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Author:  Edoc'sil [ Mon Nov 22, 2010 3:02 pm ]
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Roleplay Name: Quest Against the Mad King (suggestions? This is the best name I could come up with besides Domia Kongur, King Dominance)
Genre: Non-pokemon adventure
Setting: Alagaesia
Plot: Eragon, the once-loved dragon rider that killed Galbatorix, has gone insane and became a near-carbon copy of Galbatorix. The people who join are the only remaining dragon riders, but are individually much weaker than Eragon and Saphira.
Additional Rules: No double posting; cusing is to be kept to an absolute minimum, and completely avoided if possible; proper grammar, but one or two mistakes are acceptable and fine if you're an Urgal with rough English; no godmodding; you are not powerful in magic or particularly skillful in battle but become more powerful as the story wears on; NONE OF THE 12 WORDS OF DEATH; My character will be an (unexpeirianced, to be fair) elf but others can choose between elf dwarf, Urgal, or human characters; Look here for most questions; no spamming; no flaming; There will be at least one elf (me), one human, one dwarf, and one Urgal player; The only time to use the ancient language is when casting a spell; rules of magic apply, such as a spell takes the same ammount of energy out of the user as it would take them to do it without magic (example: if I were to try to cut a peice of bread with a spell, it would take very little energy out of me. If I were to try to break a boulder, I would die as it is not possible except for the strongest Kull to do), and no ressurecting the dead.
Color of Dragon, and by extention, sword (no two players can have the same color):
Name of sword:
Name of dragon:
(honestly, no one has to have any knowledge of the Inheritance cycle. They could either just ask me or go on that link for any questions at all)

Author:  Crunchy [ Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:50 pm ]
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Sounds good. Approved.

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Thu Nov 25, 2010 5:12 am ]
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Thanks, Crunchy.

Author:  Steel_Eel [ Mon Dec 20, 2010 8:40 am ]
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This forum needs more RPs. I think I'll take a swing at it:

Roleplay Name: The Extractors
Rating: PG-13 for violence and language
Roleplay Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Based off "Inception".
Setting: A main base which players will start at, and many different locations within one's subconscious.
Plot: While there is only one team skilled enough to preform Inception, going into somebody's subconscious and planting an idea, there are many that can do the opposite of that, which is Extraction, or stealing an idea from somebody's mind. But, with so many people training themselves to defend against such a feat, the amount of willing Extractors has decreased substantially. With few teams left to this espionage, there is only one that can and will steal an idea. And they're up for hire...
Additional Rules:
I feel the basic proper grammar, no spamming, keeping it clean, and the standard Psypoke rules are to be applied at all times. Since there are many differing roles one can play, I will limit it to the main ones:
Extractor-a person who extracts people's secrets through their dreams. At the core, an extractor is a classic con man

Author:  GofD [ Wed Jan 19, 2011 4:51 pm ]
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Roleplay name-> Rise of Aten part 1

Roleplay genera-> based off the history of egypt when Akhenaten replaced all their gods with one- Atom the sun disk god. And a bunvh of stuff from my head. (this is basically based off a reaccuring dream hat ive been having since high school)

Backround story-> Many, many years ago in the desert land, a pharoh led by a god of light, banished the worship of the other god, and made his god of light the only god in all the land. But the god wanted more. He went across the land and sea finding people to spread his word, his word of coruption. Gods of foregin lands began to wory that this god of "impure" light. They banned together to try and kill this God before the ways of the lands are corrputed and all life shall end. Unfourtuneatly, the combined powers of the gods could only seal the "impure light" away. His minions wher banishede along with his "speakers". The gods powers where much deminished, and they where worried that he may return to this plain and caouse havack once again. But the wisest among the gods, an unknown simply known as Z, said that there is a chance that a mortal may be the answer. A mortal who should not exist by the laws of the gods, yet defies those laws and lives anyways......

Looking for 4 other players, takes place in modern times, locations include Canada, egypt, mexico and lots of other places


1.All normal rules are applyed.
2.Since there is a chance some may want to make a "godlike" character please keep these things in mind:
-Demi god characters will be the "godlike character" accepted (aside from my special case charcter, who happens to be the main protagonImaist).
- Demi god chaaracters can not be harmed by "mortal weapons" (guns swords kinfes yada yada) They can however be harmed by god weapons or weapons enchanted by a god.
- Your demi god character must be based off of something apporiate to psypoke.
3.allposts must be at leats a paragraph and be reasonably readable.
4. Imgination a must.

Hopefully this will be accepted so that I can finally get this thing out OF MY FREAKIN HEAD.

Author:  Edoc'sil [ Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:02 pm ]
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I think it was Aton. ;)

Author:  GofD [ Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:47 pm ]
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Edoc'sil wrote:
I think it was Aton. ;)

Actually it was Aten. Thank you for catching that, i was a little tired when i typed that.

Author:  Crunchy [ Sat Jan 22, 2011 2:05 am ]
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Approved, so you can get it outta your freakin' head :P

Author:  xerovene [ Thu Mar 17, 2011 10:04 pm ]
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Roleplay Name: Sunstorm

Roleplay Genre: Pokemon

Setting: Hoenn Region

About 60 years ago, Team Aqua and Team Magma fought against each other and destroyed the balance of the ancient gods Kyogre and Groudon, the gods of land and sea. These legendary beings awoke from their deep sleep and came to war once again as they did in ancient times. Luckily, the god Rayquaza, who controlled the balance of the two, was still around to keep them in check until human intervention was necessary. This was dealt with by three young men of incredible power. Shikon, Nathaniel, and Drax each faced one of the gods, not knowing Rayquaza was a being of good. Shikon defeated Kyogre, Nathaniel defeated Groudon, and Drax defeated Rayquaza.
Groudon and Kyogre were brought into a new slumber, but Rayquaza disappeared entirely with no explanation. Years passed, and despite it only being sixty years, this story passed into legend quickly. Then, one morning the blue and red orbs that balanced the gods were found shattered on their pedestal atop Mount Pyre, and Kyogre and Groudon have become free to battle once again, with Rayquaza gone. The situation is getting worse fast, and all of Hoenn is experiencing sudden and dramatic changes in weather at totally unpredictable times. Many trainers have started their journeys across the region, wanting to be the next legends to put down the ancient gods. Everyone wants the fame. The question is, who is the biggest opponent, the other trainers trying to take all the fame, the gods themselves, or whoever destroyed the orbs? Are teams aqua and magma back again? Or is it a lone fanatic? May the best trainer win.[/cheesy dramaticness]

Additional Rules: No legendaries. Your pokemon must be within a reasonable range of power of pokemon another character already has. This way there won't be one trainer with a little newly hatched Togepi and some veteran trainer with a Tyranitar. Just be reasonable. Pretty simple. And also, battles aren't EXACTLY like the games. Mudslap can hit a flying type if that flying type has injured wings and isn't able to fly anymore. Stuff like that.

Author:  rex09 [ Sun Mar 27, 2011 6:43 pm ]
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Roleplay Name: The Storybinders
Genre: Inkheart series (so, whatever books we choose, those genres)
Rating: Depends on the book, but PG-13 at the most.

Setting: Set in the universe of Inkheart. In this world, there are those known as "Silvertongues," who are capable of reading with such pure emotion and clarity, that things from the book being read may come to life in our world. Additionally, writers may write edited versions of stories, which the Silvertongues will read, allowing whole plots to be changed - up to and including reading themselves and others into their favorite books! Once in the book, writers and Silvertongues alike must continue to work together to change the story for the better, then leave it whole.

Plot: In this wondrous world, a group of Silvertongues and writers gather together, to experience the wonder of their favorite books in a much more intimate way. Each brings a single book, and together, they set out to either change the plots of their favorite stories from within (to avoid some tragedy), or to simply experience the wonder of those worlds. The Bookkeeper (just a title, and also played by me, although he will have an actual name) starts off with a book of his choice, showing the others how the group will work together to achieve their goals.

Additional Information: Basically, everyone will apply, and select a book. I will RNG the order (although I will be the first one, so as to show everyone how it works), and each person will decide what we want to accomplish in the book. I will come up with various obstacles, based off of my own knowledge of the book, and the person who chose it. This will basically create two RP Masters/plot choosers for every book, save the first one. Also, as a general note (and homage to the original book series) we will probably enter the books after the actual plot of the book. TV shows, movies, manga, and comic books are exempted from the choices for books. Obviously, it also kinda has to be some kind of fiction; Typing for Dummies wouldn't be much fun, in my opinion. If too many people are Silvertongues, or too many are writers, then I will ask for volunteers to switch which one they want to be. If I think of anything else that needs mentioning, I will add it here.

1. No swearing. If you want to use one, use asterisks (*) or the :censored: smilie.
2. Violence is to be kept to an appropriate level.
3. Use proper grammar; it's a pet peeve of mine, so if yours is particularly bad, then you may get kicked out for it.
4. You must have 30 posts, or have participated in 2 RPs minimum (if using the latter; then please provide links).
5. Put rex09 in your application somewhere to show you have read the premise and rules.
6. No godmoding (certain exceptions can be made, if necessary, but please avoid it if possible).
7. You may not be related to anyone famous, or a character in a book (i.e., you're a normal person, for the most part)
8. I will accept/reject players as I see fit.
9. Standard Psypoke rules apply.
10. Warning system (2 strikes and you're out!): 1st warning - {abra} 2nd warning/banned - {kadabra}
11. All out of character statements, etc., need to be in double parentheses ((___)), or like so OOC:_______

Your Book:
Silvertongue or writer:

Physical Description:
Personality Description
History (1-2 par.):

Additional Notes (misc.):

Author:  Crunchy [ Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:29 pm ]
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You are both approved. Have fun~

Author:  rex09 [ Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:33 pm ]
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Muchos Gracias, Crunchy :)

Author:  Stripes [ Sun Apr 10, 2011 6:11 am ]
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Dropping in and putting this up to see how it goes. Kinda spur of the moment thing, and I only signed up for this, but hey, you never know!

Roleplay Name: Strife in Penioc. PG13+
Roleplay Genre: Pokemon.

Setting: The Penoic region. Composed of two main islands, East and West, and one minor island, Isle Hamrad. The West island is by far the largest, and the location of six out of the eight Gym Leaders, and is based around the hulking metropolis of Lakenhone City. The East island, however, is significantly smaller, and stricken with lower-middle class living, a run-down region with crime rife in the streets of it's major city, Hive City. Isle Hamrad, originally a large volcano, has been converted into the seat of Penoic's Elite Four, and their Champion, Viktor. (NOTE: if it all goes ahead, I'll sling up a map of the region to give you all a better idea. Also, there aren't any new Pokemon, but Black/White is included.)

Plot: Deep within the endless towers and countless houses of Hive City, the seeds of uprising have been planted. The citizens of the Eastern island are unhappy with the rule of the West, and the sparks of what may well become a full-blown, revolutionary fire were not hard to start.
They did not come up with a fancy name to intimidate their opposition, nor do they use uniform to display their loyalty. They are known simply as 'Change'. The organisation grew fast, spreading it's tentacles throughout the Eastern island, drawing in more and more followers. Disillusion was not required, nor were any other insidious tricks. People just followed.
At the centre of the fast-growing Change sat Evan. Formerly a member of the law-keeping force in a far-off region, he was forced to leave for unknown reasons, and relocated in Penoic. However, a man of insatiable greed, he saw his opportunity for power that he had never achieved before in the weakness of Viktor. Penoic has always been a peaceful region, at least, excluding the Eastern Isle, and the governing forces had soon grown accustomed to turning a blind eye. Even Gordon and Chase, the two Gym Leaders residing in Hive City and the other Eastern town, Sihron Town, ignore the unlawfulness around them. This insecurity had gone unnoticed in past times, but Evan decided it was time to capitalise on it.
Soon, Change had grown to such a proportion that it was time to act. Evan formed a small committee of subordinates, through whom he would relay information out to the masses of Change, and with these, he traveled to Sihron Town and confronted Chase, the Gym Leader. A challenge was made, and despite Chase's experience, it was all over soon. Evan saw his moment, and high off the exhiliration of victory, announced his motives to the rest of the region.
The Western island, and Isle Hamrad were slow to react, having never dealt with such an issue before, and an emergency meeting was convened in Lakenhone City regarding what their course of action would be. In the meantime, Evan and the rest of Change had consolidated their position, and planned their next move: the takeover of Hive City.

My fellow RPers will play the roles of the Committee, basically the officers of Change, and I'll play Evan. Feel free to imagine to your heart's content, but try to be realistic, and keep pseudos and legendaries out. Unless, of course, it's a 1st or 2nd Evolution, like Metang or Deino. Team of six, max, as per norm, but feel free to have less. What will we do? Well we're gonna take over Penoic, using any means necessary!

Additional Rules: A little more info about the RP. This isn't supposed to be a disillusioned team like Plasma, or stereotypical bad guys like Rocket. Change know that what they're doing is wrong and that it's gonna cause harm, but everybody likes a slice of power, right? On the other hand, they're not all d*ckheads. They don't go out of their way to make life hard for people (well, not all of them, at least), and they certainly don't all mistreat their Pokemon.
Along the same lines, this isn't save-the-day-through-spirit-of-character stuff. People and Pokemon are allowed to get hurt, even die. I haven't seen a dark take on the Pokemon universe yet, and I'm interested to see how it works.
When making your characters, the more fluff, the better. Reasons for joining Change, past, family life, Pokemon team, all that stuff. If your guy's got a signature Pokemon, let us know a bit about it.
One final point. I'm aiming for a lot of player flexibility here. If you want to go beat a Gym Leader, or take over a village, go right on ahead.

That's my pitch.

Author:  Crunchy [ Sun Apr 10, 2011 8:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Looks good. I'll let you try it, even though you're new. Good luck getting people to join

Author:  rex09 [ Sun Jun 05, 2011 4:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Okay, it's summer, and my last one was never applied to. Rex applies for an RP, Part Two!

RP Title: Pokemorphs
RP Genre: Pokemon, Animorphs, Sci-fi
Rating: Probably PG-13 for some violence

Setting/Plot: In the distant future of Pokemon, the world is at peace. At long last, the Teams of each region have been disbanded, and for 100 years, there has only been room for progress. From Kanto, there comes a long series of medicine; in Johto, scientists have created a formula predicting when a Pokemon will evolve; Hoenn has created a series of new transports - flying cars and personalized submarines are the norm; from Sinnoh there arrives all manner of new ways to coexist with Pokemon, including devices that allow some Pokemon to talk; only Unova has remained unchanged by science, instead choosing to embrace the solitude of nature in all its majesty.

In this advanced world, Trainers have become less and less frequent, instead meeting Pokemon on a level more equating that of equals, or beloved pets at minimum. Only the annual PokeWorld Tournament brings the old gleam of battle between teams back to the television, and the world stands in awe of what the Pokemon did a century ago. For a week, fire meets dark, dragon meets grass, and water meets steel. And when it is done, and the new PokeWorld Champion is crowned, everybody instantly turns back to their tasks, to the advancement of technology. And the old ways begin to be forgotten...

Until one day, a sole man seeks to ruin it.

On August 19, Alfred Farquahar, a man disenchanted with the modern, strides into a Pokemon Center, armed to the teeth; and so, with a series of Pokemon aiding his efforts, destroys it. The world hasn't seen such terrible acts of violence in a century. And as the man moves onto houses and markets, rest of the town begins to burn, and everyone realizes that they are witnessing the rise of something new and terrible.

Rapidly, it becomes apparent that a new Team has appeared: Team Elemental has arrived, and they begin committing acts of terrorism and violence that soon bring the world to its knees. The Champions of the PokeWorld Tournament, the sole line of defense, are taken down, one by one. And a dystopian future begins, ruled by the tyrannical Team Elemental.

Team Elemental, after defeating the Champions, begins by taking over every Region. Almia, Orre, Kanto, Hoenn... All fall under the sway of the new Team. They broadcast a message to the world, saying, "We are Team Elemental. Do not fear us, we are here to fix the perverse society in which you have all dwelled for a century. Gone are the days of glory; we will bring them back. With the elements at our command, the world will belong to us!" And soldiers begin patrolling the streets, hunting for "rebels" and "terrorists." Pokemon go into hiding, save for those that join Team Elemental or are enslaved by them to work in factories and strip mines. Technological advancements recede into history, and the great medical care, the wondrous flying cars, and most of all, the peace that had existed all disappear. A group of Elitists, chosen by Team Elemental, gain what few perks exist, and lord it over the lower classes. With the new social order, many despair of hope. Without the Pokemon, how are they to triumph over this evil?

For many, nothing has changed. For others, everything has. Fifty years after the destruction of the Pokemon Center at the hands of Alfred Farquahar, a group of people, brought together by friendship, chance, and circumstance, are running through the streets of rubble-strewn Saffron city. They flee into an alley, and, cornered, prepare for the inevitable. Team Elemental has them surrounded; they are doomed to die in this misbegotten world.

Then, as it seems all is lost, a young man by the name of Axel Smith finds a piece of technology in the dirt. A shimmering blue cube. He lays his hand on it, and feels a burst of power rush through him. The age of the PokeMorphs has started. And with it, the fight to take back a world ruined, with the aim to restore it to its former glory.

Additional Information: For those who haven't read/heard about the Animorphs series, it's basically a book series where alien technology falls into the hands of five kids, and allows them to turn into any animal that they've touched. The blue cube is this piece of technology, and will instead allow us to turn into Pokemon. For all intents and purposes, that's where the similarities between the two worlds stop; when each member of our party touches the cube, they will have the ability to choose the first Pokemon they turn into. They will then, through our adventures, acquire five more forms. So, one person will be their Pokemon team. To acquire an animal/Pokemon, you must touch it with your hand. We won't deal with the time limit or various ways of transforming from Animorphs. It'll be pretty straightforward. Evolution will not really be an option; you have to pick EXACTLY which one you want to be. For instance, I wouldn't pick a Shinx with the idea of evolving it into a Luxray; rather, go with the Luxray to begin with. Some may think this will introduce some problems with having too-strong players at the beginning. Which is why I intend to allow for the slow acquirement of forms. Additionally, every character will have to learn how to properly use their various forms, which would take time. But adaptations to various RPing styles can be made, so that is subject to change.

Team Elemental's goal is to embrace the natural elements found in nature, and to use them to conquer the world. Pokemon are considered a part of these elements, but not an essential one. The Team is willing to use them and manipulate them, but their ultimate plan calls for the elimination of Pokemon as well, after using them to conquer the elements. This will likely involve finding and killing/coercing Legendary Pokemon.

The world as a whole is rather technology-less; Unova is the one that has been changed the least, considering they chose to go the more natural route to start with (so, more like Pokemon White). The other regions are ruled with a heavy hand by local Governors who watch over the local economy and government. The Elitists are the bankers, the politicians, and the other government workers. They are the ones who throw lavish parties which waste millions of dollars in a single night, then go back to loafing around the offices, being fed propaganda, and helping keep Team Elemental in power. Essentially, however, they are just pawns that think they have a modicum of power; all the real power belongs to the so-called "police." These are the full-fledged members of Team Elemental, the thugs who do all the dirty work. The police don't hesitate to use terror tactics; they are brutal and ruthlessly efficient. On occasion, they will use Pokemon such as Mightyena and Houndoom to track down tough targets, or Nidoking and Tyranitar to destroy a hideout for the rebellion. But for the most part, they rely on weapons and machines.

This leaves the Governors themselves. The Governors have replaced the Champions in that they are the only ones who train teams of Pokemon anymore. There is one for each Region, and they are very strong Trainers. Little is known about them, other than the fact that they are the ones in control of everything. Alfred Farquahar is rumored to be the Governor of Kanto; but is it possible that he and the other ones are only part of a far larger group..?

At the beginning, we'll have to re-enact the scene I described above; not everybody has to know each other, we just will all start out in Saffron city. Then, I'll introduce some more ideas, and the RP will (hopefully) take off from there, ideally being able to travel to different regions via plane or boat. We won't bother with walking to different ones (save for Johto-Kanto), simply because we don't know how they're laid out in the Pokemon World.

1. No excessive swearing. If you want to use one, use asterisks (*) or the :censored: smilie. Or the appropriate censored word (dang, for example).
2. Violence is to be kept to an appropriate level.
3. Use proper grammar; it's a pet peeve of mine, so if yours is particularly bad, then you may get kicked out for it.
4. You must have 20 posts, or have participated in 2 RPs minimum (if using the latter; then please provide links). This is to ensure that you won't just sign up, only to leave soon after.
5. Put rex09 in your application somewhere to show you have read the premise and rules.
6. No godmoding (certain exceptions can be made, if necessary, but please avoid it if possible).
7. You may not be related to anyone famous, or a character in a book (i.e., you're a normal person, for the most part; being related to a PokeWorld Champ is acceptable, but don't overdo it).
8. I will accept/reject players as I see fit.
9. Standard Psypoke rules apply.
10. Warning system (2 strikes and you're out!): 1st warning - {abra} 2nd warning/banned - {kadabra}
11. All out of character statements, etc., need to be in double parentheses ((___)), or like so OOC:_______

Personality (two sentences minimum):

Background (one to two paragraphs minimum, including where you come from and how you got to Saffron):

Six Pokemon you might wind up picking, just so I have an idea (no legendaries for now):
Best Memory:
Worst Memory:
Other Information:

Author:  Crunchy [ Thu Aug 18, 2011 3:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

^ approved aaaaaaaages ago.

Author:  King_Roland [ Mon Oct 03, 2011 6:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Roleplay Name: Anderview academy.
Roleplay Genre: A monstrous academy of captured orphans.
Setting: It's a place where loads of orphans are sent, at the start, most people are really mad and want to escape, some, have decided to live with it, there is something called detention, just about nobody is seen from it again,

Plot: There are three groups, The Variants which believe that they will eventually escape or just are cool about most things. The Havoc, who is full of people who love to break the rules, and the society, a group of rule following kids. there are games of paintball, and the students have jobs, the V's (Variants) have janitorial work and food Havoc has groundskeeping, and the society has security. you get points from doing jobs, you can spend them on random things, 100 points a month, it costs 600 to get a tv and 300 to get a gaming system, (each person has their own points,) there are two people per room, only men and men, girls and girls however... if you break any of the Big 4 rules (See additional rules) you will be taken in the middle of the night to Detention, nobody has ever survived that, most say they have seen blood in the basements, some say they escape, some say they never get out of that room but are tortured... (Signaling you don't wanna be in there)

Additional Rules: the rules of the school (though no people except the orphans are in there)
No sex
No escaping
No extreme violence
No nudity (unless in a shower alone)

I hope I can be accepted and have an epic time, for now, I wait, listening to my music... :violin:

Author:  Crunchy [ Sat Oct 15, 2011 11:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Sorry for the late post... Um, I'm not too fond of the spammy violin, but your roleplay sounds decent enough. Good luck!

Author:  King_Roland [ Mon Oct 17, 2011 7:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Thank you thank you thank you! {shaymin} myself for the spam of violins...

lol I love jokes XD

Author:  LadyMiir [ Thu Nov 24, 2011 8:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Sooooo... Trying my hand at running an RP!

RP Title: Pure Shadows
RP Genre: Pokemon, Sci-fi
Rating: PG-13 for violence

Setting: The main universe (5 regions), but primarily set on Toropikuji Island, south of the Orange Islands.

Plot: Welcome to Toropikuji Island, home of the Circuit. The Circuit is composed of five Colosseums and their respective leaders, each with a different and unique theme. Every year, the Circuit hosts a Tournament, inviting trainers from across Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova, who have collected the eight badges from at least one region. The objective of the Tournament is to defeat all five Colosseums, as well as the leader of the Circuit itself. These Tournaments are very prestigious, with Elite Four members and Gym Leaders often in attendance, scouting out the next generation of trainers and shortlisting possible successors.

Even as the Circuit prepares to open this year's Tournament, there is trouble brewing... A wave of Pokemon thefts has hit all five regions, with rumors that people who try to stop the thefts have mysteriously vanished with no trace... and there are whispers of a darkness rising...

Additional Information: Part of the idea for this story came from the Colosseum/XD games. The other part came from the most excellent fanfiction Pedestal, which I highly recommend.

This is a REALISTIC RP (insofar as that is possible) so your Pokemon will suffer realistic damage (i.e: severe burns after being hit by a Fire Blast, Grass Pokemon ending up charred and scorched, frostbite from being hit by Blizzard, etc). People and Pokemon CAN die. Weapons such as guns exist and are effective in this world.

Circuit Tournament matches follow the same basic format as League battles-- max of six Pokemon, challenger allowed substitutions, etc. However, the villains won't be so nice as to follow those rules.

Rules: (credit to rex09 for writing up a very comprehensive set, which I have adapted below)

1. No excessive swearing. If you want to use one, use asterisks (*) or just a description of a character cussing ("he/she swore").

2. Violence is to be kept to an appropriate level. No fountains of gore.

3. Proper spelling and grammar is a MUST. It hurts my head to try and read ungrammatical posts. Also, please don't use chatspeak in dialogue/IC stuff.

4. You must have 20 posts, or have participated in 2 RPs minimum (if using the latter; then please provide links). This is to ensure quality of the RP, as well as to prevent people signing up then leaving.

5. Put a Charizard in your application somewhere to show you have read the premise and rules.

6. No god-modding/powergaming, unless under special circumstances like someone being absent and the RP stalling otherwise.

7. You may not be related to anyone famous, or a character in a book. MARY SUES/GARY STUS NEED NOT APPLY. What is a Mary Sue? Read this article.

8. I reserve the right to accept/reject players as I see fit.

9. Standard Psypoke rules apply.

10. For infractions, you will receive two warnings before being banned from further participation.

11. All out of character statements/queries/etc., need to be in double parentheses ((___)), or like so OOC:_______

12. NO Legendaries are to be used. Use common sense in constructing teams.

I'll put up the application form if/when this gets approved.

Author:  Crunchy [ Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Approved! Looks great! Have fun~

Author:  Trainer-Purple [ Mon Nov 28, 2011 7:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

My Requested Roleplay

Roleplay Name: Porygon March
Roleplay Genre: Pokemon, Sci-Fi
Rating: PG (Only Pokemon Violence, respond if I should change to PG-13 since I am unsure)

Setting: Goldenrod City

Plot: 500 years from current time, The Pokemon Reigons have made many new inventions, but they have a flaw. They have been making more and more Porygons. They fixed Porygon Z, and changed it's name to Porygon 3 (Not the Psypoke user :P), from there they made Porygon 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Although they made another, they took a previous Porygon-Z that was left over and messed with the programs on it for a very long time. They finished it, but it turned against them, because they gave it artificial intellegence. So this new Porygon, named Porygon X, is hacking into the programming of billions of Porygons and taking over their minds. When they first modified Porygon Z and turned him into Porygon 3, they originally planned to give him the ability to travel through cyberspace and move across the world quickly and easily. They gave up on this when they turned him to porygon 3, but they gave Porygon X this ability, having successfully fabricated the code to X's new ability. From Porygon 7 and up, they were given the ability to change their shape using the shapes already attatched to them. An example of this would be that if Porygon 2 was 7+ then he could change his round oval things on his body around to the shape he wished, including his head, beak-thing, and body. Although Porygon-X can do this, he can also slowly create new shapes out of thin air. The process it takes to create a new shape depends on it's mass. About 1 day per square inch. Porygon-X has taken over the world, and a secret radio broadcast from 1 trainer that is now captured brings many trainers together, in an effort to destroy porygon-X, freeing the other Porygons from his evil grasp.

Addition Rules

1. Regular Psypoke Rules apply. No exceptions
2. No excessive language. If you wish to do so use astericks (*) or the censored smilie.
3. Put the evolutions of Eevee on your profile to show you read these rules.
4. No excessive gore/blood
5. Act liek u no how to type, seriously, having bad spelling/grammer is annoying.
6. No Godmodding unless RP is going slow. (Don't godmod unless approved by myself or one of my assistants that I will appoint.)
7. Since Porygon-X has artificial intellegence, he is a character thus forcing a user to BE Porygon-X.
8. No Mary Sues/Perfect Characters. If you don't know what it is, go find it. It's not that hard to search.
9. Myself and very few others will have to Accept/Decline your profile before you can do anything else.
10. You cannot be related to anyone famous. It's just stupid.
11. You cannot have legendaries in your party. Be realistic.
12. Everything is under control of the Porygons, so if you want to heal your pokemon, you have to clear the Porygons from the PKMN Centre.
13. Do not ask to be an assistant. That will result in me automatically saying "No!"

If this is approved, then I will start on the Profile Formula.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Sun Dec 25, 2011 11:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

I'm just curious, but can we give certain roles out, like, have a certain character but let someone else use it or would that be godmoding?

Author:  Crunchy [ Mon Dec 26, 2011 4:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

P-T: You can give it a go. But you might need to work on your idea a bit better. Doesn't look very appealing, especially if people don't especially like Polygon.

Sam: That's not the definition of godmodding. But roleplayers tend to like creating and playing as their own roleplaying characters. If you can create an atmosphere that can have original characters, your roleplay will do well. If you asign a person to a specific already created character, unless they're experts and have written for a very long time, the plot you're leading towards isn't going to work.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Mon Dec 26, 2011 5:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Name: Team Fuel
Genre: Action/Adventure
Plot: Three years after Tyler defeated and hunted down Team Plasma, Team Rocket sees a new region full of oppurtunities. However, they needed the other disbanded team's help. They found the remainants of Team Plasma and broke the sages out of prison. The two teams merged and became Team Fuel. Their plans unknown, they have become a large fear to many Unovans. Two heroes have risen to fight this enemy. One is Jack, Tyler's little brother, the other, a relative of Cheren. However, Team Fuel knows of the duo an sent an asset to gain their trust so that they can moniter the two's performance. Who knows what Team Fuel is planning.

Protagonists: Tyler, me, therefore played by me
Jack: Trained by Tyler himself.
Cheren's relative: Trained by Cheren.
Prof. Bianca: Once Juniper's assistant, now her colleague.

Antagonists: Team Fuel
Team Fuel's Asset: Once Tyler's rival, now that s/he can't defeat Tyler, s/he goes after Jack. Later betrays Jack and Cheren's relative when s/he reveals his/her purpose, then has an epic battle against Tyler.
Giovanni: After resigning as 8th Kanto gym leader, he now 'co-leads' Team Fuel along with Ghetsis.
Ghetsis: 'Co-leads' Team Fuel with Giovanni. Assigns 'asset' his/her mission.

Rules: Try to keep it PG or PG13. Haven't decided yet.
Three strikes in you're out.
Only Tyler, Team Fuel Asset, Giovanni, and Ghetsis are allowed to have legendaries. The latter two have them throuh out the story.
Specials are allowed.
Watch the language. Use * or the 'censored' smiley. However, not to frequent.
Follow Psypoke rules.
Godmoddig is allowed ONLY when describing actions. If you planto godmod, send me your character's post so I can say if it is ok or not.
Those who play Cheren's relative and the asset need to be active (be on at least every other day).
Good typing skills and grammer.
I'll clarify more on the player's roles and add a profile formula if this gets appoved.

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