill's Grandfather this Pokemon will earn you an Everstone.
What is Lickitung?

GSC 1000 * This Pokemon can be bought for 3333 coins at the Celadon Game Corner.
What is Mr. Mime?

RSE/FRLG 200 * This item is the prize for beating the Double mode of Trainer Tower.
What is Dragon Scale?

RSE/FRLG 400 * In Emerald, this Berry can reduce Special Defense EVs.
What is Grepa?

RSE/FRLG 600 * Daily Double RSE/FRLG * The Scorched Slab can be found on this route.
What/where is (route) 120?

RSE/FRLG 800 * This move can be used in a contest as a combo with Smog.
What is Smokescreen?

RSE/FRLG 1000 * A Pokemon with this Ability decreases the rate of high-leveled wild Pokemon in Emerald.
What is Vital Spirit?

DP 200 * This Gym Leader gives the Cobble Badge.
Who is Maylene?

DP 400 * This Pokemon can appear on route 202 by using the PokeRadar.
What is Sentret?

DP 600 * TM86 contains this move.
What is Grass Knot?

DP 800 * This is the only old Steel move that became special as a result of the physical/special split.
What is Doom Desire?

DP 1000 * The Ability Stall is exclusive to this Pokemon.
What is Sableye?

Other 200 * In PMD, this hold item prevents the Belly from depleting.
What is Tight Belt?

Other 400 * This is the last Pokemon needed to complete the browser in Ranger.
What is Snorlax?

Other 600 * In Snap, this Pokemon is chasing a Chansey on the Beach.
What is Eevee?

Other 800 * This Stadium 2 mini-game features Mr. Mime in a 4-way Pong-like game.
What is Barrier Ball?

Other 1000 * In XD, Hitmonlee can learn this move as a result of being purified.
What is Refresh?

Anime/TCG 200 * This card was the only non-Pokemon of the Jungle set.
What is Pokeball?

Anime/TCG 400 * In this episode, Ash catches a Krabby.
What is (the) Mystery at the Lighthouse?

Anime/TCG 600 * Gary Oak chose this Pokemon as his starter.
What is Squirtle?

Anime/TCG 800 * This was the first shiny Pokemon to appear in the Anime.
What is Noctowl?

Anime/TCG 1000 * In this TCG set, the theme decks' names were "Hotfoot" and "Cold Fusion."
What is Neo Genesis?

Double Round

Pokedex 400 * This Pokemon has a height of 30'02" (9.2m).
What is Steelix?

Pokedex 800 * "While its moves out of the water are sluggish, it can swim as fast as any Feebas."
What is Bibarel?

Pokedex 1200 * This Pokemon's scientific name is "Oddium wanderus."
What is Oddish?

Pokedex 1600 * Daily Double Pokedex * This Pokemon's Japanese name is "Runpapa."
What is Ludicolo?

Pokedex 2000 * This Pokemon's species is "Jolly."
What is Lombre?

Tech 400 * This Nature raise Defense but lowers Special Defense.
What is Lax?

Tech 800 * The Dread Plate boosts the power of this type.
What is Dark?

Tech 1200 * ((Level * 2/5 + 2) * BasePower * AtkStat / DefStat / 50) + 2) * Random-Number-Between-85-and-100 / 100 * Type * STAB
What is the damage equation?

Tech 1600 * After one Double Team, there is this percent chance of hitting that Pokemon.
What is 75?

Tech 2000 * This is the Speed-form Deoxys' max Speed stat with a beneficial nature, max DVs, and max EVs.
What is 504?

Psypoke 400 * This Pokemon currently watches over the Testing & Advertising forum.
What is Slowbro?

Psypoke 800 * Daily Double Psypoke * PPC stands for this phrase.
What is (the) Psychic Pokemon Connection?

Psypoke 1200 * This special holiday is celebrated on November 16.
What is No Forum Day?

Psypoke 1600 * This is where you can "get your PD teams/Pokemon rated in the rating sticky."
What/where is Battle Tower?

Psypoke 2000 * The 2005 St Patrick's Day banner features this Pokemon.
What is Cacnea?

Patterns 400 * Snorlax, Metagross, Dialga, Giratina, _
What is Groudon?

Patterns 800 * Water, Electric, Fire, Psychic, Dark, Grass, _
What is Ice?

Patterns 1200 * Golduck, Mankey, Primeape, Growlithe, Arcanine, _
What is Poliwag?

Patterns 1600 * Anger, Bear, Chase, Direct, Engage, Find, _
What is Give?

Patterns 2000 * Burmy, Cascoon, Caterpie, Illumise, Kricketot, _
What is Kricketune?

Misc Pokemon 400 * This Pokemon represents travel mode in RS Pinball on the Ruby table.
What is Gulpin?

Misc Pokemon 800 * This Item restores 100 HP.
What is Moo Moo Milk?

Misc Pokemon 1200 * Mirage Island appears based on this special value.
What is/are (a) gender value(s)?

Misc Pokemon 1600 * This Pokemon is National Dex number #297.
What is Hariyama?

Misc Pokemon 2000 * In GSC, TM12 contains this move.
What is Sweet Scent?

Misc not-Pokemon 400 * Number 15 on the periodic table of elements is this element.
What is Phosphorus?

Misc not-Pokemon 800 * During the American Civil War, this person was the only President of the Confederate States of America.
Who is Jefferson Davis?

Misc not-Pokemon 1200 * This Roman god rules over agriculture.
Who is Saturn?

Misc not-Pokemon 1600 * This city is the capital of New Zealand.
What/where is Wellington?

Misc not-Pokemon 2000 * World War I ended in this year.
What/when is 1918?

Final Question
Final Clue * This Pokemon is noted to be able to change the climate's conditions.
What is Dragonair?

Post-Jeopardy Stuff

The Jumble Jam info (as posted then):

I print out ten questions at the same time in a mixed up order, and anyone can answer as many of them as they like (the first correct gets the point). There is a one minute time limit, but it will stop early if all questions are answered before time runs out.

This is the only time when spelling counts. The process is scripted to make this run much more smoothly and so people can know what questions haven't been answered. So in order for it to count an answer correct, it must be correctly spelled.

Also, answering a question so that the script comes into effect requires a special order: "number answer" (ex: "2 Pikachu" or "10 Hyper Beam"). Do not put anything extra in like a period after the number. It isn't much, but it is necessary.

During the minute countdown, a display of questions left to be answered are presented at 30 and 15 seconds. A small note will also be presented when there is a correct answer. There will be two rounds, with a very small break in between.

Questions used in each round:

Introductory round

2. (PMD) What Pokemon is the boss at Mt. Steel?
4. (Misc) How much HP does a Potion restore?
1. (RBY) What Pokemon do you start with in Yellow?
5. (DP) What move does TM26 contain?
3. (RSE) Who changed from Gym Leader in RS to Champion in Emerald?

Pikachu | Skarmory | Wallace | 20 | Earthquake

Round one

5. (DP) What move does TM51 contain?
7. (Misc) What Pokemon is National Dex #300?
2. (Misc) What is Kadabra's base Special Attack?
4. (RBY) What is Chansey's max HP?
10. (DP) What is the base power of Fling when a Fossil is thrown?
8. (Misc) What Pokemon has the lowest base stat total of 180?
9. (DP) What new Berry weakens a Grass-type super effective move?
3. (GSC) Who gives you TM30?
1. (Misc) A Super Repel works for how many steps?
6. (DP) Pinsir is exclusive to which version?

200 | 120 | Morty | 703 | Roost | Pearl | Skitty | Sunkern | Rindo | 100

Round two

5. (Misc) What is Rhyperior's base Attack?
1. (GSC) What move does TM28 contain?
7. (DP) What Pokemon appears on the Coin Toss App for the Poketch?
10. (RSE) Who is the owner of the Battle Frontier?
6. (RBY) What is the name of the mini-game that features a surfing Pikachu?
9. (GSC) What color Apricorn can produce a Level Ball?
4. (FRLG) What level-up move does Goldeen gain that it could not learn in RS?
2. (DP) Which starter has to gain the most levels before it can learn a STAB move?
8. (Ranger) Which Pokemon takes the most amount of loops to capture?
3. (Misc) What stat does Naughty raise?

Dig | Turtwig | Attack | Megahorn | 140 | Pikachu's Beach | Magikarp | Psyduck | Red | Scott

And total scores:

Krisp 6
Lapras 2
Serpentsounds 1
poplers 1

Lightning Rounds:

(A series of three Lightning Rounds followed.)

1. (GSC) Name a starter Pokemon.
2. (RSE) What is the professor's name?
3. (Anime) Which main character owns a Pikachu?
4. (Misc) Name an Electric Pokemon.
5. (Misc) Name a Fire Pokemon.
6. (DP) What Item can be found where Giratina is caught?
7. (Ranger) Which Pokemon goes with the male main character?
8. (DP) Name a new evolution of an old Pokemon.
9. (Misc) Name a Water type attack.
10. (PMD) What Pokemon is the antagonist?
11. (DP) In what city is the first gym?
12. (Forums) What Pokemon "guards" the Sports Discussion.
13. (Misc) What Pokemon is noted to change climate conditions?
14. (RBY) Who runs the Flying type gym?
15. (Misc) What is Deoxys-Speed's max Speed?
16. (Misc) Name any Pokemon.

Scores of round one:

Krisp 5
draggy 4
Serpentsounds 3
tiger10x 2
poplers 1
Lapras 1

1. (RSE) Name a starter Pokemon.
2. (GSC) What is the professor's name?
3. (DP) Who is Roark's father?
4. (Misc) What Pokemon is National Dex 002?
6. (Misc) Name an event Pokemon.
7. (PMD) What Pokemon has the lowest recruitment rate?
8. (Ranger) What Pokemon requires the most loops to capture?
9. (Misc) Name an Electric type attack.
10. (Misc) Name a different Electric type attack.
11. (DP) What type does the Ghost gym use?
12. (Forums) What Pokemon "guards" the mysterius lintaro's lair?
13. (Misc) What Pokemon says "derp"?
14. (GSC) Who runs the Flying type gym?
15. (RBY) Who has the highest speed stat?
16. (Misc) Name a Pokemon other than Mew or Pikachu.

Scores of round two:

Sneaky_Sneasel 7
draggy 2
tiger10x 2
Krisp 2
poplers 1
Lapras 1
Serpentsounds 1

1. (DP) Name a new attack.
2. (RBY) What Pokemon do you start with in Yellow?
3. (Misc) Name a Pokemon game.
4. (Misc) What Pokemon is National Dex 492?
5. (Misc) Name a Fire Pokemon.
6. (Misc) Name a Fire Attack.
7. (DP) What new Pokemon has the highest Attack?
8. (GSC) Who is the league champion?
9. (RBY) Name a gym leader.
10. (RSE) Name another gym leader.
11. (Misc) Name a move exclusive to only one Pokemon. (excludes Smeargle)
12. (Forums) Name a Pokemon on the forums banner.
13. (Site) Name a Pokemon on the site banner.
14. (Misc) Name an evolution of Eevee.
15. (DP) What Item acts like Leftovers but only for Poison Pokemon?
16. (Misc) What Item acts like Black Sludge but not specifically for Poison Pokemon?
17. (Misc) Name a Grass Pokemon.
18. (Misc) Name a Grass attack.
19. (Misc) Name a legendary Pokemon.
20. (Misc) Name a Pokemon that is not a Grass, Water, Fire, Electric, Dark, Dragon, Ice, Fighting, Normal, Steel, Flying, Bug, Poison, Psychic or Ghost type, but is a dual type Pokemon.

Scores of round three: (there was a weird script error, so most of the questions didn't even appear)

tiger10x 12 (!)
Krisp 4
Sneaky_Sneasel 2
Serpentsounds 2

Lightning round totals:

Krisp 12
Sneaky_Sneasel 9
Serpentsounds 4
Lapras 3
draggy 2
poplers 2
tiger10x 4 (stumping) + 12 (script skips)

So, will there be another one? Yes, but it would have to wait a bit. More details to come in time.


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tiger10x wrote:
Seven seconds is then allowed to give the answer. Once "TIME!" appears

Do we have to answer in Jeopardy format ("What is...")? And are you sure that seven seconds is long enough for someone to type their answer out, especially if we need to include the "what is..." part?


Thu Jul 26, 2007 10:21 am
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JsXtm wrote:
Do we have to answer in Jeopardy format ("What is...")?

tiger10x wrote:

5. Answers must be given in a question format such as "What is Pikachu?". This will be taken loosely, but drastic mixups between "where" and "who" will be called incorrect. (Pokemon are considered as "what"s)

Does that answer your question?


Thu Jul 26, 2007 12:09 pm
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Seven seconds should be plenty of time if you know what the answer is. Trivia usually takes three seconds between the question and answer flood, so I'd think that three seconds to read and decide to buzz or not and then seven more seconds to type out the answer is enough time. If anyone comes to the chats and asks me to show how it works, I'll try to do so (supposing I'm online).


Thu Jul 26, 2007 5:12 pm
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Wrap-up included in first post.


Sat Aug 04, 2007 7:33 pm
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Gardevoir~ and Krisp should have received their Top 3 ribbon already, whereas Sneaky_Sneasel and Pelli should have received their participation ribbon by now =)


Fri Aug 10, 2007 6:53 pm
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