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Author:  Undeadcutlet [ Sat Jan 14, 2006 4:50 am ]
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Jakob turned around and walked on in silence. "I know you didn't mean that. It's ugly and weird." Jakob turned and began walking over a small footbridge that crossed the muddy river.

Author:  Flarey [ Sat Jan 14, 2006 4:52 am ]
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Suddenly Serrevia was interested. "Why do you where it then?" she asked, following him closely. Hey, he had told her to "stay with him at all times".

Author:  Undeadcutlet [ Sat Jan 14, 2006 5:11 am ]
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Jakob didn't answer. "Okay, we're there." They were on the sidewalk of a wide street that ran next to the Thames. Surprisingly enough the streets were very clean and there were practically no slums. "How do they keep it so clean without the help of you guys?"

Author:  daveshan [ Sat Jan 14, 2006 5:39 am ]
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David followed the alarm procedure.

He armed himself and went out into the streets. Uncharacteristically, he hid among the crowd rather than be out at the front since he knew he would be noticed by the Enforcers.

As the Commoners' and the Enforcers' representatives talked, David looked for friends of his to aid him in his recovery.

Author:  Bartimeus [ Sat Jan 14, 2006 8:30 pm ]
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I'm here!!! I'm finally joining this RP, though it took me awhile. Thanks for getting it started, I'm not entirely sure I would have gotten it off to such a good start.


Name: Murmanthius
Age: dont even ask
Species: 9th level djinni
Affiliation: Currently having no master, though it isn't going to last.

Appearance: Don't have a favorite, enjoys trying new forms after every summoning.
Personality: Witty, talkative, often somewhat insulting to my masters.
Brief History: Helped in creation with the pyramids (yet, who didn't), involved with many Roman wars, not summoned to London since the Dark Ages.

BTW... imp, foliot, djinni, afrit, marid; Loyalists, Patriots, Enforcers, Commoners

I knew it wouldn't last. 800 years from my last summoning was a nice little time off from having to serve any magicians, but some hair brained fool was bound to think I was the right choice for a bodygaurd sometime. I felt that familiar and unwelcome pull, and knew it was useless to try and resist it.

Before I knew it, I was in a bare office unadorned by anything except a simple desk and the basic supplies for summoning: some chalk, candles, and a tome or two, all very basic. Yup, I told myself, this is London.

A bolt of lightning struck the center of the Pentacle that I was destined for, and flames erupted from it. From these flames rose a great, black, winged serpent. It was my first time back for a while, so I figured I might as well be flashy. All attempts at seeming frightening vanished, however, when I first witnessed my new master.

"How do you fit in your pentacle?!" I burst out, unable to stop myself from releasing a small snicker. I thought this was a good question, though, since this man was so large and, well, blubberous, that I couldn't help but inquire how he managed it.

"Hey! I'm your master! You cant talk to me like that," he replied in a squeaky voice. The mans face reminded me a great deal of a walrus that has been stuffed and dressed up in a hideous grey suit.

Experienced magicians wouldn't have taken an insult in such a way, so I came to the conclusion that this guy didn't have a clue. I searched the Pentacle that enclosed me for any error, but, dissapointed, decided that knocking over a candle that was foolishly left burning on the desk might lure him from his protection.

The man hesitated, almost hurrying to the desk, but caught himself, and remained where he was. And I was so close. Oh well. I'd had masters like this before. It was only a matter of time before he messed up.

"No more funny business," he squeaked. "I charge you to attack anything that might hurt me. Do you agree to this?"

This was too good to be true. This had to be the dumbest master that ever summoned me. I pretended to hesitate, seeming to be contemplating this.

"I suppose, if I've gotta," I replied after a pause that might have been a little longer then necessary.

"Good." Well didn't he seem smug. A ninth-level djinni at his command, conquered by his cunning wits and strong will. I almost didn't want to have to kill him...

Author:  daveshan [ Sun Jan 15, 2006 2:47 pm ]
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While David was shuffling through the crowd, one of his supperiors, a man known only as E.D., spotted him.

"Nice of you to inform us that you surived." E.D. said in a sarcastic and disapproving tone.

"Being debriefed on a failed mission while in bad condition isn't something I am real motivated to do. You'll have to forgive me." David shot back.

E.D. wasn't one to take a comment like that lying down. "I'll give you something to take your mind off of your failed mission then. After all, we talked to the other two who survived and I doubt your story'll be any different."

David rolled his eyes. "Fine, what's my mission?"

"You're going to play spy for us." E.D. responded with a smirk. "After our healers use their pendants on you report to my office and I'll give you the full details."

E.D. disappeared into the crowd, leaving David to curse his luck.

Author:  2x4b [ Sun Jan 15, 2006 4:06 pm ]
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Hi everybody! Just wonderin if I could join, if so:

Name: Vladislaus
Age: 210
Species: Vampire
Affiliation: Loyalist

Appearance: The usual Vampire look, pale skin, black hair, amber eyes, dresses in black, well I just found the perfect look: that yep, sorry for the link, pic was too big
Personality: Cunning, Sophisticated, often cold hearted.
Brief History: Was sired by a feral Vampire in the 1800's, then spent nearly a century menacing the inhabitants of London, until he was captured in the late 1800's and banished to a mountain Castle in the welsh mountains, but since the North American war has joined the Loyalists and has been accepted back into London society, but is forbidden from feeding from London inhabitants.
Abilitys: (Will take out if you don't agree) A Vampire's natural abilitys: able to assume the form of a flock of bats to travel great distances, Telekinesis, and Immolation or the ability to incinerate people, but this is never used often, only if grows incredibly angry.
Weaknesses: Holy Water, Silver Cross, Silver Stake etc.
Items: a Talisman he wears around his neck that protects him from sunlight.

Oh yes and: Demons: Imp, Foliot, Djinni, Afrit, Marid. Factions: Loyalists, Patriots, Enforcers, Commoners.

Author:  daveshan [ Sun Jan 15, 2006 4:38 pm ]
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((There are no vampires in this RP))

Author:  Flarey [ Sun Jan 15, 2006 6:40 pm ]
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((And silver isn't harmful to Vampires, it's harmful to Werewolves. It's the wooden stake that Vampires can't hack.))

"Where exactly is here?" Serrevia asked, looking around. "and tell me again why we're here?"

Author:  daveshan [ Sun Jan 15, 2006 8:10 pm ]
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After a rest, some food, and treatment, David stepped into E.D.'s office.

"So what's my mission?" David asked.

E.D. smiled. "You're going to spy on a Loyalist. You are going to take the disguise of a poor Commoner so that your clothing is loose enough that it doesn't reveal your body structure. Most Loyalists would find it suspicious if a poor begger had a martial artist's body."

David groaned.

"So what am I going to do while I'm there? Get a souvenier for you?" He asked.

"Yes, you are. The gift of information.

A Loyalist named Jakob, here's a picture of him, has recently discraded his old djinn and has acquied a new one. We have no picture or even the name of his new djinn, however, you will probably find it following him around.

Your job is to learn as much as you can about his new djinn without him knowing you are a spy; ask to be his servent or something. If he discovers that you are a spy, a man of his experience will be quick to change djinns and kill you. Although maybe not in that order."

E.D. chuckled at his own joke, which he had a habbit of doing.

"I hate djinns." David said as he looked at a picture of a man with brown hair, very fair skin, a dark suit and a small, unremarkable white mask covering the the top half of his face.

"We have no idea what his amulet does F.Y.I." E.D. said. "None of our agents have been around when it takes affect so try to find that out too. And good luck."

Author:  Anade [ Sun Jan 15, 2006 9:24 pm ]
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((Ahem. Sorry, finals are coming up and I've been busy. :oops: Anyway, I'm here...))

Andraa looked around the streets casually. In Loyalist territory, she was considered a Loyalist, in Enforcer territory, an Enforcer and the Loyalists had no idea--a good thing for her.

Suddenly, she spotted the white mask of the man she was watching. Andraa had heard of a number of things recently about a magical item stolen and an attack on Jane Farrar--and Jakob, who seemed to be close to Madrake, was going for the magical item.

Andraa knew that a number of Enforcers were also looking for the stolen item and she was hoping to follow Jakob to the warehouse and find several Enforcers there to back her up.

She smiled sarcastically and brushed her hair behind her ear casually--a reconnaisance mission, following a powerful magician around, and putting her life on the line: it seemed like another normal day in her life--something she could never have dreamt of even when she was just a girl living at home, dreaming of adventuring.

Author:  Undeadcutlet [ Sun Jan 15, 2006 10:46 pm ]
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Jakob rolled his eyes. "Don't you even listen? We're here to get an item for my master. And quickly." Suddenly his ears almost pricked up visibly. His spy's sense was kicking in. "Someone's watching us. If you can turn invisible I'd like you to do that and look around for anyone suspicious. Magicians or whatever. And make sure that your transformation to invisibility is inconspicuous." Jakob looked back at the demon and said, "you can go invisible, can't you?" Jakob didn't wait for an answer, he just turned around very quickly. "I see her," he hissed, risking a glance over his shoulder, "what could she want?"

Jakob then statred to walk quickly, not looking back again, when he finally came across his first destination. A crooked sign above the door read, "T.E. Pennyfeather's Artistic ----lies" A part of the sign had been sprayed over to make the new, quite realistic message. Jakob tried to push the door open, but it was locked. Without a sideways look he walked back into the street, picked up a stray brick, and hurled it through the large window on the left side of the door. It shattered powerfully and Jakob vaulted through, careful not to hurt his beautiful suit. "Serrevia. I want you to look around this shop for some clues as to the whereabouts of the warehouse. Mr. Mandrake knows how to get in, as he's been there before, but he just can't remember where."

Author:  Flarey [ Sun Jan 15, 2006 10:51 pm ]
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Serrevia followed him around the corner and then vanished herself, turning invisible on the first through to fifth planes. On the sixth she was in her human form, and on the seventh she was in her natural form. She walked carefully back around the corner and watched the girl approaching. Confident that she was nothing to worry about, Serrevia went back around and entered the building to begin her search for clues.

Author:  Undeadcutlet [ Sun Jan 15, 2006 11:00 pm ]
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The shop was full of dust, and Jakob coughed heavily. He took a step forward, then slipped on a long piece of paper that was on the floor. He tried to pull himself up, but he just managed to pull down a large bucket of congealed paint. there was bit of thrashing about in the floor, which only managed to get him more tangled up in the paper. "Serrevia, help me up."

Author:  Flarey [ Sun Jan 15, 2006 11:06 pm ]
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Serrevia appeared beside him at the call of her name.

"Well, you are in a mess, aren't you." she grinned, and leant down to grab the paper and help up her master.

"Careful you don't lose your pretty little mask in this mess. Which reminds me, you still haven't told me why you wear it."

Author:  Undeadcutlet [ Mon Jan 16, 2006 12:38 am ]
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Jakob grunted and pushed Serrevia away, stumbling to his feet. "Come on, we have to find a clue." He looked back at the piece of paper that he had gotten tangled with, and saw a smudge of blue paint on an upturned corner. He turned the paper over, which revealed a large, abstract painting. It seemed to be made up of many short, straight lines. At one end of the shape there was a small circle, at the other the end was pointed. Jakob was about to walk out of the store and order Serrevia to torch the place, when he had a thought. He picked up the paper, took a look at it, then stepped out of the shop. With a half-smile on his face, he began to walk down the street, occasionally glancing at the paper.

Author:  Flarey [ Mon Jan 16, 2006 12:41 am ]
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Bewildered, Serrevia resumed her invisibilty and followed him.
"What is it?" she asked him quietly, so that none others could hear her and detect that she was there.

Author:  Undeadcutlet [ Mon Jan 16, 2006 12:50 am ]
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"Follow," Jakob said, simply. As he came to a corner in the road he looked at the shape on the paper, turned right, then turned the paper on it's side. "I'm... following a hunch. Jakob said, pointing at the the lines on the paper, "I think it's a cleverly disguised map."

Author:  Flarey [ Mon Jan 16, 2006 1:46 am ]
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"Cleverly disguised map? If you ask me it's a very poorly disguised crappy artwork." Serrevia continued to follow him, however. She couldn't help wondering if his hunch was right.

Author:  Undeadcutlet [ Mon Jan 16, 2006 1:57 am ]
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They continued to follow the "map." Jakob surmised tha tthey were about halfway when it started to rain. Ten minutes later, without a break in the bad weather, the were near the end, walking down a small, dingy alley. They were near the end when two tall, silhouetted men in trenchcoats appeared from behind a dumpster ahead. Jakob turned around to see a man and a woman in the same attire blocking their escape.

"Bad idea, magician," one of the men said deeply.

Jakob gulped and whispered to Serrevia, "here's where you some in."

Author:  Flarey [ Mon Jan 16, 2006 2:03 am ]
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"And do what? They haven't tried to attack you yet. I'm not protecting you from bodily harm if you're not facing it." Serrevia whispered back. Just to be sure, she tightened her illusion, so that she was invisible on all but the seventh plane, and began charging a Detonation in her right hand.

Author:  Undeadcutlet [ Mon Jan 16, 2006 2:15 am ]
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"What do you want?" Jakob shouted to the men.

"That jewel on your arm looks fine," the woman behind him replied, lookign at the ruby at his wrist.

"Is it powerful?" One of the men shouted.

"Very," she called back, taking a step towards the Jakob and the demon, "and watch out for the demon, you guys should be able to sense the magic it's charging."

Jakob took a step towards Serrevia and whispered, "told you so."

Author:  Flarey [ Mon Jan 16, 2006 2:21 am ]
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"Aww, not this type of Commoner!" Serrevia moaned. She hated battling Commoners who could sense her. "Oh well. Now or never."

Taking a breathe, she shot the Detonation at the two on one side, quickly powering up and shooting another at the people on the other side.

"Go!" She called to her master.

Author:  Undeadcutlet [ Mon Jan 16, 2006 3:12 am ]
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Jakob began to run, slipped on the wet pavement, then staggered to his feet and headed for the end of the alley. He ran through the smoke, expecting to hear his foot crunching into two conical piles of ash. Instead he ran right into one of the men. Jakob gulped nervously.

The man grabbed him by the collar and threw him halfway down the alley, until he skidded to a stop next to Serrevia. "We need a better plan. You can have wings, right? Fly us out of here."

Suddenly another man emerged from the smoke and grabbed Jakob's jacket. Jakob slipped out of it and span around. "That's an essential part of an authentic Italian tailored suit! Get your filthy hands off it!"

The man ripped the jacket in half.

Jakob snarled, pulled his fist back, and punched the thug in the face. Much to his surprise, the robber staggered back a few steps.

Then the thug snarled. Jakob ended up being flung into the wall, upside down. A couple of bricks cracked from the pressure, but Jakob still wasn't knocked out. He gripped the ruby tightly and uttered a word in Coptic. The ruby flashed and Jakob began to get filled with energy. He slipped to the ground, his head cracking against the pavement. The mask slipped off, and the thug crunched it into dust.

Jakob staggered to his feet, and a brief flsh from a headlight illuminated his face. The bottom half, from the point of his nose down, was fine. The top half was... terrifying. The skin in that area was completely burned and scarred, and the eyes were white and sightless. The flesh was dead and there was no way for it to heal itself. Needless to say, the thugs ran in fright. Only the woman remained, just for a moment so she could get a final look at his ruined face. Jakob pulled a spare mask from his torn jacket and placed it on his face. He straightened it self-conciously and turned towards Serrevia, hoping she hadn't seen anything.

Author:  Flarey [ Mon Jan 16, 2006 3:24 am ]
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Serrevia stared for a moment in shock.

"You ever starred in Phantom of the Opera?" she asked finally.

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