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Author:  Sneaky Sneasel [ Sun May 13, 2007 4:31 pm ]
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Mike nodded at Koga, knowing what he had to do. "Right." Then he turned to Zapdos and said, "Zapdos, I accept your challenge."

He went over a little bit so he'd be right across from Zapdos. He gulped, already sweating even though the battle hadn't started yet. He remembered last time he tried to resettle the pact with Zapdos and how it was cut short. He was hoping it wouldn't be stopped this time.

"(I better not be fighting him...)" Lighthouse mumbled quivering in fear behind Mike.

"Don't worry, Lighthouse. I'm using Static. However, you can help Cassius' and Sidney's Pokemon out.

Lighthouse hesistantly agreed, not sure if even with his help he'd defeat whatever this incredibly strong ghost would throw at them.

Mike pulled Static's Pokeball out, and in the usual flash of red light, the Raichu materialized out of the red energy. He looked ready to fight, like he already knew he was going to have to fight.

"Alright...Static....use Thunderbolt!"

Author:  Gryphflame [ Mon May 14, 2007 4:52 pm ]
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Zapdos was not quite so immune to thunder he received from others, and he took the raichu's attack head-on, which returned him to his previous delirium for a moment. But he wasn't stopped for long, and with a flap of his huge wings dozens of small thunderbolts rained down around Mike and his pokemon, all coming from the dark clouds above.

Surge followed Koga's example, releasing a somewhat elderly raichu and two younger pokemon, an electabuzz and a magneton. "Full power, cadets, let's take this poor excuse for a poltergeist to the cleaners!" The two younger pokemon saluted awkwardly with their assorted appendages, even as the older Raichu was stepping up to take the lead. "Sabrina's pokemon may have the power, but we've got the training, right boys?"

"(Atteeention! Squad A, assemble formation 62-dash-alpha-seven!)" Raichu belted out orders, and all three electric types formed an orderly triangular formation to release simultaneous thunderbolts at the alakazam.

Pandora and Godfather also launched head-on into the fray, pulling out twin shadow balls and thick vines of nightshade respectively. Maiden, on the other hand, held back, examining the Alakazam intently with a very strange, ghostly expression on her face. The sweet little misdreavus looked downright creepy as she sized up her opponent, and somehow seemed more threatening than both the other ghost pokemon combined.

Author:  Flannery [ Mon May 14, 2007 10:55 pm ]
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Koga and Sidney's pokemon charged into battle as well, but before they could land any of their attacks, a powerful force made them freeze as if time itself had stopped, and then they were all blown back by a wave of psychic energy. Koga’s poisonous team, elite members or not, were no match against the awesome might of the psychic pokemon--and the crobat and the aridos found themselves stuck in the muk’s gooey body after being sent flying backwards.

Ginger and Lulu landed in a heap several yards away from where the alakazam stood. “(What was THAT?!)” Ginger yelled, still too disoriented to get up.

“(A psychic attack!)” Lulu answered, trying to shove the absol off of her. “(A really really powerful psychic attack! He must be--INCOMING!)” The medicham pushed her fellow pokemon with a bit more force, knocking her off and darting after her as large green dragon fell towards them, crashing to the ground where the two smaller pokemon had been lying a second earlier. “(Abina, are you all right?!)” Lulu asked the flygon, who gave a painful moan in response, but otherwise still looked in good fighting condition.

“(We won’t be able to beat him if he keeps using that against us!) The little medicham knew she wasn't nearly as old or as expirienced as the alakazam, but she had to do something or the other psychic would just keep blasting them back with the same attack. "(Maybe I can distract him long enough for one of you to confuse him or something!)" Lulu suggested. It was a long shot, but it was all she had. Lulu began to glow with her own psychic energy, which was much less powerful then that of Sabrina’s pokemon, but it did manage to catch the attention of the alakazam, who glared at her menacingly.

Author:  Sneaky Sneasel [ Tue May 15, 2007 8:36 am ]
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The thunderbolts circled Mike, all missing him thankfully. Static was not quite as lucky, as one of them struck him head on. Static shurrged it off, trying to make it look like it didn't do as much damage as it actually did.

"You ok, Static?" Mike asked.

Static nodded at Mike. "(You bet.)"

"Ok then...use Thunder Wave!"

Tiny electric bolts surrounded Static, slowly building up until finally releasing them at Zapdos.

Lighthouse fell into rank with Surge's Pokemon and fired a Thunderbolt to combine its electrical power and charge with the other Electric Pokemon's Thunderbolts.

Author:  Gryphflame [ Fri May 18, 2007 4:52 pm ]
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"(Let me)" whispered Maiden, floating forwards. The red of her irises glowed in the darkness created by the thuderclouds overhead, and Cassius' other team members looked back in concern and... perhaps, fear. The pleasant little misdreavus looked eerily excited as she progressed towards the front of attacking group, and she licked her bottom lip in a very unsettling sort of way.

"(Mai…)" said Pandora, speaking in a desperate sort of whisper. She didn't seem to hear.

The largest of the misdreavus' red gems glowed, and sent out a beam of red light that connected it to the head of the alakazam. "(Please, come with me. This will hurt... a lot.)" She was still smiling as her eyes seemed to darken, and several gash marks appeared suddenly across her body without any signs of an attacker. She swayed along with them, and despite having no limbs it seemed as if she were the one causing the gashes, through some ghostly force.

She let out a long, eerie scream as a second set of gashes appeared, and then collapsed to the ground, knocked out by her attacks on herself. As she hit the ground, the red light flickered, and solidified into a long red ribbon, a destiny bond between the kamikaze misdreavus and her intended victim.

Compared to that, Zapdos' attack seemed rather tame, a loud squawk and a wave of small electric bursts, erratic and poorly aimed as he tried to shake off the paralyzing effects of Static's thunder wave. "(HUMAN FIGHTS US BACK! VOICE NOT LIKE HUMAN. HUMAN FAMILIAR. WHO IS HUMAN NAME?!)"

Author:  Flannery [ Fri May 18, 2007 8:33 pm ]
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The alakazam looked downright frightened when he realized what the ghost pokemon was doing, but by the time he figured it out, it was too late. He cried out in unison with Maiden, feeling every slash as if he were the one being cut, and he collapsed as she fainted, twitching in pain.

"It's time to give up, Tetsuo!" Koga shouted, his pokemon gathering around him as they eagerly awaited his orders. "Stop this right now!"

"Give up?!" The dead ninja laughed--a low, malicious cackle that sounded unnatural. “There’s no way I’m surrendering now. We’ve only just begun!” He smirked, amused by the group's ignorance of what they were up against. “You can’t even begin to fathom the extend of your lady friend’s power. I must admit, she’s certainly done a marvelous job of hiding it all these years--but it’s really a shame for her to have kept something like this a secret for so long. Why, with power of this magnitude, she could’ve easily created a new world long before now!”

“This is your last chance, Tetsuo!” Koga snarled, ignoring the irrational words of his former pupil. “Either you release Sabrina and Zapdos from your control right now, or we’ll be forced to take you down!”

“You? Take me down?” Tetsuo smiled again, his ghostly form beginning to dissolve as his withdrew back inside Sabrina’s body. “Fine, you just try it...Master Koga,” he taunted, his eyes--no, Sabrina’s eyes--glowing a bright white, her pupils completely overtaken by light. Soon, her body started to exude a similar luminosity, and her hair began to rise up as if defying gravity. “That is, if you don’t take out each other first!”

He jerked his head to look directly at Sidney, his mind reaching out at the same instant to seize hers. The female ninja didn’t even have time to react before her mind was enslaved, her eyes emitting a faint glow similar to Sabrina’s. She looked passive, her face void of all emotion, but then she calmly turned to the trainer beside her--who just happened to be Cassius--bunching her hands up into fists and striking him hard across his face with little warning.

Author:  Sneaky Sneasel [ Sat May 19, 2007 12:50 pm ]
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"Familiar? What the heck is he talking abou...wait, duh! My dad started the pact with Zapdos. He must've finally realized that that it was my dad."

A relief to Static, none of these Thunderbolts hit him nor even gave him any trouble. The Thunderwave seemed to affect his aim. Static quickly glanced back at his trainer, waiting for his next command.

"My name?" Mike asked. "It's Michael. Michael Surge. Perhaps you've met my father?" Mike gestured to Lt. Surge, who was still focusing on the battle against Tetsuo.

Author:  Gryphflame [ Sat May 19, 2007 2:33 pm ]
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The punch to the face was like... well, a punch in the face to Cassius, physically and emotionally. Especially physically, Sidney was amazingly strong for her size, and Cassius had been completely unprepared. And emotionally, he was dumbstruck, turning to her immediately and opening his mouth to ask what was wrong.

He figured it out before he had time to say anything, but all he could do about it was duck from her next attack. "Sidney? Sidney?!" He began to back away from her, now keeping his guard up. Faced with a possessed ninja, he didn't have time to yell angrily at Tetsuo, or even recall Maiden. His entire focus was placed on trying not to get hit again.

Pandora was also somewhat occupied, dashing to Maiden and picking up the ghost in his two disembodied hands. Between an evil psychic ghost and a rampaging thunder god, the crater was not the best place for an unconscious, defenseless pokemon. Pan wrapped his tail around Mai as best he could, and looked cautiously about him, ready to defend against whatever tried to harm his injured teammate.

"FA...THER?" Zapdos struggled to get his head around the idea, which included several words longer than three letters, making it difficult. "HE MAKE PACT WITH US, WE LET HIM LIVE, GOOD HUMAN. YOU MAKE PACT TOO?" He seemed like he was calming down, but then he suddenly spasmed, and let out another wave of thunderbolts. "NO! VOICE SAYS WE FIGHT!"

Author:  Flannery [ Sat May 19, 2007 6:27 pm ]
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“(Sidney, what’s wrong?!)” Ginger knew her trainer couldn’t have been in control of her actions for her to suddenly attack Cassius--her mate--in the midst of battle, but the small absol couldn’t bring herself to believe it. Sidney was just too smart to let herself become possessed by someone like Tetsuo. Ginger had to do something to help bring her best friend back to her senses, and quick! “(C’mon guys! We’ve gotta get Sidney to snap out of it!)” she shouted to her other two teammates, Lulu and Abina, who both nodded in agreement.

But before the absol and the others could help their trainer, Tetsuo switched his focus from the Sidney to her pokemon, using the same technique he used to ensnare the ninja’s mind on the three of them and causing them all to stop in their tracks as they immediately fell under his control. “Take care of the ghosts, my minions!” he commanded them, using his hypnotic persuasion to make the three pokemon turn to face Cassius’ team, which included Pandora and the injured Maiden. “(DESTROY THE GHOSTS!)” Ginger bellowed, charging up a shadow ball--Lulu and Abina readying their attacks as well.

The possessed ninja didn’t ease up on her attacks, swinging at Cassius every chance she got, but the other trainer was doing a good job of protecting his face from her hits. Yet Sidney’s movements seemed clumsier than usual as she lunged at the ghost, most likely because Tetsuo's hold on her was becoming more tenuous the more he spread himself out trying to control too many minds at once. Koga seemed to realize what was going on with Sidney in the nick of time, and he rushed over and grabbed her from behind, holding her in a tight ninja bind to prevent her from hurting Cassius anymore.

“Sidney! Snap, urgh, out of it!” he commanded his student as she kicked and struggled like a crazed animal in his grip, roaring at the top of her voice as she tried to throw off the other ninja and get at Cassius. “We’re your friends!”

Author:  Sneaky Sneasel [ Sun May 20, 2007 9:35 am ]
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((baleeted Gryph's doouble post >.>))

"No, Zapdos! Calm down," Mike tried to persuade the legendary bird of thunder, but the thunderous roar of the electrical blasts canceled out Mike's voice, and Static was forced to another round of "Dodge the Lightning!"

"Zapdos, I make pact too, just like my dad," Mike said, trying to put it in terms the bird could understand. Then he lowered his voice and said to Static, "We only have one electric attack that'll do anything significant against Zapdos. It'll hurt you as well, but it's our only option at the moment."

"(Oh, you mean that attack. Sure, I'm game,)" said Static, who was already starting to build up a tremendous amount of electricity.

"Use Volt Tackle!"

At that moment, Static was completely covered in an electrical aura. He charged up, and using his tail as a spring, lept up in the air and headed right at Zapdos.

Lighthouse noticed that Sidney's Pokemon, along with Sidney, were being controlled by Tetsuo. "(That's not fair,)" he protetsted. "(They have an injured player on the field.) He ran over in front of the already fainted Maiden and readied a Thunderbolt.

Author:  Gryphflame [ Mon May 21, 2007 11:25 am ]
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((Thanks, Snee :) ))

Once temporarily relieved of the rather frightening (but... also rather alluring, though he was trying not to think about that) ninja who'd been attacking him, Cassius quickly withdrew the fainted Maiden, giving Pandora the opportunity to defend himself instead of her.

His next move was somewhat foolish, as he moved towards the dangerous ninja instead of backing away. Quite towards, in fact. He leaned in quickly and precisely, almost as if he were making an attack, and kissed her. "(Sidney...)" he said longingly, his tone getting the meaning across despite the accidental language switch. But he wasn't just trying to snap her out of the mind control. The paralyzing effects of his saliva would, at least, prevent her from being Tetsuo's puppet should she continue to fall under his thrall.

But just as Cassius drew slightly away, the old gymleader keeping Sidney in check was met with a threat of his own. Surge had thrown a punch at the old ninja's head, his eyes and expression as blank as Sidney's. The ex-military trainer was fit for his age, and had taken what looked like a professional boxing stance, ready to face down his old friend in combat.

And Zapdos, in the meantime, was just as enthralled with the "voice", currently ignoring Mike's offer to reinstate the pact. He squawked as Static hit him hard in the side, then turned around to peck at the offending attacker with his needle-like beak, neglecting his thunder temporarily for the physical weapon that was so close at hand.

Author:  Flannery [ Mon May 21, 2007 11:49 am ]
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At first, the kiss seemed to only infuriate the already enraged ninja even more, Sidney fighting to pull away. But after a few seconds, her struggles seemed to subside slightly, and for a brief moment, the unnatural light eclipsing her eyes faded, instead replaced by their natural golden gleam. The emotion returned in her face, and she looked both blissful and terribly grieved before the numbing side effects from Cassius’ kiss began to quickly spread throughout her body, rapidly traveling down her spine and finally ending at her fingers and toes.

Koga was caught off guard as the girl immediately went limp in his arms, nearly dragged down with her as she became dead weight. But it was even more unexpected when Surge hit him from out of nowhere, the old ninja forced to drop his unconcious student rather unceremoniously on the already battle worn ground as he felt his friend’s fist connect painfully with his skull. He knew immediately that Tetsuo had simply traded his control over Sidney for one of their other allies, Surge. The ninja easily managed to keep his distance from the controlled individual, quicker and more nimble than the heavier, more muscular military man.

“Cassius!” he shouted back to the ghostly gym leader while still trying to stay out of range of Surge’s attacks. “You need to stop Tetsuo now or there will be none of us left standing at this rate! Only you and your ghost pokemon are immune to his mind control!”

Meanwhile, a few of Koga’s poison pokemon rushed to the aid of Pandora, Godfather, and Lighthouse, the ariados firing her sticky string shot at both Ginger and Lulu to hinder their movements while the crobat fluttered around Abina’s head, trying to distract the dragon. The muk, however, decided to concentrate on Surge, attempting to creep up behind the human and trap his legs in his thick body.

Author:  Sneaky Sneasel [ Mon May 21, 2007 4:55 pm ]
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((New page! :) ))

After the attack hit, Static was left unguarded and an easy close target for Zapdos' Drill Peck. Normally, Flying types were not very effective on Electric types, but with the raw strength of Zapdos and the recent recoil of Volt Tackle, it seemed to do a considerable amount of damage.

Static came crashing down to the ground with a slam, but managed to get back on its feet. Sweating and panting with fatigue, the Raichu waited for his trainer's next order.

"Zapdos! Try to relax! Pact, my dad, everything...we're trying to help!" But it didn't look like any of Mike's words were getting to getting to the large bird. "There's gotta be something we can do...Static, use another Thunderbolt!"

Static once again built up his electricity and fired it at Zapdos, while Lighthouse fired his Thunderbolt at Ginger and Lulu.

Author:  Gryphflame [ Mon May 21, 2007 8:55 pm ]
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Cassius immediately leapt to catch Sidney as she fell, and to make sure she was alright. Though she was quite thoroughly paralyzed, his kiss didn't seem to have done any other damage, so he set her down very carefully, and turned to look at Tetsuo. Koga was right, the human ghost would use his mind control to take down anyone but a ghost who got too close. One of them would have to get near enough to distract him before anyone else stood a chance.

"(Godfather, I need you to watch Sidney. Rook, Mari, Snee, you three man the battlefield, help stop whatever pokemon Tetsuo takes over.)" Cassius released the rest of his team as he spoke, and they ran to join the fray as Godfather floated over to watch over the ninja. "(Please, take care of her)" added Cassius quietly to the huge gengar. Godfather nodded. Even if his trainer's choice of mates seemed a little odd, species-wise, he understood how much she meant.

"(Pan! You're with me, we're taking on Tetsuo!)" The younger haunter fell into step with the elder, and both began running past the battlefield towards the specter who was manipulating it all.

Surge, in the meantime, was faster than he looked, especially when he charged. Just before the muk was in range, Surge leapt forwards suddenly, rushing at Koga like an angry Tauros. He wasn't particularly accurate, but when he got down to it there was a surprising amount of raw strength in the old soldier's body.

Zapdos barely seemed to notice Static's attack, half-stepping out of the way, but more concerned with his own inner battle. "(VOICE…SCREAMS AT ME!)" yelled the bird, causing small tremors as he took to the air in a rage, though he hadn't quite figured out at what he was targeting said rage.

Author:  Flannery [ Mon May 21, 2007 11:35 pm ]
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Koga almost didn’t notice Surge charging at him until it was too late, but the old ninja was still rather quick on his feet, despite his age. He dodged to the side just as the other man rushed past and grabbed him by his arm, using his momentum against him by twisting the appendage and flipping the his opponent’s entire body over onto his back. Strength or no, attacks were useless if the foe could see it coming from a mile away--as the King of the Dead had once put it, and the wizened Koga was also a firm believer in that truth. He quickly stepped away from where his friend had fallen, glancing up just in time to see Zapdos rising up off of the ground and into the air in a flurry of sparks. Not good! the gym leader thought despondently, grimacing up at the darkening sky.

Tetsuo, although very distracted with the battle at hand, managed to notice Cassius’ aggressive advance toward him out of the corner of his eye, and he immediately called out to all his minions for protection. But Ginger and Lulu were already rendered immobile, having been tied up by the spider pokemon's strong, silky string.

Abina was the only one left, forced to face up against the remaining pokemon. Once hearing her master’s call, though, she swung her enormous tail at the annoying crobat that still danced around her head, flicking it out of the air and sending it flying into the crater floor. Then, with a mighty flap, she shot up off the ground and dropped down right in front of the moving Cassius and Pandora, the crater shaking fiercely with her landing as several thunder claps sounded overhead. The draconic pokemon then let out a high-pitch roar, as if daring the two haunters to try and get through her.

Author:  Sneaky Sneasel [ Wed May 23, 2007 9:15 am ]
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"Come on Zapdos! Fight it! You're a legend; you can't be controlled!" Mike exclaimed. Then he lowered his voice again and said to Static, "Don't attack him just yet. Let's see if he can actually fight against Tetsuo's control. You look like you could use a bit of a break anyway."

"(Uh-huh,)" was all the Raichu said, looking around at all the thunderbolts dashing around in the sky, and then at Zapdos.

Lighthouse was about to use a Thunderbolt attack on Abina, being the only Pokemon besides Zapdos that was able to attack and under Tetsuo's control, but he stopped charging when he realized that Flygon were part Ground, which meant Electric attacks would do absolutely nothing.

Author:  Gryphflame [ Wed May 30, 2007 9:20 pm ]
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Cassius didn't seem phased by the large dragon plopping down in front of him. Or, rather, he did seem phased. When push came to shove, the younger and elder haunters worked quite well together, and with barely a glance between each-other Pandora extended a hand to his fellow ghost and both were suddenly much more transparent.

With Pandora's help, Cassius managed to keep up the phasing for long enough to get straight through Albina, about a second and a half. He came out the other side looking... a little odd. His hair seemed more spiked, and his canine teeth more pointed, the effects of his long-term human habitation having been pushed forwards due such close ghostly contact. But he didn't seem to notice, and kept going towards his intended target, hoping Albina would take a moment to realize what they'd done.

Zapdos, meanwhile, still seemed to be struggling with himself. He was not exactly the brightest lightbulb in the box, but his sheer raw power was starting to break through the psychic control, especially with Tetsuo concentrating on controlling others at the same time.

Author:  Flannery [ Thu May 31, 2007 3:43 pm ]
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The flygon would probably have looked very confused after the ghosts' little vanishing trick, but she was incapable of showing emotion while under the evil ghost's control. It didn't take her long to figure out what had happened, but when she tried to turn around, she found her feet submerged in a thick purple puddle.

"Nice going, Scully!" Koga called to his muk, the ninja quickly springing back into action. He returned his injured crobat to its pokeball, who lay crumbled on the ground, and sent out a venomoth to replace it. He knew he didn't have much time left to fight, especially with their party members dropping at the rate of ninjasks--and it was only a matter of time before Tetsuo would decide to turn him into his mindless slave.

But Tetsuo was hesitating. The battle was turning more and more chaotic. Zapdos was becoming increasingly difficult to control, Abina was too distracted with battling the remaining pokemon to protect him, and something else--another presence, which he discounted as a minor annoyance, what with other more pressing circumstances at hand--like Cassius and his apprentice moving closer.

"What do you plan on doing?" he inquired the frightening-looking human coming towards him, at the same time attempting to reach out to the rampaging Zapdos to get him under control and bring him back to him. "I'm more powerful than you can ever hope to be. You pokemon have always been the inferior species, which is why your kind has been subjected to serving humans for all these years." He snorted. "I should probably do that human you're controlling a favor and rid him of your presence!"

Author:  Gryphflame [ Sat Jun 09, 2007 8:31 pm ]
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Zapdos was removed from his confusion once Tetsuo started concentrating on him again, and turned around in mid-air to fly back towards the psychic who had him sorta-kinda-loosely under control. He was half-tangled in the air with all of his showy confusion, though, and he wouldn't be immediately available to help his undead master.

"Funny, I was about to say the same to you" said Cassius, reaching into his shirt pocket and pulling out a small folded piece of paper, which he quickly snapped open. A cleanse tag, of the sort he usually used for purification rituals. Of course, without incense and the proper rites it would be difficult, but he had to try. "Pandora, nightshade, keep him occupied!" Pandora nodded, and whipped out the usual dark, thorny vines, though he wasn't sure how helpful they'd be against Sabrina's immense psychic powers.

Author:  Flannery [ Sun Jun 10, 2007 10:26 pm ]
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Tetsuo smiled when he saw the other ghost pull out the cleanse tag, and he appeared even more tickled by Pandora’s futile nightshade attack, immediately stopping the thorny vines in their tracks by raising his hand.

“Heh, you amuse me, King of the Dead,” he scoffed, using Cassius’ title as if it were demeaning. “You know it is hopeless, and yet you still refuse to accept your fate. Didn’t death teach you that nothing is permanent? Nothing, except for death itself, that is.” He was beginning to exude his ghostly aura again, the blue-grey wisps of mist rising from his body like passionate fire. “That’s why I’m perfect to rule this world. Don’t you see? Unlike the world leaders now, I am eternal. Why let those cursed with short lives make the decisions? All they ever do is bicker amongst themselves, most of the time trying to fill their own greedy pockets with gold, and never getting anything done.” His smile suddenly twisted itself into something nasty and unpleasant, his voice dropping to a hiss. “I can fix all that!”

He diverted all his attention onto the nightshade, commanding the deadly plants to lash back at Cassius and Pandora. But with his concentration elsewhere, it wasn’t a surprise he didn't predict what happened next. There was the smallest glint of light in the air—a tiny spinning ninja star cutting through the lightning. Tetsuo only managed to catch a quick glimpse of it as it sailed right past his face, but it was enough to startle him, making him temporarily forget about the nightshade he was controlling.

Someone was clapping. Enraged, the ghost spun around to see who would be foolish enough to humilate him--but Sabrina’s abilities could have never prepared him for who he saw. “Y-you!”

A dark-haired ninja was standing on the ledge of the crater, staring down at him in his usual c*cky way. “Excellent speech, Master,” Shade said mockingly, crossing his arms. “Gave me just enough time to catch up to you. Seems you are leader material, after all. Always talking, never getting anything accomplished.” The young man smirked, then jumped down to land beside Cassius. “You miss me, Your Highness?” he said, sparing a glance to his old foe turned undead Super Saiyan.

Author:  Gryphflame [ Wed Jun 13, 2007 12:55 pm ]
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Oh, great. Cassius couldn't think of anyone he'd have less liked to show up to help. Well, hopefully help. Shade didn't seem to be on great terms with the ghost of his former master, and the enemy of one's enemy... well, not a friend, but maybe an ally if it was absolutely necessary.

Shade's question did not, in Cassius' opinion, deserve an answer, and was replied to only with a snort of disdain. "Has he taught you his habit of speeches, too, or are you going to help do something productive?" asked Cassius, coiling vines of nightshade wrapping around his clenched fists like gloves, long spikes growing outwards around his knuckles to provide a sting to his punches.

Zapdos, in the meantime, now looked confused. "(...WHAT WAS I DOING?)" He asked, bewildered but still very, very loud. "(WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE HERE?!)"

Author:  Sneaky Sneasel [ Mon Jun 18, 2007 5:18 pm ]
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"What the? What's with Zapdos. It's as if he he has no idea where he is or something," said Mike.

"(That's because he's back to his old self.)" Static concurred.

"You mean he's not under mind control anymore. Well that's a relief," he said to Static. "Zapdos! You were under control by an evil spirit...ghost...thing, but now you're back to normal. We were battling to renew the pact my dad made. As for evreyone else that's here,'s a long story."

Author:  Flannery [ Sun Jun 24, 2007 7:16 pm ]
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"I'd expect no warmer a welcome from you," Shade responded sarcastically to Cassius' comment, furrowing his brow at him. Still, he took the ghost's advice and tried to be a bit more helpful--but having learned a thing or two about type advantages from pokemon battles, Shade's knew his ninja techniques were useless against Tetsuo. He needed to think of something else.

"Koga!" he shouted, looking back over his shoulder at the old gym leader, who was slightly startled by the young man's voice. "Give me a pokemon!" The elder ninja nodded, and didn't even appear to hesitate as he retrieved one of the snagged pokeballs and hurled it straight at him.

Shade caught the device, in the same instant twirling around and releasing the creature inside. The pokemon to appear was none other than Regis, who looked relieved at being back in the company of his trainer, but also ready to take out his pent up frustration on some baddies. He roared loudly, baring his needle-like teeth at what he believed to be a fierce looking woman.

"R-Regis!" Tetsuo's eyes opened wide, and his jaw dropped a touch. He knew this pokemon! Regis was his faithful partner back when he was alive--but the nidoking didn't even seem to recognize him in his current form, and the monstrous animal lunged at him, thrashing his tail wildly. For a moment, Tetsuo panicked, and then the ghostly ninja simply disappeared, teleporting out of danger before he was forced to harm his old friend.

"D-damn you!" Tetsuo's voice growled in their heads. "Damn you all! I retreat for now, but my plans for this world will still remain! You can't change your fates!" And he was suddenly gone.

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