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Author:  Flarey [ Sat Nov 05, 2005 12:09 am ]
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((Whoa. So much has happened))

Drip shook her head slightly. It was all moving too fast for her. She had a million questions, but couldn't think of how to phrase any of them. So she stayed quiet, and waited to see what would happen next as the wind blew into her face.

Author:  Sanctuary [ Sat Nov 05, 2005 12:23 pm ]
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look who showed up :)
Sparx flew to slateport at a blinding speed letting night off
"night we gotta finds some food and set up defences we could be here a while..."
Then Sparx saw an image it was a little cyndaquil zipping along the beach shouting that it had found a Badge...

Author:  Rhapsody [ Sat Nov 05, 2005 2:21 pm ]
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Steely, still pursuing the form, followed it onto a mountain in the middle of the ocean.
"This looks fam....Wait, it IS! Birth Island!" he whispered excitedly.
He whispered a little too loud. The Deoxys heard him! Turning around, it fired a Psycho Boost at Steely.
"GAAH!" Steely was hit head on. Thankfully, his steel armor absorbed most of the impact.
"What to do, what to do? I only have a crazed legendary on my butt," he muttered, half ticked and half scared as he winced with pain.
Giving electrostatic discharge, the Deoxys fired a Thunderbolt at him.
"Oh, boy, my weakness. Perf..." he began to say, but was hit head on with the impact. Blacking out, he plunged into darkness......
Steely and Shadow saw Steely's note and were worried sick. (Being girls..)
"Just like a boy, running off to go on some epic quest," they said while pacing around.
"Oh, he might get hurt! What will we do?" Shadow said frantically.
"We'll try and find him." Falcy said.
"Huh?" Shadow asked.
Falcy whistled, and a Pidgeot came outta nowhere.
"Well, I think I found Blazer's old freind Sky." Falcy said.
"Oh, hes mentioned her before! How'd y-" Shadow said.
Interrupting her, Falcy replied, "Easy. He said 'Magikarp', and Pidgeot LOVE Magikarp."
"Genius!" Shadow exclaimed.
"Are ve going to geet zees show on ze road or not?" Sky asked with a heavy accent.
"Yes, well leave shortly." Falcy replied.
"How are you going to get there?" Shadow asked.
"I have a freind who's a Gyarados whose arranged first class tranportation-and an attacker. Ill ride her." Falcy said smiling.

Author:  Magus [ Sat Nov 05, 2005 2:36 pm ]
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"Are you that determined to get it?" Night asked, "That you would risk your life?" Night shook his head, "Anyway, my friend his here..." Night walked out of the cave of origin and a large dragonite landed in front of him, "Long time noe see, Draco." Nigth said to it.

Author:  Nidoman [ Sun Nov 06, 2005 12:37 pm ]
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" Sparx is that you?" Spike asked as he looked at a cyndaquil on the beach.
As he was watching a nidoran female was walking towards it....

Author:  Rhapsody [ Sun Nov 06, 2005 12:48 pm ]
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When Steely regained his senses, he realized he was on Birth Island.
"Must've...washed!" He winced with pain, his body felt like it was on fire.
"Dumb Deoxys, stupid, stu-YEEOOOW!" he yelled as he struggled to stand up. He fell on his face.
"Bett....not do that....again.." he panted.
He then realized that there was a lone triangle in the center of the island.
"Whats......tha-" he began to say.
Falcy and Shadow walked to the shore.
"Alley-hoo, whoo-hoo!" Falcy called.
"What the heck was that?" Shadow asked.
"A secret call."
The water's surface broke. A Gyarados came out of nowhere.
"Falcy, you called?" he asked.
"Fang, we need to find a Skarmory. Have you seen one?" Falcy asked.
"Well, yesterday I was minding my own business when I think I heard a shrill Skarmory call. I think it fell in the water somewhere, I might be able to pinpoint the location." Fang said.
Falcy, Shadow and Sky said at the same time, "MEN!"
Fang gave a cough on purpose.
"Not you, just Steely is SO arrogant." Falcy reassured her freind.
"Ah, it seems all Steel types think theyre the talk of the town." Fang replied.
"'Allo? Are ve going or not?" Sky asked.
"Yes, Sky has decent tracking eyes. Ill ride Fang, Shadow, can you go by yourself?"
"Yeah, Im used to running long distances, especially on water." Shadow replied.
So the four set off, for thier pursiut to find thier freind.


Author:  Magus [ Tue Nov 08, 2005 5:22 pm ]
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Magus wrote:
"Are you that determined to get it?" Night asked, "That you would risk your life?" Night shook his head, "Anyway, my friend his here..." Night walked out of the cave of origin and a large dragonite landed in front of him, "Long time noe see, Draco." Nigth said to it.
Oaky how'd this happen?? Scratch this who post XD
Night looked at the Cyndaquil and Nidoran, "hmm, they look familiar..." he muttered and then a man in a dark blue cloak walked up to them, he bent down and patted the Cydaquil on the head. Night looked in shock at the man, it was, his trainer. Night shook his head, "No it can't be." when he opened his eyes the man was still there. Night approached slowly, "Dameon?" he muttered.

Author:  Prophet [ Wed Nov 09, 2005 1:01 pm ]
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Corellan touched down on a ledge overlooking the beach. He placed Drip beside him as he watched the Umbreon. This was an important moment.

Suddenly Corellan felt cold... He sensed a shadow apporaching...

"Prepare yourself..." The Xatu whispered to Drip. "Something evil approaches."

Author:  Magus [ Wed Nov 09, 2005 6:32 pm ]
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Nigth turned his head to the left he sensed it too, out of the sky came a roar that was familiar, Rayquaza Night thought, but then came an evil laugh, Night looked as gigantic black clouds filled the air and lighting came crashing down to the ground. Rayquaza dippied it's head down so the the group could see it and on top of it's head stood a man in a black coat, Gabriel... Night thought and his rings began to glow pure white.

Author:  Prophet [ Fri Nov 11, 2005 12:58 pm ]
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"NOW!" Corellan bellowed. He knew what he had to do. His pulse rushed as he shot into the air, right at the Rayqauza. Night! Stay where you are! It is crucuial that you talk to Dameon. We will deal with these invaders. The Xatu hoped Night would understand the telepathic message. But there was no time. His energy was at a premium, but Corellan knew that this fight with Rayquaza and Gabriel would be the fight of his life. The Xatu prayed that his friends would follow his example and take on the legendary foe. He launched a great blast of Psychic energy. Now all he could do was fight...

Author:  Nidoman [ Fri Nov 11, 2005 1:16 pm ]
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Spike saw Correllan go bravely after Rayquaza and ran below it and fired an ice beam at the man in the black jacket on top of the legendary.

Author:  Flarey [ Fri Nov 11, 2005 3:02 pm ]
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Drip watched the little Pokemon run off and decided to see if she could help too. Looking around she spotted another set of ledges behind her, leading up to a rough path. She leapt up it, trying to get higher to attack the Shadow Pokemon. Taking a breathe, she fired a Flamethrower at the snake-like Pokemon.

Author:  Rhapsody [ Fri Nov 11, 2005 5:18 pm ]
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The foursome sped through the sea, Sky tracking the water accurately.
Fang said, "This is where I was. Hey, whats that island over there?"
Falcy and Shadow landed on the opposite coast. Sky and Fang stayed behind.
"Steely?" they both asked.
They saw a traingle in the center. There was a clump of leaves near it.
"Wow, thats a strange clump.." Falcy said.

The pile moved!
"WHA-!!!???" Falcy and Shadow said as Steely rose. His armor was scarred and tattered, one of his eyes looked incapable of use.
"Steely!" The girls ran over to him.
"H.....h....hi, guys." he said, wincing. He fell with a thud.
"Steely, you need help, we'll carry you." Falcy replied.
"No......Deo.....Deoxys.......will attack you......He lingers around the island, I am his sole prisoner." Steely painstakingly explained.
"We came here safe," Shadow pointed out.
The sky grew dark and a storm brewed.
"Thunderstorm," Shadow muttered.
"No. Deoxys." Steely said as he panted.


Author:  Prophet [ Mon Nov 14, 2005 1:14 pm ]
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Corellan was pounded with a Dragon Claw from the Rayquaza. He fell towards the sea but gathered his energy, shot back up, and countered with a Thunder Wave. A beam of ice flung towards the man on top...

Author:  Rhapsody [ Tue Nov 15, 2005 6:42 pm ]
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The sky lashed at bolt of lighting at the threesome as Deoxys emerged from the stormcloud.
"Cant fight. Up to you to save us, guys." Steely managed to say before collapsing.
Deoxys prepared a Psycho Boost at Falcy, when it was clear Steely was down and appearently out.
"Shadow! Cover!" Falcy shouted, frightened at the immense power.
Deoxys launched its attack. Shadow dove in front of Falcy to absorb the attack without taking damage.
"It pays to be a Dark type," Shadow said.

((More later. I cant think and my finger hurts. :P))


Author:  Magus [ Wed Nov 16, 2005 9:12 pm ]
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Night ran over to what appeared to be Damean, taking Corellan's advice, when he got there Damean suddenly grew wings, black feathery wings, he satred at Night and bent down to him, "Night, Gabriels must be stopped..." he said in an distant voice, "When Latios and Latias appear open thier hearts, make them look to me..." Damean said as his wings flapped and took him into the air, he flew above Rayquaza, and shinned brightly, "Night, you know what to do..."

Gabriel laughed as Nights friends attacked Rayquaza, "Do you think you can stop me?" he said and he snapped his fingers, and suddenly Latios ans Latias appeared at his side, "Finish them." he said and Latios and Latias launched Shadowdy Blast down on the pokemon, Night got onto the ledge with Drip and launched a Dark Blast at the dragons...

Author:  Rhapsody [ Thu Nov 17, 2005 2:02 pm ]
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((Part II or the battle......))
Seemingly frustrated, the Deoxys prepared a Thunderbolt. Summoning the power of the heavens, it launched the ball of discharge straight at the Absol.
"AYIIEHH!!!!" Shadow yelled as she ran away from it, Falcy following.
They nearly got hit. Shadow's tail was singed.
Steely, meanwhile, had seen thier move out of his good eye. "They may be young, but thier power surpasses even mine." He wathced as the grass caught fire and burned. He retreated to a rock in the water by struggling to wade over to it.
"Our turn!" Shadow called. Falcy fired her wrists up.
"BLAZE KICK!!!" Falcy yelled as she hit it. HARD. It fell out of the air and plunged in the water.
"It cant be over yet." Shadow muttered.
A pulse of energy emerged and Deoxys resurfaced, its crystalline organ cracked.
"Yay, now it cant Recover." Falcy said.
It prepared a massive attack, gaining energy rapidly.
"What is that?" Falcy asked.
"HYPER BEAM! GET OUTTA HERE!" Shadow screamed.
((Will they live? Find out in the next part....))


Author:  Magus [ Fri Nov 18, 2005 7:01 pm ]
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The dark energy blasted Rayqaza in the face, flesh tearing away from it body, when the attack ended, Rayquaza had half of it's face removed, Gabriel had vanished along with Latios and Latias...

Author:  erinc2 [ Wed Jun 14, 2006 7:00 pm ]
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im joining


Name:Youll see.

Stop that pikachu! piiiiikkaaaChuu! thunder arosed and struck the shopkeepers clearing the pikachu's way to a thunderstone.
Pika pika! said pikachu happily as he grabbed the stone.As he grabs it, he thinks about all the tms and rare candies he stole before he gets the stone.
Holding the stone, pikachu starts glowing and turns into raichu.
Gotcha! yelled a trainer as he threw a master ball at the raichu.The ball shaked 3 times before the raichu was caught.Stop right there! screamed and officer jenny the trainer turned around. Poke id? the trainer gave officer jenny his poke id it read:
trainer id:25646
Ok said officer jenny.Erin quickly replied What'd I do?
Jenny said You used a pokemon to steal youre going to jail!
He thought for a moment.He had a smirk on his face. as Jenny put handcuffs on his right hand he used his left hand grabbed a poke ball with it and threw it.Out came an umbreon.Jenny flinched back pulling the hand cuffs of his arm.Erin stepped back and said Ansem! uase flash! Ansem's
(the umbreon)rings on his back glowed with a super bright light.
Erin ran off saying goodbye sucker!and then said cmon ansem!Ansem followed him to the small condo.He then 5 of his pokeballs saying come on out everybody!Out came a dragonite, a tyranitar,a pidgeot,and a typhlosion.Erin then said everyone meet a new member of the team! Shocky! Shocky said Erin meet Kairi and he pointed at the dragonite.
meet ansem and pointed to ansem the umbreon.Rex and pointed at the tyranitar.Ima and pointed at pidgeot.And the strongest TY and pointed at the typhlosion in the back of the condo by himself.Well lets go everybody
to start traning.The pokemon were in single file line as erin opened the
door he heard police sirens. in front of the housean officer jenny with a
megaphone and she said you are surrounded by growlithe. come out with your hands up.Erin then mumbled to his poke mon to deafeat the growlithe and That shocky him and ansem would fly with ima to pallet town and kairi fly with rex and ty to prof oaks lab.
And they did the job.

Author:  Nidoman [ Thu Jun 15, 2006 6:20 am ]
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WHOA so much necromancy in one tiny post I think this topic is long dead but if others wanted to we could start it back up

Author:  mudkiplover [ Wed Jun 28, 2006 11:23 am ]
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I'm joining!

pokemon: {mudkip}

no name

age: 16( I got a car)

habatat: my car :lol:

"oh my!' a trainer said. the trainer took a pokeball out. sssshhhhoooopppp! "ha! take that! your pokeball missed! :P " I said.shhhhh!!! (that was a water gun!) "aaaaaaahhh!" the trainer ran off.

to be cont.

Author:  Flannery [ Wed Jun 28, 2006 3:27 pm ]
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This RP ended six months ago. To join now is necromancy. Unless the creator(s) PM one of the mods stating they want to continue, this RP is locked.

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