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 The Psypoke Isle Teams 
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Well, somehow the previous thread regarding Psypoke Isle has mysteriously <s>been deleted</s> vanished, so I've re-written this. This thread would contain the introductions to each Team that the Team Leaders have written. Following that, there would be instructions on how to join a certain Psypoke Team. Like I've said before, the admins, Amphy in particular, spent a lot of effort in setting up Psypoke Isle, and it would be a waste if members don't know how to join a Team.

<center>Rules and Regulations

Here are some simple rules that you should abide by regarding joining a Team.

1. Do not join more than one Team. Pick a Team and stick to it.

2. Do not "hop" across Teams. This means that you should not change Teams as and when you want to. If you don't like your present Team, think of ways to improve the situation instead of switching over to another Team.

3. Do not join a Team just for the sake of joining. If you join a Team, you should be contributing to the Team and taking part in its activities, not idling about and doing nothing.

4. Abide by the rules set by each Team. Each Team has slightly different rules for its forum. Be sure to read up the rules of whichever Team you have joined.

<center>Team Introductions</center>

Team Hydro

Team Leaders: Seraphim Riku, KinglerMaster, RegalChillin
Team Forum: Sootopolis City
Represented Types: Water, Ice, Fighting

If you have been interested in joining a team, and like water pokemon, then Team Hydro is for you! The Team is the first Psypoke Team ever to be established. Team Hydro currently has more than 50 members, and this number is growing larger all the time. Team Hydro is a fairly active group with very friendly members.

The Team holds activities such as art competitions, trivia, and other competitions with Psybuck prizes. We also have a RolePlay, Graphics Shops, and other fun activities for you to take part in. If you are interested in joining this group, please join us today! Thanks for your interest in Team Hydro. We hope to welcome you to the team soon!

Team Inferno

Team Leaders: sanctuary, bobashotmace
Team Forum: Lavaridge Town
Represented Types: Fire, Rock, Ground

On Thursday June 30, 2005, Team Inferno became the second Psypoke Team to be formed. Team inferno later recieved its first admin . By Oct 25, 2005 Inferno Got it's 40th recruit, and this figure is still growing. Team Inferno is probably the least waterproof team with the types Fire, Rock And Ground. Most of the best Pokemon in the games are of these types. If you share our fiery passion, be sure to join us today!

Team Solar

Team Leaders: Eighteen, ChroniclerC
Team Forum: Fortree City
Represented Types: Grass, Bug, Flying, Normal

Team Solar can be pretty much defined in this flash animation: (3.5MB)
To sum things up, Team Solar isn't like any other team. We may be a team for Grass Pokemon, sure, but we're more than that. While other teams get their jollies off about fun little imaginary role plays and sprite making, Team Solar is about fun and entertainment. Inside Fortree City, although we do keep the peace with flaming kept to an absolute minimum, we do not enforce rules as strongly as the rest of the forums; we believe in a more laid back and relaxed attitude. Got a good fart joke? WELCOME FRIEND! Got some crackpot theory about crop circles? ALL ABOARD! Made a good MS PAINT drawing of your sibling but are too scared to show it off in Fan Art for fear of ridicule? GREETINGS COMRADE!

Team Solar, no matter how chaotic, nonsensical and ridiculous, is about amusement. Prominent members of Psypoke that are part of Team Solar include: Psypoke Admin and Elite 4 member Amphy, Frontier Brains Nido and TheCyberMew, and (ex)author of Lugia and the Great Catastrophe, Lintaro! So, even if you don't care less about grass/bug/normal/flying pokemon, Team Solar is still a great home for you!

Team Midnight

Team Leaders: Magus, flaming_fox
Team Forum: Blackthorn City
Represented Types: Dark, Ghost, Dragon, Poison

The Team of darkness and devastation; a team that uses the powers of Dark, Poison, Ghost and Dragon Pokemon to strike fear into their opponents. Deadly Pokemon like Umbreon, Dragonite, Tyranitar and Rayquaza are all used to cause as much damage as possible. Sure, you could join another team, but if you want to be able to harness the darkness, Team Midnight is the team for you.

Team Midnight holds several activities for you to participate in, including an Elimination Challenge, and a competition to see whose home made attack is best. Our ID Cards can be customized to your liking. You can also have shiny and shadow pokemon on them!

Team Psyche

Team Leaders: Gardevoir1313, Gardevoir
Team Forum: Mossdeep City
Represented Types: Psychic, Steel, Electric

Team Psyche, as you may already know, represents the following types: Electric, Steel, and Psychic. Psychic, Steel, and Electric are, arguably some of the best types around. Therefore, if you like Pokemon such as Skarmory, Raichu, or Lugia, this is the team for you! Within Mossdeep City, there are numerous shops and activities for you to participate in, as well as a roleplay. If you have any questions, please do the following: non-members should PM Gardevoir1313 or Gardevoir, while the members should refer to the rules in the forum, the main thread, or PM a leader/mod (Galar and Raichulatias.) Thank you for your time. Please consider Team Psyche as your new team.

<center>How To Join A Team</center>

0.5) You do not have to post in a team's recruiting thread to join a team. Some people do anyway, but it's not required.

Also, you do not need to post your team, that will be taken care of in the team's forum.

1) Click on Usergroups at the top of the screen.


2) Under the "Join A Group" heading, click on the dropdown menu and select the team you wish to join. Team Hydro is being used as an example as it is the default team shown when you go to this screen.

3) Click the "View Information" button.


4) Click the 'Join Group" button.


A request would be sent to the group moderator to add you to the access list, and soon enough you would be in the Team.

*NOTE: Full credit goes to Flaming_Wuzzle for writing the instructions for joining a Team.


Sat Jan 07, 2006 9:40 pm
Lite Four
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The TEAMS ARE NO MORE as of now, so please do not enquire on why you cannot join the respective usergroups. I might convert this thread to a "history of the teams" thing, but that remains to be seen.


Thu Jun 28, 2007 9:54 pm
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