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 The New Psypoke Trivia: Part Zwei - wrap up added 
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The trivia went well once again, with good enough attendance that we are doing it again on a weekly basis for three months, tharting June 2nd!

-Final Scores-

Frost 16 (overall winner)
Gardevoir 8 (non admin-winner, second overall)
tiger10x 5 (non admin-runner up, third overall)
serpentsounds 5 (non-mod runner up, fourth overall)
Peanut-lover 4
TonberryKing 3.5
Jiggylpuff/Jordan_w/Tragar 1 each
chadim .5


The format is questionnumber. (category) question (answer)

1. (RS) Which oddly coiffured member of the Elite Four uses a Sharpedo? (Sidney)
2. (Stats) What is Pikachu's base Defense stat? (30)
3. (GSC) What are Bugsy's three Pokemon? (Kakuna, Metapod, Scyther)
4. (PD) Which item specifically boosts the number of Speed EVs gained from a battle? (Power Anklet)
5. (TCG/Fossil) Which three Pokemon are featured on the American booster packs for the Fossil set? (Lapras, Aerodactyl, Zapdos
6. (RBY) What item is needed to see Ghost type Pokemon in the Pokemon Tower? (Silph Scope)
7. (GSC) Which item restores 20 HP but lowers happiness? (RageCandy Bar)
8. (TCG/Base Set) What is the only rare non-holo Grass Pokemon in the set? (Beedrill)
9. (PD) What is the answer to the last question in the Hearthome Gym? (15)
10. (Abilities) Which new ability ensures that the attacks of both that Pokemon and its foe hit? (No Guard)
11. (Anime) Complete the episode title: A ______ Opportunity (Goldenrod)
12. (Snap) Which level is the Surfing Pikachu picture taken on? (Beach)
13. (Puzzle Challenge) Which Fire type Pokemon is unlockable for use? (Magby)
14. (RB) Which of Sabrina's Pokemon is not a Psychic type? (Venomoth)
15. (PD) What are the name of Seadra's two abilities? (Poison Point and Sniper)
16. (Mystery Dungeon) What is the "top rank among rescue teams"? (Lucario Rank)
17. (Misc.) Mizugouru is the Romaji(Japanese) name for which Pokemon? (Mudkip)
18. (PD) Which item can be found on a wild Starly? (<s>Klomp</s>Yache Berry)
19. (Anime) What is the first Psychic type Pokemon to appear in an episode title? (Abra)
20. (Stadium 2) What Pokemon may be uploaded in place of Chansey for the Egg Emergency mini-game? (Blissey)
21. (Yellow) Which of Bruno's Hitmonchan's attacks did not include the word 'Punch' in the name? (Double Team)
22. (GSC/Stats) What is Alakazam's max Special Attack stat? (368)
23. (Natures) Name two of the four natures that lower the Attack stat. (Bold, Calm, Modest, Timid)
24. (Mystery Dungeon) In which dungeon is Rayquaza located (Sky Tower)
25. (Abilities) What is the name of Regigigas's ability/trait? (Slow Start)
26. (Dex/Diamond) What percentage of Gastly's body is made up of gasses? (95%)
27. (RBY) Which of the Hidden Machines does not contain a damage causing move? (Flash)
28. (PD) Which damage causing move forces the user to switch out after use? (U-Turn)
29. (3 POINTS Stats/Math 3 POINTS) Solve to figure out which Pokemon is x: Bronzong's base defense - x's base Defense = Lopunny's base Defense. (Finneon)
30. (PD) What is the name of the large globe found in the corner of the Global Trading System building? (Geonet)
31. (TCG) Which set was released between the e-Expedition and Skyridge sets? (Aquapolis)
32. (Anime) In which episode does the awkward "Cowterpie" joke appear? (Ash Catches A Pokemon!)
33. (PD) Which berry lowers a Pokemon's Special Attack EVs? (Hondew)
34. (LGFR) Knot Island is another name for which of the Sevii Islands? (One Island)
35. (PD) Which move does Dewgong learn at level 43? (Aqua Tail)
36. (RBY/Stats) What is Raichu's max Speed stat? (298)
37. (GSC) Of the Pokemon which evolve by happiness, which one has the highest overall stats? (Chansey)
38. (PD) Where is Heatran encountered? (Stark Mountain)
39. (RB) Who gives you Bulbasaur? (Professor Oak)
40. (PD) Which move randomly raises one of the user's stats by two stages? (Acupressure)

(Lightning Round)

Which held item increases Pikachu's Special Attack? (Light Ball)
Name a Fire type Pokemon (Charmander, Moltres, etc.)
Name a Flying type attack (Gust, Drill Peck, etc.)
Name a city or town in the Sinnoh region (Twinleaf, Sandgem, etc.)
What is Arceus's National Dex number? (493)
What Pokemon does Lickitung evolve into? (Lickilicky)
Name a Pokemon game released for the Nintendo 64 video game system (Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Stadium, etc.)
What is the base power of Hyper Beam? (150)
Torterra and Gligar have a 4x weakness to Attack of what type? (Ice)
In RBY, which item restored 20 HP? (Potion)
How many attacks is Combee capable of learning? (2)
How many Pokemon eggs can you have in your party at once? (5)
What is the base damage of Swords Dance? (0, none)
Which Pokemon is given to you by Bebe in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl? (Eevee)
In which town is the Global Trading Station building located? (Jubilife)
Where is Celebi encountered in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow? (Nowhere)
Which berry raises Speed 'in a pinch'? (Salac Berry)
What are Dewgong's two types? (Water and Ice)
Who gives you the Master Ball in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl? (Cyrus)
Which attack type are Flying-type Pokemon immune to? (Ground

I planned for a second trivia if the first one was a success. If this one is nearly as successful as the last, I have a big surprise planned for the near future! So, in the second part of my little survey of interest, we are having another trivia!

What are the prizes?
The three highest scoring contestants (staff and non staff) will get a fancy trainer card ribbon. Every contestant who appears on the final scoreboard will receive a Trivia participation ribbon.

The four highest scoring non-admins will receive:
First Place - 1000 Psybucks, Operator status in #psypoke, and the Trivia King or Queen rank. (note: the Op and rank only last two weeks)
*Second Place - 750 Psybucks and Voice (+v) status in #psypoke (note: the voice status only lasts two weeks)
*Third Place - 500 Psybucks
*Fourth Place - 250 Psybucks

* If the contestant is a staff member, it will be awarded to the next highest scoring contestant.

Every contestant who does not place in the top four will receive 20 Psybucks multiplied by their point total.

When is it?
Saturday May 5th, 8pm EST. Check your timezone here.

How to get there
Trivia will be held on the Chats server in the #PsypokeTrivia channel.
To get there, use the java applet found here.
You could also use a IRC chat program and connect to the DarkMyst server ( port 6667) and join #psypoketrivia.
If you are having troubles, please ask inside the #Psypoke chat room.

Trivia rules
1. We usually have a big turnout in trivia, so it is necessary to moderate the room. The operators of the channel may set mode +m in-between questions and this reduces lag. You will not be able to talk during this time.
2. When the host says "Ready", this indicates that the question is going to be displayed soon.
3. You may guess as many times as you wish, unless the question states otherwise.
4. The host's decisions are final and if you really want to complain, type the following: /msg ChanServ COMPLAINT: Your complaint here
Although your answer may appear on your screen first, it will not always turn out that way for the host. Points will be awarded based on who appears on the host's screen first.
5. You must use your forum name to earn prizes.

Other questions
1. How do I get there???
Read above.

2. My timezone isn't on there
I'm incredibly sorry.

3. It's too late/early for me!
The time was picked to best suit the general population. We can't all have our way. If you're that desperate to attend, sleep in or take a nap to offset your sleep schedule for a day.

4. Is it going to be Pokemon questions or general knowledge?

5. Is use of the Psydex, Walkthroughs, or other help guides allowed?
By the time you find the right guide, click, scroll to read, the correct trivia answer will have been given. And for the record, the answer to your question is "no".

6. Does typing matter?
As long as I can make out the words. "gayarod" would be fine since it's clear that you actually mean "Gyarados". Trying to pass off something like "grarghfso" as Gyarados will not work.

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