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Author:  nickyorany [ Sat Oct 04, 2008 1:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Name of RP: +anima a journey of belonging for belonging
Genre: adventure
Setting: Astarian Empire
Plot: +anima have been feared for centuries due to difference, being shunned because people believe these people are monsters. But don't we have a monster in all of us, why is it that people are treated differently just because whats on the outside. on the inside there still human no different from you or me. all they want to be is equal now now one +anima will go on a quest finding new +anima along the way, to make his kind equal.

1. keep it pg 13 and under
2. no goddmodding allowed
3. cussing, tsk tsk I'm surprised you even think of that in a pg.13 rp
4. this is a literate Rp if you are using fire fox make sure you correct words the best you can
5. no txt talk (this is psypokes not myspace get it straight)
6. pm me profile skeletons don't post them
7. i will know if you read the rules so don't try to trick me
8. pm the profile skeleton under +anima and post your favorite Pokemon smiley where the {brackets} are
9. your'e fisrt post must be at least 1 paragraph {four sentences} on how you joined the journey
10. be nice people dont like it when you make fun of them cause of there RP experience
11. Characters Are Recyclable so if there are any free spots i urge you to take it so the flow of the RP continues but remember its still optional
12. please, please tell me that you quit or are leaving for a while in advanced so i can assign your spot to new players
13. Occ (()) {{}} for out of content chat different color than white or quotes to chat italics for thought
14. enjoy your RP experience

Profile Skeletons: for +anima

Username: {you're user}
Your Rp name: {use an original name not pre-used names like (cooro, senri, husky, nana) for those who read the anime}
your+anima: {what animal do you have and where the changes occur}
Your Rp age: {must be from 13-19}
Background: {where are you from and how has your'e life been until you joined the journey}
Your likes: {favorite foods, and activity's}
your dislikes: { stuff you don't like}
your personality: {what you are like
Any other info: {stuff you forgot to tell us}
What you look like: {your appearance picture if wanted}

Profile skeleton: for astarian soldiers
username: {you're user}
Your Rp name: {use an original name}
your skills: {what militaristic training do you have}
Your Rp age: {must be from 19- 27}
Background: {where are you from and how has your'e life been until you joined the journey}
Your likes: {favorite foods, and activity's}
your dislikes: { stuff you don't like}
your personality: {what you are like
Any other info: {stuff you forgot to tell us}
Apperance: {your appearnce icture if wanted

Accepted +anima
Username: nickyorany
Your Rp name: Arron Toshimaru
your +anima: Falcon, White Wings on My Ears, Sharp Talons on my Legs
Your Rp age: 16
Background: An Orphan at the age of 5 he was forced to brave the hardship of the world and all of its terror
Your likes: Favorite Food is Spicy foods, and enjoys the thrill of the hunt
your dislikes: Astarian Soldiers
your personality: Adveture loving and ejoys a good joke
Any other info: He carries around a bag of pebbles as a good luck charm
What you look like: White Spikey hair and a black vest with black jeans
{ {froslass} }

accepted astarian soldiers

none :(

white list

rpers who do a great job and stay for a long time

black list

Rpers who Disobey the Rules and are not staying on track you will get one warning firsts then you're out

Author:  pokemon ranger [ Sat Oct 04, 2008 6:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Okay how's this:

Title: Pokemon Destiny
Setting: Hoenn, then Sinnoh
Plot: Team aqua and team magma team up to try and catch kyogre and groudon. A group of 5 trainers team up with Brendan and May to stop them. Pokemon Gym leaders are also helping. We go through the entire hoenn map to the cave of origin. Team aqua/magma members are reaking havoc in each town. We must stop them too. Then, when we defeat team aqua/magma they will catch kyogre and groudon and escape to sinnoh. Then, everyone takes off to sinnoh and team aqua/magma/galactic are all taking over. We then team up with Dawn and Lucas. Team galactic attempts to catch giratina. We must then go through sinnoh to reach mt. coronet. Archie and Maxie distract us and giratina sucks us all into the torn world and we must defeat Archie, Maxie, and Cyrus once and for all. Then, we escape the torn world and the story is over.

Rules: 1. No obtainig legendaries AT ALL
2. You must pick a hoenn starter and when we go to sinnoh you may get a sinnoh starter.
3. No talking about things other than role playing.
4. We MUST stay close together in the story. (In other words, no getting too ahead.)

Okay, I think that's it. What do you think? Is it better?

Author:  Hyperjack123 [ Mon Oct 06, 2008 9:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications


Roleplay Name: Pokemon Generation 3.5
Genre: Adventure

Rating: E 10+

Setting: The Coronach Islands (A large portion of islands that lay between the continents of Johto and Hoenn) Various ferries carry people from island to another, making transportation easier for those without the ability 'Surf'.

Plot: A new adventure begins for 4 lucky teens when they are given their very first Pokedex and sent off to explore the world of Pokemon. They must first overcome the obstacles of the islands that are their home and collect the four Coronach Badges before they can venture off into the other countries. However, there is a certain evil lurking within the shadows of these fated islands. Team Rapture has just been born from a small group of bandits and is quickly building to be quite the threat on these islands. It's up to these teens and their beloved Pokemon to not only venture the world, but also put a halt to Team Rapture’s path to victory.

1) Obviously, follow all the forum rules and role playing rules
2) You may only have 1 Pokemon (since you're just beginning anyway); It will be level 5
3) Your Pokemon may have 1 Levelled Up Move, 1 Egg Move or 1 Tutored Move, and 1 TM.
4) No legendaries or ancients as a starter (Don't worry, they'll come in later!)
Also you cannot start with Dratini, Bagon, Larvitar, or Snorunt (However they can come in later)
5) Only Kanto, Johto and Hoenn Pokemon allowed to start with.
6) No evolved Pokemon to start with. And don’t start with the same Pokemon as anyone else.
7) If you start with a Pokemon that evolves into a Sinnoh Pokemon it is allowed.
8) There will only be 4 applicants (including myself) There may be more later on though.
9) I'm trying to keep this as an active RP, so please, don't hold back!
10) Make sure your writing is readable (No Text Talk) and If your character wants to say something in His/Her Mind brackets are the way to go.
11) If any of these rules were broken, you'll receive 1 warning, after that, I'm just going to tell you to leave. If that warning should arise, you will see this by your name: {rotom} if I ban you from it, you'll see this: {froslass} But I doubt that'll happen
If you have read the rules put a Mew Smiley at the top of your post.

Age: (13-15)
Pokemon Personality:
Moveset: (Pokemon will learn endless amounts of moves but lets start with 3)
Anything else we should know about you or your Pokemon:

Here is mine
Name: Charlie Rexton
Age: (13- 15) 15
Appearance: ... /anime.jpg
Personality: A bit to smart for his own good. He knows a lot of things but don’t think he isn’t practical. He loves making things, reading a lot and generally having a laugh.
History: Born in Johto. He was raised with money around him. He was born into a big family of 6 kids. He lived in a big house with lots to do. When he was older he moved to the Coronach to live with his grandpa who owns the local Pokemon lab. His Rhyhorn was given to him to look after. His Rhyhorn is now his best buddy and closed companion. Recently, his grandfather had given him the task to find 3 other children to help him with his studies. Charlie is now on the search for three other kids that he hopes will help him.

Pokemon: {rhyhorn} Rhyhorn
Personality: Quick, Fun and Energetic. This devil only wants 3 things Fights, Fun and Food.
Moveset: (Pokemon will learn endless amounts of moves but lets start with 3) Horn Attack, Thunder Fang, Ice Beam
Anything else we should know about you or your Pokemon: Rhyhorn once got lost for 3 days but managed to find its way back to home eventually.


Author:  Crunchy [ Tue Oct 07, 2008 8:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

nickyorany: Um, no... Given your recent experience with When Anime Worlds Collide, I don't feel safe enough to let you have your own.

pkmn ranger: You seemed to have changed the plot... But I guess it's more detail than last time. Accepted.

Hyperjack: Approved.

Author:  pokemon ranger [ Wed Oct 08, 2008 3:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Crunchy wrote:
pkmn ranger: You seemed to have changed the plot... But I guess it's more detail than last time. Accepted.

Thanks, I changed it beacause i thought the other idea would be a bit short.
PS: This is my first r p on this site. I hope it's a good one! :)

Author:  truemobile [ Mon Oct 13, 2008 7:21 am ]
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hello heres my new RP
Roleplay Name: Poke Legends
Roleplay Genre: complete poke fantasy

Setting: all over the
Plot: the world is going unstable because all the legendary pokemon are fighting (witch is bringing earthquaked hurricanes major thunder storms ect.) which means the numberless pokemon MISSING NO. is coming which is making things weird like some pokemon are turning to humans and some humans are turning into pokemon

Additional Rules:
NO CURSING (I'm capsing this because a lot of people broke this rule in my last RP)
follow the psypokes rules
no * cursing(F*** or A** ect.)
if you quit please make an exit scene
follow rules 1, 2, 3 ,and 4

Author:  Crunchy [ Tue Oct 14, 2008 6:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

No. I've seen your handy work first hand and I won't accept you again.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Wed Oct 15, 2008 2:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Roleplay Name: C.I.R.I.U.S.

Roleplay Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Rating: PG-13 at most

Setting: The cyber world of Cirius

Plot: It was the grand opening of the cyber world known as Cirius (named for company that created it) and the first group of children to access this new virtual world get too play as long as they like for free. In this world, the very pokemon children have loved as cards, games, cartoons, etc...can now become their full fledged partners. Here, they can experience intense battles, compete in up-to-date contests, and even become a pokemon champion. The world itself acts as though it were reality (ex. time changes from day to night, weather reactions, etc...) and the characters can trade and battle others via their link to cyber space through the world-wide connection. However, this is only a prototype and the small section selected was mainly made for beta-testing. This is what the company doesn't want the gamers to know...amongst other dark secrets. can this group of children make it in the environments of this artifical reality? Or will the wide array of puzzles and challenges overwhelm them?

Additional Rules:
1. No god modding, mary sues, bunnying, etc...
2. Keep the cursing to a low minimum please
3. Use proper grammar...I cannot stress this enough...
4. No catching legendaries, they will be encountered, but please be patient
5. Please read all rules above. To make sure of this, I ask that you use the word Cirius in your profile
6. Please only advanced role players
7. Hold nothing back, if you have an idea; Share it!

Profile: {Please use detail}
Best qualities:
Worst qualities:
Anything else important to them:

{Pokemon will come when we get into Cirius.}

So how's it look?

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Oct 15, 2008 5:58 pm ]
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Author:  Zombie [ Sat Oct 25, 2008 5:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

I'm so sorry, I already made a RP without applying:

name:human slaves in a pokemon nation.

genre: pokemon, fiction

setting: it will start in safferon city in a broken down trainer school.

plot:earth is in turmoil, it started when an abra started obtaining free will, thus evolving to a rebelios kadabra whose aim was to make human's life a living hell, but as it evolved into an alakazam, and was suddenly hit by the huge wave of mental capacity, it realized that alakazam's were smarter than humans, they had special attacks wich made them stronger than humans, so why? why? were they used as pets? used to battle, like some childish game. so The alakazam(that will be his name, remember the capitol T) started an underground operation, recruiting not only psychic pokemon, but many others, either intelligent or stupid who were mind controlled.
and after years of preparing, they begin they're attack, pokemon turn on thier trainers, voltorbs cause blackouts, and the four pokemon continents(spelled wrong) now belong to the alakazams, but a small desert continant called kudos is still under human rule, now filled with evacuees from all the other islands, is still fighting, it has still many loyal pokemon on it's side.
but due to the sudden shift of the balance of power, the entire balance of the world is disrupted, the legendaries clash against each other, the weather becomes distorted(so expect a lot of storms in the story), and The alakazam has mutated into an evil beast who only knows one thing, to kill all humans.

now the aim of the story is to escape from the now destroyed school in safferon city and head for vermilion city, to hijack the ferry and get to the next island, johto.

I hope you accept it.

additional rules: don't get crazy.

Author:  Crunchy [ Sat Oct 25, 2008 11:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications


Author:  Hyperjack123 [ Sun Nov 02, 2008 4:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Roleplay Name: Hotel Cluedo
Genre: Murder Msytery

PG 13

Setting: The Universe Hotel, A large luxurious 5 star hotel in Lilycove City.

Plot: The Universe Hotel was working normally, guests checking in and out, Luggage flying about until the hotel manger’s body is discovered...
There will be ? characters and one RPer , not me, will be the murderer. You will choose which character to be and one of you will receive a Secret Pm that will tell you that you are the murderer and you must cover it up. If you are not you must try to find out who is.


Name: Cynthia Cacturne
Relation To Murder: Mangers Daughter
Pokemon Companion: Cacturne
Motive: Always a Delinquent, If he is dead she can get plenty of cash.
Extra: Just wants to have fun!

Name: Trevor Tyrogue
Relation To Murder: Duty Operations Manager
Pokemon Companion: Tyrogue
Motive: Has a chance to become manager
Extra: Has always been a push over.


1) Obviously, follow all the forum rules and role playing rules
2) You Can decide what Person but not whether you are the murderer.
3) There will only be ? applicants (including myself) There may be more later on though.
4) I'm trying to keep this as an active RP, so please, don't hold back!
5) Make sure your writing is readable (No Text Talk) and If your character wants to say something in His/Her Mind brackets are the way to go.
6) If any of these rules were broken, you'll receive 1 warning, after that, I'm just going to tell you to leave.If you have read the rules put a Mew Smiley at the top of your post.

There will be more characters than the two I have posted, also if I have put ? anywhere I have not decided.


Author:  Crunchy [ Mon Nov 03, 2008 2:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications


Author:  Hyperjack123 [ Wed Nov 05, 2008 9:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

I decline.

Author:  Graknight [ Wed Nov 05, 2008 8:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Roleplay name: Flown out of order

Genre: Adventure/Mystery

Rating: E 10+

Setting: In the air during early Winter through late Spring (Could advance if the Rp goes on). Will be on land in some various occasions

Plot: You are a newly hatched flying type pokemon living in the worst times. Since Winter is near, flocks of Flying type Pokemon will be setting off from Sinnoh to warmer regions such as Hoenn and Kanto. During the beginning of the flight you, the pokemon is still a newborm and needs assistance to fly. The pokemon that is carying had dropped and could not rescue you. Luckily, you have landed in the forest area of the Pastoria Great Marsh and will fend for yourself and make sure that no trainer will catch you. Your main goal is to survive, and then try to find your flock. I won't garuntee that you will survive because you may get killed off(more or less not able to continue).

Aditional rules: You are no more then a hatchling of a Flying type. Don't try to be smart and use something that is not a bird pokemon or a pokemon that has an evolution that is a flying type. Gyarados cannot fly so don't say "I picked Magikarp 4 teh lulz" and Bagon won't make any sence because I don't think it's possible to imagine a Salamance flock flying through the air in icy weather carrying a Shelgon that wieghs about a ton. A reminder, pokemon cannot comunicate with humans but other pokemon.

Now on to the main rules

1. No GodModding
2. No controling other characters A.K.A. PowerPlaying
3. Stay active
4. Can post more than three lines
5. Is not smart assing his way through the rules
6. Has read the rules above
7. {pidgeot}, You shall use this emoticon to symbalize that you've read all of the rules. Be sure to put this at the end of you're application post in the Rp

The Rp requirments for your characters are...

Best quality
Worst quality
Level and moveset
Anything extra

My profile

Species: Murkrow

Name (Make sure it has relivance to it's species): Mark (Muark)

Gender: Male

Apperance: A regular Murkrow {murkrow}, the hat part of his head has a rugged end

Personality: Shy but quirky, will try to take over whatever he can find. If in a group it will be more relaxed but stubborn. If alone, it will be more aware. If you are friends with him, he'll try to make sure his bossy and teritorial attitude won't ruin any friendship.

Best quality: Since leaders are hard working, he will try and pull through anything that he has to face in his way.

Worst quality: Since leaders have power, he will sometimes abuse fellow members. He also will never shut up about his rules.

History: The smallest of the new born Murkrows but is the boss of them all. His father died in a forest fire before the flock started in an attempt to give warmth to the other Honchkrows and Murkrows. If his mom was near Mark he would quickly isolate him from the rest of the group. The only way other than his height to tell that he's not any other Murkrow is his hat like head (They all have one) which has a rugged end which would stretch out in rain and shrivel up in the sunlight, which serves him as an umbrella when it's raining.

Battiling info(Maximum 3 moves at the start):

Level 6


Is it okay?

Author:  Sneaky Sneasel [ Wed Nov 05, 2008 8:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Good to go.

Author:  Spiritombs Nightmare [ Mon Nov 10, 2008 10:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Roleplay Name: Search for Spiritomb
Roleplay Genre: Pokemon, Adventure

Setting: An abandoned mansion in Kanto.

Spiritomb, the sort of "head of the family",
has mysteriously disappeared. Nightmare (a Missingno.),
Haunter, and Dusclops, along with other local Ghost/Dark types,
go out to find him.

Additional Rules:

I have four needed characters:

Good guys:
    Spiritomb's Nightmare

    {haunter} Haunter

    {dusclops} Dusclops

Bad guys:

    {gardevoir} Gardevoir

Beyond that, all are welcome, under a few conditions:

Good guys must be Ghost or Dark type! Bad guys must be Psychic type.
Note that I have nothing against Psychic types; this is purely to help identify friends and foes.



Species : example
Name : example (not required)

Move 1 : example
Move 2 : example
Move 3 : example
Move 4 : example

I will also be making up certain areas myself.

What do you think? Is it worthy?

Author:  EXP [ Mon Nov 17, 2008 2:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Roleplay name: Falling Out of Place

Genre: Adventure

Rating: E 10+

Setting: An unnamed region, with 2 deserts, an icy wasteland, forests, plains, and many major cities

Plot: The region is falling into ruins, wildfires, blizzards, robberies, prision escapes and mass destruction and with all these problems there is only one question, and it is not who will save the day, it is too late for that, it is which one of the villinous teams will claim the region for their own, will it be the cold-hearted Painful Auroras with there new high-tech machines, the biker gang the Dusty Dunes the fastest around, Team Havoc, the psychotic circus trained villans or Gold evil, the high-class underworld with their money to solve everything?

Aditional rules: You can not be the leader of these teams, you will be a member of anyone of your choice, you can choice to be an administrator of the team, you can not start your own team off the bat, but you can defect or quit and make your own, but if you do so, your old teammates will have no choice but to hunt you down. Only three Pokemon allowed off the bat and they are at most pokemon that evolve at level 35 to start with

Now on to the main rules

1. No GodModding
2. No controling other characters
3. No 1 line posts unless it must be done,
4. No mary-suesing
5. No making sure your pokemon never losses
6. Don't make the leader act out of character

The application is

Bike (If Desert Dune) Circus feet (If part of Team Havoc) Technology (If part of Painful Auroras) or Empire (were you made your money)(If you are part of Gold Evil)

Mine is:
Name: Ray
Gender: Male
Apperance: Blond hair, 5'11, sandy brown jacket, grey shirt, blue jeans, green eyes
Team: The Dusty Dunes
Pokemon: Gibile, Beldum, Tyrouge
History: Always thought he was treated like garbage as a kid, always compared to his genius sister, and got tired of it, stole his father's motercycle, left, meet the Dusty Dunes and has been a member ever since
Bike: a basic yellow motorcycle with the word "Roadkill" written on it

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Nov 26, 2008 8:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Spiritomb: Sorry but no. Gotta have at least 25 posts.

EXP: Alrighty.

Author:  Zombie [ Sat Dec 06, 2008 4:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

name: Magothica

genre: epic, fantasy adventure.

setting: Set in the world of magothica, a land separated into 18 tribes, or should I say "races". (my original idea had 21 tribes, but let's make it less)

plot: I want to make this an open roleplay, with no set storyline, and I depend on the participants to help me. but I'll give the general Idea:
The once peaceful land of magothica, has been taken over by the "Iron devils" led by the infamous "ferrass Jarrad" a blood thirsty devil, who knows nothing but the art of killing, and wishes to transform the land into a fiery waste land, so that he can breed a great army, and invade the other dimensions. but of course this dimension has something to say about that......

you may choose one of the following, once nine peeps have joined, I'll set the beginning of the story, you can't choose a race that some one else has already chosen.
the character will be promoted later in the roleplay (promotion is the line between childhood and adulthood, kinda like a pokemon evolving) the promoted character will look different and will be able to use special weapons and Items, and will also be able to use range shots, with exception of the archers.

1-sword man/woman:


profession: sword fighting+horse raising

skill:the carnians base their attack on agility and strength, ignoring defence

weapon: sword+sheild

promotion: hero/heroin

transportation: carnian horse

general appearance: (clothes can be purchased later)
boy: human with middle age t-shirt with leather on the front, and tights, and leather boots.
girl: human with middle age bellyless sleeveless t-shirt, with leather on the front, and short tights that come up to the knees.

About: The proud tribe of "carna", live in a large city of wooden buildings and paddocks, at the side of a cliff that looks over the "the pit" a once beautiful place, till the devils turned into their domain. the carnians continue to live in such a dangerous location due to their pride, and they will never surrender to the plight of the devils. a carnian traveler starts his/her journey with a short carnian sword and the clothes on his back.


tribe: graeth

profession: bow skills, and aim

skill: graethians base their attack on agility and range, being the only race that attacks effectively from a distance.

weapon: greath bow+arrows

promotion: sniper/cannon driver

transportation: red elk

general appearance:
boy:human, tattered t-shirt, tattered pants that come up to the shin.
girl:human, tattered belly sleeveless shirt, tattered shorts that come up to above the knees.

about: the city of "greath, is a city built in the trees, at a young age the citizens learn to aim and use a bow. the graethians are a peaceful tribe but when the devils start destroying their forest, it awakens a truly horrible anger that has been stored in the hearts of the greathians. the graethian archer begins his/her journey with nothing but a graethian bow, wooden arrows, and what little clothes they own.


Tribe: luarn

profession: lumber jacking, and fighting with an axe

skill: being heavy and bulky, the luarnians base their attack on sheer power and defence, having low speed.

weapon: axe+small axes(for attacking from a distance) (only when they become a baron they can use a shield as well)

promotion: Baron

transportation: big horse

general appearance:
boy: human, big boned, heavy clothes, fur skin boots and gloves, big belt, bandana.
girl: same as boy

about: The big boned luarnians make their living by cutting down trees, and sculpting wood, or making weapons from wood. they are enemy's with the graethians due to the fact that they sometimes cut trees from the forest of graeth, the luarnians didn't really care about the devil invasion, but when one of their boys was assaulted, they became very aggressive towards the devils. the luarnian starts his journey with heavy clothes and a luarnian axe.

4-skin creeper:

tribe: masalvia

profession: bounty hunting

skill: basing their attack on agility and vitality, to suck the life out of their opponents.

weapon: tooth cover

promotion: vampire

transportation: vampires can become bat form

boy: humanoid, long hair (like harry potter's), leather clothes, knee and shoulder pads, and black cape, black lines decorating the sides of face.
girl: humanoid, same long hair,long red and black dress, black lines decorating face, and dark eyeshadow.

about: the city of masalvia is in a cave, and rarely sees sunlight, the inhabitants make their living working as bounty hunters, due to their speed, ruthlessness and tracking skills. the masalvians don't want anyone to rule but them, which is why they have developed such a hatred towards the devils.


tribe: shamata

profession: doing whatever their "undead overlords" command, but should the strength of the overlords weaken, the zombies will gain free will.

skill: the shamatans base their attack on power and speed and vitality, being half dead, they can't be easily killed.

weapon: none

promotion: undead overlord

transportation: undead overlords ride a big black dog

boy: long dirty hair, ripped clothes, disgusting skin covered in scars, walks crookedly.
girl: same

about: The grave yard city of shamata is full of mindless zombies, that are controlled by the overlords, that reside in the high tower. but when the iron devils rise up and weaken the power of the overlords, the zombies gain free will. the shamatans fight so fiercely because they are determined not be controlled again.


tribe: petagh

profession: healing, and making potions.

skill: being weak in strength and defense, the petaghians depend on magic and vitality to heal their allies, and bewitch their enemies.

weapon: wand

promotion:fairy king/queen

transportation: big bubble (like the wizard of oz)

boy: long neat hair, t-shirt tied at the middle with a rope, short shorts, big mosquito wings.
girl: long hair to the back, tight belly sleeveless top, short skirt, big mosquito wings.

about: The city of petagh is a mystical city built in the mystical garden of petagh, land of the giant magic flowers. the petaghians have the best hospitals and make the best healing potions. they have a strong sense of justice, which leads them to fight against the devils, plus the urge to defend magothica.


tribe: kalaspel

profession: practicing magic, and alchemy

skill: being low in attack, defence, and speed, the mages rely on devastating magic to fry their enemies.

weapon: staff

promotion: 1-wizard(normal) 2-necromancer(if holding a mystical orb)

transportation: griffen

boy: human, fancy blue shirt with a sort of red over shirt with gold lining, clean neat hair. long pants.
girl: human, red bra, a sort of collar that fits onto the neck and continues into two sleeves, long loin cloth, and big gold and red boots.

about: The grand city of kalaspel is by far the wealthiest of the 18 tribes, other tribes usually mock kalaspelian warriors by calling "rich boys" this usually results in a scorched appendage, even though the kalaspelians live a luxurious life, it doesn't lessen from their sense of justice. a kalaspelian warrior chooses to begin his journey with no money, his clothes and wooden staff.

8-hell spawn

tribe: khaza

profession: manipulating fire, and training makhaza'a's(dragons)

skill: high attack, moderate defence, moderate agility. khaza use fire to scorch their enemy's to a cinder.

weapon: no set weapon, but some items can be found that can be used by a hell spawn, or raise his fire strength

promotion: pyro maniac

transportation: makhaza'a (a red black dragon that moves on all fours, it has a long tail and two wings at the shoulders, and it holds it's head up, it has the same mark on the side of it's face as it's master)

general appearance:
boy: mostly human except that the right side of his face is made of fiery magma shaped like a skull. t-shirt and long pants, long hair that stands up
girl: humanoid, long hair that comes down to the back, same mark on face, shoulderless dress with long sleeves and stops high ubove the knees, and boots that go up the leg and stop above the knees.

about: The fiery city of khaza lies at the foot of a volcano, a good location seeing as the volcano is the best place for breeding makhaza'a'a. the khazians keep to themselves and don't trouble themselves with the other tribes. at first the khazians liked the idea of magothica becoming a fiery wasteland, but when they realized that it was going to be at their expense, their eyes blazed with the fury of khaza. a khazian warrior starts his journey with his clothes, a makhaza'a tooth, and the ability to manipulate fire.

9-water bender:

tribe: maule

profession: controlling water, fishing, raising skimps

skill: strong in defence, moderate in attack, moderate in agilty. water benders use their skill to stun their enemy's and impale them with watery attacks.

weapon: no set weapon, but some items can be found that a water bender can use.

promotion: water bearer

transportation: a skimp (an amphibious creature that looks like a fish with legs hunched up in a frog stance.)

general appearance:
boy: human, arctic fur clothes coloured blue, with white fur lining the edges.
girl: human, the girls of the maules love to ignore the freezing temperatures and wear very little clothes so that they can swim. therefore they wear a blue bra supported by a second white bra that goes around the neck. blue bikini covered by a mesh black skirt, black bandana, goggles.

about: the arctic city of maule lies on a freezing glacier, but that doesn't stop the female inhabitants from swimming in the icy waters every day. the thought of a land of fire shocked the maules so much, that they vowed to spend the rest of there days fighting the devils. a maule warrior starts his journey with the clothes he owns, an amulet containing magical water, and the power to manipulate water.


tribe: carcan

profession: stealing

skill: having low attack and defence, the carcanians depend on agility and the ability to sneak up on their enemy's and stabbing them from behind.

weapon: knife

promotion: ninja

transportation: big black hyena

general appearance:
boy: human, a big rag that looks like a poncho with holes for the arms, with a ragged t-shirt underneath, baggy pants, black gloves, short dirty hair.
girl: human, short hair in a pony tail, tight black top that comes to under the bosoms and has a hole that goes around the bosoms so that they are visible and covers the arms and is tied at the end of the sleeve by a white rag, a rag is worn under the top to cover any cleavage. rag tied around head like bandana, tight pants that come to the knee, black boots.

about: the city, or should I say hideout of carcan is located amidst the rugged terrain of the rocky mountains. the inhabitants make their living by stealing from other tribes, a carcan thief would sooner have his guts guzzled out by a stolen fox while being questioned than be caught. the carcans believe that fighting the devils might result in a large pay day.

11-skull kid:

tribe: mugatia

profession: none

skill: boosting attack, and defence, moderate speed, low vitality. can summon skeletons to help.

weapon: sword+shield

promotion: skeletor

transportation: horned four legged skeletal beast.

general appearance:
boy+girl look the same: short skeleton, helmet with sharp pointy dagger thing sticking up. metal waistcoat, belt, pants, boots.

about: the mugatians were an ancient tribe that fought to save magothica in ions past, while the whole world evolved around them, they stayed still, waiting for the next enemy to appear. when awakened, the mugatians built the city of mugatia on the side of the black mountain. the mugatian skull kid begins his journey with whatever he had when he awoke, usually consisting of clothes, but powerful punches should keep the mugatian protected till he acquires a sword.


tribe: aluit

profession: farming, breeding and taming beasts.

skill: weak in attack and defense, tamers depend on summoning tamed beasts to come and fight for them.

weapon: herder staff

promotion: summoner

transportation: can summon giant hawk.

general appearance:
boy: human, kid, beanie with two lumps sticking out the side that look like ears, sleeveless vest, baggy shorts.
girl: human, kid, long hair that goes down the back stopping at the hips into a large knot. vest, tight shorts, same beanie.

about: the aluitans excel in the raising of animals, they either sell the animals or use them for jobs around the farm like city of aluit. the harm of animals from the devils, enrages the aluitans beyond measure. the aluit tamer begins his journey with a shepherd staff, and the ability to summon some weak creatures (you will be able to summon stronger ones in time)

13-bird man/ bird woman

tribe: bedoe

profession: guarding the skies

skill: slightly weakened in all attributes due to it's ability to fly, but strong in power.

promotion: bird prince

transportation: flight

general appearance:
boy: humanoid, big hood (like link's), ling sleeved top tied with a rag at the top of the arms under the shoulders, cloth loose around neck, baggy trousers than come down to the shin, rag tied around waist as a belt with loin cloth, rest of leg tied by rags. big beak coming out from under the hood, big eagle wings.

about: the bird city of bedoe is built into the side of a cliff, atop the cliff is "the temple of bedoe" a temple full of bird monks who have been entrusted to defend the skies by the great bird god. therefor the Bedouin people fight so fiercely to defend the sky from the devils.


that should be enough info to give for an application, their are many more characters and they are: skull kid, tamer, bird man, wolf man, knight, priest, angel.

when someone signs up, I'll send them a PM telling them the characteristics of the promotion of the character they chose.

Author:  Crunchy [ Fri Dec 12, 2008 12:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Cool. Approved.

Author:  Valentine [ Tue Dec 23, 2008 12:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications



Roleplay Name: Memento
Roleplay Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Rating: I wish I could say M..but I guess PG-13. No crazy sex or anything, just..things the immature probably wouldn't be able to wrap their heads around.

Setting: The group starts in the outskirts of a nameless large city, and from there they travel. The setting isn't nearly as important as the rest of the RP until well into the storyline.

Plot: Mordecai, a modest little mage-in-training with an usual gait and charm, has found himself stranded in an unfamiliar city after escaping a siege on his home village. Alone and perplexed, he spends his days wandering around and pleading for handouts to keep his system running smoothly.

Though he wears a smile on his face, a giant hole concealed beneath his clothing prepares to shut him down..until, one after another, the oddest of people gather around him, forming a small, thrown-together group. After Mordecai shares his story, they offer to guide him to the source of his and his society's pain, then all the way back home. He's accepted.

Additional Rules:

For your characters' appearances, I would super appreciate it if you made them using SubetaHQ's or arvee's human avatar generators. I personally like arvee's better, but SHQ's is more up-to-date.
Also, if your character wears a cape or something, it'd be nice if you had an image of them with the cape and without it.

Who will be allowed to join this RP will be chosen using a..natural selection of sorts. Meaning, the most experienced, the literate, the imaginative and the open-minded have a far better chance of being officially registered rather than the new guy looking for some fun. If you are selected, you will receive a PM the day the RP begins.

Some of the content in this RP will be likely to offend the beliefs and morals of a majority of members - if you're frightened by adult themes and concepts, or you think you would be against whatever the story has in mind, please do not consider joining.

Please PM me your profiles, instead of posting them. Then I will list the ones of those accepted in one neat, orderly post, making for easy access.


It sounds half-assed, but that's probably because it's 2 in the morning.

Author:  Crunchy [ Tue Dec 23, 2008 7:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Approved. 8-)

Author:  Spiritombs Nightmare [ Sat Dec 27, 2008 2:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Spiritombs Nightmare wrote:
Roleplay Name: Search for Spiritomb
Roleplay Genre: Pokemon, Adventure

Setting: An abandoned mansion in Kanto.

Spiritomb, the sort of "head of the family",
has mysteriously disappeared. Nightmare (a Missingno.),
Haunter, and Dusclops, along with other local Ghost/Dark types,
go out to find him.

Additional Rules:

I have four needed characters:

Good guys:
    Spiritomb's Nightmare

    {haunter} Haunter

    {dusclops} Dusclops

Bad guys:

    {gardevoir} Gardevoir

Beyond that, all are welcome, under a few conditions:

Good guys must be Ghost or Dark type! Bad guys must be Psychic type.
Note that I have nothing against Psychic types; this is purely to help identify friends and foes.



Species : example
Name : example (not required)

Move 1 : example
Move 2 : example
Move 3 : example
Move 4 : example

I will also be making up certain areas myself.

What do you think? Is it worthy?

Yay! :mrgreen: 25 posts!
Can I try it NOW?

Also, a few edits:
One: Characters can now have FF style-ish weapons.

Two: New profile below:

Species : example
Name : example (not required)

Special moves (Up to four)
Move 1 : example
Move 2 : example
Move 3 : example
Move 4 : example

Weapon(s): example

Weapon Techniques (Up to eight)
Move 1 : example
Move 2 : example
Move 3 : example
Move 4 : example
Move 5 : example
Move 6 : example
Move 7 : example
Move 8 : example


Also, if the story line gos the wrong way, I will make something happen to make sure it goes
back. I WILL NOT reveal the outcome until the proper time. NO gore whatsoever (Like in Star Wars)

So... we cooould saaaay....maybe the following?

Click here and read the third entry.
The image won't show properly.

Author:  Crunchy [ Tue Dec 30, 2008 7:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Roleplay Applications

Uh, approved. Though random FF weapons seems like a turn off.

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