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Author:  Haunted Water [ Sun Dec 30, 2012 6:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Overload

Name: Overload
Setting: Johnston City
Genre: Fantasy, inFAMOUS
Rating: PG to PG13
Plot: Three years after a strange event along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, another odd occurrance is happening. A group known as Conduit Control Group has stirred up trouble in the southwest portion of the US. Searching for Conduits, or people who have superpowers, they plan on ridding the nation, and then the world, of them. However, the First Sons will not allow that to happen, being comprised mostly of Conduits, and plan on making multiple stands against CCG. It should be a suicide mission for the Sons, but two problems stand in both of the organizations' way: Johnston City and Cole McGrath. However, Cole is rumored to be dead, a victim of the New Marais incident three years ago. With him being undisputedly the most bravest of all Conduits, who will stand up to CCG?
Terminology Help: (Read origins section for an idea of how powered Conduits happen.) (Cole will be an NPC for a short time during the beginning, but will appear less frequently as the story goes on.)
Keep a close eye on your character. If they are already as powerful as Cole in the beginning of the RP, they will have to be revised.
No godmoding.
Good grammar.
No changing powers midstory.
If you think you may have a good story plot or character plot twist in mind, PM me and tell me about it.
Application Form:
[b]Age:[/b] Preferably teenager to young adult.
[b]Powers:[/b] I'll provide a list of powers
[b]Limitations:[/b] Example: Just because Cole is some God-like powered Conduit, he has a fatal flaw: Without a nearby source of electricity, he is powerless.
[b]Perks:[/b] i.e. Cole is powerful during a thunderstorm or when he has a constant feed of eletricity.
[b]Fun Facts:[/b]

To help with your character making, here is a list of the powers that are seen in the Infamous universe (and some that aren't, but I added them for originality):
Gravity Manipulation
Shapeshifting (This includes the ability to cloak and the ability that this in-game Conduit uses.)
Geokinesis (Ability to move Earth, rocks, etc.)

Author:  jim-the-poke-master [ Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

Can non-infamous players apply? I would like to join but I don't know the infamous universe. I will read your links but it won't be like I've played the game.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:57 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

You don't need to have played the game, the only links that are highly essential to look into are the enemy links and the link to Cole's info.

Author:  jim-the-poke-master [ Thu Jan 03, 2013 6:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

Two last questions. Does shape-shifting include changing into an animal? And, can you give me a link to a map of the general area of the story? After you answer I will post a profile.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Thu Jan 03, 2013 9:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

Yes; and I cannot. The town is not an official part of the infamous universe. You could probably just make stuff up as long as you end up in Johnston City.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Thu Jan 03, 2013 2:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

And now for my *first* character (yes, you can control more than one).
Name: Chase Ackerman
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Appearance: Slight muscular build with a scarlet flair in his eyes and his light brown hair (the coloring happens when he unlocks his powers). 5' 8" and weighs 160 pounds.
History: Chase grew up in a broken home and never had much of a mother figure in his life, due to his mom working nights. His dad had much higher expectations for him, and he never lived up to them. After his brother left, things became rough for him. As he went through high school, he was bullied and never appreciated. Then, after weird happenings went on in the East, his brother returned. Despite Chase and Jacob had a good relationship before Jacob left, Jacob looked at his little brother like a monster for some reason. One night, it bothered Chase greatly, whom asked why Jacob looks at him like that. Jacob reveals to Chase that he got mom's Conduit gene. Chase didn't know how to take the news, so he asked Jacob how he knew that. Jake explained the glasses he recieved from a military unit in the east.
On the eve of Chase's graduation, he again asked why does having the Conduit gene make him a monster, to which Jake replied, 'Your kind kills people. It's sickening.' A few weeks later, Chase attended the Johnston City square for a public demonstration for anti-Conduits in hopes of winning back Jake's trust...
((NOTE: That is where our characters will gain powers.))
Powers: Pyrokinesis (the ability to move and generate fire and the likes of such).
Limitations: His powers are weaker at night, or in the absence of light. He also has trouble swimming. Also has to pay attention to the moisture content in the air, so he doesn't accidentally burn someone.
Perks: He is immune to being burnt alive, as he absorbs it. Heat doesn't bother him. Draws power from emotions.
Fun Facts: He doesn't like having people look down on him.

Author:  jim-the-poke-master [ Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

Name: Samuel (Sam) Taylor
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: 1.75 m tall, 150 pounds. Face with pointy features, green eyes, dark brown hair short. Not really muscular, but appears to be strong. He wears black sweatpants, a dark green t-shirt and a black leather jacket.
History: Samuel lived with a normal family in Johnston city. He never was worried about these strange rumours of human like monsters called conduits. He had heard about their monstrous acts but never really believed them. After the New Marais incident and the public recognition of Cole MacGarth he became more anxious. He now knew that the rumours were true. All day and night, at every time of consciousness, he was secretly praying that these things would not affect him. After two years of intense anxiety he started actinng on the matter. He began watching the news and gathered as much information as he could on conduits. So he found many information on different types and races of conduits. Still, it was not enough. So when the anti-conduit ideal really reached the city he took active action. So he ended up on a public anti-conduit demonstration at Johnston Square.
Powers: Shapeshifting (Can turn into human like representation of the feline (the cat family). If his powers grow more he will have the ability to grow bigger, stronger, faster, and with sharper senses and endurance.)
Limitations: While in animal form, he consumes lots of energy, although side effects usually appear after he returns to human form.
Perks: Anger physically enhances his powers.
Fun Facts: His clothes disappear when he shifts and reappear immediately when he is human again. After a pretty intense fight in animal form he can eat as much as five healthy adults.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Fri Jan 04, 2013 10:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

((Accepted. Although, take a look at your character's height. My knowledge of the Metric system isn't large, but I'm sure 1.75 cm is less than an inch.))
((I'll start now, knowing we should get an extra person sometime *hopefully* tomorrow.))
Cole sat on the rooftop, watching his current livelihood do its work. Nix appeared behind him. "You really think it is ok? Doing this?"
"Look, with the CCG on our tail, I don't have any other options. Besides, it's a good turn out. I'm counting about five Conduits down there." Cole smiled. They don't know what's about happen. "Whatever. They're on your hands. Kuo and I have our hands tied."
"What about Gerrand?"
"He's just finishing with the batch you assigned him to." Nix teleported away. "Aw, s***." Cole said to himself. "Women." he chuckled and watched as they opened the package.

Author:  jim-the-poke-master [ Sat Jan 05, 2013 7:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

(Sorry samurott. I meant metres (m) not cm. I just got confused between 175 cm and 1.75 m - it's the same.)

Sam reached the square. Wow, it's really crowded here. Are all these people as scared as i am? Or are they just curious? Maybe my fear of conduits isn't that paranoic.

He continued stirring thruogh the crowd, half walking, half being pushed around, until he was at a place from where he could see the stage. Microphones were standing there but nobody was on the stage. Sam looked at his watch. They should be here soon. It's about time for the speech to begin.

(If it is an actual demonstration, with people walking through the streets protesting then sorry. Still you could call it pre-demonstration speech.)

Author:  Drago_girl [ Sat Jan 05, 2013 4:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

Name: Carrie Reed
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: Petite, with an accent of purple in her hair. Dark blue eyes, 5' 4" 100 pounds.
History: Carrie grew up surrounded by Conduits, seeing how her parents both carry the gene. Being an only child, she never worried about much, not even during the Empire City quarantine or the subsequent threat that died mysteriously in New Marais. But she became more vocal and pro-Conduit when she heard that Cole MacGrath was headed west, towards Johnston City, and that there was a heavy concenration of CCG around the city. One day, she attended an anti-Conduit rally to protest, but she never thought that what will happen will affect her life ever so greatly.
Powers: Tele- abilities (-kinesis, -portation, -pathy)
Limitations: Helmets made of any sort of metal can reflect her telepathy. Cannot move rooted or unstable objects with her telekinesis. Cannot teleport unlessshe as an exact picture of where she wants to be.
Perks: Lying to her isn't a good idea, immune to reverse psychology. Draws power from near-neutral emotions.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Sat Jan 05, 2013 6:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

((Accepted! Just be careful with those powers!))
Cole watched as a blue light enveloped the area. He watched the power shift from normal humans into any nearby Conduits through his Electric Sense. Cole unsheathed the Amp and stood up. "Time to get the lucky ones." Within a few minutes, he was out of the blast zone and on his roof hideout with three Conduits in front of him. "Sleep tight. You may never sleep this good again." Cole chuckled.
((One day after Ray Sphere detonation.))
Chase awoke on a rooftop somewhere. He felt weird, like he got hit by a truck made of pillows or something. "Where- Where am I?" Chase looked around and saw a familiar figure. "You!" Cole turned around. "Good morning. And your name is?"
"You ruined my life, MacGrath!"
"Oh, such big accusation." Cole taunted. He was the strongest Conduit around. This punk couldn't do anything to hurt him. "Care to explain... What's your name?"
"Chase. And you turned the image of being a Conduit into a bad thing. You alienated all of us!" Cole went to stop Chase's rant, but obviously the burning bed didn't bother the boy. "If you never existed, none of this would have happened!"
"Are you done? 'Cause I really liked that bed that you're burning right now." Chase realized the fire now. "You, you did this to me!" Chase threw a random blast of fire at Cole, whom dodged it and threw a Lightning Bolt towards Chase, who was less fortunate. "Aw, crap. I haven't done this in awhile." Cole walked over to Chase and activated his Pulse Heal to revive Chase. It was then that Cole heard a stirring behin him. Sure enough, Chase's and his light show woke the others. He revived Chase and welcomed the others into their new lives.

Author:  jim-the-poke-master [ Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

An extremely strong sound. A blinding life. The feel of power. Then nothing.

Sam woke up an unknown time later. He was in a quite soft bed. Still, he felt uncomfortable, stiff. Like he was trapped. A strong voice from the other room drew his attention. 'You did this to me!' And then he remembered. He remembered what he had read about the feared conduits. How they gained their powers.

'NO!' he screamed in anger. And then Sam was no longer there. In his place was now a fierce tiger.

Author:  Drago_girl [ Sun Jan 06, 2013 6:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

Suddenly, a blue light enveloped the area and Carrie was taken by surprise when it felt like something just forced its way into her body. "What is this?!?" she yelled, then fell to the ground.
Two weird flashes of light and yelling woke her. Carrie held her head and tried to clear her mind. These thoughts, where are they coming from? She looked over and saw a tiger on the bed on the other side of the room. Frightened, she screamed in terror, and the bed mysteriously flipped over. What in the world is going on here..?

Author:  twistedturtwig [ Sun Jan 06, 2013 8:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

Be prepared to be blown away by my application.

Name: Ladder Guy
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Appearance: Medium height, heavy chested, has a beard that splits into two braided sections
History: No one exactly knows where Ladder Guy came from, but his ladder wielding techniques are regarded as the greatest in the land.
Powers: Carries a ladder. Lets just say you're in a situation where you need to get up high. He can bring you up high with his ladder. And let's just say you're in a situation where you need to get down low. And that's just the beginning of it!
Limitations: Well, the ladder is combustible, for starters, and it may alert nearby berry thieves of his presence.
Perks: Is such an expert with ladder climbing that he knows to skip the last rung while climbing a ladder. A real professional.
Fun Facts: Ladder Guy is a hired man!

Author:  Haunted Water [ Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

((twist, you can't be serious about that, can you?))
((And when the hell were we in a room?))
Cole turned into the room where the other two were placed. "What the hell?" The last thing he'd expect to see was a tiger. He pulled out his Amp and waved it in front of the tiger. "I take it you're a shapeshifter, unless I'm talking to an actual tiger, in which case, how dare you eat him!" Then Cole remembered the other Conduit, the girl. He looked over to where her bed was, and she was there, but it seemed she had a migraine of some sort. Probably side effects. "Hey, you! Are you okay over there?"

Author:  jim-the-poke-master [ Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

Shapeshifter? What on earth does that mean? The tiger stopped movin for a second. Then she disappeared just like she appeared and where it was standing was now Sam again.

'Did you do this? Turn us into this?' he said to the man who was holding a strange device. It was an... amp, he remembered. 'Cole MacGarth! The strongest conduit of them all. Are you responsible for this? It doesn't matter. I suppose you can help me. You called me a shapesomething so you must know. I am waiting for an explanation.'

(Pokemon Trainer at last!)

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Tue Jan 08, 2013 5:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

Am I too late? Infamous is just too good to ignore. *First for now*

Name: James "Jimmy" Riley
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Appearance: Not very tall for his age, he stands at 5'4 with a slim build. For a man, he's got a medium length brown hair that just barely hangs in front of his blue eyes. With acid-stained jeans, he can usually be seen wearing a black t-shirt, sometimes covered up with a hoodie.
History: James hasn't lived a hard life, so to speak. Having grown up poor, he learned to work for and appreciate the little things from a young age. Despite this, he wasn't exactly a model citizen either. James has connections throughout the city as being a man who knows how to get things. You name it, and he could find it. Eventually, these connections led him to landing a job working with the city's clean-up crew. It paid well enough, the only downfall was having to sit through some anti-conduit demonstration at Johnston Square.
Powers: Toxikinesis (If allowed)
Limitations: His powers grow weaker the further away he is from any type of pollution (i.e. outside of the city). Antibiotics, cleaning solutions and medicines are also potentially fatal to him, given their strength. The process through which is body creates his toxins involve greatly increasing his metabolism and cell regeneration. This doesn't result in healing, however, his life span is severely depleted.
Perks: Substances that would usually hurt him have no negative effects.
Fun Facts: He thrives on conflict and is extremely competitive. Usually level-headed, but has a twisted idea of fun.

Hope all is well!

Author:  Haunted Water [ Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

((You are accepted, Saint_Jimmy! I'll try to see if I can somehow weave you in on my next post. I'm waiting for Drago to post, then I'll advance it.))

Author:  Drago_girl [ Wed Jan 09, 2013 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

((Sorry, I just learned my internet connection at my house is faulty. Yesterday it didn't want to work.))
Carrie noticed as Cole talked to the tiger that this was no dream. Suddenly, the tiger turned into a human. "Cole MacGrath! Are you responsible for this? I'm waiting for an explanation." The boy said.
"Me too. Last time I knew, a human can't simply move a bed by using her mind." Carrie wanted an answer.

Author:  Haunted Water [ Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

((I assume that you played the game, Jimmy? Judging by your reaction, you have at least heard about it extensively, no?))
((Note: I also decided to change my character's name to Chase. I didn't really like the name I gave him.))
Cole sheathed his Amp. "You should be happy. A shapeshifter can be something to fear. Eventually, you'll be able to morph into other people on the spot, and create projections of yourself. I've seen a few of your kind before, and they were very difficult to defeat might I say." he turned to the girl. "Well, a telekenetic. Usually, telekinesis is assosciated with teleportation and/or telepathy. Who knows? Maybe you might end up having all three. Now, if you follow me, I'm going to give you a little something..." Cole walked out and picked up Chase. "You're gonna want to come with."
Cole took the group back to the blast zone. Chase watched as Cole reached into the package, then stopped. "Well what do we have here?" he said, then moved to a person who was probably just some bum waking up.
Cole used his Electric Sense and learned that he was a Conduit. "Well, I must've missed one." he smiled. "Hello there. Wake up." Cole's phone rang. Kuo was on the other end. "Cole, I'm sorry, I tried my best. But, but... They're coming." Kuo started to become frantic. "Cole watch out. They remind me of Bertrand's Militia." she warned, then hung up. "Oh s***." Cole shook his head. "Come on help me get this guy up. We are going to need his help."
Shouts could be heard coming from down the street. A rocket came screaming in from around the corner, slamming into a car and detonating.
Chase watched as a group of people in white, orange, green, and black colored armor moved towards the square. "Who are these people?" Chase asked. "I don't know, but they apparently don't want us here." Cole warned. "This may get rough real quick."
This shouldn't be too bad. I've taken Ravagers on in close quarters. What could these people do to scare me? Besides I have help this time. A pyrokinetic, a shapeshifter, a telekinetic, and another Conduit.
((This is the appearance of one of four antagonist groups. The CCG is similar to the Militia in the 2nd game - they do not like any non-human person (meaning Conduits, freaks of nature, etc.) - and have similar views.))
Cole waited until a good portion of the mob of CCG soldiers were in view. "Now!" Cole leaped onto a nearby car, used his Car Launch to land on a nearby platform. He saw the RPG soldier and delivered a Precision Bolt to his head. Cole turned and looked back at the four."Come on, let's go!" Then, he Ice Launched into the air, pulling out his Amp and delivering a very deadly Thunder Drop when he landed in the middle of the group.
Chase sprung into action. It's either them or me, and I'm not letting that son of a bitch take all the glory. Chase rushed out into the open. "Hey!" He yelled at a group of soldiers. They all turned and aimed at Chase. Great job. Now your dead.
Wait a sec. If I could, I might be able to ignite their magazines. "Hmm..." Chase aimed and let off a blast of fire towards a soldiers magazine on his assault rifle. To Chase's delight, the magazine exploded. Chase smiled. This is going to be interesting.

Author:  jim-the-poke-master [ Thu Jan 10, 2013 6:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

Cole explained what a shapeshifter was. Funny. At first I thought conduits were simply monsters and nothing else. Now, I find tis whole situation to be quite... intriguing. Cole took them back to the explosion zone. There they found another conduit, whom Cole hadn't noticed before. Then his phone rang. He must have been warned for an attack because he swore to nothing and said something about some older fights. Sounds could be heard from down the street. Then, a rocket fell on a nearby car and blew it up.

Everyone had taken cover and was waiting for them to come closer. When they did, Cole first, soon followed by Chase jumped into battle and began attacking the soldiers. Sam couldn't let them alone. He remembered his powers. He was a tiger. He focused in the feeling of anger. Then he stopped thinking. Instict took over. He changed into the beast, on his own will. He realized he could think clearly, but he felt really wild. Raw power was floating through his muscles. His hands, or actually his front legs, had sharp claws and his mouth was full of big fangs. 'Groooowl!' With a mighty snarl he jumped into battle and started running around so they couldn't aim on him while ripping enemys apart. A bullet hit him on the back. Furious, he began moving even faster.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

((Absolutely. I played them both over too many times haha))

Jimmy woke up, confused. Who were these people? Why was there so much yelling? Why was his head throbbing so badly? After realizing he was surrounded by conduits, He decided it was a better idea to follow along and make it out of this alive. How did I get mixed up with these guys? Don't they know I'm-- That's when he noticed the smoke emanating from his mouth. He covered it immediately and ran, following the others closely. What the hell is going on!? After taking more notice, he soon realized Cole Macgrath was the one leading them out. The time for asking questions was later. "...Well, s***."

Author:  Haunted Water [ Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

((Sorry guys, I made a new save file on infamous 2. I'm trying to determine which one is better.))
Cole watched as everyone joined the fray. Well, almost everyone. He remembered that one who uses mental powers usually have a harder time fighting when they are inexperienced with their powers. He threw away an oncoming group of five Controlmen with a Shockwave, then went over to Carrie. "I didn't think you were a pacifist. What's wrong?"
((Drago, you can control what Cole says. If I'm correct, I did show you all of Cole's powers already, so you should be able to generate a conversation and demontration between Carrie and Cole.))
Over on the CCG's right flank, Chase's technique was starting to fail. "Why isn't this working?" Chase then realized that he was taking more time to do this than just blasting them. Fine, if it should be that way... Chase smiled as he had an idea. If I can just add more heat to my fire, I may be able to set fire to the air in certain places. He focused harder and grew impatient and angry as attempt after attempt failed. Eventually, after the 20th-or-so attempt, he let out a growl and tried again, this time, igniting a noticeably big spark in the air in front of him. That gave him courage. He tried again, and lit the air between him and the Controlmen on fire, creating a wall of fire for a few seconds. "Perfect! Now this should be fun."
Over by the epiceter of the blast, an unseen force activated an object that was what Cole reached for. It radiated a strange purple light and was quite massive. It was a Blast Core! The light revealed a Conduit of unknown strength and powers, clutching the Core in its hand. The Conduit looked over to the five other Conduits. Deciding to do something to help, she became visible. The woman walked towards the group and put down her hood. Daylight hit her face and her purple eyes and lavender-colored hair shined. "My lovelies, you're dying! Here, let me help you." Her voice had an English accent in it.
She took the Core and activated it, then pictured the faces of the five Conduits. "Here, this should help for awhile." All at once, purple lines flew towards each nearby conduit, except she got backlash from Cole's. Within a second, she withdrew the lines that gave power boosts and shimmered out of view.
"Oh, one of you isn't like the rest! Instead, one of you is fully-powered! The fun, the fun!" she said, and walked through the brawl where the others started to greatly overpower the remaining Controlmen. "It's always nice to see your work pay off." she uttered, then disappeared around a building.
((Those 'lines' boosted your character's powers. Now, you have an alternative move to utilize, i.e. Chase's wall of fire takes less energy, etc. The boost will only last the duration of the fight, though. Sorry!))

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sun Jan 13, 2013 6:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

((I might honestly have to go with the first. As much as I love Nix, there's just something about the second that turns me off a little.))

Jimmy felt a brief shock as the bolt struck him. Feeling a bit more energized, he assumed it was time to get involved in the 'fun'. The only way to discover a power is to use it, right?

"Alright! That english broad really knows how to energize a guy!" The smoke drifting from his mouth and nose didn't seem to affect him much anymore. Being immersed in smoke seemed like fresh air to him now and it wasn't really the time to ask why. All Jimmy knew was that apparently, he was a conduit. The only thing left to do now is fight. As he concentrated, his body seemed to heat up. Small holes burned through his sleeves and jeans and beads of what felt like sweat ran to the palms of his hands. After not too long, Jimmy found that he was holding two thick clumps of foul smelling black sludge. At first instinct, Jimmy lobbed them one after another at the enemy. Luckily, the exploding guns distracted them long enough for the first to connect, melting one of their rifles as thick green smoke dissipated from it. The other just barely missed and collided with the ground to force a smoking deep green puddle. "Works for me! Let's take these poor excuses for soldiers out!"

Author:  jim-the-poke-master [ Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Overload

Sam was still moving rapidly through the enemy lines and the foes were losing ground. Just as he noticed that a beam of light reached him. A blast core. Well, it really is time to get this battle done with. Sam paused to a halt, knocking two soldiers down in the process. Those who were chasing him stopped moving too and raised their guns. What was that move from that game called? Oh, yes. FERAL SCREAM!A tremendous growl was heard. The enemys lost their handle on their rifles and were pushed back by the force. It's over! Sam lunged at them and took them all down, one by one. Then he switched his focus to the rest of the coduits. A mistake. One of his foes was still conscious and he took a shot at him. Sam saw him getting up, but he was not fast enough. A bullet hit him on the left shoulder, before he managed to take him down. After he did, he used his last bit of anger energy to move out of the battle and observe the rest from a safe place. He kept his tiger form and was kepping an eye out for enemys as he sat down and began recovering.

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