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 Psypoke Jeopardy: Both wrap-ups posted (TCs done for 1st rd) 
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Although the last event could be labeled as a bit of a disappointment, there's another Jeopardy planned. Actually, if you read the topic title, there are two events planned. Also, at the end of the first jeopardy, a small but special surprise will be set up for the chats.

Where and when?

In the chats, go to #psypokejeopardy for Friday, August 17th at 8:00 PM EST and/or Saturday, August 18th at 8:00 PM EST.

For information on joining the chats, go here. Once you're connected, type in "/join #psypokejeopardy" and press enter.

How does it work?

Just like normal Jeopardy, Psypoke Jeopardy consists of the same question format for answers and the same category-choosing methods. The dollar amounts are the same (and are treated as Psybucks), and this will be how you are scored. You do lose Psybucks for wrong answers, and you can go into negatives. In the chance that you finish with a negative score, you won't lose any Psybucks. And seeing as questions are in quantities ranging from 200 to 2000 Psybucks, there's plenty of potential to earn massive amounts.

Questions work much differently than normal trivias and are presented under +m. After three seconds of reading the clue, -m will be set. After that, the first to "buzz-in" gets to answer it. He/she will be given a temp +v and +m will be reset. Ten seconds is then allowed to give the answer. Once "TIME!" appears, if the answer is wrong, the person is devoiced and -m is set again to take in more "buzzes." This continues until a correct answer or there are five incorrect answers.

Now, the buzzing works like this: the first person to say "buzz" (and only "buzz") will be selected. This requires good timing/reaction skills and sometimes a good internet connection. If you get the answer wrong, you can buzz-in again, but you can still lose Psybucks for more incorrect answers. If an answer is incorrect and isn't the fourth incorrect answer or a minute hasn't passed, there will be a two-second delay before -m is reset to allow another buzz-in. When the question is over, the winner of the question gets to choose the next category and amount.

Other than that, most normal things apply. The first round is normal and followed by a break, the second is a "double" round with another break, and there is a final Jeopardy in which anyone can participate. Daily Doubles are also included. All of these will be explained during the actual event.


(this applies to what happens during the event)

1. Do not argue if you thought that you buzzed in before someone else. The entire process is scripted, and it is based on what appears on my screen only.

2. Do not PM any ops, especially me. If you have a complaint/question/whatever, wait until a break.

3. Do not use /me.

4. Do not use any reference materials (such as the site).

5. Answers must be given in a question format such as "What is Pikachu?". This will be taken loosely, but drastic mixups between "where" and "who" will be called incorrect. (Pokemon are considered as "what"s)

6. You must use your forum name to receive any prizes. Various exceptions are allowed, but ask first.


Top three:: A special trainer card ribbon for placing.

First place (non-staff): Earned Psybucks x 2 and temporary op status in #psypoke.

Second place (non-staff): Earned Psybucks x 2 and temporary voice status in #psypoke.

Third place (non-staff): Earned Psybucks x 2.

All participants: All the Psybucks they earned. Again, if it is a negative, nothing will be earned. A new trainer card participation ribbon will also be granted.


How much different is this from a normal trivia?
The biggest difference is how you answer questions. It is possible to lose points, and you have to buzz-in before you answer. The question format for answers is slightly different, too. Similarities are basically in the knowledge bit, and it has the same trivia-like "atmosphere" to it. Benefits of Jeopardy comparatively include the amazingly high Psybucks amounts, an ability for everyone to score more easily or get back into contention for the lead, and the addition of small strategies (picking higher questions and the like).

Why should I go?
Because it's something really fun and worthwhile. Even though it may not be hosted by an Elite or Lite, it's still a community event for fun.

Are the questions Pokemon-related?
Yes, but there is a special category for random knowledge.

What time is it in my time zone?
Click the link and find out.

Do I have to go to both/can I only go to one?
Each one is separate event, so you can go to both or just one if you like. Scores won't carry over and prizes will be rechosen. Different questions will be used, and the experience will be just as great from either one (and doubled if you go to both).

Is there freezing?
No. There are no extra restrictions like this.

Does only "buzz" work for buzzing in?
Yes, so you better type it out first and wait for -m to press enter. Even missing a "z" or using colors would cause the script to skip over you.

How long are the #psypoke op/voice prizes?
A week. If you manage to earn two of these (one in each jeopardy), they would be in effect for two weeks. Likewise, if you get one of each, you get opped the first week and voiced the next.

Wrap-Up 1

Jeopardy got a better crowd this time, although it would still be small for trivia standards. Four people finished in positives this time, with three at the neutral mark. The huge point questions really tore up the standings in parts of the event, and daily doubles and final jeopardy nearly changed the entire order.

Final Scores:

First place: Krisp 4199
Second place: Sneaky_Sneasel 3999
Third place (first non-staff): DragonPhoenix 2801
Second place non-staff: ElementalTrainer 2799
Third place non-staff: Serpentsounds 0
TonberryKing 0
Frost 0
FireStarter -1001
Sinnoh Searcher -2401
Peanut-Lover -3201
mega_horn -3400
JsXtm -6400


RBY 200 * The Bike shop is in this city.
What/where is Cerulean?

RBY 400 * This Pokemon has the highest max Defense.
What is Cloyster?

RBY 600 * Lance has two of this Pokemon.
What is Dragonair?

RBY 800 * TM01 contains this move.
What is Mega Punch?

RBY 1000 * Of unevolved Pokemon (that can evolve in RBY), this one has the highest max Attack.
What is Krabby?

GSC 200 * This Person gives you the Pink Bow on Tuesdays.
Who is Tuscany?

GSC 400 * This color Apricorn can be made into a Heavy Ball.
What is Blk/Black?

GSC 600 * Daily Double GSC * This Item raises the Special Defense stat outside of battle.
What is Calcium?

GSC 800 * This Mail has a silhouette of Eevee on it.
What is Eon (mail)?

GSC 1000 * The first Ruins of Alph puzzle that you have access to features this Pokemon.
What is Kabuto?

RSE/FRLG 200 * In FRLG, The Daycare Center that can be used for breeding is on this island (number).
What is four?

RSE/FRLG 400 * In Emerald, this Berry can reduce HP EVs.
What is Pomeg?

RSE/FRLG 600 * Cacnea can learn this move in FRLG by level up that it could not in RS.
What is Destiny Bond?

RSE/FRLG 800 * The Fame Checker is received in this city.
What/where is Cerulean?

RSE/FRLG 1000 * Sour is indirectly related to this stat.
What is Defense?

DP 200 * This Gym Leader uses the Ice type.
Who is Candice?

DP 400 * TM64 contains this move.
What is Explosion?

DP 600 * This Berry lowers the damage of a Normal-type attack.
What is Chilan?

DP 800 * This amount of BP is needed to buy a Flame Orb.
What is 16?

DP 1000 * Numel can now have this Ability.
What is Simple?

Other 200 * In Ranger, this Pokemon is used when you learn to use the capture styler.
What is Houndoom?

Other 400 * In RS Pinball, the Duskull and Dusclops bonus stage is on this pinball table.
What is Sapphire?

Other 600 * In Snap, "Pikachu on a Ball" appears in this level.
What is (the) Tunnel?

Other 800 * In PMD, this type of Gummi is preferred the most by Ice types.
What is Clear?

Other 1000 * In Puzzle Challenge, this Pokemon's egg is received by beating single-player Marathon mode with 50000 points or more.
What is Magby?

Anime/TCG 200 * In this episode, Brock "catches" a Mudkip.
What is The Mudkip Mission!?

Anime/TCG 400 * On Neo Revelation booster packs, this Pokemon is presented with the Entei, Raikou, and Suicune.
What is Misdreavus?

Anime/TCG 600 * In "You Said a Mouthful," this Pokemon is presented as "the world's strongest."
What is Pelipper?

Anime/TCG 800 * This was the Pokemon card to have an id number exceeding the set list number.
What is Dark Raichu?

Anime/TCG 1000 * This is the name of the Pokemon professor of the Orange Islands.
What is Ivy?


Pokedex 400 * "Despite its small size, it can zap even adult humans. However, if it does so, it also surprises itself."
What is Pichu?

Pokedex 800 * "The negatively charged ions generated in its fur create a constant sparking noise."
What is Jolteon?

Pokedex 1200 * This Pokemon's Japanese name is Happinasu.
What is Blissey?

Pokedex 1600 * Ponyta evolves at this level.
What is 40?

Pokedex 2000 * Smoochum gains this ability in DP.
What is Forewarn?

Tech 400 * This Nature likes Sweet but dislikes Spicy.
What is Timid?

Tech 800 * Daily Double Tech * This is the percentage (not fraction) of max HP gained by Leftovers.
What is 6.25?

Tech 1200 * This is the happiness value needed to be reached to trigger a happiness evolution.
What is 220?

Tech 1600 * This Item causes the opponent to become infatuated if the holder becomes infatuated.
What is (the) Destiny Knot?

Tech 2000 * This is the base damage of Fling while holding a DeepSeaTooth.
What is 90?

Psypoke 400 * This Pokemon is on the Psylab button for the site map.
What is Mewtwo?

Psypoke 800 * This is the name of the unique ten-question quiz on the main site.
What is (the) PsyQuest?

Psypoke 1200 * These people made up the first Psypoke Elite Four.
Who are darkmind, Nova, Kirbster and Deadeyedave?

Psypoke 1600 * This forum has an Azelf icon next to it.
What is Orre, Fiore and Beyond?

Psypoke 2000 * This was Psypoke's theme for April 1, 2006.
What is Seizure Awareness Day?

Patterns 400 * Abomasnow, Abra, Absol, Aerodactyl, Aggron, _
What is Aipom?

Patterns 800 * Scyther, Jynx, Electabuzz, Magmar, Pinsir, _
What is Tauros?

Patterns 1200 * Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Cradily, _
What is Armaldo?

Patterns 1600 * Daily Double Patterns * Water, Steel, Rock, Psychic, _
What is Poison?

Patterns 2000 * Stadium, Stadium 2, Colosseum, XD, _
What is Pokemon Battle Revolution?

Misc Pokemon 400 * This is the resale value of an evolution stone.
What is 1050?

Misc Pokemon 800 * This Berry restores 10 HP in GSC.
What is Berry?

Misc Pokemon 1200 * This person is the only DP gym leader that does not have a dual-typed Pokemon.
Who is Volkner?

Misc Pokemon 1600 * How many Coins are needed to buy a Porygon in Blue?
What is 6500?

Misc Pokemon 2000 * In FRLG, this Item is needed to enter Saffron City.
What is Tea?

Misc not-Pokemon 400 * This is the name of the Adventure Mode for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
What is (the) Subspace Emissary?

Misc not-Pokemon 800 * This city is the capital of China.
What is Beijing?

Misc not-Pokemon 1200 * This is the closest spiral galaxy to the Milky Way.
What is Andromeda?

Misc not-Pokemon 1600 * The Hundred Years' War lasted this many years.
What is 116?

Misc not-Pokemon 2000 * This is the name of the traditional Jeopardy final question music.
What is think music?

Final Q
Final Clue * Pokedex entry: "To protect itself, it clads its body in an armor of ice, made by freezing moisture in the air."
What is Glalie?

Post-Jeopardy stuff

Jumble Jam


Sneaky_Sneasel 8
DragonPhoenix 5
Serpentsounds 5
Peanut-Lover 2
ElementalTrainer 1
JsXtm 1
Sinnoh Searcher 1

Introductory round

3. (GSC) As of this point, there were how many total Pokemon?
2. (RSE) What legendary Pokemon can be found at the Sky Pillar?
5. (RBY) What is the professor's name?
4. (DP) What berry restores 10 HP?
1. (Misc) What stat does Adamant raise?


Round one

3. (DP) What Pokemon do you first battle against?
6. (Misc) What Pokemon's Japanese name is Pikachuu?
2. (Misc) What is Jolteon's base Speed?
4. (Misc) A Max Repel works for how many steps?
10. (DP) What move does TM01 contain?
7. (RBY) What Pokemon has the lowest max HP stat?
8. (Misc) What item raises Farfetch'd's critical hit ratio?
1. (GSC) What color Apricorn yields a Love Ball?
9. (FRLG) What is the tutorial system called?
5. (GSC) How much can a Slowpoketail be sold for?

Pink|130|Starly|250|4900|Pikachu|Diglett|Stick|Teachy TV|Focus Punch

Round two

7. (FRLG) What is the name of One Island?
2. (DP) What event Pokemon can be obtained with the Azure Flute?
9. (DP) What is the resale value of the Lustrous Orb?
1. (RSE) What is the most common item "picked up" in the Battle Pyramid?
4. (RBY) What Pokemon has the highest Special stat?
10. (Misc) What Nature lowers Attack and raises Speed?
5. (Misc) What item acts like Leftovers but is specifically for Poison-type Pokemon?
6. (GSC) In which city does Santos appear on Saturdays?
3. (Misc) What Pokemon is National Dex number 385?
8. (GSC) In Crystal, how many coins are needed to learn Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, or Flamethrower?

Hyper Potion|Arceus|Jirachi|Mewtwo|Black Sludge|Blackthorn|Knot|4000|5000|Timid

Wrap-up 2

Jeopardy's apparently growing in popularity as it carries on. A good crowd was here for this one. Even better, more people finished in the positives than negatives this time. Huge new record scores were set after some brave/stupid bets in final jeopardy. The varying scores in Jeopardy just goes to show how easily someone can pull ahead or drop down quickly. For later events, I might show what scores were at the half and before final jeopardy.

Final scores:

First place: Frost 26398
Second place: FireStarter 12000
Third place (first non-staff): Peanut-Lover 10000
Second non-staff: Sinnoh Searcher 4198
Third non-staff: Gardevoir~ 2000
ElementalTrainer 1199
Sneaky_Sneasel 800
mega_horn 600
Krisp 1
Jigglypuff 1
Serpentsounds -1000
Zeta7 -2001
poplers -2601
Baracai -3600
Swampzard -5200


RBY 200 * Hyper Beam is this number TM.
What is 15?

RBY 400 * This is Wing Attack's base power.
What is 35?

RBY 600 * Electabuzz is exclusive to this version.
What is Red?

RBY 800 * This is the cheapest Pokemon you can buy at the Game Corner.
What is Abra?

RBY 1000 * Beating this person allows you to use Fly.
Who is Lt. Surge?

GSC 200 * Daily Double GSC * Red's Pikachu is this level.
What is 81?

GSC 400 * This person has taken the Viridean Gym Leader position.
Who is Blue?

GSC 600 * Lt. Surge uses two of this Pokemon.
What is Electrode?

GSC 800 * This is Shuckle's max Defense stat.
What is 558?

GSC 1000 * This is Blissey's max HP stat.
What is 713?

RSE/FRLG 200 * This Ability is exclusive to Torkoal.
What is White Smoke?

RSE/FRLG 400 * In Emerald, this TM can only be "picked up" by a Pokemon level 91 or higher. (Number or move name accepted)
What is 26/Earthquake?

RSE/FRLG 600 * Trainer Hill can be found on this route.
What/where is (route) 111?

RSE/FRLG 800 * TM11 contains this move.
What is Sunny Day?

RSE/FRLG 1000 * This Pokemon can be obtained with the Old Sea Map.
What is Mew?

DP 200 * This is the only previously physical type to have no old moves become special.
What is Fighting?

DP 400 * This is Maylene's only pure Fighting-type Pokemon.
What is Machoke?

DP 600 * The "Alert to sounds" characteristic denotes the highest (or tied highest) IV to be of this stat.
What is Speed?

DP 800 * The Bicycle can be obtained in this city.
What/where is Eterna (city)?

DP 1000 * A Pokemon with this characteristic could have a possible 9 Attack IV.
What is "quick tempered"?

Other 200 * In PMD, this is the only Pokemon that's Friend Area is Enclosed Island.
What is Deoxys?

Other 400 * In Ranger, this person is the Ranger leader of Summerland.
Who is Cameron?

Other 600 * This Stadium 2 minigame features racing Donphans.
What is Rampage Rollout?

Other 800 * Duskull can learn this move after being purified in XD.
What is Helping Hand?

Other 1000 * In RS Pinball, these two Pokemon block the path to the PokeMart on the Sapphire table.
What are Plusle and Minun?

Anime/TCG 200 * In "Hassle in the Castle," this Pokemon evolves for Brock.
What is Zubat?

Anime/TCG 400 * Along with the Regis, this Pokemon appears on the booster packs of EX: Hidden Legends.
What is Metagross?

Anime/TCG 600 * The Oasis and Caravan themedecks are in this TCG set.
What is EX: Sandstorm?

Anime/TCG 800 * This was the name of the first Anime episode.
What is "Pokemon, I Choose You!"?

Anime/TCG 1000 * These three Pokemon appear on the booster packs of the Base Set.
What are Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise?


Pokedex 400 * Taillow evolves at this level.
What is 22?

Pokedex 800 * Daily Double Pokedex * "It is considered to be a symbol of good luck. Its shell is said to be filled with happiness."
What is Togepi?

Pokedex 1200 * Tangela can evolve when it learns this attack.
What is Ancientpower?

Pokedex 1600 * This is Spinarak's Japanese name.
What is Itomoru?

Pokedex 2000 * "If you become enchanted by its smooth, elegant, dance-like kicks, you may get drilled hard."
What is Hitmontop?

Tech 400 * This is the highest amount of experience needed to reach level 100.
What is 1640000?

Tech 800 * Daily Double Tech * This is the highest gender value possible.
What is 255?

Tech 1200 * This is the total EV cap of a Pokemon.
What is 510?

Tech 1600 * Shiny Pokemon have a one in this number chance of appearing.
What is 8192?

Tech 2000 * After a Belly Drum and then an Intimidate, a Pokemon has this percentage of its original attack.
What is 350?

Psypoke 400 * These three Pokemon are on the main site's banner.
What are Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit?

Psypoke 800 * In the Psylab, this Pokemon is used as an example for the IV/DV explanation guide.
What is Grumpig?

Psypoke 1200 * In the Psylab, this Pokemon is used as an example for the EV explanation guide.
What is Breloom?

Psypoke 1600 * These people make up the Lite Four.
Who are Krisp, FireStarter, sN0wBaLL and TheCyberMew?

Psypoke 2000 * These two people are the newest moderator additions.
Who are Xaliaphous and PixelTwist?

Patterns 400 * Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, _
What is Shaymin?

Patterns 800 * Give, Help, Increase, Join, Keep, _
What is Laugh?

Patterns 1200 * Absorb, Acid, Acid Armor, Acupressure, Aerial Ace, _
What is Aeroblast?

Patterns 1600 * Bold, Impish, Lax, _
What is Relaxed?

Patterns 2000 * Caterpie, Raticate, Nidorina, Wigglytuff, Diglett, _
What is Poliwag?

Misc Pokemon 400 * This Super Smash Bros. Melee Pokeball Pokemon uses Metronome like Clefairy.
What is Togepi?

Misc Pokemon 800 * This Nature raises Special Defense but lowers Speed.
What is Sassy?

Misc Pokemon 1200 * Pokedex entry: "It can go for days without eating a single morsel. In the bulb on its back, it stores energy."
What is Bulbasaur?

Misc Pokemon 1600 * This old Gym Leader makes a cameo appearance in DP.
Who is Jasmine?

Misc Pokemon 2000 * A shiny Steelix is this color.
What is gold?

Misc not-Pokemon 400 * A Nintendo Wii costs this much money in US dollars (rounded).
What is $250?

Misc not-Pokemon 800 * The truncation of this amount to the tenth decimal place is 3.141592606535.
What is Pi?

Misc not-Pokemon 1200 * This person was the first actor to portray James Bond.
Who is Sean Connery?

Misc not-Pokemon 1600 * This person wrote the first James Bond novels.
Who is Ian Fleming?

Misc not-Pokemon 2000 * The Peloponnesian War ended in a victory for this side.
What is Sparta?

Final Q
Final Clue * Psypoke: What is the name of Jiggz's latest secret project?
What is PsyBlog?

Jumble Jam afterwards:


Gardevoir 9
Sneaky_Sneasel 6
FireStarter 5
Sinnoh Searcher 1
Diyon 1

Introductory round

4. (RSE) What berry restores 10 PP?
2. (RBY) What Pokemon does your rival start with in Yellow?
1. (GSC) What is the professor's name?
5. (DP) What move does TM26 contain?
3. (Misc) What Pokemon is National Dex number 001?


Round one

1. (DP) What move does TM25 contain?
3. (Misc) What form of Deoxys is matched with LeafGreen?
5. (GSC) At which city's Game Corner can you buy a Dratini?
7. (Misc) A Repel works for how many steps?
9. (DP) What move does HM05 contain?
10. (RSE) What move does HM05 contain?
8. (Misc) What item raises Chansey's critical hit ratio?
6. (DP) How many steps are needed to recharge the PokeRadar?
4. (GSC) What version is Mankey exclusive to?
2. (Misc) What is Dragonite's base Attack?

Thunder|134|Defense|Gold|Goldenrod|50|100|Lucky Punch|Defog|Flash

Round two

4. (FRLG) What move does TM50 contain?
1. (DP) What move does TM51 contain?
9. (Misc) What Ghost-type attack ignores evasion and accuracy?
5. (RSE) What move does TM02 contain?
6. (RBY) What Pokemon is National Dex number 493?
2. (Misc) What Nature raises Defense but lowers Speed?
3. (RSE) What Ability decreases the appearances of wild Pokemon in a sandstorm?
10. (GSC) On what day does Arthur appear?
7. (Misc) What item gives a 24% chance of going first regardless of speed?
8. (RSE) What move does TM20 contain?

Roost|Relaxed|Sand Veil|Overheat|Dragon Claw|None|Quick Claw|Safeguard|Shadow Punch|Thursday

And the secret surprise thing...

...was not the PsyBlog like some people may have thought, but it is something very different. It is the !trivia I designed for the #psypokejeopardy room. If I'm online, trivia is on, and enough people are present, you can type !trivia to start a new round. Go in the chats to learn more about it. It will be active almost any time I'm in there, so if you gather enough people without annoying #psypoke (or especially other channels), you can come in and have some fun.

Also, I have no idea when there will be another Jeopardy/Trivia/anything. My schedule should end up being much busier this school year, which is why I decided to have a last one before it started for me. If I manage to find enough time off, I may set something up in a few months. Until then, do not bother me about it. In the meantime, !trivia should be enough.


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Thu Aug 09, 2007 6:08 pm
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I want to double check -

Can you choose the question? Like, go to another category, and start with the 1000 psybuck question?

Or is it you choose the category and value?

Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:47 am
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If I'm not mistaken, you choose category and value.

We did that last time, so I'd assume it's the same.

Tiger edit: Yes, and it's found in one of the many sentences of the first post: "When the question is over, the winner of the question gets to choose the next category and amount."


Fri Aug 10, 2007 10:56 am
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How long would the voice and op status last?


Sun Aug 12, 2007 1:17 am
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Inta Xonem wrote:
How long would the voice and op status last?

A week, just like trivias. I'll add that to the first post as well.


Sun Aug 12, 2007 1:49 pm
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First wrap-up posted. Don't forget about the second one, too. :P


Sat Aug 18, 2007 9:04 am
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Yeah, that was really fun last night. I reeallyyy can't wait for tonight - hopefully I can make it.

Sat Aug 18, 2007 9:11 am
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My mom's dumbass boyfriend turned the internet off RIGHT BEFORE you asked the last question, which is why my score turned out bad. At least I still won. I might play later tonight, I dunno.

Edit: DragonPhoenix has been added to the access list at level 100, and ElementalTrainer's name isn't registered so I guess he'll just be manually voiced when he joins.


Sat Aug 18, 2007 10:00 am
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TC Ribbons have been given out!

Please note that for people who are in the top three, they will receive both the participation ribbon and the top three ribbon, as was the case with Psypoke Trivias. In the case of S_S, he had a participation ribbon the previous Jeopardy, and now that he's in the top three, he gets an additional ribbon.

In any case, Krisp, S_S, and DP have received their top 3 and participation ribbons. ElementalTrainer, Serpentsounds, TK, Frost, FS, Mega_horn, Sinnoh_Searcher and JsXtm each receive a participation ribbon. Congrats, and enjoy your new TCs ;o


Sat Aug 18, 2007 9:51 pm
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Um... wait, which ribbon is the Jeopardy ribbon? I don't think my TC has it...

Edit: Oh wait, yeah, there it is. I guess it just hadn't loaded yesterday.


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Sat Aug 18, 2007 11:23 pm
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It's light blue. In order, your TC has the Psyquest, Song Game, Trivia and Jeopardy Ribbons, JsXtm.

If it's not showing, you may be experiencing what many people often do, which is that your internet browser loads the old image. Try refreshing + F5 to refresh your TC image.


Sat Aug 18, 2007 11:33 pm
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if you dont have a trainer card and you order one, the ribbon should be on it, right? And if you participated in both jeopardys, will 2 ribbons show up or just 1?

s :arrow: S OuT!

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Name: Pearl - FC: 485435687413 - PM me if intrested in trade or battle
Offering lvl 100 Rayquazas for assorted pokes holding an electrizer</center>

Sun Aug 19, 2007 5:39 am
Gym Leader
Gym Leader
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Second wrap-up posted, including details about the surprise thing.


Sun Aug 19, 2007 9:48 am
Pokemon Ranger
Pokemon Ranger
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You guys like my mad skills? -5200 8D

Party in #psypokejeopardy!

Image Image

Sun Aug 19, 2007 6:02 pm
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Pokemon Ranger
Pokemon Ranger
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it's really fun, everyone should definitely give it a go 8-)

Sponsor a pokemon today to guide them through the knockout tournament! (2,000 Psybucks up for grabs)

Mon Aug 20, 2007 2:08 am
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