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Author:  Samr14 [ Fri Dec 30, 2005 6:36 am ]
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"Perfect," Sam said when they got outside they stood facing each other, "So what are the rules of your gym?" Sam held a pokeball up. My team are ready for anything.

Author:  StellarLeader [ Fri Dec 30, 2005 10:07 am ]
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OK. I think I finally understand. Now, I'll try to arrange the things up so my profile isn't a total absurd
Samr14 wrote:
"So what are the rules of your gym?"

Amrod has just arrived at Saffron's Pokecenter and is shocked to hear those words...

(Wasn't I the ONLY travelling Gym Leader?? This boy is challenging that girl and he said something about a Gym... That means she's a Gym Leader like me!! This isn't fair. And what if I challenge her to a battle? None of Kanto Gym Leaders had beat me... well at least not in an official battle. But if I lose? Then I would have to give her a badge...

- It's just me or you've forgotten what brings you here?

Could you please stop doing that? I thought you would stop bothering me when I left the Gym

-I'd do it if I knew I could trust you, but you're so dispersed... That's why you lose to Lance and why Prof. Elm is taking care of your other pokemon until you manage to defeat him. We have a very big problem here, YOU MUST FOCUS ON IT!!"

Amrod is about to fall by the 'mental shout' Sabrina has do it.
{pineco} look at his trainer concerned, and then jumps out, crying loudly

- (Ouch, that hurt!) Ehh? No, Pineco wait! The battle is about to begin you can't be in the middle!! Come here!

Amrod jumps to catch his pokemon, totally ashamed for all the uproar he did. He then stands up and turn his back to the trainers so they can't see the blush on his face.

Author:  Rhapsody [ Fri Dec 30, 2005 6:33 pm ]
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Luna stopped. She had arrived at a port where a giant ship with the words "SS ANNE" were engraved on its bow.
"Wow...thats one big ship.."
Keneti delicately sat down, staring at the moon. <We should go to the Pokemon Center.>
She walked in, and immediately got scared of all these people around despite it being night.
"Keneti, Im scared..."


Author:  R2Breathe_fan [ Fri Dec 30, 2005 8:31 pm ]
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"All of my rules are the same as any other Gym, but I allow 2-on-2 instead.Oh & consider yourself fortunate.I always start off easy.", she still tries to sound professional, even with the uproar just now.She turns towards the trainer.
"From your looks, if you're supposed to be a Gym Leader, you aren't a very good one.Maybe watching my battle will teach you to be a better trainer.", she shook her head as she brought out her Gardevoir & Absol.
Amrod, the second traveling Gym Leader.No wonder no other Gym Leader travels, with him being a total embarrassment.

((Before his avatar was a glowing Lugia...

But-*notices the avatar change*never mind.The 2 avatar changes are messing with my mind!))

Author:  Samr14 [ Sat Dec 31, 2005 7:29 am ]
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Sam saw her pokemon appear "An Absol and a Gardevoir nice," Sam said smuggly, "Go Blastoise and Charizard!" In a flash the two pokemon stood on Sam's side "Blastoise use body slam on Absol!" Sam ordered, and Blastoise nodded and dived towards Absol.

Author:  R2Breathe_fan [ Sat Dec 31, 2005 11:13 am ]
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"Psyche, use Protect on Angel!", Brittancia commanded & her Gardevoir made a shield over Absol.
"Now, Angel, use Crunch on Blastoise!", she smirked.

Author:  Samr14 [ Sat Dec 31, 2005 11:56 am ]
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Blastoise smashed off the protect wall as Absol dived towards Blastoise and bit its arm, "Charizard use flamethrower on the Gardevoir, Blatoise Rapid spin!" Sam called. Charizard shot the flames out towards the gardevoir, while Blastoise with the Absol still on top of him started to spin.

Author:  2x4b [ Sat Dec 31, 2005 12:13 pm ]
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((Ok been edited, sorry for the Avatar changes, I haven't had one for so long so I keep changing it but I'm stickin with the 1 I have now))

After a quick rest and healing his pokemon Jamie was ready to go, "Man I better get going" Jamie said, when he noticed a lot of commotion coming from outside, "Oh please for the love of god don't let it be fans" Jamie said as he looked out of the window, he saw that there was a battle going on, he recognised one of the trainers, he had won a badge from her about a year ago, as he walked outside he heard a shout of: "THERE HE IS!", "Oh no, Go Jolteon!" Jamie commanded as he released a Jolteon, "Thunderwave!" Jamie commanded pointing at the crowd of fans running towards them, Jolteon released a blast of electricity that paralyzed the fans, "Oh thank god, good work Jolteon" Jamie said as he patted the dog pokemon on the head, "now what do you say we watch this battle?" Jamie asked Jolteon, Jolteon gave a bark of approval and they stood back and watched the battle.

Author:  R2Breathe_fan [ Sat Dec 31, 2005 4:31 pm ]
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((2x4b, I highly doubt that.But if you mean Angela, the second Gym Leader, then I'd understand.Brittancia's never lost.She's far too hard(I put the Gym in a Pokemon Discussion topic.Check it first!))

Author:  2x4b [ Sat Dec 31, 2005 4:41 pm ]
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((Yeah I meant Angela))

Author:  R2Breathe_fan [ Sat Dec 31, 2005 9:44 pm ]
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"I told you I'd start off easy, but not for long.Psyche, Angel, return!Voodoo, Charizard go!", a Banette & Charizard appear.
"Voodoo, use Protect on yourself!Charizard, use Earthquake!I told you I would no longer be so easy!", she said with a smirk.

((Sorry if it seems so...rushed.Just 3 hours away to New Year's where I live & I've got a VERY BAD headache.))

Author:  Samr14 [ Sun Jan 01, 2006 9:53 am ]
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Charizard took to the air but Blastoise fell over hard. "No Blastoise," Sam called Blastoise tryed to get up but it couldn't, Sam sighed and returned it, "Go Vaporeon, Use ice beam on Banette, Charizard use Dragon Claw on her charizard!"

Author:  R2Breathe_fan [ Sun Jan 01, 2006 8:56 pm ]
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Voodoo tried to dodge the Ice Beam, but got hit anyway.Charizard, on the other hand, flew into the air, hoping to miss it.
"Voodoo, use Shadow Punch on his Charizard!Charizard, use Fire Blast on Vaporeon.", Brittancia realized someone was watching.
"Great.That's usually why I prefer to battle in my-", she realized who it was.
Angela lost horribly to him a year ago!& I had to promise her the next time I saw him, I would battle him & win., Brittancia had sent Psyche to watch that battle secretly & reported the loss.To soothe her sister-who had never lost as bad as she did that day-Brittancia made that promise.But she had never counted on actually seeing him again.

Author:  StellarLeader [ Mon Jan 02, 2006 6:16 am ]
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Happy New Year to all!!
R2Breathe_fan wrote:
"From your looks, if you're supposed to be a Gym Leader, you aren't a very good one.Maybe watching my battle will teach you to be a better trainer."

(She dares to question my... not, our abilities? She's very lucky I cannot use my strongest team. I'd love to see her face when Golduck blast her Banette away. But she still doesn't have any chance of beating us under our rules. Let her think we're affraid of her and watch the battle carefully. Then we'll challenge her... and she'll gotta eat her words)

Amrod just looks to the trainer and shakes his head. Then, he and his {pineco} walk around the improvised arena and watch the battle from there.

Author:  Samr14 [ Mon Jan 02, 2006 2:11 pm ]
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Charizard got hit with shadow punch, it hit hard and sent Charizard smashing to the ground.
"No! Charizard!" Sam called, he returned charizard, "Go Raichu! Use Thunder bolt on her Charizard, Vaporeon use Hydro pump on Charizard aswell." The two blasts shot off towards charizard.

Author:  Rhapsody [ Mon Jan 02, 2006 3:03 pm ]
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Striding in, Luna timidly decided to take a break. Sighing deeply, she said, "Keneti?"
"I think I want to do something.... other than be a chicken all my life."
All her Pokemon thought excitedly, "Thats the spirit!" , wheras Shellcrush was rather thinking, "Mmm....more, I mean opponents.."


Author:  R2Breathe_fan [ Mon Jan 02, 2006 8:34 pm ]
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Brittancia's thoughts went back to the battle & she saw Charizard had fainted.
"Well, you're the only one so far who has reached this far.", she pulled out 2 pokeballs, "But it ends now.Voodoo, return!Blaze!Flame go!", with a roar from each, a Blaziken & Typhlosion appeared.
"No one has ever beaten Blaze & Flame & you won't either.Blaze, use Attract on Vaporeon!Flame, use Flamethrower on Raichu!", Brittancia smirked.

Author:  StellarLeader [ Thu Jan 05, 2006 9:23 am ]
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[color=darkred]Yaaaaahuuum... this battle is pretty bored don't you think Pineco?...<

Author:  pelligargetic [ Fri Jan 06, 2006 8:42 pm ]
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"Spook!" screamed Jason.
Jason ran up to pick up his pokeballs and to fing Giddy.
"Giddy!" said Jason hapy and surprised.
Giddy was still fighting the {altaria} and the were evenly matched. At least until Jaosn callled her and she lost focus and got hit.
"Depth! Come help Giddy!" said Jason as he threw one of his pokeballs.
"Korreee." said Depth.
"Oh Spook how are we going to get you out of there?"
Spook was inside the strange creature fighting for hsi life.
"Hyaah! Take that yuo sorry excuse for a..."
Before Spook could finish, he was knocked away by the {altaria} 's strange {pinsir} horns.
"Oofff" he said.
He quickly stood back up, and phased himseld so that the slugma arms went right through him.
As it turned back around, Spook used Hypnosis and the beast's soul fell asleep.
"What;'s going on?" worried Jason
Outside on the docks, the {altaria} just seemed to stop fighting.
"Quick GIddy! Use metronome a couple of times until you get a good move. Depthm go knock that thing around with steel wing!"
The pokes did as told and the {altaria} started to look really beat up.
"Yeah!" yelled Jason.
"We're winning!"
Back inside, Spook was rushing at the sleeping soul full speed.
Getting faster and faster it kept going and phased right through the thing while using Dream Eater and dragged it along using a Dream Chain (( weird huh? But then again it kind of puts a nasty picture in your mind ))
Spook dragged it along and spit it out against the ground.
As it hit the ground it woke up, but you could see its heart (( like in luigi's mansion ))
"Maybe" wondered Spook.
Spook charged full speed at the weakened {altaria} and phased right into it's heart.
Spook was instantly teleported into a mind tunnel, in which he saw gruesome images of an abusive trainer, and the battle going on outside much like Jason had seen before.
"I've never seen anything like this" said Jason.
"If it was blue when I entered...then these must all be sad, depressing maybe if I can get it to get angry... maybe it will heat up enough so that I'll pop out!"
Spook went into an image of the battle and took control of Jason, so that he was directly in front of the {altaria} 's face.
INstantly, Spook popped out and landed on the ground oustide the enraged {altaria}
"Spook! You're back!"
Jason ran over to his injured {gengar} and put it back into it's pokeball.
"You die now FREAK!" Jason was so mad at the {altarioa} fo ralmost killing Jason, that in a senseless act of rage, picked up when of the floarboards out of thw ater and ran up to the pokemon and smacked it.
It fell on the ground, and before it could even get up, Giddy blasted it with an amazing Blast Burn and fell to the ground herself.
"No..." whispered Jason. "What did I do?!"
Jason stared over the seemingly dead {altaria} but before anything happened, Jason heard something.
"It's's beating!"
Jason quickly searched his sweatshirt pocket for Spook's ball and called him out.
"Spook I know you're tired, but I need you to do something. I need you to pick up Depth and I, and phase us through that {altaria} so that we can get to it's soul.
Spook got inside Jason and started speaking.
" Are you mad man?! What do you think'll happen?! What do you think you'll do?!" screamed Spook.
"I'll do what I have to." said Jason.
"This thing needs to be purified and Orre is half way across the world. It needs to be healed...NOW. Spook, do it. . Please.
OK, but if you're not back in 3 minutes, Giddy and I are comin in.
Spook took control of Jaosn and Depth and dropped them off inside.
"Kokokokor" said Depth.
"Come on."
They saw the {altaria} as Spook began to leave adn ran over to it.
IT had black spots all over it.
"We need to do something to get rid of those spots" siad Jason.
But Depth had already gone to start attacking it.
"Depth no! If you kill it's soul this whole place will crumble!"
But Depth did nto hear and struck it with a supersonic.
"NO!" screamed Jason. "It'll kill itself!"
COnfused, the {altaria} made itself have a {slugma} head, but with a {glalie} core.
"Depth quick! Use surf to cool it down."
Having heard this, Depth quickly did so and in doing that, also erased some of the black marks.
"It's too weak!" said Jason.
"The only way to get this thing healed is to bring it out with us.
But we can only do that if... Spook!" s yelled Jason as his other two guardians came in.
Spook quickly grabbed hold of them all and phased them out.
Outside, Spook collapsed alongside the now purified {altaria} .
"You guys did good" whispered Jason.
As the rest of them fell asleep, he called them back into their balls (except the {altaria} of course) and laid down on the floor and slept himself

I'm sorry if this is too solo-ish, but no one was anywhere near me and Black_Flygon was nowhere to be found!

Author:  Samr14 [ Sat Jan 07, 2006 11:20 am ]
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Raichu was blasted back against the wall, and vaporeon couldn't battle "Return both of you, GO Skarmory and Machamp!" In a flash the to pokemon stood ready to battle. "Machamp use cross chop on typhlosion and Skarmory use air cutter on blaziken."

Author:  R2Breathe_fan [ Sat Jan 07, 2006 4:35 pm ]
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Brittancia never looked so frustrated before.Flame & Blaze were hard to beat, but she never used them often.
I would have Flame use Thunderpunch on Skarmory, but it's part Steel.Wait!
"Flame, use Flamethrower on Skarmory!Blaze, use Blaze Kick on Machamp!", Brittancia said, trying to hide the fact she was losing confidence that she would be the victor.

Author:  Samr14 [ Sun Jan 08, 2006 5:38 am ]
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Skarmory dropped, "Return!" Sam called "Machamp use revenge!" Machamp charged forward towards Blaziken, then started hitting it with all four arms.

Author:  pelligargetic [ Sun Jan 08, 2006 8:43 am ]
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NOw it was morning, and Jason woke up and yawned a bit, and then looked over at the {altaria} no longer mutated.
"Hmm" he said.
"I should probably take this to the pokemon center."
Jaosn took out Depth and Pengit.
"Guys can you carry this {altaria} for me? We need to take it to the pokemon center"
The Team Hydro POkemon nodded and did as told. The three of them walked/flew/levitated over to the pokemon center.
"Umm excusme, Nurse Joy?" said Jason as he rang the bell.
"I have this {altaria} here. It ran away from its abusive owner and needs healing.
"No problem" she said.
She took up the {altaria} and healed it and gave it bacl to Jason.
"It's pretty ehausted." said Joy. "It should wake up in about an hour or so."
"Ok" said Jason. "Thanks"
Jason walked up to Route 6 and Pengit and Depth set the {altaria} on the ground.
"thanks guys" he said and then that was the end of the post because I have to go.

Author:  R2Breathe_fan [ Sun Jan 08, 2006 9:03 pm ]
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Brittancia looked stunned.She hadn't guessed that Machamp would use Revenge on Blaze.
"Blaze-I hate to do this, but last chance-use Blast Burn on Machamp!Flame, if Machamp still survives, use Earthquake to finish it off!", Brittancia panicked.She knew Blast Burn would finish Blaze off.

((I thought I would never use Blast Burn again, after what happened in an earlier RP!))

Author:  2x4b [ Mon Jan 09, 2006 6:54 am ]
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Jamie and Jolteon stood watching the battle before them, this girl's got SKILLS, I never remember her being that strong before Jamie thought, he squinted and saw that it wasn't the girl he had battled for the badge, but there was a strong resemblense, maybe a sister? suddenly he felt a small spark of eletricity shock his hand, "What is it Jolteon?" Jamie asked, Jolteon nodded in he direction of the battle, he listened to what the girl said, A BLAST BURN?! is she out of her mind!, I don't think that Blaziken could withstand using a Blast Burn attack Jamie thought in shock.

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