Lockdown; Chapter II: The Silver Garden
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Author:  Grass King [ Mon Feb 20, 2006 1:06 pm ]
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Author:  Mutant_Mewtwo [ Mon Feb 20, 2006 1:32 pm ]
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Grass King wrote:

((Thanks, I mean my 6 versus 500 is kind of stupid as Psyches is flying away on a Ninjask :lol: ))

"Well done Flare, You can stop now." Flare stopped and let Ben climb off "Thanks Flare *Pats flare on the head* and you Phantom you did a great job" Just as Ben said that he was suddenly surrounded by 20 pokemon. Ben noticed Psyches still flying up to the tower "Psyches, you get up into that tower, i'll take care off these. Go Alakazam, Umbreon, Sparks and Seviper. Come on you lot we'll need to pick on their weaknesses to win this. Let's work on the Strongest first. Alakazam use Psychic on those Gengar, you help him to Phantom, Charizard use Wing Attack on those Machamp, Umbreon use Toxic on those Dragonite, Sparks use Thunder Bolt on those Scyther and Beedrill, Seviper use Wrap on those Scrawny little Sabeleye then Use Flamethrower on them from up close" The two Psychic attacks connected with full force and the two Gengar collapsed to the ground. Charizards Wing Attack only managed to connect with one of the Machamp but it was a critical hit and it also fell two the floor. Umbreon suddenly used toxic on the unsuspecting Dragonite and badly poisoned them, Not liking this they both used Dragon Rage on the Umbreon but it barely hurt him. Sparks used Thunder Bolt that strechted over the whole area that the Beedrill and Scyther were, They all fell to the floor motionless. Seviper wrapped up the two Sabeleye leaving them unable to move then fired an almighty Flamethrower at them, Heither of them fainted but then Seviper being Ben's new catch and not obeying him stated using Bite on them until they fainted

"Well done you lot only 1 Machamp, 2 Golem, 2 Aggron, 2 Rhydon and two Poisoned Dragonite Left that's 9 pokemon left, We've taken out the first 11 now let's finish off these one's"

Author:  Psyches [ Tue Feb 21, 2006 9:40 pm ]
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As Psyches flew higher and higher, his Ninjask working away like mad, he couildn't take his eyes off the awesome battle below him. Ben stood backed up against the wall commanding his pokemon to destroy the enemy poikemon.
"Ben is an amazing trainer, I wonder if he'd be interested in training with me sometime," Psyches said to Ninjask. Ninjask gave a panicked buzz in reply. Psyches looked up just in time to see a zap cannon before it hit himin the face. Ninjask was sent flying away and Psyches left to fall to the ground. he quickly grabbed at hgis belt, relerasing Noctowl to scoop him up again. Noctowl was a much better flyer than Ninjask, but a lot louder and more noticable. Psyches recalled Ninjask who was flailing about in the sky nearby, tryignt o recover from the zap cannon that had copnfused and paralyzed him.
"They already know we're coming, might as well go in with guns blazing," Psyches decided. Noctowl swooped ot thew side as another zap cannon shot by. Psyches clung tighter to Noctowl's back as it looped over and then shot downward, dodging three more zap cannon blasts. Noctowl paused for a moment, thinking.
"Noctowl, just keep dodging them, we'll get there slowly," Psyches said. Noctowl took one last look over its shoulder at psyches, a strange glint in its eye.
"What?" Psyches asked. Noctowl zoomed forwards straight at the top of the tower. Instead of dodging the zap cannons, Noctowl flew straight through them. It screechedas the first one hit, then slowed down at the second. Noctowl gave another roar and a burst of speed sent it flying harder to the tower's summit. Three zap cannons slammed into Noctowl who gave one last flap of its wings, carrying Psyches over the tower's walls and landing with a crash on the concrete at the top. Noctowl was beaten, electrical sparks flitting across its body.
"You did good buddy," Psyches cooed, giving Noctowl a stroke on the face before letting it return to its pokeball. As Psyches looked up he saw a group of Porygon2 that had been using the zap cannon. Behind them was a Hypno, Alakazam, Meditite, Xatu, and Slowking in a psychictrance. They must have been blocking the radio communications to the city. Psyches looked over the edge of the tower and saw the city stretching out past the Champion Tower. Someone made a noise behind him. Without ordering them, {kirlia} and {Ampharos} jumped out at psyches' sides.

"Who's there?" Psyches jumped.

Author:  saga [ Wed Feb 22, 2006 9:10 am ]
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(i'm gone 2 days and i'm kinda lost so i'm try to keep up. :wink: if i miss something, tell me. also
I'm part of special group sent to help.)

hmm these people aren't very nice

Dave leaves and follows the people in the shadows.

He finds a way into the fortitude no one else knows. from there he watches the battles and waits for the moment to help. "umbreon go under there and help and come back, use toxic." umbreon uses the shadows to hide. from there he poisons all of the enemy pokemon. At the same time he is consealed to hide his movment. "good job buddy." Dave stays in the airducks with his umbreon waiting.

Author:  Grass King [ Wed Feb 22, 2006 11:32 am ]
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"Hello, fool. You should have just waited and let me take over. Now I have decided to give you a choice, you can either join me or you can be destroyed. You can choose and if you are foolish enough to not join me you can choose what pokemon destroys you. Now choose. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock."

Author:  Mutant_Mewtwo [ Wed Feb 22, 2006 11:37 am ]
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Ben noticed the toxic attack come out of the shadows andpoison the pokemon "Who ever's there you could help a little bit more than just poison tham, but what ever i'll kill them myself. Charizard use wing attack on that Machamp, Alakazam Ice Puch on those Dragonite, Sparks and Phantom use Psychic on those Golem and Rhydon, Umbreon use Helping Hand and help Seviper, Seviper use Flamethrower on those Aggron"

Charizards wing attack hit Machamp and it was sent flying by the sheer speed Charizard was traveling, Alakazam's Ice Punch easily got rid of the weakening Dragonite, Sparks and Phantom's Psychic attacks took out the Golem and Rhydon because of there measly Sp.Def and after Seviper had been powered up by Umbreon the Aggron stood no chance against his Flamethrower. All the pokemon fell to the floor in pain

"Well done you lot now let's see who's in that bush"

Author:  Psyches [ Wed Feb 22, 2006 11:47 pm ]
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Psyches looked at Jeted and shook his head.

"One on one, give me your best shot," Psyches said, rolling a pokeball between his fingers. He threw the pokeball into the air.

"You challenged the wrong trainer," Psyches laughed.

Author:  Grass King [ Thu Feb 23, 2006 8:35 am ]
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"O, are you sure it isn't the other way around?" Jeted smirked. He then picked out the pokeball that contained his secret weapeon. "Let's go!" he exclaimed as he through his pokeball.

Author:  Shabbit [ Thu Feb 23, 2006 9:25 am ]
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Soz if im so late u guys, is it ok for me to join :)

Name: Alex
Appearence: Navy hoody, Blue jeans, and white trainers
History:Parents died when he was 5, Doesnt like to talk alot.


Heres my story so far:
Alex Finally made it to the wall of the city, he saw a hole in the wall,
"Looks like somebody is allready here" said Alex
Alex walked threw the hole in wall, and he saw a trainer, He was surrounded by fainted pokemon, all Alex could see was the trainers Charizard,
Alex sent out his {shiftry} just incase the trainer wasnt sent by prof oak,Alex didnt want to go up against anthour team magma person.

"Hey there, Did you do all this?" Shouted alex
Alex's {shiftry} Let out a loud noise to grab the trainers attention.

(soz for being a late eddition)

Author:  saga [ Thu Feb 23, 2006 9:38 am ]
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Dave jumps out and joins the fight. "now who is friend and who is foe" he said as he sent out his dragonite and blastoise. "I'm warning all of you don't do anything stupid. just answer my question."

Author:  Mutant_Mewtwo [ Thu Feb 23, 2006 11:55 am ]
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"Who are you to? To awnser the first question, Yes i did this myself, don't worry i was sent by Professer Oak. And to awnser your question, you with the Umbreon, WHAT FIGHT, it's over!!. You just stood in the bushes and let me beat them all, there all gone. Thanks alot."

Author:  Shabbit [ Thu Feb 23, 2006 1:48 pm ]
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"Well thats good to hear" said alex.
Alex returned his {shiftry} back to his pokeball,
My names Alex and i was also sent by Oak,

Soz for short post :) nothing else to say

Author:  saga [ Fri Feb 24, 2006 7:47 am ]
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"I'm Dave and i was sent by a secret group. I was sent to fool the people by saying i would join who ever did this problem then turn on them from the inside. so i guess were friends not foes."

Author:  Psyches [ Fri Feb 24, 2006 10:14 pm ]
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Psyches' pokeball burst open to reveal Kirlia, eyes alight with a psychic blue glow. Jeted's pokeball split apart and a dazzling blaze of white light shot out.

Author:  Mutant_Mewtwo [ Sat Feb 25, 2006 1:14 am ]
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"Ok, Hello Alex and Dave, Can you two clear the area of Opposing Trainers for me? I have to go help Psyches" Ben saw the flash off lights from the top of the tower "Looks like i'm to late, Well better late then never, Flare can you fly me up to the top off the tower." With that the {charizard} leant down so Ben could climb on and then head towards the top off the tower with great speed

Author:  Shabbit [ Sat Feb 25, 2006 7:11 am ]
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Sure Ben,
Alex Threw 2 pokeballs to the floor
And out came Alex's {houndoom} and {arcanine}

(Soz i had to make this thing short)

Author:  saga [ Sat Feb 25, 2006 8:37 am ]
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"well then lets go, go dragonite"

dragonite flys dave up following Ben.

Author:  Mutant_Mewtwo [ Sat Feb 25, 2006 8:43 am ]
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((Thanks for doing what i asked Saga :roll: Meh i'll sort it, well try))

Ben noticed Dave flying up behind him "I asked you to help Alex get rid of the trainers down there sowe can take on the leader with no inturuptions! Go help him otherwise we won't just end up fighting the leader, we'll be fighting everyone else here aswell. Now Go Help Alex!" With that the Charizard increased his speed and shot up towards the top of the tower

Author:  Grass King [ Sat Feb 25, 2006 9:25 am ]
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Jeted's pokemon was copy his ditto. "Quick transform into an exact double of Kirlia," Jeted explianed to copy.

Author:  saga [ Sat Feb 25, 2006 9:36 am ]
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"fine i'll go."

Dave heads down to the ground.

"go dragonite hyperbeam."

with that a few of the trainers start to fly away.

"alex, the rest are yours.

Author:  Mutant_Mewtwo [ Sun Feb 26, 2006 1:01 am ]
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As Ben and Flare reached the top of the tower Psyches came into view. "Right Flare just land here" The {charizard} landed with a thud on the floor and collapsed "Well done Flare you've done enough" Ben looked up to see Psyches and His {kirlia} fighting someone he had neve seen before with his own {kirlia} "Go Alakazam, Psyches if you need any help just tell me, I'm ready for anything"

Author:  Psyches [ Sun Feb 26, 2006 11:06 pm ]
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Kirlia gave a shriek as it sent a blast of psychic energy at the ditto. the psychiccame back and slammed kirlia intot he ground. it jumped up and launched a psybeam that was sent hurling backward as well. Kirlia collapsed to the ground clutching its chest

"Ben, hold off that ditto while i try and revive kirlia," Psyches begged. He knelt down to kirlia. It was holding a broken crumbling of rocks in its hand.
"Kirlia?" Psyches asked as it started to glow. Kirlia shook its head as it stood up, a white ligth enguklfing it. Gardevoir turned to face the copy of kirlia and stepped into line next to charizard. Flare's awesome strength combined with Gardevoir sent the copy flying away in a mess of fire and psychic sparkles.

"Who are you and why are you? What did you want form thew Pokemon League?" Psyches asked, the massive Charizard giving Jeted an intimidating look.
"Answer me, or my friend's massive dragon here will teach you a new meaning for the word pain,"

Author:  Grass King [ Mon Feb 27, 2006 9:21 am ]
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"That you will know in due time. Copy turn grow Charizard's head wings and tail, but keep the rest of kirlia. In case you seem surprised, i trained it so much it can make hybrid's from pokemon around, but don't worry it's not perminant." Jeted told the trainers.

Author:  Shabbit [ Mon Feb 27, 2006 2:21 pm ]
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Alex looked up the tower, he saw flashes coming out of a window,

"Wounder what there doing"
{arcanine} opened its mouth as it shot flames at 2 {electrode}

One of the {electrode} fainted while the other one used explosion,
"Ah Arcanine, dodge it"
{arcanine} jumped away, but got caught in some of the explosion

Alex looked at {arcanine} then alex noticed a huge hole in the tower,
"dumb electrodes" said Alex

Sparks flew from behind a wall, alexs {houndoom} barked to grab alexs attention, but before alex could turn around a magneton had shot out lightning at {houndoom}
"Houndoom, use faint attack"
Shouted alex
houndoom growled as it disapeared,

The {magneton} looked around, untill
houndoom reapeared and smashed rite into it with its horns

"Good now finish it off with hyper beam"
{houndoom} opened its mouth and shot out a yellow beam
The {magneton} screeched as it hit to the floor.

"too easy" said alex

Author:  Psyches [ Mon Feb 27, 2006 4:20 pm ]
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"Ben, I think this is your department. Blast this guy and his pink blob outa here," Psyches joked.

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