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Author:  Gryphflame [ Mon Oct 23, 2006 5:51 pm ]
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"Oh, I never wonder if she's hiding things" muttered Cassius, tired and a smidge grumpy and talking to himself. He was quite certain Sabrina was hiding things, and wished he knew why. Usually, it was because she was scheming, but surely she'd share her thoughts on such an important matter?

The gym was, indeed, near the centre of town, subtly decorated with giant lightning bolts in red over a pale blue building, both of which were slightly scorched from repeated contact with energetic electric pokemon. The yellow thunderbolt decorations were lit up from inside, glowing in the darkening sky, indicating that the gym was still open, despite the lateness of the hour, and ready for challengers.

Author:  Flannery [ Mon Oct 23, 2006 7:29 pm ]
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"I think I see it," Sidney said, pointing to the lights in the distance.

"I told you it wasn't easy to miss," Koga said, already in higher spirits now that the gym was in sight. Or maybe it was because Lt. Surge's gym wasn't nearly as fancy as his own. Decoration was never a major issue with the sergeant--unlike Koga and Cassius, who both took great pride in giving their gyms personality. Of course, Lt. Surge spent most of his youth in the army, and the army was never known for its taste. "I thought he might be awake. He never sleeps much."

Author:  Gryphflame [ Wed Oct 25, 2006 8:53 pm ]
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I hope he hasn't imported army cots for the guest beds thought Cassius, the pessimistic thought springing to mind out of nowhere in particular. He and Koga reached the gym first, and Cassius pushed the door open for the others, revealing the darkened entrance room.

"More challengers, eh? I keep wiping the floor with you guys, but you keep coming back for mo- Koga, is that you?" Surge had been standing in the shadows, but ran out upon seeing his old friend. The electric gymleader was nearly as old as the ninja, and though he'd put on a pound or two in his old age he was still in good shape, and kept up his old military habits of keeping himself clean and tidy. Electric-yellow hair dye covered his greys, and he could have passed for a man ten years younger.

"Sure took you long enough to get here, y'old rat" he seemed to use 'rat' as a reasonably affectionate term. No surprise, since he'd trained a rat or two in his time. "How's life been treatin' ya, and why t'ell don't ya come see me when the world's not in peril, huh?" He gave Koga an affectionate punch on the arm, grinning.

Author:  Flannery [ Wed Oct 25, 2006 9:08 pm ]
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Koga grinned as well, grabbing Surge's hand and giving him a friendly shake. His grip was like iron, capable of crushing any normal man's fingers, but the old ninja knew Surge could handle it. "Well, you know, I've been busy," he answered, laughing a little. "You know, what with a gym to run, and," he cleared his throat, "being an Elite Four member, it's tough finding time to get away." He also smiled at Cassius, who was standing beside him, and he suddenly remembered his manners. "Hmm, I know you remember Cassius here," he told the lightning gym leader. "He's Moltres' new pact partner."

Sidney stayed near the back, simply taking in the new scenery. The place seemed so full of energy, unlike Koga's gym, which had a tranquil feel despite its many traps, or Cassius' gym, which chilled bone.

Author:  Gryphflame [ Wed Oct 25, 2006 9:26 pm ]
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"Ah, rub it in while ya can" said Surge, who'd also put in an attempt at the elite four spot Koga had occupied. "That mouth o'yours'll come back te haunt yer someday, y'know. Speaking of haunting, nice t'see you again Cassius! Y'aven't aged a day, you lucky devil." Cassius, too, got a hearty thwack, and tried to smile politely. Fortunately, Surge was soon distracted by the next arrival.

"Mike! How've ya been m'boy?" A third shoulder punch was doled out for his son, then he snapped into military commander mode. "Alright then, private, I want a full report on what y've been up to since you showed yer old man who's boss, eh?"

((I think I remember Mike mentioning that he won Surge's badge a few months before this RP. If that's not the case, remove "since you showed yer old man who's boss" from the post :P))

Author:  Sneaky Sneasel [ Thu Oct 26, 2006 1:56 pm ]
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((Actually, since Mike started in Kanto when he first became a trainer (age 10/11-ish) and he's now around 17, it's kind of been a while since Mike beat his dad. Although, that was just Lt. Surge's gym Pokemon, kinda like when Cassius faced Sidney.))

Mike winced slightly and rubbed his shoulder a bit after his dad punched him. "Man dad, you don't know your own strength, do you?" After that, Mike went into attention and assumed a much forceful and louder tone than before.

"Sir, yes sir! Cassius, Sidney, and I have been renewing the pacts between the legendary birds. Supposedly there has been someone who's trying to control them or something. It's a long story, and even I don't know all the details...sir!"

Author:  Flannery [ Thu Oct 26, 2006 2:39 pm ]
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((Edit: PAGE SEVEN-TEH! -doodles something to celebrate- XP))

"(Wow. Mike really can talk loudly,)" Ginger said in her usual mocking tone. "(Miracles really do happen.)" She beamed up at Sidney, who shook her head at her.

The ash haired ninja watched Mike intently until he was done speaking, and then returned his attention to Lt. Surge. "Hmm, yes. We successfully forged the pacts with Articuno and Moltres, but have yet to discover Zapdos' whereabouts. We also managed to catch the guilty party, but he escaped shortly after his capture." Ginger sank as Koga said this, as if trying to disappear into the floor.

"We did manage to get a bit of useful information out of him," Koga continued, never faltering once in his speech. "According to what he told us, some Neo-rocket organization has been forming in secret, and gradually gaining strength. Their leader is the mastermind behind this whole mess, although we're unsure what he wants with the legendary birds. Maybe to use them to take control of Kanto, and eventually the other regions as well." He paused. "Ah, but I'm sorry. Sabrina probably told you everything already."

Author:  Gryphflame [ Thu Oct 26, 2006 9:08 pm ]
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"Ah, Sabrina, now there's an example of your words coming back for ya, huh? Ah, but what're we all standing around here for? Lets getcha all inside and fed before we save the world." He hearded them all through the door, pausing for a moment on his friend's pupil. "Ah, this must be the lovely Sidney I've 'eard so much about." He took her hand and kissed it, which looked sort of silly. "Enchanter, madermoiselle" he said in gawd-awful French. Apparently age hadn't stopped him from being a flirt.

He led them all to a small room to the left of the main gym stadium, which could have passed for a military commander's office, complete with a map of the region pinned up on the wall and a model of a standard-sized pokemon arena on a circular table, with little models to represent attacking and defending pokemon.

"Now, Sabrina did stop by m'gym, but that was weeks ago. She said she was off ter find Zapdos, but I haven't 'erd a word from her since, so 'm'a guessin' the 'ole bird's been pretty tough to find, if our old psychic's 'avin' trouble."

Author:  Flannery [ Fri Oct 27, 2006 4:22 pm ]
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Naturally, Sidney's cheeks became flushed when the sergeant kissed her hand, and she smiled bashfully, lifting her free hand to try and hide her face so that Cassius might not become jealous. She followed behind her master into Surge's office and admired the grand map hanging on the wall, facinated for a moment since they had been in person to many of the places labelled on it.

"Sabrina's missing?" Koga asked, concerned. True, it wasn't the first time the psychic had disappeared for long durations--but to do it during troubling times? "What? Not a word from her since?" he repeated. Maybe Sabrina was in trouble, but Koga knew he shouldn't jump to conclusions, as much as he wanted to play hero.

"That is strange," Sidney said, moving up between Cassius and Koga. "Do you know where she went?"

Author:  Gryphflame [ Fri Oct 27, 2006 7:54 pm ]
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Cassius edged a little closer to Sidney, trying not to be jealous but still repeating mentally that he was prettier and smarter and younger than Surge. Well, older technically, a lot older... but that wasn't the point!

"Nope, not a word. She was headed north of the city last I saw of 'er, but there's no way of telling where she's ended up now." Surge shook his head, looking at his map. "Wish she'd let me in on 'er plan, but you know Sabrina."

He looked like he might have continued to speak, but a red light on the side of the room started flashing, and a siren went off with a loud woop-woop-woop, disrupting all conversation. "Ah, looks like 've got m'self a real challenger this time" said Surge, laughing heartily. "You four better come watch how a real gymleader fights, eh?"

When he opened the door to the entrance hall, the challenger and her friend had already let themselves in. "I'm not sure I like this place" said the shortest, and pinkest, of the three. "It's nowhere near as cool as Cassius' gym."

"Indeed, its exterior is depressingly bright" said the second, who was clad in black.

"Pipe down, you two" said the tallest of the familiar trio, whose hair looked just like Cassius'. "This is supposed to be an easier gym than Cassius', and I want my second badge."

The ghost in question tried to keep behind Surge, hoping they hadn't noticed him yet.

Author:  Flannery [ Fri Oct 27, 2006 8:47 pm ]
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Ginger stuck her tongue out at Surge when his back was turned, mildly upset at him for not including her in the action. But she cheered up instantly when she saw the three familiar dark faces. "(Hey, lookie who it is! It's the three goth girls from before!)" said the pokemon cheerfully, galloping towards the trio.

"Ginger, get back here," Sidney hissed, not wanting her friend to draw attention to them. If the small group found out that Ginger was there, then they'd know she was there, which would immediately lead them to believe that their idol was present as well. But Ginger didn't listen, already a few feet away from the bunch.

"(How've ya'll been?) she asked, grinning up at them. "(Haven't seen ya'll since the pokecenter in Cerulean. We've been all over Kanto, fighting legendary birds since then--but other than that, nothing major. So you can all start petting me at once now, if you'd like.)"

"You know these people?" Koga asked, raising one of his bushy eyebrows at Sidney when he saw her inching up beside Surge, trying to hide Cassius as well.

Author:  Gryphflame [ Fri Oct 27, 2006 9:25 pm ]
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"Aww! It's the cute little mini absol from before? How've ya been, girl? Would you like a poketreat?" Pink offered Ginger a treat from her pocket, though it looked like it had been in there awhile.

"HEY! Cass 'n I are in the same level bracket, who's been spreading rumors that I'm some sort of push-over?!" Surge stepped forwards in his anger, leaving Cassius with only the thin ninja for cover. Needless to say, he was spotted, and all three little fans gave simultaneous gasps.

"Cassius! What are you doing here?" asked the three, speaking simultaneously, all three quite gleeful at the unexpected encounter.

"I'm visiting with a few fellow gymleaders" he replied quickly, slightly snappish about it.

"And you brought Sidney with you?" Tall was really talking to herself, not Cassius, "how romantic!"

"Are you related to Surge?" Pink asked Mike at the same time. "You must be, you look so similar. Is he your grandpa?"

"HEY!" Surge, again.

"Was Sabrina coming to join you, then?" asked Serious, thoughtful.

"Oh! That's right! We saw her when we were coming into the city, but she was going in the opposite direction." Tall, again taking charge of her group. "It was cool running into a gymleader like that, but she was really weird. She kept looking like she was going to attack us, and she half-lunged at Athy once. Is she always that bonkers?"

Author:  Flannery [ Sat Oct 28, 2006 4:49 pm ]
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"(Don't mind if I do!)" Ginger quickly accepted the treat, nearly inhaling it--and she soon wished she hadn't, because the poketreat was dry and covered in pocket lint, nearly getting caught in her windpipe. The absol doubled over, violently hacking and coughing like she had a record hairball lodged in her throat. What was that little brat thinking?! she thought between coughs, frustrated. She trying to kill me?!

"You saw Sabrina?!" Koga said, immediately jumping into the conversation, but Sidney waved at him to keep quiet, silently reminding him that, as much as he cared for Sabrina, the psychic still hadn't forgiven him for what he said. Koga understood, sadly nodding his head in agreement.

Sidney turned to look at the girls, stepping forward slightly. "From what I've figured out about Sabrina, she is very strange, and her actions unexpected. But..." The ninja suddenly looked perplexed. "You said she tried to attack you? I...don't think that's normal, even for her. Did she say anything to you?"

Author:  Sneaky Sneasel [ Sat Oct 28, 2006 5:06 pm ]
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"Yes to the first question, no to the second. We are related, but you're off by an entire generation. He's my father, not my grandfather."

"(Yeah, but Lt. Surge is old enough to be your grandfather.)" Lighthouse chiimed in, which resulted with Mike flicking him on the nose.

"Don't talk about my father like that," Mike muttered angrily.

"(I'm telling on you!)" Lighthouse whined. "(I'll cry...I'll do it.)"

"Lighthouse, now is the time not to make a scene," Mike said sternly.

"(Fine...whatever.)" Lighthouse went over to sulk...or something.

Author:  Gryphflame [ Sat Oct 28, 2006 9:11 pm ]
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"That's m'boy!" said Surge, giving Mike an enthusiastic (and rather forceful) pat on the back. "Grandpa, pah! Why I'm just as young as I ever was! And who th'ell are you three, anyways?"

"Er, we're--" there was a collective bickering amongst the three, as they tried to decide on which names they were currently using, interrupted by Cassius after a few moments.

"Enough! Sabrina, you saw her? Where, and what was she doing?" They all fell silent at the ghost's voice, out of fear rather than affection. His eyes glittered red in the darkness, and he seemed even taller than usual, putting on his full ghostly show for the sake of expediting the interview process.

"Er, well, we saw her around route 6, but she left the trail after she saw us and headed, er... west-ish, I think." Tall spoke for all three of them, as usual. "She almost bumped into us on the road, and when we tried to say sorry she took a few steps and looked like she was going to psychic-blast us, she was really mad. Then she said she was almost to her destination and didn't have time for us, or something like that..."

Author:  Flannery [ Sat Oct 28, 2006 10:48 pm ]
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Sidney's attention was entirely focused on Cassius as the ghost suddenly turned 'angry undead spirit' on the small cluster of fan girls. The ninja wasn't as terrified as she could've been, mostly because she'd been around him long enough to know he was harmless, and that his scary aura was mostly show--or maybe it was because she knew in the back of her mind that, if he ever truly wanted to scare her, she could easily lift him off the ground and hurl him headfirst into the nearest wall. Yet, in some strange way, she found his frightening display to be alluring--but now wasn't the time to be thinking about that!

"Hmm, very unusual," Koga said, stroking his chin. "Route 6, you said? Isn't that near where that old crater is, where they believed a meteor to have hit millions of years ago?"

"You think she believes that's where Zapdos is?" Sidney asked quietly, so to not let the three girls overhear.

"Hmm, maybe the thunder god decided to rest there since the rough terrain makes it, ah, difficult for humans to access it."

"(Great. And we've got some old geezer out there by herself trying to track him,)" Ginger said, her voice still hoarse from coughing. "(Gotta love the logical world we live in.)"

Author:  Gryphflame [ Sun Oct 29, 2006 5:19 pm ]
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"Sabrina can take care of herself" put in Cassius, also keeping his voice down, "but if she thinks she's found Zapdos, why hasn't she told us?"

"Yea!" Surge, unfortunately, hadn't caught on to the stay quiet tactic. "She ain't gonna be able to save the world without m'boy Mike here, eh?"

"Save the world?" asked Pink enthusiastically, "Can we come?!"

"No" said Surge and Cassius in unison.

Author:  Flannery [ Sun Oct 29, 2006 9:05 pm ]
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"(Sorry,)" Ginger told the girls, turning her nose up at them. "(But you're not cool enough to be in our 'world saving' club.)"

"This is a delicate situation," Koga informed them, switching to his serious elder ninja voice. "This is not a matter for inexperienced trainers. I suggest you do what you originally came here to do and be on your way. Otherwise, leave now so we can close the gym for the night." He fixed them all with an impatient stare, waiting for their answer.

"(Is it just me, or does our old ninja buddy seem on edge?)" Ginger asked Sidney, nudging the trainer with her head-blade. "(I can smell his nervousness. He must really like that old hag, Sabrina--even though she doesn't have any respect for people's privacy.)"

Author:  Gryphflame [ Mon Oct 30, 2006 6:48 pm ]
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"HEY! I'm not inexperienced! I've been doing this for... at least a few months now. AND I have a badge." She displayed a leaf-shaped badge, a tougher one to acquire than one might have expected from her.

"Now look here, girl, one badge doesn't make you any sort of expert-"

"Two badges, once I get yours!"

"Right, two badges once yo- HEY!" A few dozen years of repeated shocks to the brain meant Surge wasn't the brightest lightbulb in the box, but he wasn't stupid, either. "You listen here, kid, if you can't beat Cassius then you won't beat me, either!" He released one of the gym pokemon he kept at his belt, an energetic young raichu with rather ruffled hair and a very perky sort of expression. Tall released her choice of pokemon, a charmeleon wearing red-and-black stripped arm warmers and heavy black makeup.

Author:  Sneaky Sneasel [ Tue Oct 31, 2006 9:52 am ]
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"Looks like we gotta wait a bit..." Mike mumbled, walking towards the sideline as to not get in the way of the battle. "That's exactly like him to just rush into a battle like that."

Author:  Flannery [ Tue Oct 31, 2006 1:21 pm ]
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"(Hey, I remember that pokemon!)" Ginger said out loud, pointing at the dressed up charmeleon. "(Back at the Cerulean pokecenter! That was the one that I...uh...)" The absol cut herself off suddenly. She remembered the charmeleon alright. It was the same unsuspecting pokemon whose tail she had used to light the incense, but she wasn't about to admit to that. "(I mean, I've never seen the lizard before...)"

When Koga saw the fire pokemon, he frowned. "Hmm, no wonder you won. You had a type advantage." And for a brief moment, he smiled. When trainers visited his gym, nine out of ten times they were accompanied by either a psychic or a ground type pokemon, both of which always had the upper hand on his poison types. "Kids these days. Where's their sense of adventure?" he said, turning to the angry gym leader beside him. "But you should probably let your son handle this one. The young lad will need the expirience if he's to be facing you-know-who soon." He wasn't about to remind Surge about the last time he lost control of his emotions and lost against a kid and his pikachu.

Author:  Gryphflame [ Tue Oct 31, 2006 8:11 pm ]
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Surge looked as if he was going to object, then he paused and thought about it. "Y'know, Koga, you might be on to something there. Fer once." He tossed the raichu's pokeball to his son, as Tall backed off a little to make room for the fight, apparently unphased by this change of opponent. "Have a go, m'boy, lesse how ya do as a gymleader!"

Author:  Sneaky Sneasel [ Wed Nov 01, 2006 9:08 am ]
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Mike was shocked by the sudden turn of events, but he wasn't going to back down. After all, he was going to become Gym Leader here eventually. Might as well start now.

He caught the Pokeball and stared at it for a moment. "This is the Raichu Dad's had ever since he was my age...I'd rather use Static, but that might be unfair...."

"Alright, here we go!" Mike released the Riachu from its red and white container.

Author:  Gryphflame [ Wed Nov 01, 2006 8:20 pm ]
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((Actually, it's a different raichu, a nice young one. I suspect his originally raichu is comfortably retired. Or dead, if they have shorter lifespans that humans :P Oh, and Mike can win this fight if y'd like, Tall is probably still a little underleveled.))

"Alright, Middy, let's start with a smokescreen attack!" When it got right down to it, Tall and her pokemon weren't bad fighters, even if she was a little obsessive. Her charmeleon listened and reacted quickly, swishing his tail and increasing the flame so that it let off a huge cloud of smoke, obscuring the Raichu's view of the field.

"(YOU CAN DO IT, RAICHU!)" yelled Pandora from the sidelines. "(Oh, you two Mike.)" He seemed a lot more interested in cheering for a member of his ex-species, though.

Author:  Flannery [ Wed Nov 01, 2006 9:43 pm ]
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Without warning, Ginger suddenly snatched Pandora's hands out of the air and started waving them above her head like pom-poms. "(GO, GO, GOTH GIRL!)" she cheered, apparently feeling she should support her fellow darklings. "(You can do it, Mr. Fire Lizard! Turn that stupid, fat rat into toast and show their kind how pathetic they really are!)" She obviously added that last part for the dead pokemon floating beside her.

Sidney shook her head once more. "Well, this was unexpected," she said to Cassius, smirking. "But now we can see how good a trainer Mike really is." She felt bad for the young trainer, since most of his battles until now had been interrupted unexpectedly. Maybe now he could finish a match, and win. "That is, if the battle isn't called off on an account of a haunter and an absol trying to mutilate each other on the sidelines."

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