War of the Elements (Fire Emblem RP)
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Author:  Meh.Who cares? [ Sun Jul 31, 2005 12:33 pm ]
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Fire Emblem is my favorite game.might as well join.

Birth Place:Carcino
During the war of the Stones,Kaz's parents fell before the grado general,Valter Moonstone. Kaz is a speedy,but weak thief. He moved away to renais after the war of the stones was over. He met Colm and Neimi and became good friends with them. Kaz soon after left on an adventure to the grado empire after Colm had told him about a forretress called Thrain,where there supposedly a large treasure.
Kaz Walked into the forretress without fear. He found a chest and opened it with his lockpick. He found a blade made of Iron. "This should help me if I get attacked" Kaz thought out loud. "Who's there!" yelled a voice in the distance. Kaz saw a Grado soldier nearby.Kaz sneaked around behind him and sneak attacked him."That should leave him unconcios(sp?) for a while,"Kaz thought. All of the sudden,an alarm sounded and Kaz was surrounded by Grado soldiers. "HELP!" Kaz yelled.

Author:  flaming_fox [ Sun Jul 31, 2005 1:01 pm ]
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((seems like alot of people like thiefs))

Author:  Registeel_Rocks [ Mon Aug 01, 2005 12:21 pm ]
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((Yes, I guess the idea of being able to use lockpicks and having the chance to become an Assassin is appealing to many. So far, Alec seems like the strongest one, just my opinion! :P))

"I ain't dying any time soon; my father wouldn't allow it. Besides, King Joshua is relying on me." replied Leo. "Anyways, we should get to the fortress very soon, so I'd like to hear your plan, Alec."

Author:  flaming_fox [ Mon Aug 01, 2005 12:38 pm ]
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"If you had lived through half o fwhat i have, you wouldnt care either" Xanos muttered

Author:  Meh.Who cares? [ Mon Aug 01, 2005 5:44 pm ]
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((yea,thiefs are awesome))

although Kaz yelled for help,he new the soldiers were no match for him. He challenged two soldiers by taunting them. Kaz back flipped,dodging there attacks. All of the guards charged at Kaz. Kaz took a small wound on his stomach,but that couldnt stop him. He took a soldiers torch,as it was what lighted the area,and put it out. Kaz has a sharp eye,so darkness doesnt bother him. He slipped away in the darkness and went back to the exit/entrance. Outside,he found a large tree. He took a rope from his satchel and climbed up the tree.he hooked his rope onto the tree and spied on Fort Thrain all night.

Author:  Registeel_Rocks [ Mon Aug 01, 2005 7:10 pm ]
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((Yeah, it was around late afternoon when Alec, Xanos and I first met, so it should be near evening now, after trudging through the sand for awhile.))

Leo looked around. It was getting dark. "Hey guys...and gal, stay close to each other and keep your guards up. It gets very dark at night here, so someone could sneak up on us anywhere." explained Leo. Not to mention that nightime in Jehanna can get seriously hard to see.

Author:  flaming_fox [ Mon Aug 01, 2005 7:13 pm ]
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Xanos looked around "yeah, i see what you mean, if it go tany darker, i wouldnt see"

Author:  Pimm [ Tue Aug 02, 2005 2:47 am ]
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"Well I'd rather keep my distance from thieves. Besides I don't fear the dark."

Author:  flaming_fox [ Tue Aug 02, 2005 9:43 am ]
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"anyone who makes a living off of stealing from other people, might as well no tbe making a living"

Author:  Registeel_Rocks [ Tue Aug 02, 2005 11:10 am ]
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"Ahem... in case you two forgot, we have a thief traveling with us. We're gonna be working all together, and that means we have to trust each other. Got it?" said Leo.

Author:  flaming_fox [ Tue Aug 02, 2005 11:20 am ]
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"i will work with a thief, as long as it doesnt steal anything while im around"

Author:  Registeel_Rocks [ Tue Aug 02, 2005 11:29 am ]
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"Well, Alec helped me fight the ruffians, so I trust him. Plus, I hired him, so I have to trust him." smiled Leo.

Author:  flaming_fox [ Tue Aug 02, 2005 11:38 am ]
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"however, i did not hire him, so i do not have to trust him" Xanos smiled back, "But Alec is one of the few thiefs i trust"

Author:  Registeel_Rocks [ Tue Aug 02, 2005 11:46 am ]
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"Now, if you want to get paid well, I suggest you get to know each other. Learn to help each other out. You're mercinaries in my party now, so I suggest you take my word for it." grinned Leo.

Author:  flaming_fox [ Tue Aug 02, 2005 11:53 am ]
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"Getting paid well makes no difference, if you die before getting paid"

Author:  Meh.Who cares? [ Tue Aug 02, 2005 12:29 pm ]
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In the middle of the night,Kaz jumped out of the tree and wondered,"I wonder If anyone else is adventuring to thrain."

Author:  flaming_fox [ Tue Aug 02, 2005 1:02 pm ]
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((i dont think it is morning yet))

Author:  Pimm [ Tue Aug 02, 2005 2:30 pm ]
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"Got it, but I'll still keep my distance."

Author:  Registeel_Rocks [ Tue Aug 02, 2005 6:31 pm ]
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((Now, if only Santum101 would start posting again...))

"So, I'm guessing you're officially joining us then, m'lady?" smiled Leo. Well, if she didn't want to join us, she wouldn't have tagged along for this whole time.

Author:  Meh.Who cares? [ Tue Aug 02, 2005 11:46 pm ]
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Even though it was the middle of the night,it was scorching hot. Thrain looked like a new fort,but how should he know. But what was a Grado fort in the middle of Jehanna mean? Grado trying to take over Jehanna? Hoping he would find more information from a traveller or adventurer. He was trudging through the thick sand in pitch black darkness,when a person (looking oddly like a thief) bumped into Kaz. He said "Sorry," and ran away into the darkness. Seconds later Kaz noticed his satchel was gone. All he had for protection now was his iron blade. He trudged along,very sleepy. He forced himself not to go to sleep and walked on.....

Author:  Pimm [ Wed Aug 03, 2005 4:58 am ]
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"Yeah, sure, but I'm still waiting for you to talk me trough the whole plan."

Author:  Registeel_Rocks [ Wed Aug 03, 2005 11:07 am ]
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"Oh yeah, come to think of it I never really explained the whole plan to any of you." chuckled Leo. "Okay, first we'll sneak in to the fortress, and then we'll sneak around until we find the General of the fortress's room, where this wierd stone is supposed to be. We have to take that wierd stone and then skedaddle away, while not attracting any attention to us at all. Understand the plan?"

Author:  Pimm [ Wed Aug 03, 2005 2:03 pm ]
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"Yeah I see, but what purpose is the stone?"

Author:  Registeel_Rocks [ Wed Aug 03, 2005 2:10 pm ]
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"I have no idea; neither did the King. You see, he thinks that this stone is the reason Grado is invading. I have no idea what a little stone has to do with an ivasion, but I've been hired to find out by taking it."

Author:  Undeadcutlet [ Thu Aug 04, 2005 7:52 am ]
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(( Is it too late to join? Well I'll just be pretentious and post my character anyway, before I forget. If you don't want me joining, say so.

Name: Lord Raphael

Gender: Male

Class: Myrmidon

Kingdom: Renais

Background: Despite it's noble pretence, Renais has it's fair share of corrupt aristocrats. Lord Raphael is one of them. When he was young, Raphael was fascinated with swords, especially the lithe rapiers, and began to train at the age of 8. Now 24, Raphael is a very skilled fencer, and can hold his own in a battle. Unfortunately he does not have much skill with other weapons, or in the use of fists and feet. Raphael's father died several years ago, under suspicious circumstances I may add, and left Raphael a large fortune and the family name, Raphael. Now Raphael is a nobleman, and is very influential in Renais' government.

Personality: Raphael is a snooty and condescending character who always gets his way. He refuses to be in the company of anyone who he believes are lower than him, excluding servants. Unsurprisingly, Raphael has no real friends.

... I'm not sure whether Raphael will be good or evil currently, so, if I'm accepted, his intentions will become clear during the course of the RP ))

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