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Raitias then went through the door of the cell and picked up the remote Jeff dropped.
"This might help, later on, hopefully I don't lose this one." Raitias said as he put it in his backpack.

"Now time to get out of......" Right as Raitias was about to finish, part of the ceiling collapsed over the exit, Jeff used.
"Okay, I can't go that way out, hopefully this way has an exit." Raitias thought as he ran up some stairs on the other side of the room.

At the top of the staircase, there was some debris in the way, so the fourth door couldn't be reached.
"Lets try this one." Raitias said as he grabbed the doorknob and tried to give it a turn, it was locked however.
"Can't ever be that easy can it?" Raitias said as he backed away from the door and went by the second one.

Raitias then grabbed the doorknob and gave it a turn, this door opened.
Raitias took a step into the room, seeing that it was just a lab.
"Great, guess I better....." Right as he turned around the door slammed shut, locking itself.

The lab looked like a bit of a pokecenter, with some glowing balls on some shelves, though there were 3 in the distance on a table that didn't glow.

"I'm guessing, these were stolen from someone here then, since they aren't glowing.." Raitias thought as he took them and put them in his backpack.

An explosion, then opened up part of the wall, revealing a hidden door, reading "Underlab3".

"Well it looks like the lights stop around there so that should be my way out." Raitias said as he went through the door.

The lab was dark blue, alot of people dressed in black standing around, they gave him a slight look, and then continued on with their work.

"Well I guess they think i'm Raitios then." Raitias thought in his head as he began to walk by.

A loud sound then came from one of the monitors, it was in Jeff's voice.

"Attention, look out for someone pretending to be Raitios, it is the real one. If you see him, take him down, he knows too much already."

"Aw crud, perfect timing." Raitias thought in his head as the people got up out of the chairs.


Thu Apr 06, 2006 9:31 am
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((Like my sis says, Internet problems. I'd have added my bit last night, but gamespy was down.))

[color=deepskyblue]Darth made his way cautiously through the complex, occasionally he'd run into a locked door, sometimes he'd be able to use his knife's screwdriver attachment to remove the door from it's hinges, but other times he'd have to go around, or blast through it with Amner

I'm not here all the time, though I do pop back in occasionally, if you want to contact me, you can dropped me a line at

Fri Apr 07, 2006 12:36 pm
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