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Author:  Magus [ Tue Apr 25, 2006 7:51 pm ]
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Damean saw the destruction, No... he felt helpless, No...

The monster ripped through the ship, it began sinking into the sea, the crew was doomed, No...

Damean began to cry, "We can't do anything..." he said sadly Nothing..., he heard the monster roar, the ship was swallowed by the waves, Why?

The raor filled the air, but it came from a different direction, below them, the monster dove out of the waves, water hit Damean, he blacked out.

((Tyme skip))

Damean opened his eyes, water rushed up next to his face, he got up, he was on a beach, alone. The sea behind him was calm, "What happened?" he asked, then realizing that Seraphina wasn't there, "Seraphina? Seraphina!" he began searching the beach for her, he worried, the one person he could open up to gone, just as he told her ow he felt.


((If you can't find a way to reply to this, let me know, I'll have Damean find you.))

Author:  Flarey [ Tue Apr 25, 2006 11:34 pm ]
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((As a matter of fact I have several ways to reply to this, each more thrilling and twisted than the last. Should I PM you some ideas and we'll mull it over or just post by myself....?))

Author:  Magus [ Wed Apr 26, 2006 5:23 pm ]
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((Just post something, I don't care what.))

Author:  Flarey [ Wed Apr 26, 2006 11:19 pm ]
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Waking slowly, Seraphina looked around. She was in a dimly lit room, with the only light coming through a small, barred window set high in the room.

"Oh no.." she murmured, looking around. Transforming into a small dark Pidgey, she flew up to the window, peering outside. She was in the middle of some sort of jungle, and directly below the window was a fierce Ursaring. Seraphina sighed and tried to teleport. All the felt was a slight tingle on her leg. Transforming back to her human form, she examined her ankle to find a slender silver bracelet around it.

I can't teleport now.. she thought desperately. And the smallest of Pokemon wouldn't be able to fit between those bars.. ... I'm trapped.

Author:  Magus [ Thu Apr 27, 2006 6:31 pm ]
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Damean cried out "SERAPHINA!" he fell to his knees, he thought desperatley of what to do, "...No..." he began to cry, I must be cursed... he thought. He got up, "I have, to find her." he began going inland, a small town was in the distance, right next to a threating jungle, a large dome towered over the trees in the jungle. And a vision of Seraphina came to him "She's there!" he began flying towards the dome, another vision lingered in his mind, of a large door, a key pad at it's side, 10 numbers 0-9 were on it and a red button. He knew what to type, 5...4...0...

Author:  Flarey [ Thu Apr 27, 2006 9:57 pm ]
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Shivering, Seraphina sat down in a corner of the room and wrapped her arms around her legs. She wondered anxiously where Damean was - what if he was hurt? What if he'd been captured too?

Tensing, Seraphina listened as she heard voices outside.

"The mutant's coming."
"What do we do?"
"Take the girl. He musn't find her!"

Gasping, Seraphina stood up. They must mean Damean! She started towards the window, but as she took two steps the door burst open and a man dressed in a long black robe, with his face masked, darted in. Rushing to her, he pinned her arms behind her back with one hand and raised his other hand to her mouth, a pale cloth in it. Seraphina quickly re-grew her tail, using it to reach up and pull out a few strands of her long dark hair. Just as the man covered her nose and mouth and a heavy aroma began to seep into her system, she dropped the strands onto the floor. Her last thoughts as she passed out were that at least now Damean would know that she'd been there..

Author:  Magus [ Sat Apr 29, 2006 9:08 am ]
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Damean reached the dome, he recognized it, but he didn't why. A large door made of rock of something prevent him from getting in, he started looking for the key pad he had a vision of. There was a rusted box on one side of the door, Damean examined it, he cracked it open to reveal the key pad, he knew what to do, 5...4...0... He pressed the keys, a gren light flashed.

"WELCOME SERAHPHINA, YOUR LAST VISIT WAS OCTOBER 31, 3940" a mysterious voice said, Seraphina?, 3940!? Damean thought as the large door violently jerked opened, he rushed in he didn't care what was going on he would find Seraphina.

Author:  Flarey [ Tue May 02, 2006 1:33 am ]
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Watching Damean from a distance, the Murkrow opened its beak and crowed softly. Spreading its black wings, it took off, circling slowly over Damean's head, watching him. Cawing, it flew off, heading over the trees to a black Fearow that perched on a tall tree. It nodded and took off, flying beneath the trees to a low shack.

"The mutant got into the dome." the robed man said in a low voice. "We should have known."
"Reckon he'll find the girl?" Another man beside him asked. This man was dressed in the aristrocratic outfit of the medievil, with long pale hair pulled back in a low ponytail.
"Unlikely. She's underground now..."

Author:  Magus [ Tue May 02, 2006 6:52 pm ]
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Damean walked into the dome, it was dark with the exception of a red light that blinked, Damean walked to it to find a weird machine on, he recognized it he pressed a button on it and a screen turned on. Damean typed on a keypad, and several new things popped up, he clicked on something that said "TEST SUBJECT 002: Damien" a new window came up with a picture of Damean, it looked exactly like him, but he was smiling. Damean read the weird writing on the screen, "Damean was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia at birth, his mother Seraphina signed him up for SAVIOR's supposed cure for it." Damean felt a chil run down his spine, What? he thought, something moved, and he turned his head, something ran away, Damien followed it.

He folowed the thing into a hallway, where something grabbed his leg, he looked down to see a hand coming out of a hole. He kicked his foot out of it's grasp and it disappeared into the hole, he continued down the hallway and heard whispering, "Who's there?" he asked, the whispering stopped and something swung a metal pipe at his head, it broke on contact. He looked at his assalant, it was a young girl with red hair, she had an expressionless face, fear shined in her eyes, "Dami..." she muttered then ran away, following the person she was talking to, What's going on here? Damien thought, he followed them.

Author:  Flarey [ Wed May 03, 2006 1:31 am ]
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Magus wrote:
his mother Seraphina

((No inbred love thanks, let's have it a common name or something >.>))

Waking slowly, Seraphina wondered what had happened. Looking around blearily in the dark, she wondered where she was, and what had happened. The last she remembered was leaving her hair on the floor for Damean to find then passing out. Looking around and straining her eyes, she figured out that she was in a small, dark room, probably underground, judging from the dark clay walls and floor. Her arms were bound tightly behind her back, and the silver anklet was still tight around her ankle, preventing her from teleporting.

With a creak the door swung inwards and Seraphina jumped.

"Hello Seraphina." a low voice said. Narrowing her eyes she made out the form of a young man with long hair in a low ponytail, his clothes upper-class and aristocratic. He moved over to her and knelt beside her, his eyes gleaming in the dark.

"Are you enjoying your stay?" he asked her softly.
"Where's Damean?! What are you going to do with me?! Let me go!!" Seraphina cried in fear. The man snickered.
"You're a pretty one.." he murmured. Taking her face in his cold hands, he examined her closely.
"I'd be polite if I was you, or I might forget to respect that pretty body of yours..."
Shrinking back, Seraphina cried out in fear as he twirled a lock of her long hair through his fingers.

"I shall return later, and we will see if you are willing to co-operate or not.."

Author:  Magus [ Sat May 06, 2006 6:06 pm ]
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((It's not inbred love, they just have the same name, but I'll use Luna instead, I like that name :) ))

The hall grew darker after each second, only the flickering red lights allowed Damien to see where he was going, the girl and the other person kept running with tiring, this wasn't normal Damien could out run most people. They dove into a hole in the floor, Damien stopped at the edg of the hole, he heard the girl shouting, Maybe they've got Seraphina! he jumped down the hole and looked around no body could be seen, a voice broke the silence, "Welcome Damien!" it said, a man with blonde hair appeared, "Welcome back home, brother." he said cooly.

Author:  Flarey [ Sat May 06, 2006 11:06 pm ]
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Letting herself fall onto the floor, Seraphina began to sob quietly, scared. She didn't know where she was, she didn't know who it was that had imprisoned her, and more importantly, she had no idea where Damean was, or even if he was still alive... Closing her eyes, she listened carefully, straining her ears for any hint of sound, but to no avail..

Author:  Magus [ Tue May 09, 2006 6:09 pm ]
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"Damean, don't tell me you don't recognize your own borther." the man said as he walked out of the shadows, he wore a grey cloak and had blue eyes, he looked exactly like Damien except for his hair and eye color. "It's me, Gabriel." he said. Damean felt a bad feeling come back, pain, suffering, torment, hatred and brotherly love wrapped into one. "Gabriel?" Damean said, he remembered his brother now, he always got in trouble as a kid, but something was different, he seemed more, evil now. "Where's Seraphina?" Damean asked, "Who?" "Seraphina." "Oh, you mean that blue demi-human? I saw her, didn't talk to her, I don't know where they took her." Gabriel said. "Who took her?" "My men, she was charged with intursion, I take my privacy very seriously, don't worry, she'll live." Gabriel smiled, "So, how's the new world been treating you?" he asked. "What?" "This isn't our world Damean, well it is but it's not the way we left it." Damean was confused, "What are yo talking about?" "...You'll see." Gabriel walked into the shadows and Damean followed, unsure what to do.

Author:  Flarey [ Thu May 11, 2006 4:21 am ]
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"He said we weren't to kill her." a large man grunted grumpily.
"That's obvious. We can't do anything with her if she's dead." the smooth-voiced aristocrat answered.
"You know Gabriel won't like that frame of mind, Suer." the gruff-voiced man grunted.
"What he doesn't know cannot hurt me. I will wipe her memory when I am finished with her." the man called Suer replied smoothly.
"You can't get away with it. He'll find out, he always does.."

Listening in fear, Seraphina wondered what they were planning to do with her. The gruff voice had said that she wouldn't be killed, but the other voice had appeared to have something else in mind..

Author:  Magus [ Sat May 13, 2006 5:57 pm ]
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"Damean is to under go the treatment for his desease, the test subjects came out perfectly fine, human subjects should survive and live normal lives with this treament." A beautiful woman with blue hair on a screen spoke gently, "I hope, that my son will be okay." Damean began to cry, "Mother..." he muttered, Gabriel patted his sholder, "I felt that way as well." he said. Another movie opened titled "TEST SUBJECT 002: MUTATIONS" "Damean's body, like Gabriel's, was changed from the treatment, he's begun to grow what we expect to be... wings." "So, I was normal when I was born." Damean said, "Yes, we both were, but we're special now, the humans have no idea what they've done to us." Gabriel said, "They made us gods..." Damean heard these words and remembered, everything, even when the world was supposedly to die, the war, what he did, and the millions he slaughtered, and Rayquaza...

Damean looked at Gabriel, "Seraphina, take me to her, now." Damean said, "Damean? Is there a problem?" Gabriel asked, "Just take me to her." Damean replied, "...Alright, follow me." Damean followed Gabriel, he had to be sure Seraphina was okay.

Author:  Flarey [ Sat May 13, 2006 11:41 pm ]
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"He's not going to be happy with you, Suer." The grudd voice grunted, a hint of annoyance in it.
"I aim not to please others, Yvin. You know that." Suer said as he walked towards where Seraphina lay. She tensed, wondering what he was going to do, when the large man with the gruff voice came out of the shadows and seized the aristocrat's arm.

"Leave her, Suer. Gabriel will have your head if you do anything to her."
"My good man, Gabriel will not find out." Suer answered, calming moving Yvin's hand from his arm and brushing his sleeve off. Moving over to Seraphina, he kneeled beside her and took her face in his cold hands.

"Do you fear me?" he asked her softly. She shook her head slightly, but was too busy trying to tear her eyes away from the hypnotic ice blue gaze of the man to move other than that. Raising a hand suddenly, he hit her hard across the face, throwing her back into the ground. She hit the ground hard and her head smacked into the hard ground, blinding her for a moment and sending a sharp stab of pain through her.

"Do you fear me now?" he asked, eyes gleaming. Kneeling over her, his hands on either side of her head, he was blocking her from moving, from escaping. Closing her eyes, sick with pain, Seraphina didn't move, and waited, waited to see what the man was planning to do with her...

Author:  Magus [ Mon May 15, 2006 6:51 pm ]
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"Where is she?" Damean asked, "She was in a holding cell for a while, when we didn't find out what she was doing here my guards escorted her to the exit." Gabriel replied. They entered a long hallway, "She probably hasn't left yet, we'll get her." Damean nodded. Gabriel stopped suddenly, "Wait." he said to Damean, "She's not this way." "What?" "Stupid Suer, he doesn't relize what he's doing." he dashed in the opposite direction and Damean followed, "What's going on?" Damean asked as he ran.

Author:  Flarey [ Mon May 15, 2006 9:19 pm ]
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"Suer, stop this instant!" Yvin growled, taking a step towards him. Suer ignored the man and ran a hand through Seraphina's hair gently, watching her almost hungrily.

"Suer, don't make me stop you, you know what Gabriel's orders were!"

Sighing, the arisocrat looked up at Yvin, clearly annoyed.
"And what exactly do you care what I do with this girl, Yvin? It will not affect you, if, and only if, Gabriel finds out, then I shall cover for you, make sure he does not blame you. Does that appease your self-righteous act?"

Yvin growled again, clearly considering. "But, Gabriel said-"
"I don't care what Gabriel said, you know that, Yvin! My family has long been higher up on the ladder than him and he expects me to follow his orders? It will not happen!"
Standing up suddenly, Suer leaned over and picked Seraphina up gently.

"Suer, what are you doing now?"
"What do you think I'm doing, you great lummox? I'm taking her to my quarters."
"Guess." Turning, Suer walked out of the room carrying Seraphina. Yvin stared after him in despair, then turned to an instrument on the table behind him.
"Well, whatever happens to that girl, it's not my fault, I tried, they can't say I didn't try.." he muttered nervously, trying to get back to work.

Author:  Magus [ Tue May 16, 2006 4:47 pm ]
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Gabriel ran and entered a room, Damean followed inside and saw a large man working, "Yvin, where's Suer?" Gabriel asked, he knew that Suer didn't typically obey orders, he'd have to throw him in the prison cells for this, he needed Damean's trust, his good nature would make Damean hard to convince...

Author:  Flarey [ Thu May 18, 2006 9:18 pm ]
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"Gabriel!" Yvin jumped up. "He took the girl, sir, said he was going to his quarters! He was saying he wouldn't kill her, but what you didn't know wouldn't hurt him. I don't know what he plans to do, sir."

Author:  Magus [ Tue May 30, 2006 7:52 pm ]
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((Sorry for lack of replies))

"Hmph, that ignorant little..." Gabriel turned, "Damean, we have to hurry I fear what that guy might do to Seraphina, I knew I shouldn't ave trusted him... dammit." he ran out of the room, Damean followed.

I need him for my domination plan, if I loose Damean's trust I'll have to kill him...

Author:  Flarey [ Fri Jun 02, 2006 8:13 pm ]
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"Transform into your human form, girl." Suer instructed softly. Shivering, Seraphina shook her head and wrapped her arms aroun her knees.

"Now, now my dear girl, we can't have this level of uncooperation, can we? Do as I tell you - transform!"
"No!" Seraphina cried in fear. "I don't know what you're planning to do to me, but I won't obey you!"
"Then I will make you obey me." Suer said coldly. Turning to glance at the door, listening for any noise, he silently hoped that Gabriel didn't know that he had the girl. Turning back to her, he began to move towards her.

"Transform into your human form... or I will hurt you."

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