Rebuild of Team Midnight
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Author:  redt [ Wed Nov 28, 2012 9:04 pm ]
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Trevor followed the group into the house and watched as they removed their weapons and placed them by the door. He hesitantly unclipped his sheath from his back and placed it next to the others.

After everyone had gone their separate ways for the evening, Trevor sat down against the wall of the main room. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.
The next morning he awoke with a start as he heard people talking. After shaking off the effect that sleep has always had on him, Trevor recalled the previous day's events. He shook his head, What have I gotten myself into? Not to mention I'm just gonna get killed in the end anyway.

Trevor's ears perked up a bit as he heard that Sarah was going to be joining them for this adventure. This just made things worse in his books.

Soon everyone was in the main room and Trevor then decided to stand up as he heard Celadon mentioned.

"As long as we get to Celadon I don't really care which way we go. Though I'm slightly unsure which would even be the path of less resistance. I'm sure that Psyche will assume we'll take the cave, but reverse psychology isn't my speciality."

Author:  Crunchy [ Wed Nov 28, 2012 9:36 pm ]
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Sarah walked into the living room, picking up her suitcase on the floor. She was confident Alex would take care of Charmeleon, and that they both would be friends. As she said before, they were both really alike. She made sure to take Wartortle to accompany her, and left the rest with Liv. She had grown to trust her. Before Liv spoke to Alex, she made sure to tell her of the chores and where all the hidden pokeballs were. She believed Liv could take care of her pokemon for a while in her absence. She would miss her friends.

Spence turned to the group, "Yeah, we're heading to Celadon City. At this point, we're going by train. We don't have enough pokemon among us to safely go through routes or caves. And it's stupid to head back the way we came only to get ambushed by Psyche. We're taking the train from the station, and heading south. This train circles the region clockwise if I'm correct. We can make a stop at Fuchsia City, if absolutely necessary."

Spence looked to Wolf, and then to Root, nodding his head, "Do what you must. I'm not going to stop you."

"What are our plans, after Celadon?" Sarah asked curiously, "I heard... I heard there are a lot of people here who have had families taken from them and kidnapped. How are we going to save them?"

Spence laughed, scratching the back of his head, "Well, we're not strong enough to really DO anything... Which is why we're preparing."

"Preparing? Then, when you said we didn't have enough pokemon...?"

"Yeah, we're finding some. Also, after Celadon City, Cerulean City is our next target."

"Why there...?"

Spence turned to leave, "We'll see. I'm not certain, but I have a feeling someone's waiting for me there."

"Spence? Ugh," she sighed, "He's always like that."


Spence stepped onto the platform of the station. The train was to arrive shortly. Lavender Town was still like a ghost town, not many people were here waiting for the train besides people of the group. "To Fuchsia City..." the microphone announced. Spence looked to his right, seeing a train come through from the distance. Spence gazed down.

"Ki, Xalia... Please reconsider. I need you guys!"

"No, Spence. We're done, we're done making mistakes and we're sick of it. Aren't we, Xalia?"


"Don't speak for her!"

"Come on, Spence. Let them go... He has Rayquaza. They'll be fine."

"I'm sorry, Spence."

"Diseh... Xalia... Fine, I'll let you go. Ki, just be careful."

"I will."

Spence stared into space as the train came to a stop. Sarah, worried about him, shook his shoulder, "Spence...?"

"Huh? Oh..." Spence woke up from his daydream, "It's nothing. Let's all get aboard."

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:49 am ]
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((Thank God! I got so sick of Liv so fast lol))

Alex was way too excited to acquire more pokemon. Especially since he wouldn't have to worry about stealing or selling them anymore. The greed in his eyes were definitely showing. The thought even crossed his mind at how much a Charizard is worth on the market, but he quickly dismissed it. This a new leaf. Gotta break out of old habits. As they boarded the train, Alex couldn't help but notice how empty it was. Especially considering the fact that it was a mess. The flickering lights only added to its natural ambiance.

He'd heard rumors about Celadon. About what it used to be and what it'd become. If those rumors were true, they'd have to be careful. Fuschia wasn't better off either. Despite the decrease in kidnappings, the street punks were almost uncontrollable. He even heard mention of a group calling themselves "Team Rocket" who ravage the streets at night. He shook his head at what the world had become. Then again, no news heard on the black market is good news. At the same time, nothing said off of the market could even be proven. Awkwardly enough, Alex was itching for a good fight.

Author:  Crunchy [ Thu Nov 29, 2012 6:16 am ]
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((Jimmy has Team Rocket reserved. I hope he knows what I mean by that unless that wasn't his intention lol.))

Spence looked out at the platform before the train left the station, he could see his old self watching Ki and Xalia disappear from his life as if it was yesterday. A woman with blonde flowing hair stood in that place, eyeing Spence as the train took off. He stared until the woman was out of sight. Spence's eyes wondered, looking back up. Xalia...?

To train began to rattle along the tracks. Spence's stomach began to hurl. "Ugh..." Motion sickness... Spence sat down slowly and took a couple of breaths. "I hate trains..."

Sarah walked toward Alex and sat down next to him, "Liv will be fine. Besides, she has all my pokemon looking after her now." She smiled, looking out the window with Alex.

Spence got the courage to stand, walking towards Trevor, although uneasy, "So, what do you think? Psyche had to know we were at Lavender, right? Or maybe we lost them by some miracle?" Spence sighed, leaning against the window, "...You do remind me of someone, you know? His name was Red, he also wielded a katana. He fought beside me in Sinnoh, but we lost contact when I went to Unova... You probably don't know him. By the way..." he looked out, the mist of Lavender Town was diminishing, "You're probably wondering how I was forewarned someone like you was coming... How much do you know about me, Trevor?"

((That remark can just be like an easter egg, not canon lol.))

Author:  ChillBill [ Thu Nov 29, 2012 8:22 am ]
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((So you're gonna use parts of the old Team Midnight RP? Nice. I really liked it.))
Bill was sitting silently in the train. The others around him had started talking for more or less serious matters. Bill let his mind drift...
Celadon, huh... Man, I gotta be as careful as hell there. If anyone recognizes me, we're gonna be in huge trouble. He wondered if Gina was still imprisoned in Celadon. Nonetheless, there was no chance that Psyche could use her against him. He remembered the day of the promise so clearly...
"Bill... I want you to promise me something."
"What do you mean?"
"Promise me you'll never, ever do Psyche's bidding. Not for my sake, not for my parents' sake, not for anything."
"What are you talking about?"
"Promise me, Bill. I know your character; so promise me. You will never put your feelings above the world. You wouldn't like someone to help Psyche in order to save you, so don't do it yourself. And I'll promise you the same thing. I'll promise you that I'll never turn into Psyche's minion, for no reason."
"I... I promise."
"I promise too."

Bill looked out of the window. Fire was burning inside him.
Yes, he had promised to never aid Psyche. But he hadn't promised for anything else.
When I find them, they're gonna regret laying a single finger on Gina.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Fri Nov 30, 2012 5:00 pm ]
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((I won't be posting too much lately. Got a lot of court matters going on, so I'll just leave this up here.))

Name: Jimmy
Profession: Current leader of a street gang calling themselves "Team Rocket"

Gender: Male
Body type: Slim
Hair and eye colours: Short brown hair (usually covered with a bowler hat) with green eyes
Face type:Young and anxious
Other physical features: Good complexion, black rings under his eyes
Clothing style: A black bowler hat, jet black boots with white pants and a white long sleeved shirt that has a red "R" crudely painted on the front. He also carries around a cane for no specific purpose.
Speech style: Nadsat. A mixed slang built up mainly of broken slovakian and russian.

General demeanour: Apathetic and stubborn, yet a bit goofy. Generally very sarcastic
How he/she sees himself: A walking contradiction. He both believes he's a born leader and an anarchist.
Best qualities: Skilled with his pokemon, charming and brilliant if he ever applied himself.
Worst qualities: Can't take any situation seriously, gets sloppy with his "work", quick tempered and doesn't care for humanity as a whole.

Parents: Marcus and Juliett
Siblings: Isaac (16), Steven (5) and Matthew (20-deceased)
Hometown: Fuschia City
Childhood history: Having old family wealth, Jimmy and his brothers were schooled well from a young age. Do to this fact, their parents were never a large factor in their lives. Before long, Jimmy's older brother, Matt, would provide for the three of them. Once Jimmy and Isaac had grown old enough, Matt let them in on his line of "work". Working under the name of the formerly infamous "Team Rocket". It wasn't long before Jimmy rose in the ranks. His distaste for people only grew as he learned more about society and what Psyche had built around them.
Recent history: Jimmy now spends most of his time bullying around the citizens of Fuschia during the night. Since Matt had died, many of the Rockets broke off. This, in turn, left Isaac to quit as well. With only a Jimmy and a few close friends left, he instantly became the new leader. He spends as little time as possible at home and even more so reaking havoc on people in any way he can.
Plans for the future: Jimmy lives for the here and now. He believes that nothing in the world will ever change unless it is forced.

Pokemon team: Rhyhorn, Pidgeotto, Arbok

New Appearance

Alex snapped out of his trance as Sarah spoke. He was glad they were keeping in touch again. "I'm not too worried about her, honesty. Liv knows how to take care of herself. Especially now that she has pokemon at her side." The two stared out the window in a comfortable silence, patiently waiting for the train to make its arrival.

Author:  Crunchy [ Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:19 am ]
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((No Psyche this time, only wild clones.))

During Trevor's reply, they both sensed something approaching the train on both sides. Spence got himself up, not letting his motion sickness get the better of him. He walked towards the front of the train, walking faster as he saw the Aurora Beams of serial purple Suicune running alongside it. Was this some kind of attack?

"I'm getting off here, meet you at Fuchsia," he spoke as he passed Sarah, Alex, and a couple of others.

He found himself with the conductor to speak with him. "We're stopping here!"

"No, keep going. I'll deal with the Suicune."

"But-- Wait, you're-- Listen, I have a family, I'm not dying here."

"I promise you, no one's going to die here. Keep the train moving until you reach Fuchsia."

"Alright-- but, what are you going to do?!"

"We'll see... These clones aren't after us-- they're after the city. I have to stop them here or more people will get hurt."

Spence took to the window, climbing and jumping aboard the top of the train. He saw as many as three Suicune alongside. Spence started running down the train, taking a pokeball from his white coat.

"Edward! Aura Sphere!" A Lucario materialized in front of him, blasting an Aura Sphere attack into the two Suicune, stopping them in their tracks. The third Suicune, who was running along on the other side of the train, unleashed its Ice Beam, freezing half the single car to ice. The attack roared towards the Lucario and its trainer. Edward put up a Protect.

Spence surfed the train as he watched Lucario throw projectiles at Suicune, sensing more danger to come. He turned, seeing what looked like a fiery-phoenix fly up above Fuchsia City. It was charging for what looked like a Sky Attack. This powerful attack would have demolished everything in its path, including the city.

She leapt to her feet, sliding the window open as she darted around, "Spence!!" Sarah cried, pointing upward toward the sky.

"I know! Look after Edward and the group, I'm going! Edward, boost me up!"

Taking Spence by his hand, the Lucario spun him around and threw him up into lift-off. Spence, air-bounded, grunted as he reached at yet another pokeball, "Baroo! Let's go!!"

Unleashing his Dragonite and riding it, both soared upward toward the clone of Moltres, its Sky Attack almost fully charged.

Spence unsheathed his sword from his back, leaning up before kicking off from his Dragonite. The Moltres, sensing the attack, turned to have the attack fired at Spence instead. It burst into a legendary blaze, launching at them in a downward swoop. The two met in the sky, human and pokemon. Spence swept his blade forward, the bird tearing through half his coat and setting it to flame. With a cry, the Moltres burned up and returned to normal. Its wing had been injured by Spence's strike, flying in distort as it came to the ground, collapsing in the distance.

Baroo caught Spence, Spence battering his coat of the fire. They approached Fuchsia City from the sky.

Spence sighed a breath of relief, sheathing his sword, "There... that was a close one." He gazed down, a city below him that was caught ablaze. This was far from over.


The train stopped as Sarah ran off, the Lucario leaping to her side. "Come on, Edward! Let's see what we can do!"

Running into the city, crowds of people were running from chaos and explosions everywhere.

Why are wild pokemon attacking us humans?! Why?!! Sarah grasped a fist in front of her, determined to get to the bottom of it.

It was down an alleyway --- Azelf, Mespirt, and Uxie chuckled to each other as they approached a mother holding her little girl close. The mother bravely held her crying daughter as Azelf chuckled wickedly, about to use the Psychic attack.

"Edward, Dark Pulse!!" Sarah commanded.

The Lucario's body burst into a dark aura, a visible darkness exploding around it. It caught the two, Mespirt and Uxie, fainting them both off-guard. Azelf dodged it and landed a good Psychic hit on the Lucario, shaking the fighting type up. "Edward, return!!" She used one of her own pokeballs to return the Lucario, putting the pokeball away to grab another, "Wartortle, I choose you!"

Sarah courageously took the fight, the challenge ahead of her-- her match up was a cloned Azelf against her Wartortle. Odds were things didn't look too good.

Author:  ChillBill [ Sun Dec 02, 2012 1:45 am ]
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Spence jumped out of the train to deal with the Suicunes. Shortly afterward, Sarah followed. Bill got up from his seat.
"I guess we should be going, too. I see a Moltres flying above the city." Just as he spoke, the Moltres turned and unleashed its Sky Attack towards... Spence!?
Bill heard the bird cry in rage as it flew away. Wow, Spence battled a legend? Now that's something. The train was nearing Fuschia.


Bill moved through the city. Everything was in chaos. People running, buildings on fire... This can't be Psyche. So are these clones acting on their own?
Bill saw a Dark Pulse being fired from a street. He ran towards the source, grimacing as his shoulder complained for the sudden movement.
In the street, a woman and a girl were hugging to each other, terrified. Sarah was standing in front of them, with a Wartortle by her side, facing the most mean looking Azelf Bill had ever imagined. The situation didn't look ideal. Bill pulled out a Pokeball.
"Mind if I give a hand?" Garchomp appeared in a flash, roaring in rage at the Azelf.
"Alright mate, use Shadow Claw!"
Garchomp threw itself at the Azelf, which turned to face its new opponent, frustrated that someone interfered with its game.
"Sarah, now! Take it down!" shouted Bill.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sun Dec 02, 2012 2:30 am ]
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Jimmy leaned in the doorway of his brother's room. "You coming out tonight?" The smirk on his face only let Isaac know he had mischief planned. He inched inward and stopped just in front of his brother's end table, crossing his arms behind his back and slowly opening it. Isaac turned to him. It was always like looking in the mirror, one twin being the devil and the other being the angel.

"I told you, Jimmy...I quit."

Jimmy felt around quietly in the drawer before concealing a minimized pokeball into his sleeve. "Come on, droog, we've got work to do! Fun to have! The city is our--"

"Dammit, Jimmy! Matt just died! Our brother is dead because of nonsense like this. Do you even care?" With a huff he turned back to his studies. "Of course not. You don't care about anything." Jimmy's face contorted as he slammed the door closed and made his way down the hallway. He hesitated before opening Matt's door. The room still looked exactly as if he'd still been alive. Jimmy reached under the bed for a box and opened it with a forced smile. He took another minimized pokeball in his hand and got up to leave. It's about time we had a bit of fun.

After awhile of not seeing any people, Jimmy noticed bellowing smoke and fire in the distance. His eyes lit up as he instantly thought that it was time to do some looting, having no idea of any legendaries yet. He maximized his brother's old pokeball and called out Rhyhorn. He hopped on top of it before thrusting a finger forward. "Faithful droog, let's make a path!" The slightly confused Rhyhorn bowled forward thrusting cars is every direction. When one was thrown back, just missing them, Jimmy fell to his side. He got up and tried to recover from the mini-heart attack that he'd just endured when a hulking stone colossus emerged from the darkness. It's seven eyes shown a piercing red light through the darkness. Jimmy's jaw dropped in awe. A Regirock...why? He laughed aloud at his "luck" and grasped another pokeball. The only pokemon he actually owned himself.

Jimmy quickly dove to the side as a giant fist slammed the ground next to him. "Arbok, tie that bolshy brute up!" Arbok burst out of it's ball and wrapped it at the legs. As Regirock inched forward, it lost it's balance and fell with a crash. "Alright, Rhyhorn, Earthquake!" The small rhinocerous grunted as it reared it front legs up and slammed itself onto the Regirock. Jimmy smirked at himself as the hulking Rock-pokemon started to glow. Wide-eyed, he sprinted off, returning his pokemon behind him. With an immense explosion, the Regirock had vanished. Jimmy ran through the streets, both highly confused and still a bit excited at what just took place.


Alex hopped off of the train behind Sarah as she darted off. "Sarah, wait!" As quickly as he'd spoken, he was cut off by a black pokemon shrouded in a dark mist. He tried to get around it as he saw Bill rush to Sarah's side. He was confident enough in Bill to know that he could focus on the matter at hand. He reached into his pocket for the Charmeleon he'd just received and tossed it in front of him. "Time for a test run!"

With a burst of embers, Charmeleon scoffed. His taunt almost immediately angered the Darkrai. In a blink, the dark pokemon had vanished. Charmeleon looked around, thrown off guard before taking a surprising blow from the side. It fell to the ground hard before being struck again, almost at the the speed of light. Alex grimaced. "This could be tougher than I thought..."

Author:  Crunchy [ Sun Dec 02, 2012 4:31 am ]
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*ffix's hunter's chance*

"Thanks!" Sarah smiled as Bill's Garchomp struck the Azelf, dealing it super-effective damage. "Wartortle, use Bite!"

The Wartortle jumped up, chomping downed on the Azelf who was flinched from earlier. The Azelf fainted.

"Haha, yes! Team work!" she clapped hands with her Wartortle, turning towards Bill, "Come on, you and Garchomp have the power to protect these people. Let's get to work!"

Sarah went to see if the child and her daughter were okay, "Please, leave the rest to us and find somewhere with shelter!" The mother nodded, fleeing with her little girl behind her.


Spence landed onto the platform beside Alex, witnessing a combo of invisible attacks hitting the Charmeleon. He squinted. "What...?"


Spence winced, holding his head in pain, "Blackwind...? Who're... talking about?"

"Oh... Not Blackwind... You must be the next one..."

"What...?!" Spence growled, a darkness looming over him and Alex.

"We'll meet again... leader of Midnight..."

Suddenly, the pokemon known as Darkrai vanished. Darkness and all. Spence panted, getting it together before looking to Alex and his Charmeleon, "...Are you guys alright? Come on, there's people still in danger."


With Bill and Garchomp, Sarah ran down the streets helping anyone she could with Wartortle. She spotted a young man riding a Rhyhorn down the corner. Suddenly, Regice and Registeel fell from above and shook the street below them. Sarah almost fell before Bill had caught her. Another Regirock appeared from the alley, a strange noise of beeping and screeching between them.

Sarah got to her feet and braced for what was to come.

In a circle, the Regice's body shower the floor with glaciers. The Registeel's arms shard with spikes of metal to its floor. And finally, the Regirock's final summoning of rocky pillars surrounded the three. Their surroundings glowed a bright red as an earthquake shook Fuchsia City. Within the circle, the cement cracked as dirt and boulder pushed from the earth. A gigantic formation rose from beneath the earth. It appeared to be a giant statue of an even greater golem. The rest of the legendary golems collapsed after their summon.

The eyes suddenly started to glow, to awaken. All seven of them. Regigigas.

"That's... That's a pokemon?!" Sarah gasped, gazing upward.

*boss battle music*

Regigigas twitched, suddenly moving its arms, debris falling from it. A mere footstep of the giant quaked the earth, nearby windows and buildings nearby shattering.

Spence had run toward them as his Dragonite flew in beside him, "...Can't say I've battled anything like this before. We'll need everybody's help. Sarah!"

"Right!" she released Spence's Lucario, "Edward, Aura Sphere! Wartortle, Water Gun!"

"Baroo! Draco Meteor!!"

Attacks launched from every direction into the monstrous pokemon. Meteors fell from the heavens as both Sarah's pokemon threw every they had at it, but still it wasn't enough.

Author:  Dare234 [ Sun Dec 02, 2012 5:56 am ]
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As Spence jumped out of the window, Silas took out three of his pokeballs. After considering for a moment, he shook his head and put one back.

Once the train arrived in Fuschia City, Silas ran off the train. "Spike, Quake, lets go!" The Sandslash and Vibrava materialized just as a Raikou came into view.

"Hah, too easy. Quake, use Sand Tomb. Spike, use Earthquake!" Quake trapped the Raikou in a tornado of sand, and Spike unleashed a powerful Earthquake.

Silas was surprised when the Raikou was still standing, albeit barely. "Spike, use Stone Edge." Spike launched a volley of stones at the Raikou, finally knocking it out.

"Okay, lets keep moving." Silas said running off, followed by Spike and Quake. Suddenly, they felt an earthquake that shook the entire city. "Spike, where'd that come from?"

Spike cocked his head for a moment, feeling the tremors, and ran off. Silas and Quake followed. Rounding a corner, Silas stopped dead as he saw the massive golem. Seeing Spence and Sarah battling it, he ran over to them.

"...Can't say I've battled anything like this before. We'll need everybody's help. Sarah!" Spence was saying.

"Right!" Sarah responded as she released a Lucario, "Edward, Aura Sphere! Wartortle, Water Gun!"

"Baroo! Draco Meteor!!"

"Fury, Jolt, lets go. Quake use Sand Tomb, Spike use Earthquake, Fury use hi Jump Kick, Jolt use Thunderbolt!" Silas said, the four pokemon running off to keep hammering at the Regigigas.

Author:  ChillBill [ Sun Dec 02, 2012 7:29 am ]
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((Just out of curiosity: Darkrai and Regigigas weren't on the clone list. Am I to suppose they are the real deal?))

Sarah's Wartortle chomped the bewildered Azelf. After urging the woman to hide, Sarah turned to him and they took off in the streets.
Shortly afterward, the three Regis literally came down on them. To Bill's terror they began performing some kind of a ritual. Oh no! Please tell me it's not what I think it is!
The Regis fell, lifeless. Then, with an earth-shaking tremor, Regigigas emerged from the soil, its titanic form shadowing the area. Its seven eyes glowed red.
Sarah gasped. "That... that's a Pokemon?!"
Spence and his Daragonite appeared. "Can't say I 've battled anything like this before. I'll need everybody's help. Sarah!"
Lucario, Wartortle and Dragonite threw themselves at Regigigas. Silas, suddenly appearing, threw his whole team at it.
"Guess it's our turn, then! Go, Blaziken!"
The fire type appeared, fists on fire. "Garchomp, try to cover the fleeing citizens from attacks. Blaziken, we take the big guy! Go, Hi-Jump Kick!"
Bill looked at the colossus. How long can it last? No matter how strong, we fire at it like a tornado! Behind him, Garchomp roared as it blocked falling debris from hitting some bewildered citizens. Bill turned to them. "How long do you think we can protect you? Run for your lives, fools!" He looked at Regigigas again. Come on, drop dead already!

((By the way, I really liked the 'boss battle music'. But you know, Regigigas also goes 'Zootzoot' before the battle. You should have added that too.))

Author:  redt [ Sun Dec 02, 2012 7:38 am ]
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((Really sorry guys on my little hiatus. I'll be making a large catch up post right after work, which I'm still at :/ So in about 6-7 hours expect my epic post.))

Author:  Haunted Water [ Sun Dec 02, 2012 10:05 am ]
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((First thing I thought when I read boss battle music was Skrillex's Rampage. I desperately need to get a better life.))
As the train pulled into Fuschia, Spence jumped off and right into battling legendaries. Everyone got off soon after, which let reality hit Wolf. "Come on. There is stuff we need to do." He said to Root, whom was still excited to be tagging along. The two left the train and saw the city being ravaged by wild clones. Suddenly, a giant roared to life over to the left of Wolf. He took out Seeker's ball and tried giving it to Root. "I don't need it. I have my own." She said, holding up a ball. "Okay." Wolf put back the ball and watched her run off into battle. "We'll talk about that later." He turned towards the Regigigas that appeared. "A battle of giants, I think, is fit for this backdrop." he took out Gar's ball. Lining up his body, he prepared to release Gar. Within a second, his body was at a 45° angle to the ground and his arm was rocketing out the PokeBall. "Go, Gar!" The ball rocketed off and flew into the ground a distance away and unleashed a red light, which gave way to a Gyarados.
"Gar, use Ice Fang!" The Gyarados bum rushed towards the Regi with its mouth agape. In a few seconds, the serpent was inflicting a bite laden with ice. The giant wheeled back, but it still got back up to fight. How is this possible? I've never known a pokemon of the grass type to withstand that. Wolf shuddered.
About two hundred yards away, Root ran into an Articuno. Perfect! "Go, Rotorroot!" A Skiploom popped out of the ball and was already focusing on the Articuno. "Rotorroot, Razor Leaf!"
((Yes, I know Skiploom is a second gen pokemon. I'll give an insight as to why she has it later on down road.))

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sun Dec 02, 2012 12:45 pm ]
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((That's okay, my first thought was fighting Sephiroth again lol))

Alex shook his head after the Darkrai had vanished. "Spence, what was that? It just left?" He soon realized more important things were at stake and rushed after him. Before long three colossi had conducted an ancient summoning. Alex looked up at the towering pokemon in disbelief. "Charmeleon, Flamethrower! Mightyena, use Crunch!" At wave after wave of attack hit it, it seemed motionless. Like it was actually being hurt, even. The ground near its feet was almost covered by pokemon or some type of attack coming from them.


Jimmy leaped from the RHyhorn and held his hat to his head as he laughed in excitement. "What a night! Gooly golly gosh! A Regigigas just for little ol' me~" His smile turned into a glare as he released Arbok and Pidgeotto. "Alright! If legends are true, we don't have much time before we're all dead. Make it count!" Poison Jab, Bulldove, Brave Bird! It's too big - so forget formation, just take this bolshy plot down!" Rhyhorn rammed its body into the giant pokemon over and over while Arbok wrapped its body around it and dove its fangs in any spot it could find. Pidgeotto took to the skies and thrust it's body full force into the Regigigas' monstrous eyes. Before long, a series of beeps and screeches filled the air.

Author:  redt [ Sun Dec 02, 2012 3:32 pm ]
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Trevor sat a few seats down from where the group was all sitting. There was still so much going through his mind. He saw Spence walk towards him, seeming a little uneasy due to the train ride.

As Spence asked him several questions, Trevor took a few moments before coming up with an answer. He looked Spence in the eyes, "Psyche had to of known that we were in Lavender Town. I think that Psyche is waiting to see what our next move will be. They want to wait and see if I'll betray you. And about Red..."

At that moment Trevor and Spence both looked out the window to see three Suicune sprinting alongside the train. Spence immediately stood up and left the train car. He watched as Sarah soon followed.

Soon the train pulled into the train and everyone got off and scattered to different parts of the city to help.
Trevor ran down the street, hearing several cries for help but seeing no one in sight. Finally as he turned the corner he saw a three story house in flames. A family could be heard yelling for help inside. Best of time to use my Pokemon then any other.

Trevor threw two pokeballs into the air. A tall Gallade appeared and looked at the house in thought. A Vaporeon yawned as she stretched her body.

"Alright, Vaporeon I need you dose the top of the house with Hydro Pump. Gallade you're with me. We need to get those people out of there before the whole thing collapses." Gallade nodded and they took of into the house.

Both Trevor and Gallade coughed harshly as they navigated through the burning hallways. Soon they made it to the second floor and could hear voices a few rooms down. They made it to the door but Trevor couldn't get te door to open. "Dammit. The door must be blocked."

"Hello?!" The voice of a woman could be heard from behind the door. "I'm here to get all of you out. Stay away from the door. We're gonna break it down." Several responses of thanks could be heard. "Gallade break it down." Gallade nodded and slammed his foot into the door. It landed on the ground with a hard thud.

In the room a middle aged woman and her son and daughter sat around an unconscious man. "Please help. My husband was knocked by a falling rafter on the too floor." Trevor walked over and looked at the man. "I can carry him out, but we have to move fast." He threw the man over his shoulders and nodded to Gallade to lead the way.

Everyone was walking down the flight of stairs as a terrible creakin sound was heard. Trevor looked at the others, "Run! Now!" But it was too late as the above floors could be heard crashing down. Out of no where Trevor felt his last pokeball open and everyone was surrounded by a green light.

Trevor opened his eyes to see Abra floating in the middle of the green sphere. "Awesome timing Abra." Gallade smiled brightly at the fellow Psychic type. Abra began floating higher, taking the group with it. Soon light filtered in and everyone was standing outside the ruined home.

Vaporeon could be heard barking in the distance as she ran towards the group. "Thank you Abra for saving us." Trevor looked at his newest Pokemon as it randomly fell back asleep, returning itself to it's ball. "And great job to both of you guys." He pat Vaporeon on the fin and Gallade on the shoulder.

The family thanked them several times as they left to see if help was needed somewhere else.
The three of them run down a street as Trevor heard a high pitch cry of a Pokemon. Gallade pushed him out of the way as a Latios descended on the group. It struck Gallade with a Dragon Claw attack. "No! Gallade return!"

Trevor turned to face the legendary Pokemon. "That was a dirty move. I guess all clones really are a bunch of cowards. Vaporeon ready yourself." Vaporeon jumped into the Latios' line of fire as it loosed a Dragon Rage. Vaporeon countered it with a Water Pulse.

"Good job. Now use Rain Dance." Vaporeon began tapping her tail in a rhythm as dark clouds began forming above them. It thundered as they were drenched by a downpour of rain. The Latios began sparking all of the sudden. "Oh damn! Vaporeon use Shadow Ball now!" Vaporeon materialized a glob of darkness in her open maw and blasted it at the Latios. At the same time the Latios released a burst of electric energy. The two attacks collided with a large explosion.

Both Pokemon seemed to have taken some significant damage. "Use a Hydro Pump followed by an Ice Beam!" Vaporeon blasted a jet of water at the Eon Pokemon. It dodged most of the attack but wasn't prepared for what happened next. When Vaporeon release her beam of ice it began freezing all the water around it. Soon the Latios was held down by several layers of ice. It couldn't move.

"One last time Vap..."

An earthquake shook the entire area as Trevor watched a colossal being rise from the city. The earthquake shattered the ice holding the Latios. It looked at the towering creature and shuddered. It turned to face Trevor and Vaporeon, taking a moment before flying off into the forest.

Trevor was going to pursue but given the new situation he had to let it go. "Come on Vaporeon let's go." Vaporeon yelped in response as they ran towards the huge thing.

Once they ran several blocks Trevor found the other members of Team Midnight battling what appeared to be a Regigigas. "We'll seems that we missed out on a lot. Alright Vaporeon use Hydro Pump."

Author:  Crunchy [ Sun Dec 02, 2012 10:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

With Trevor's final attack, Hydro Pump, the Regigigas's lights dimmed as its arms collapsed beneath it, the ground shaking upon each limb hitting the earth. To what seemed like victory, the colossal pokemon awakened yet again as its whole body glowed an intense light. Energy cracked from the pokemon's body in one last and final desperate attack. Debris lifted from the ground as the earth quaked beneath them, nearby buildings being torn up around it.

"Everyone, get down!!" Spence yelled, grabbing Sarah and Bill, before rushing to get Alex and hitting the ground. His Lucario, spotting an unguarded young man with a bowler's hat, used Protect to cover him as well.

Regigigas exploded, hitting all pokemon not caught in the explosion by the shockwave alone. It either fainted or badly damaged all pokemon not fast enough to retreat. As a strange ghostly aura of fire burned around the pokemon, its being, its entire body, started to fade as little red lights carried off from it and into the sky, like thousands of tiny souls. This continued in an intense spiritual pressure as the Regigigas finally disappeared into oblivion, leaving behind only its crater in its wake.


After a long struggle, Fuchsia City was finally saved.

In the aftermath, as dust and debris had finally settled, Sarah opened her eyes. She found herself huddled with Bill, Garchomp and her Wartortle. She stood up, almost stumbling. After realising what had just happened, she panicked. Scared for the worse, she desperately searched for Spence who was nowhere to be seen, "...Spence?! SPENCE!!" She gazed up at a rubble hilltop where dust had just cleared from its view, finally spotting him. A relief filled her as she ran over to him, climbing over debris to eventually see Alex.

"Thank goodness you're okay," Sarah hugged Alex, smiling at him before looking upward to Spence. He seemed a bit shaken up, they all were. But, this was the first time he had ever seen Spence like this. He seemed so helpless... it was the first time she had seen him act so human. She turned to Alex, "Come on, let's go and see if everyone's alright!"

After Spence witnessed the Regigigas's fate, uncertainty had hit him. His scrotched coat ruffled in the wind.

Spence stared blankly at where the Regigigas once stood, trying to make sense of it all as he barely spoke, "...That wasn't really Regigigas, not a clone... but an imitation of the real thing?" he glared downward, "Are trios of legendaries able to summon something with that power?" he sighed, shaking his head, "If that's the case... I guess I made a mistake underestimating them... No, there had to be a reason why Psyche cloned legendaries of this magnitude, but I never realised... Is this what Psyche had been after all along...? No, there's still something missing... But, what can that possibly be after this...?" he mumbled to himself, deep in thought, uneasy and distort, "Is this what you were trying to warn me about, Mewtwo...?"

Sarah got herself up, seeing if everyone was safe. She recalled her pokemon. She noticed Edward wasn't nearby, finally spotting the Lucario a distance away. "Edward!" she ran up to the barely conscious pokemon. The pokemon smiled at her before collapsing, Sarah embracing the Lucario, "Ed! You had me worried," she held the fainted Lucario before returning him to a pokeball, "Get some rest, you've earned it..." Standing up, she saw the man who it had helped, a rough looking guy with a bowler's hat, "I'm glad to see you're fine. Thanks for helping us defeat that giant. Were those three your pokemon?" she turned, "Sorry, but I have to see to the others. You understand."

Sarah looked around for awhile before she saw a Dragonite laying on the ground in the distance, its back burned from the explosion, "Baroo!!" she ran over, touching its shoulder to ensure the pokemon was fine before seeing another member of the group. Silas and his pokemon were shielded by the loyal dragon type before the explosion, "Silas, are you okay? Are you or your pokemon hurt?"

"Come on, we have to find the others and regroup..."

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Sun Dec 02, 2012 11:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

Alex got to his feet just in time to meet Sarah's hug. He smiled, more relieved than anything that she wasn't hurt. As she broke off, he was still getting over the shock of the situation. Looking around, he heard a light whimper. In a sudden realization he darted forward to a dusty black body on the ground. Mightyena was panting heavily as it struggled to move. Alex lightly pat its head and returned it to its ball. "You did great, pal...time to rest up." As he turned, he noticed Charmeleon inching its way back to him. Luckily, it was at a far enough distance where it could escape the initial impact. After a few short steps, it fell forward just before returning to its ball in a red glow. Alex smiled lightly. "You're tougher than I thought, I'll give you that." He got up and stretched his shoulder before looking around the once populated city. Everything in radius of the pokemon who previously stood before them seemed completely leveled. First the legendaries, then the abrupt Darkrai this. The world certainly had gone to hell.

As Sarah and Alex made their rounds, they did their best to help each trainer and their pokemon. After everyone had regrouped with their party, he made his way back to Spence, coughing away the dust he'd inhaled. He suddenly didn't see the same fearless man he'd originally joined up with. He spoke quietly. "Spence...what the hell is going on? Does Psyche really have that kind of artillery at their disposal?"


Jimmy uncovered his arm from his face. To his surprise, he was completely unscathed. "It really is my lucky day!" He grinned victoriously as a girl made her way to him.


Jimmy looked around confused and suddenly spotted the crouched Lucario in front of him. He knelt down beside it just before it returned to its ball. Jimmy smiled to Sarah her as she spoke. "No trouble at all." He tipped his hat to her and smirked. There's a nice lass. I hadn't seen her around before. He tilted his head. "Come to think of it...I hadn't seen any of these people before." He scratched the back of his head and was immediately alert to his lack of pokemon. Jimmy looked around anxious and found his pokemon to be nowhere in sight. Jimmy searched frantically and heard a muffled grunt. He raced through the debris, tripping over stones and his own feet before throwing his arms over Rhyhorn. "One down, two to go. Come on back." Rhyhorn dispersed into its ball as Jimmy stood up and ran off to search. Arbok lay just barely conscious as it nudged the unconscious Pidgeotto. It spotted the blurred image of Alex and pushed out a raspy cry. Before long, it drifted away. Jimmy finally came to the two pokemon and dropped beside them. He pat Arbok on the hood and lifted the fainted bird before returning them to their respective pokeballs. "That certainly was an interesting evening...I can't wait to get back and tell Isaac what he's missed." Alex regained a bit of joy at the thought of gloating to his twin brother. First, he had to get his pokemon healed. Luckily, the Rocket hideout had plenty of medicine for him stashed away. Unfortunately, he wasn't aware of any evident leader to this group. He walked around confused, looking for the girl he'd previously met.

Author:  Crunchy [ Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

Spence woke up from his daydream, his name being called from down below. He had a lot on his mind, but he had to be their leader first. Just remembering, another troubling detail crossed his mind. Speaking of leader... That's right... What was the deal with that Darkrai...? And, how did he know Blackwind? What was that pokemon after...? I wonder if Alex heard anything that Darkrai said... If possible, I'll talk to him about it some time later... right now, I have to focus.

Spence found his way down to join Alex, he put up a front as if everything was fine when it actually wasn't, "...There's no doubt that if Psyche had control of such a thing, Sinnoh and Unova would be theirs right about now. I hadn't heard anything like this before, but we can dismiss that Psyche's controlling them. These pokemon are too wild and heartless... It's just not possible. I'm not sure if this will happen again or if this was just some freak accident..."

Even as pokemon trainers, there was still so much they didn't know about pokemon. What were the legendary's nature before they were cloned? What were their true capabilities? Could they summon the same monster the same way they witnessed? What was the monster exactly, and how many different monsters could be summoned this way?

Spence crossed his arms. Sarah returned to the group, handing Spence two pokeballs.


"Edward and Baroo... they got injured. Didn't you notice?" she frowned.

Spence took his pokemon back, staring down at them. What kind of trainer could forget about his pokemon? Spence sighed, closing his eyes painfully. He wasn't himself today. What did Mewtwo warn him about that was so troubling...? Pulling himself together, he praised his pokemon, "You did well, Edward, Baroo... You help me so much, thank you..."

Spence shook his head, "In any case, if this event ever happens again, we'll just have to stop that one as well. We'll grow stronger, better... rise above our own limits. And with our pokemon, together we can accomplish anything. We'll beat Psyche and its clones, no matter what."

End of Act I

Author:  ChillBill [ Mon Dec 03, 2012 8:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

Bill picked himself up. No part of him seemed to be missing, but the wound on his shoulder had reopened. Well, it could be worse. He did a temporary knot to the bandage and looked around for his Pokemon.
Blaziken was lying next to him, panting. "Good job, mate. Return." Behind him, two kids appeared from a mass of debris. "Mister, is that Pokemon yours? Because it hurt itself trying to protect us." Bill immediately rushed to the pile and pulled aside some junk. Beneath it, Garchomp growled weakly, then fainted. Judging from its position, it must have tried to stop half a house from falling on the kids' heads. "Sorry, mate. I'm really, really sorry. I'll treat you as soon as possible." He put the Garchomp back in its ball and made his way towards the group. Dark thoughts moved in his head.
What was that? There's no way it was real. It wouldn't have exploded like this. But again, Psyche couldn't have captured Regigigas, right? So... Oh man this is just crazy. I guess I'll have to think of it later. Right now, I need to focus on the task at hand... which is heal our Pokemon and get the hell out of here.
As he approached the rest of the group, Bill saw that they were pretty much unharmed, but also really worried-looking. Well, it's not that weird. Bill joined the rest of the team, interrupting their conversations. "I know there are many mind-boggling questions, but I think we should first tend to our Pokemon and our injuries. And possibly hide somewhere. If Psyche didn't already know our position, they now do. We can discuss everything later."

Author:  redt [ Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

As the colossal Pokemon fell to the ground Trevor smiled in victory. However, it began glowing brightly and Spence yelled for everyone to take cover.

Trevor grabbed Vaporeon and dove behind rumble of an already fallen building. He didn't see the blast but felt it as it slammed into the wall they were behind. The blast was quick and Trevor looked over at his Vaporeon. She looked exhausted and covered in soot. He motioned towards Gallade's pokeball and remembered the damage he took from that Latios. "Don't worry, we'll all get healed soon." Trevor looked down at himself noticing all the burnt patches on his clothes and the minor burns he got.

He recalled Vaporeon and walked out from behind the wall and saw that the rest of the group was generally unharmed like himself. Trevor walked towards Spence, "It seems that Psyche has more out of control clones then they realized." He looked at the crater the Regigigas, "And they must certainly not know about what those clones can truly do." Trevor stared at the ground a moment, "Do you think Psyche could have even controlled a being like that? I've seen several legendary pokemon during my days in their service but never anything this powerful."

Author:  Dare234 [ Mon Dec 03, 2012 3:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

"Yes!" Silas yelled when the Regigigas finally went down. However, his grin quickly faded as it started glowing.

"Everyone, get down!!" Spence yelled.

"Get out of there, Fury!" Silas yelled at the Medicham. Fury started bounding away, as did the rest of Silas' team. Seeing Jolt stumble, Silas dove forward and wrapped him in a bearhug, trying to format a shield. Then came the explosion.


Silas realized that there was a massive weight over him. He returned Jolt to his pokeball and crawled out. He saw that it was a Dragonite that had shielded him and Jolt.

"I guess I owe you one, bud." He said patting the dragon.

"Silas, are you okay? Are you or your pokemon hurt?" Sarah asked, rushing to the Dragonite.

"We'll survive." Silas responded. He then returned the rest of his team to their pokeballs. Sarah went off ahead to find the others while Silas followed more slowly.

"It seems that Psyche has more out of control clones then they realized. And they must certainly not know about what those clones can truly do." Trevor stared at the ground a moment, "Do you think Psyche could have even controlled a being like that? I've seen several legendary pokemon during my days in their service but never anything this powerful."

"Assuming I still know what I'm talking about, I don't think so. Could be wrong though." Silas answered, racking his memory for any clues.

Author:  Crunchy [ Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

"In any case, Bill's right, we should find a place to take shelter here until our pokemon have recovered."

If Silas and Trevor didn't know anything about it, being Ex-Psyche, then maybe they could rest easy. For now.

Sarah noticed the man with the R symboled shirt, waving over to him, "Hey! Oh, you find all your pokemon? I'm glad," she smiled.

Spence turned his attention to Jimmy.

Author:  Saint_Jimmy [ Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

As the attention suddenly turned to Jimmy, he put on a stretched smile.

"And thank you, milady. Couldn't have done it without my body in tact." He shook his arms jokingly and he laughed a bit.

Alex grimaced. "Well if it isn't Psyche, then it sounds like we have a lot more than just them to worry about. He peered over his shoulder as the rest of the group joined the two on the hill. He heard everyone out before having his attention derived to the boy wit the bowler hat. Once Sarah addressed him, he rose him hand in victory. Alex took a step toward him. "Hey kid, you're from around here, right?"

Jimmy tilted his head and folded his arms. "Who wants to know?"

"A group of people in need of shelter. Come on, man, none of us want to play games." Alex grit his teeth at the flippant teen.

"That's not true~ I happen to love games!" Jimmy held his hands behind his head and started walking into the distance. "Well, come on. The Safari Zone isn't too far off. If you want your pokemon healed, you should probably come with." Jimmy twirled his cane in his hand as he looked forward to meeting up with the rest of the crew.

Alex wasn't sure whether to follow the kid or not. He gave Spence and the group a questioning look as Jimmy walked off.

Author:  ChillBill [ Tue Dec 04, 2012 4:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Rebuild of Team Midnight (still accepting!!)

((And with this, we have 100 posts. Hope we'll get to 1000!))

Bill looked at the boy curiously. He certainly didn't look like the ideal guy to trust or follow. And it looked like Alex had the same opinion. At least that's what his look said. But still...
He turned to Spence. "I hate to say so, but perhaps this guy is our best chance. Of course, we don't know him and he seems a bit off his head, but do we have any better alternative? Our Pokemon can barely stand on their feet. I don't think we can get in a much worse situation, even if this guy proves to be a backstabber."
And of course, I'm gonna beat the hell out of him if he tries to do anything funny. he said to himself. He knew Spence distasted violence even more than he did, but man, this guy had this teen-tough-guy attitude that really pissed him off. He once again wished that the guy would prove an ally.
"So, Spence? What we should do?"

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